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Been This Way
By itsalovestory


It should have always been this way.

Gina showed up in New York, surprising Ani on her big photography shoot with the cast of a Broadway play. After wrapping up the shoot, Gina whisked Ani away upstate.

The snow was softly falling as Gina drove her rental SVU up the gravel road. Her and Ani hadn't really talked the way up, yet it seemed as though an entire conversation had past. Intertwined hands. Glances filled with love and longing. Smiles adorned with dimples and pearly white teeth.

Gina was at peace.

After much heartache and stumbling along the way, they had finally come to this place, together. Ani had caught her like she always had, always would.

It should have always been that way.

Gina went to the trunk to grab their bags. She risked a glance at Ani. The snowflakes kissed her dark hair and eyelashes. The cold air bit at her cheeks and nose, coloring them pink. The waning sun made her smile and eyes seem brighter. Or perhaps it was just love.

It was just love.

And, Gina was caught.

Gina's breath escaped her for a moment, a lifetime. Ani was beautiful. It was like she was seeing her for the first time, all of her. Or perhaps it was just love.

They made their way inside the small cabin. It was a single room with a fireplace, big king bed, kitchenette, and a beautiful bathroom attached. "It sure is rustic," Gina commented.

"Yeah, but it's perfect."

"You're perfect, " Gina softly spoke, gazing affectionately at Ani.

Ani smiled and shook her head, "No, I'm not, but you love me anyways."

"I do." Gina took her hand, kissing it. "I love you...so much, Ani."

"Te quiero, " Ani replied, tugging Gina into her arms. "Now kiss me you fool."

So, Gina did.

Later, after Gina and Ani ate some chicken Piccatta and pasta with Roma tomatoes and mushrooms, they sat by the fire, sipping on red wine.

Ani never thought they would be here.

Gina was actually committing to her. They were in a real relationship, full of love, honesty, and trust. It was like a dream come to true, rather than the nightmare it had once been. Gina finally took her away. Gina finally was showing her the world. Gina was finally hers, only hers.

Ani set her glass down on the table next to the couch. Slowly, she stood up, extending her hand to Gina. "I'm gonna take a bath. Wanna come?"

Without hesitation, Gina took her hand, her heart. She pulled Ani into an embrace, husking in her ear, "With pleasure."

Ani led them to the bathroom. Gina lit some candles as Ani ran a hot bath, adding some bubbles. The soap foamed up. The candles flickered. Gina came up from behind Ani, wrapping her arms around her waist and kissing her neck. "I love you Ani. Let me show you how much."

Only being able to nod, Ani succumbed to Gina's desire. Gina slowly removed Ani's clothing, leaving her completely bare and beautiful in the glow of the candlelight. She left kisses of lust and love across her skin, adoring every inch of her.

Ani couldn't wait anymore. Quickly, she turned in Gina's arms, beginning to undress the older woman. Her fingers frantically unzipped and unbuttoned Gina's jeans, sliding the denim off her girlfriend's hips and lean legs.

Finally, Gina was utterly naked before her. Ani drank in the sight.

Plump lips bruised from their kisses. Tousled hair from her hands. Dazzling eyes filled with love, piercing Ani. Ani even saw beyond the lovely body and into the amazing heart of the woman she loved. "You take my breath away, Gina, " Ani whispered.

And, then there were no more words.

They sat into the bath, sinking into each other and the suds. Gina pulled Ani onto her lap and kissed her softly, tenderly. As their kisses deepened, Ani wrapped her legs around Gina's waist, and she wrapped her arms around Gina's neck. They were so close; they weren't close enough.

Ani tilted her head, gently pushing her tongue into the warm wetness of Gina's mouth. It was a heady feeling, being able to love Gina like this, without the rush and worry of the world, of herself. It was freeing, like she could fall off a cliff, because Gina would be there to catch her.

Nothing was spoken, but everything was said. Ani slipped her hand down Gina's body and into the silken depth of her most adored treasure. Gina slid into the soapy water as well, parting and plunging into Ani's swollen sex. Groans became moans and rasps became gasps. They struggled to keep their eyes open, but they just had to. Before their eyes became too clouded with the overwhelming sensations of their hungry bodies and light exploded behind their lids, they saw forever in each other's precious eyes.

It should have always been this way.

But, it wouldn't have been perfection until that moment in time.

The End

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