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Speaking Without Words
By itsalovestory


Part 1


I'm standing there at the bar, drinking a martini just how I like it. Dirty and full of olives. Then, she walks in. I drink her in, just how I like it. My eyes rake over her body, taking in every deliciously dirty piece of olive skin that is revealed to me with the outfit she is wearing. Tight jeans hugging those hypnotic hips. A low cut shirt that shows off her amazing cleavage. Damn it! Why the fuck is she wearing that sweater, though? It's hiding her lovely arms.

I sigh.

She still hasn't noticed me, so I continue to stare at her as I sip on my drink. How long has she been back from New York? Why hasn't she called me? Fuck her! I slam back the cool liquid, letting the alcohol burn my throat, burn my heart. Fuck this! I slam the glass against the counter and stand up from my stool, seeing her slide her body against another woman. Oh I see what you're trying to do, honey. Nobody tries to forget Gina Brongo.

Nobody. Not even her.

So, I strut across the Grille to Ani, sliding myself up next to where she stands on the dance floor. She closes her eyes tightly.

"Hey," I purr.


I know I shouldn't be here. She's bound to be here. But, I just can't help myself. I walk into the building, loud music pulsing through the air. Ahh. There she is. A rush of desire pulses through my veins. Her back's turned from me. Her gorgeous, firm ass is sitting at the bar. She turns slightly to the side, suddenly laughing to an overly excited blonde woman. I wonder if she's noticed me yet. Probably not. In all our time together, she never did. Why would she start tonight?

I sigh.

I make my way through the crowd onto the dance floor. I move my hips to the beat, to my heart, willing it to somehow charm her to me, to my love. Why did I come here again, especially how we left things the last time? How come she can't let me love her? Fuck her! I grind harder into the woman next to me. Fuck this! I twirl around and see her sauntering over to me with the grace of a feline. I need to forget.

Her. I need to forget Gina Brongo.

Her long, black boots lead her across the floor almost effortlessly. Her long, black boots lead up her jean clad legs to her thighs. Oh god. Those thighs and the way they feel wrapped around my waist or moving against my hot, wet skin. I slam my eyes shut as she reaches my side.

She purrs, "Hey."


She opens her brown eyes, and looks deep into mine. I know she's trying to find something there. Love. You can try all you want, but I won't let you see it. I can't. Hell, sometimes I don't know if I can find it.

I grab her hands and put them on my hips. She pulls me close. We dance. We dance so tight and full and fulfilling. Arms around each other. Hips swaying, hips slamming. Mmm...I remember the way those hips of hers feel against my hand, against my fingers. I love, love, love that feeling. I need that feeling again. We dance so long like that, intertwined.

"I've missed..." She starts. I put my finger to her lips, willing her not to finish. I lean close to her ear and hotly whisper, "Shhh..." She shudders and pulls us off the dance floor to a secluded corner, both of us hidden in the dark shadows. Roughly, she pushes me against the wall and crushes her lips to mine.

Oh yeah.

She plunders my mouth, over and over, searching like a nasty pirate wench looking for buried treasure. Her fingers thread through my hair, tightly turning and twisting it. I let out a small moan of pleasure. This only seems to spur her on more. She slips her thigh between my legs and presses forward slightly.

Oh fucking yeah.

I need her naked in my bed right now. I grab her hand and lead her to my car.


I open my eyes slowly, and look deep into the swirling depths of Gina's green orbs. I'm searching for something there. I find many things in those beautiful eyes of hers. Passion. Desire. Regret. Denial. Oh, there it is. A flicker of what I need to see, even after all this time. Love. As soon as it came, it left.

She grabs my hands and pulls them to her hips. Okay, I see how this is gonna be. I pull her closer to my body. We dance. We dance so tight and full and filfilling. Arms around each other. I could spend a lifetime holding her and it would never be enough. Our hips are swaying, slamming together again and again, like the waves against the sandy beach. Mmm...I remember the way we would sneak off to our special place, hidden on the shore, and make love by the moonlight and starry sky, feeling safe in her arms. I love, love, love that feeling. I need that feeling again. We dance so long like that, intertwined.

Suddenly, I have the urge to let her know I've missed her. This. Us. "I've missed..." I start in almost a whisper. But, before I can finish, her long finger lays against my lips, silencing me. I stare into her eyes and am once again captured and captivated. She leans closer to me, whispering into my ear, "Shhhh..." Her hot breathe tickles my skin, my soul and I shudder. So, I decide to tell her everything I feel a different way, the only way she lets me. I pull her off the dance floor to a dark corner, hiding us away, hiding our love away. Using all my strength, I push her against the wall and pull her lips to mine in a crushing kiss.

Oh yeah.

Her lips are sweet like candy and just as addictive. Mmm...so soft, so delicious. I return again and again. Our kisses grow more passionate as I search the warm wealth of her mouth. Her mouth does amazing things to my body. I thread my fingers tightly through her soft hair. I pull and tease and torture it. She moans a little into my mouth. Oh baby, I know what you like 'cause I'm the only one that can do this for you right. The knowledge of what I do to her, what I can still do to her turns me on even more. I shove my thigh between her legs. Oh she's so warm there. I know that means only one thing. I push forward, letting her ride my leg just. a. bit.

Oh fucking yeah.

That seems to do the trick as she pulls me from the Grille to her car. I need to see her naked, feel her completely naked right fucking now.


Part 2


Now we're at her place by the shore. I'm pressed up behind her, my hands wandering over her body. She's pressed up against the door, her hands fumbling with the keys. Finally, she opens the door. She spins around and pulls me into her living room, her heart. The door slams shut.

Our mouths meet again, hungry and desperate. Our kisses are all teeth and lips and tongues, wet and deep and warm. Mmm...she pushes me into her bedroom roughly. We pull at each other's clothing, tearing it off piece by piece. Pretty soon, we're down to just our bras and underwear.

I slow things down a bit. I slide one strap of her bra down her shoulder. Then, I go behind her and wrap one arm around her waist. As I slide the other strap down, I leave soft kisses along the smooth skin. I unclasp her bra and run both of my hands up her stomach. I cup her breasts underneath the silky fabric and her bra falls away.

She moans, "Oh Ani...that feels..." I continue my ministrations, kneading the soft flesh.

I groan, "Amazing. Oh Gina, you feel so good in my hands, baby." I pinch an aching nipple between my fingers.

Suddenly, she turns around in my arms and pulls my face to hers once again.


We practically run from my car to the front door. She's pressed up behind me snugly, her hands roaming all over my body, setting my skin aflame. I'm pressed up against the door, my shaking hands trying to get the damn key in the lock. Fucking finally! I swing open the door. I turn around and pull her towards me, towards my heart. The door slams shut.

We kiss again, needing to feast right now. Our kisses are all teeth and lips and tongues, wet and deep and warm. Mmm...I push her into my bedroom. The window's slightly open, leaving the air crisp and salty. We pull at each other's clothing. We need to be naked now! Soon, we're left standing there in only our panties and bras.

What is she doing? She seems to be slowing the pace. She slides the straps of my bra down. She wraps me from behind in her arms, in her heart and kisses me softly on my shoulder. I close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of her skin against mine. She finally releases my breasts and cups them. Her hands and fingers are sooooo skilled.

I moan, putty under her knowing touch, "Oh Ani...that feels..." The incredible sensations continue.

She groans, "Amazing. Oh Gina, you feel so good in my hands, baby." She pinches one of my nipples, temporarily relieving the ache I feel. But, it's not enough. I need more. I need all of her.

I spin around in her arms and crush our lips together again.


As we kiss, she pushes me back until my knees hit the bed. She sits me down and steps back a little bit. I simply stare at her as she gives me a wicked grin. Slowly, her fingers hook inside her panties and she slides them down and off her curved hips, her firm thighs, and her long legs. My eyes glaze over with desire as I take her in. There she stands, oozing with sensuality, in all her naked glory. I motion for her with my finger, purring deeply, "C'mere sexy."

She saunters over, her hips and hair swaying to the beat of seduction. She kneels between my legs and leans forward slightly. We kiss slow. We kiss deep. We kiss.

She pulls back with a gasp, "I need you." So simple, yet so profound. I'm taken aback for a moment.

I stroke her face, looking deep into her eyes. I need you, too. "Take me. I'm yours."

Smiling, she leans back and slowly runs her fingers down my body until they reach my underwear. She almost torturously removes them, throwing the offending item to the side. Peppering kisses up one of my calves, behind my knee, and then up my thigh, she gently spreads me further apart. Oh yes!

She looks into my eyes for a split second before her mouth dives into my wet warmth. My eyes slam shut, rolling back into my head and I let out a long, deep moan of pure pleasure.

"Oh fuck yesssss!" I hiss. She hums against my clit, vibrating it ever so slightly in the most enjoyable way. Her tongue and lips are sooooo skilled. They lap and latch, and flick and fuck me so damn well. Just when I think that I'm completely dried up, she shoves her tongue inside me, and another gush coats her.

I'm almost there. I don't know how much more I can take, but I need release. Now. My entire body seems to be heating up from the inside out. Suddenly, she enters me hard with her tongue again. Oh god. She wiggles it a bit. And, there. I come.

I scream and shake, tingle and tremble. I pull her head tight to me as I ride her talented tongue. After every last dripping drop is squeezed from me, I collapse back against the bed, falling boneless.

She crawls up next to me. Both of us are panting hard. When I finally can catch my breath, I turn to her and take her face in my hands into a deep, slow kiss. I taste myself, taste her, taste our passion. I break the kiss and stare her right in the eyes, speaking softly yet firmly, "Gina, let me love you now."


When we kiss, I guide her towards the edge of the bed. I make her sit down, and I back up from her. I give her one of my most seductive smiles. Captivated, she just watches my movements. I put my fingers in the waistband of my pink panties and slide them down my body, over every tight muscle, revealing my skin, my heart to her. Inwardly, I chuckle as I see her eyes fog over with thick lust. Yeah, baby, you like what you see, huh? I stand there proudly, confidently with my hands on my now bare hips and pour every ounce of raw sexual desire into my gaze. It penetrates her. She puts out her long pointer finger and hooks it around in a come hither motion. Her voice is smoky as she purrs, "C'mere sexy."

I don't hesitate. I move over to her, shimmering with every sensual step. I'm seducing her, and she knows it. Wordlessly, I kneel at her feet, settling myself between her legs. I lean forward, feeling the pull again. We kiss slowly. We kiss deeply. We kiss.

Her kisses are searching, controlling. I willingly give myself over to them, to her. Oh, my sweet Ani. I love...

I retch myself away from her eager mouth with a gasp. "I need you." It tumbles from my lips, from my heart. It says nothing, yet it says everything. She seems startled for a moment.

She softly touches my face, running her fingers across my flesh. Her eyes look deep into mine, seeming to say that she needs me, too. She says, "Take me. I'm yours." I'm yours, too, lovely.

I lean back with a small smile, running my fingers over her fluttering skin down to her panties. I hook my fingers into them and pull them off her body. I toss them to the side, glad to be rid of them finally. I place small, quick kisses against her legs, easing my way up to the wetness I know awaits me. I spread her apart more. I look at the the soft curls between her legs. Christ! They're already glistening. It's all for me. She's all for me. Oh yes!

For a moment, I look into her eyes as I ready myself for drinking at her altar, wanting to worship her. I dive forward, plunging into her dripping desire. My eyes roll back into my head, and I slam them shut at the overwhelming sensations rolling through my body and mind. She moans loud and deep, the sound echoing in the bedroom, in my heart.

"Oh fuck yesssss!" she hisses harshly. Oh fuck yes, indeed. Her outburst spurs me on, and I hum my approval into her clit, sending small vibrations throughout her. Her pleasure is my pleasure. And, I sooo want to bring her pleasure right now. My lips latch onto her clit, and my tongue flicks over it rapidly. My lips lap over and through her folds, and my tongue fucks inside her. In and out. Up and down. As soon as I take all her juices into me and there seems to be nothing left, I delve back inside drawing more of her sweet nectar out for me. I have a thirst for her that will never be quenched. And, she has a hunger for me that will never be filled.

She's so close. I can tell in the way she's mumbling and thrashing about the sheets. Just a little bit further. C'mon. Come for me, Ani. Come for me so fucking hard! Without warning, I shove my tongue back into her. Hard. Oh god. She tastes so good, all sugar and spice, and everything nice. Cinnamon and cherries. I wiggle my tongue around, against her ridges and plains, feeling every piece of her so deep inside. Right there. She comes.

She screams and shakes, tingles and trembles. She pulls me close to her, her hips pounding against my head. Fingers tug and rip at my hair. I drink every last delicious drop she has to offer me. Finally, she falls back against the bed.

As our breaths come out in gasping rasps, I crawl up next to her. Fuck. That was intense. After a few minutes, she turns to me and takes my face in her hands. She kisses me deep and slow. I taste her, taste our passion. She tastes herself, tastes me, tastes our passion. It's all over my face, in my mouth. My chin, lips, tongue, cheeks, even my nose is covered in her. She breaks the kiss. I lick my lips, not wanting to waste a single part of her. She stares right into my eyes, into my soul and softly, yet firmly commands, "Gina, let me love you now."


Part 3


"Gina, let me love you now." The words flow from Ani's sweet lips to my ears, wrapping firmly around my heart. I hesitate for only a moment. Does she realize what she's asking of me? Of us? I'm not sure. But, then I look into the smoky depths of her chocolate eyes. And, I find peace. I nod my head and smile at her as she pulls me up from the floor next to her. Ani repositions us on the bed with me on her lap. Instantly, I wrap my arms around her neck and pull her into a kiss. My legs wrap around her waist and pull her into me, wet and needy.

She moans into my mouth, "God, you're so fucking wet for me." She breathes heavily as she kisses me all over my face- lips, cheeks, chin, nose, eyelids, and ears. They all recieve her loving attention.

Suddenly, she flicks her tongue out over my earlobe, tracing the contours. She dips inside and then whispers, "Oh Gina."

I need to hear everything.

Her fingers wander down my skin, tickling and teasing the soft hair between my legs.

I need to feel everything.

She plunges into me firmly.

I gasp, "Oh Ani."


"Gina, let me love you now." The words fly from my mouth before I even have a minute to consider what I've asked of her. Their meaning is layered. I want to make love to her, with her. I want to make her go so high and come apart in my arms, safe with me. I want her to surrender control to me, to us, to our love. I want her. I need her. I love her.

And, I know her. She's hesitating. Gina's afraid, so very afraid. But, she loves me, too. I know it. She looks into my eyes, so I pour every bit of comfort and desire and love into her jade eyes. She relaxes and seems to find peace, at least for the moment. She nods her head at me and shoots me a crooked grin as I bring her body, her heart to me on the bed. I lean back and set her upon my lap. Instantly, I wrap my arms around her waist and am pulled into a kiss. Her legs wrap around my own waist, pulling me into her, where she waits for me, wet and needy. Oh god. The feel of her nearly undoes me. It's too much. It's not enough.

I can't hold back and I moan, "God, you're so fucking wet for me." I'm almost panting as I kiss her all over her sweet face- lips, cheeks, chin, nose, eyelids, and ears. No place goes unloved, unattended.

Quickly, I flick my tongue over her delicious earlobe, following the path of her ear. I dip it inside her, wet and warm.

I have to tell her everything.

I whisper, "Oh Gina." I move my fingers lazily down her warm skin, finally coming to tease and tickle the soft curls I find between her legs.

I have to give her everything.

I plunge into her firmly.

She gasps, "Oh Ani."


Before long, we're speaking without words. Every moan and groan says 'I need you.' Every tender touch says 'I want you.' Every kiss over every part of our bodies says 'I love you.'

I love you.

We look into each other's eyes. The love found there is so deep and long and full. It takes my breath away. An entire conversation, an entire lifetime, an eternity passes in a moment.

I'm sorry.

I wish things could be different.

Let's try again.

We could. We can't. We will. We won't. We love. We hate.

We love.

She slides. She rocks. She leads. She follows. She holds. She's held. She feels. She feels.

Can we?




Please, oh please.

We move together, harder, faster, deeper. We move together, until it's no longer you or me, just us. Just us. And, then....


And, then I come apart in Ani's arms. My hips meet her thrusting fingers one last time. I moan in pleasure, tightening around her so deep inside me. I bury my face in her neck and cry out her name. I shudder and tremble against her body, riding out the waves of my release. She strokes my hair and holds me close to her, murmuring, "It's okay, I love you. You're safe."

Oh Ani.

Finally, we collapse against my bed, our skin slick with the efforts of our bodies, our hearts. Ani pulls me up into her arms once again and hold me close to her body, her heart. I look up into her eyes and then smile. She smiles, too, her dimples deep. I lean up and kiss her softly on the lips. I settle into her. Dreamily, I whisper to her before drifting off to sleep, "I love you, too."


And, then Gina finally releases everything in my arms. Her hips meet my fierce thrusting once more. She moans as her body clamps around my fingers so deep inside her. She muffles her cries into my neck, screaming my name. She shudders and trembles against me, allowing every second of pleasure to wash over her. I grab her close to me and hold her, putting her back together piece by piece. I stroke her hair comfortingly, murmuring, "It's okay, I love you. You're safe." I try to reassure her.

Oh Gina.

After a long moment, we collapse against her ruffled sheets. Our skin is salty and smooth and damp with the release of our bodies, our hearts. I pull Gina up into my arms again and hold her close to me, to my heart. I can't ever let her go. Her beautiful eyes look up into mine and she softly smiles. I can't resist and so I smile as well. She leans up to me and kisses me tenderly. She settles against me. My eyes flutter shut. Before I go to sleep, the words my heart longs to hear are uttered by her. She whispers into the night, "I love you, too."

I look over her shoulders at the clock on her dresser. The red light taunts me, blinking 1:45 am at me. Only a few more hours of this, of her, and then we must part ways for the last time. That's what I say everytime, but somehow there always seems to be another time for us.

My thoughts wander.

I wish we were in another time. Or another place. Maybe we should get out of the big city and move to some small town in the Midwest somewhere, with a wholesome, all-American name like Springfield or Oakdale. Names that flow off your tongue like barley and wheat and corn. I like corn. I like her even more. I shiver from want. I shiver, because it's fucking cold in her room now.

I rise from the bed and her slowly, and make my way to the end of the bed. I find my underwear in the pile of our discarded clothing, our discarded love. Quickly, I pull them on. I make my way over to her dresser and take out one of her tank tops and throw it on over my only remaining article of clothing from the night before, my bra. I bring the collar of it to my nose and inhale deeply.

Mmm...it smells like her.

I smile and turn around to make my way back to the bed, to her. I stop suddenly as the vision before me leaves me in breatheless awe. There lies Gina spread out over the sheets in a portrait of a goddess. The moonlight filters through the shear white curtains and highlights her stunning features. Her slightly parted pink lips. Her high eyebrows. Her tightly closed eyes. So at peace, finally.

I follow the moonbeams from her face to her hair which is fanned across the pillowcase, rivers of auburn flowing to the sea of sheets. Again, I am brought to the loveliness of her face and just watch her sleep in beauty. My eyes trace the paths across her jaw and neck over every piece of gorgeous skin. Miles and miles of it stretch out across her mountains, valleys, and plains. I want to travel over every square inch of her. I want to touch her. Ontop and over. Down and around. Even inside. Especially inside her. The urge is so great that I ease closer to where she rests.

But, I cannot take the risk of breaking the spell.

So, I do the next best thing. I walk over to my purse and reach inside. I pull out my camera. After making a few adjustments, I snap a photo, a memory of her and this precious moment captured forever for my eyes and my heart. She stirs and turns over. I hold my breath, hoping my stolen glance has not awoken her. But, alas, she slumbers soundly.

I chuckle. That is so like her.

Finally warmed and satisfied, I return my camera and then my body to their proper resting spots. I curl up into her arms and sigh as I once again drift off to dream of sandy shores and passionate kisses in her arms.


I open my eyes slowly and see the time on the alarm clock. Damnit! It's already 6 am. The rising sun is beginning to stream in through the shear curtains and those damn seagulls are calling out, too. Ugh. I hate mornings, especially early ones. Why can't everything just stay hidden away in the night forever? It's so much simpler that way. The chill in the air does nothing to help my bladder. Gotta go pee. NOW. I climb out of my bed and rush into the bathroom.

When I return, I see her.

Asleep. Peaceful. In my bed, in my heart. Like she's never belonged anywhere else.

She put back on her panties and one of my tank tops, the smell of me all over her body, all over her heart. She's probably dreaming of me, of us. I know, because I dream of her, of us, too. I've missed her, this. The easy banter, the flirting, the feel of her lips, the look in her eyes when she comes under the touch of my hands. I swell with pride for a moment. I've still got it, even after all this time, even after what happened before...between us.

What happened before. I was such an ass. I'm still such an ass. Guilt consumes me. I want to love her. God knows, Owen knows, and hell, she knows I want to. But, I don't know if I can. Can I be what she needs? What she deserves?

Pfft. Relationships. I'm a great date. I'm a lousy girlfriend. I can kiss you breathless and fuck you senseless. But, love? That's hard. That takes time and patience and commitment. And, I just don't do commitment. I'm no good at it. But, sex?

I look at her again and smile. Sex with Ani is...fun, exciting, pleasurable, amazing, consuming, fulfilling, and definitely memoriable. Oh yeah.

A breeze bellows gently through the room. Fuck! It's cold in here. I see her burrow further into the sheets. And, I realize I'm much too bare now. Completely naked. No, this won't do. At all. I toss on some pink panties and a tank top of my own. Much better.

But, I'm still cold.

So, I crawl back into bed with her. She immediately wraps her arms around me again, pulling me tight against her body, against her heart. I lie there, half asleep and half alive. After awhile, she stirs. I turn in her arms. She's awake.

Her eyes. So expressive. They tell me everything she thinks, everything she doesn't say, everything she feels. Right now, I see love, joy, and desire. Definitely, desire. She wants me. Bad.

Suddenly, she smiles wickedly and crushes our mouths together. Mmm...so delicious like the sweetest candy I've ever had. Oh God. That tongue of hers should be illegal in all 50 states. So deadly. Slips and slides into me. I suck on it and rake my teeth against it. She moans into my mouth. I swallow it up, taking it into me. I think she wants to swallow me whole.

She rolls on top of me, forcing herself between my legs. Ever so slightly, she begins to rock her hips into me. Shit! The friction is so good. Our panties, our bodies melting together from the heat we're creating. Then, she begins to nip and lick my neck, trailing that talented tongue up to my ear. She whispers, "I'm gonna take you."

And, then she does.

Immediately, she shoves her hand and her nimble fingers inside my panties, inside my body, and inside my heart.

My head lolls back, my eyes roll back. I can only grunt and pant like a fucking bitch in heat. I'm so wet. I'm so turned on. I'm so ready...for her. Always for her. I'm bucking to her fucking. And, then like a tidal wave, I'm crashing to her thrashing. I finally come down. And, she's there to catch me. Like always.

I begin to kiss her again. I need to kiss her again. I need her to feel everything she makes me feel, everything I can't say, everything I can't be...for her.

We kiss for a few minutes, lost in the passion of our bodies, our souls. I kiss her neck, and I can feel her smile against my cheek as she says sweetly, "Good morning." Good morning indeed.

The End

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