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Been This Way
By itsalovestory


She put down herself.

You could only look on in shock. How could she say that? She really is the most beautiful woman you've ever met. Those eyes of hers looked right through your bullshit to you. Those full lips of hers quirked into that dimpled smile that melts the glacier around your heart. That perfect danty yet strong hand fit into your as she hosted you up and into her arms.

You danced.

You danced with her cheek to cheek, heart to heart.

It took all your strength not to kiss her again, to press your lips upon hers. It took all your weakness not to have her like this all the time. She took all of you.

The scent of her perfume, of your love for her wafts to your nose, flaring your nostrils, setting your body aflame. Your eyes drift close as remember this moment. You always had fit together.

The sky and sea and sand changes. The days begin and end. And, yet you still love her.

You love her.

As you sway to the sweet melody of music, of your heart, you finally understand the definition of yearning, even when it lies so close.

So far away.

The End

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