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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Really like the song "Undertow" by Jill King used on Venice and thought it fit these two really well.
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By itsalovestory


Ani races to the shores of Venice Beach, speeding along Hwy 101 in her little red Jeep. Gina's frantic voicemail replays in her mind. "Ani, I need you. Please come quickly. Please, Baby."

The gravel crunches against the rubber of her tires. Her heart beats against the bones of her chest. Shutting off the engine, she jumps out of the car and flings her door shut. My crazy little Gina. I hope you're okay.

Ani makes her way down the beach barefoot, holding her sandals tight in her hand. The winter wind whips harshly, tossling her hair. The dark sky is only lit by the blanket of stars and the glow of a full moon. The waves tumble against the sand, constantly changing the landscape.


In the distance, Ani sees Gina. She's stunning of course, in a pair of capris and a tee-shirt, every inch of fabric clinging to every inch of her delicious curves. As she draws closer, she can see that Gina is smiling.

Wickedly. A glourious grin of passion.

Jogging the last few feet to Gina, Ani pants out, "Hey. What's the emergency?"

Gina simply laughs, deep and resounding.

Confused, Ani cocks her head to the side. She points around. "Your messege. You sounded like something was wrong. What's up?"

Gina stepped forward slightly and brought out her hand from behind her back. A single red rose was her offering.

Blushing, Ani took the flower. She breathes in the sweet, intoxiating scent. The petals tickle her nose, so soft and silky against her skin. "Gina..."

Gina leans close, her breath warm and whispering against her ear, "I need you, Ani. So much. There's this burning inferno inside me that only you can quench." Her tongue snakes out, tickling and teasing Ani's lobe.

"Oh God." Ani quakes. Gina's arms come around her, pulling her close, anchoring her to the shore.

"Mmm..." Gina starts kissing along her ear to her jaw and across her cheek, whispers of the passion simmering inside. "So sweet. Let me take you away, Sweetheart." She tangles her fingers into Ani's long, soft hair. Gina pulls her into a slow, sensual kiss. Lips to lips. Tongue to tongue. Pulling back, Gina pleaded staring into the whirling depths of Ani's eyes, "Please."

Ani barely murmers out, "Yes." Then, her lips, her body, her soul is claimed passionately. Gina undoes the buttons on Ani's coat, tears off her shirt, rips her jeans off, and slides the silky fabric of her bra and painties off her body, leaving her completely naked.

Completely bare.

Smoothly, Gina moves them to a blanket that was placed against the sand, soft and warm against their skin. After laying Ani down so gently, Gina stands back a bit and removes her own clothing. She takes great delight in this task, slowly, tantilizingly taking away everything offending barrier, leaving her completely bare.

Completely naked.

Gina lowers herself to Ani, her eyes sparkling with mischief and childish delight. Moans escape as skin meets. Breasts to breasts. Thighs to thighs. Slipped and slid. Glided and grounded.

Slow became quick. Teasing became sensual. Soft became frantic. Higher and higher. Slick and wet, everywhere.

"Gina, oh Gina...I love you, " Ani pants, her eyes tightly closed to keep all the emotion inside.

Gina slows the movements of her fingers, buried so deep inside Ani's body, Ani's heart. "Look at me, " she whispers smiling down at her lover.

Fluttering open, the brown eyes glazed over with desire, with love lock on the jade ones, twinkling with love. Gina reaches down and brushes a strand of damp hair out of Ani's eyes. She smiles and speaks into the wind, into Ani's heart. "I love you, Ani."

Ani smiles and her eyes slam shut once more. She comes apart, falling into the undertow of Gina's minstrations, Gina's heart. The waves tumble against her body, her soul, constantly changing her heart.


The End

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