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Unexpected Pleasures
By itsalovestory


The first time they met was at a party, some fancy shindig for some famous VIP in LA. Surprisingly, that ended up not being important to Gina. Now, their second meeting was where the unexpected pleasures came.

Here they were, sitting across from each other. A table separating them. A starry sky sparkled above them. A friendly, flirty conversation flowed between them. Just them.

"So, then I told him to get the hell out of my office. What a fucktard," Gina exclaimed with a laugh.

Ani giggled, "God, don't you just hate people like that? I once had a shoot where the model..." Gina listened, but didn't hear her. She simply took in the breathtaking woman across from her. A single candle lay in a votive, flickering, and the light danced across her expressive face, casting shadows. Warm eyes and a small smile lit up the younger woman's face. There was something so pleasurable about her, so inviting. Gina couldn't put her finger on it. Gina...

"Gina?" Ani asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Yeah?" Gina responded, shaking her dazed head out of the fog.

"Are you okay?" Ani placed her hand on top of Gina's.

Gina looked down at their hands and smiled. She looked back up into Ani's mesmerizing brown eyes and licked her lips. "I'm great. And, by the looks of it, you're incredibly fine. Absolutely gorgeous, Baby," she husked. She turned her hand over and fluttered her fingertips across Ani's palm. She gazed intently at Ani and continued her soft, teasing touches, setting her skin aflame. "Ani...you wanna get outta here?"

Ani took in a quick breath as Gina's fingers began traveling up her arm, leaving goosebumps in their wake. She drawled out slowly, "Yeah, sure, I'm ready."

Quickly, Gina stood and pulled Ani up to her, pressing their bodies close together. She whispered in her ear, her breath tickling Ani's skin. "Let's go."

And, they went alright. They went back to Gina's place, slightly drunk and more than slightly horny. They went so high as Gina and Ani had mind-blowing, crazy, and passionate sex.

Gina hovered over Ani, skin soft, skin slick. Fingers. Lips. Tongues. Thighs. Breasts. Mixed and mingled. Ani moaned, her hips thrashing against Gina's thrusting fingers. Her painted pink nails dug almost painfully so into Gina's firm ass. "God, right there. Fuck. Yesssss." In that moment, Gina felt something. There was something so pleasurable about her, so inviting. Gina couldn't put her finger on it. Gina...

"Gina," Ani panted, exhausted underneath her, her long, dark hair spilled out across the white sheets. "Jesus Christ, that was..." She licked her dry lips.

"Yeah?" Gina playfully asked as she rolled off the smaller woman.

They lay there for a moment in the silence, in the moonlight. "Oh yeah..." Ani replied with a wicked grin as she rolled onto Gina and hungrily claimed her lips.

The next morning, Gina awoke to an empty bed. Some things never change. She smiled at the memory of the night before. That was some unfuckinbelievable sex. Damn. I'm sore, and it's so worth it. She took a deep breath and smelled bacon cooking. Some things change forever.

Slowly, Gina got out of bed. After finding her robe was missing, she tossed on an oversized blouse, leaving a few of the buttons undone. She made her way to the kitchen, stopping in the doorway to take in the sight before her. There was Ani, in her robe, making bacon and eggs. Gina grinned. There was something so pleasurable about her, so inviting. Gina couldn't put her finger on it. Gina...

"Gina, there you are." Ani turned around from the stove and pointed at her with the metal spatula. She gestured at the table. "Here, sit down. It's almost done." She turned back towards the pan and continued cooking. "Oh and I made some coffee, too."

Gina sat and looked down at the steaming mug of coffee. Two sugar and no cream. How'd she know?! A few minutes later, Ani placed a plate of food in front of Gina, and then sat down herself. They ate in silence. Unlike most morning afters, it wasn't uncomfortable. It was almost familiar, almost welcomed. Gina smiled.

Gina frowned. Wait, a fucking minute. I can't do this again. Not after Logan, the crazy devil in the blue dress. If there was something that Gina had learned from her ex, it was to never become too close again. Because the last time she was that close, it nearly cost her not only her heart, but her sanity as well. Love hurt, but lust, now that's something Gina could do. It hurt soooo good.

So, Gina had turned the page. She rewrote the ending. She was no longer the victim, no longer the helpless damsel. Nope. The played was now the player. Different girls every night. Sex. Work. Power. Those became her drugs of choice. Add in some Goose and a little bit of gambling and Gina was in heaven.

So, what was she doing right now with Ani? She gave up control for fuck's sake. She broke her number one rule and brought her back to her own place last night. She had let Ani touch her deep inside. She let her in deeper still, staying up late in each other's arms, actually talking. And, now. Gina let out a sigh. Now, the damned woman was in her very own robe, eating breakfast with her. Shit.

Gina pushed her plate away and stood suddenly. "Sorry, but umm. I forgot I have an early meeting."

Ani looked up surprised. "Oh," she said with such a soft voice and big, doe eyes that it nearly broke what little piece of a heart Gina had left. "Well, I guess I'll get dressed and go, then." Ani stood and made her way back to Gina's room to gather her clothes.

Gina cleared the dishes quickly. Ani returned a short time later, fully dressed and fully adorable. She leaned up and gave Gina a soft kiss. "You have my number...if you want..."

Averting her eyes from the woman's piercing gaze, Gina replied evenly, "Yep, I have your number. Bye, Ani."

Ani sighed as she walked out the door. "Bye, Gina."

Gina watched for a moment as Ani walked down the sunny street, a breeze blowing through her hair gently. As she shut the door and walked back to get ready for the day, Gina wondered what it would be like to run her fingers through the soft waves again. There was something so pleasurable about her, so inviting. Gina couldn't put her finger on it. Gina...

"Gina Brogno speaking. Oh hey, Michele. Yeah, I'll be in the office at 9:30....My date was, uh, interesting to say the least. Yah, I'll be sure to tell you about the whole damn thing when I come in. Okay. Sounds good. Bye." Gina shut her phone and tossed it onto her bed. She flopped down and buried her face into the sheets. There was something so pleasurable about her, so inviting. Gina couldn't put her finger on it. Gina...was so screwed, but talk about unexpected pleasures.

The End

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