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Don't Let Go
By Geekgrrllurking


Ani lay in the rumpled sheets of their bed, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the dim light from the city glowing in through the windows. Stretching her right hand out, she automatically sought the warmth and comfort of Gina's body. Finding that side of the bed empty, she clutched at the other woman's pillow instead, pulling it close, inhaling the faint perfume scent and something all Gina still lingering there.

Still half asleep, Ani turned her head and saw Gina sitting on the wide window seat staring out at the waking city. The golden glow of the light, contrasted with the dark shadows and the artist within her stirred. In that instant she wished she had her camera to capture the moment, the light and dark playing across her lover's body, silent and perfect, hers forever.

Gina dragged her fingers slowly through her shoulder length dark hair, exposing the column of her throat, the muscles in her arm flexing and flowing as she rubbed at the back of her neck. The white of her tank top seemed bright against her sun kissed skin, and she pulled her long naked legs closer and hugged them to her chest.

Something deeper, a need more primal stirred within Ani.

Flipping the light blanket from her body, she stood and quietly padded across the room. Gina glanced over and watched her approach. Slipping behind the older woman, Ani sat on the seat and slowly wrapped her arms around her lover, nuzzling along the soft skin at the base of her neck and placing tender kisses there.

Gina moaned softly, letting herself relax into the embrace, her fingers trailing along the arms holding her, to twine with the younger woman's over her heart. She always felt safe and secure, as if she had finally found peace in Ani's arms.

This had never been their problem. The physical side of their relationship had always worked. They simply had to look at each other and even a blind person could see the energy sparking between them, the chemistry, the simple want of each other, raw and powerful.

No, it was everything else, the living together part that was the challenge. The aligning of their lives and careers, one in New York, the other in Venice, it was not nearly as easy as they had originally thought. Gina's world was calling her back and Ani knew it. They both knew it.

Gina stared out into the waking city and sighed, leaning back against the warm body holding her close.

"Don't let go Ani." Gina whispered.

Ani nuzzled into the thick hair and held on even tighter.

"I'm not going anywhere."

Slowly the first rays of sunlight broke over the horizon. A new day had begun and somehow they would figure out how to face it together.

The End

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