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V is for Vodka
By Geekgrrllurking


Your head snaps up at the sound of a very familiar moan, your eyes blearily trying to focus. The last thing you remember clearly was draining the bottle of Grey Goose and mixing very dirty martinis. A warm body stirs behind you in the big bed, strong arms slipping away from your waist, leaving you cold and lonely.

"Sshh, you'll wake her…" You recognize that voice, as it triggers flashbacks to the night before, memories of arms and legs and dear God… all of it, exploding before you. You shiver and it's not from the cold.

"And that would be bad, how?" Ani's voice this time followed by soft giggling, turning quickly into low throaty moans.

You roll over, and come face to face with Lara and those National Geographic eyes of hers, blinking open and staring at you, stealing your breath away as she suddenly smirks at you.

"Well, speak of the devil…"

Ani looks at you with hooded eyes, smiling up at you, almost daring you into action and your heart melts a little more. As you smile back and dip your head to claim those oh so soft lips you realize you never could resist those damn dimples.

The End

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