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Ungodly Hour
By itsalovestory


This was our ungodly hour.

A flash lights up the night sky. A boom awakens the neighbor's dog into a frenzy. A raindrop slides down the window pane, down my cheek. A breeze blows through the open window. I roll over to...emptiness. You're not there like you should be. You used to be there to hold me through the storms in life. I would hold you, too. We would talk about everything to pass the time. We'd talk about nothing.

This was our ungodly hour.

I would look into your deep green eyes, finding comfort, and desire, and home, and love. You would never say what you felt, but I could feel it with every fiber of my being. It shook me to the core. It shook you. Maybe it shook you too much. Maybe that's why my bed is empty, my arms are empty, without you. I'm without you.

This was our ungodly hour.

Yet, you're here. But, not. We're friends. We're everything. We're nothing. We were lovers. We were everything. We were nothing. You're with her. Or her. Not me. And, I'm with her. Or her. Not you. Not us.

This was our ungodly hour.

I'd kiss you. Slowly. Quickly. With lust. With love. You'd touch me. Tease. Torture. With lust. With love. We'd make love. Tenderly. Passionately. With lust. With love.

With love. This was our ungodly hour.

I pull the covers up tight around my body, around my heart, hoping to keep the chill away. I spend long moments, lifetimes thinking about you, about us. I spend no time. The summer storm passes off into the distance, into the hills, away from me, away from you, away from us. I close my eyes again. I am lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves crashing against the beach, water over rocks, breaking them down to soft sand. We broke down. I don't sleep peacefully, because your green eyes haunt me even in slumber.

The End

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