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By Pat


For what seemed like hours, she just sat there. Watching the waves roll in, again and again. Usually the waves were like a soothing balm for her soul, but today they didn't seem to do the trick. Her mind was reeling, questions that she didn't have the answer for repeating themselves until it nearly drove her crazy. But still, she couldn't gather the strength to bring her body up from the sand. So instead, she just sat. And watched.

A few steps behind her a lone hooded figure approached. Her face was etched with worry, she could almost see the wheels turning in the older woman's head. For a minute she wondered if she should be there. But then she heard the sound of a small whimper, carried in her direction by the wind, and she knew this was exactly where she was supposed to be right now. Inching closer softly, so not to startle the other woman, she finally spoke.


The woman in front of her whipped up her head, violently wiping the tears away from her face. Her red rimmed eyes and trembling voice couldn't disguise the state she was in though.

"Hey. How did you find me here?"

Ani stepped closer yet again so she was standing beside Gina, carefully lowering her body to sit next to her ex.

"Your car was in the driveway, but no one answered the door. That's usually when I find you here. Besides, the fact that you still put your shoes by the same damn rock every time you come out here is a dead giveaway." This earned a small chuckle from Gina.

"Guess I do have to work on that predictability thing."

Ani turned serious again. "No one could call you predictable. I just happen to know you."

Gina turned her head back to the waves, a far off look in her eyes. "I know of at least one person who wouldn't call me predictable…"

Ani studied her face for a moment, then turned her head to the ocean as well. "What happened?"

For long moments there was no sound but the crashing of the waves, but finally Gina spoke. "I messed things up again, just like I always do." Her voice cracked, but Ani remained silent, knowing Gina would have to get things out on her own. Eventually she did.

"Tracy. Things were going really well for a while. And then…" her voice trailed. Ani moved closer before gently urging her to continue.

"Then what?" She watched as Gina pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around them, as if shielding herself.

"Then I… Then I moaned your name."

Silence hung between the two women, neither knowing what to say next. So instead of talking, Ani pulled Gina close to her and wrapped her arms around the older woman. She gazed at the waves lost in thoughts and memories. Gina nuzzled closer into the crook of her neck.

"Why did I ever screw things up with you?" There was no doubt as to the sincerity in her question. Ani took a deep breath, taking in the mix of salt air and the familiar smell of Gina's shampoo. She pressed her lips against Gina's temple and lingered there for a moment.

"You didn't screw things up with me. I'm here, aren't I? And you know you're not getting rid of me, I'll be here tomorrow, and all the days after that."

"You're not with me. You're with Lara." There was no blame in that statement, merely fact.

Ani tightened her hold on Gina, gently rubbing her back. "Lara…" she started, "Lara is a sweet woman. She's smart, she's funny and beautiful. And she wants me. But we both know the score. We're not forever."

"Will it ever be, with anyone?" Gina asked in a childlike voice that shook Ani to her core. Sometimes the younger woman found it hard to believe that this powerful business woman could be so little and insecure inside. But then again, that's how it had always been. Business was easy for her. But on a personal level she had been shaped by her past, the scars would fade but they would never disappear. Instinctively she reached out her left hand to take Gina's into her own.

Gina continued, "I mean, look at us. If I couldn't even get it right with you, will I ever? Will we ever?"

"Stop right there," Ani spoke forcefully, then she continued softly. "We both know we're not over. We will never be over." She squeezed Gina's hand and pulled back a little, staring into her eyes. "Today might not be the day, but we will make it work. Someday."

Tears appeared in Gina's eyes. "You promise?"

Gently Ani reached out to wipe the tears away. She then leaned forward to place a soft kiss upon Gina's lips. "I promise. Someday."

"Someday." Gina echoed before resting her head back on Ani's shoulder. And in that promise of 'someday' she finally found peace of mind, if only for that moment.

The End

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