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In Sappho's Arms
By Geekgrrllurking


You had said you weren't going to do it, but somehow you found yourself standing here back in the thick of things. You knew she would be here tonight and still you came to the bar, drawn like a moth to the flame. Drawn to her.

You've been watching her since she arrived, as she weaved in and out of the milling crowd, laughing and chatting and touching, catching up with old friends and flirting with new ones. The thumping dance beat vibrates deep inside your chest, and for a moment you wonder if it's the music or your heart pounding at the sight of her sleek form causing the thundering inside.

It had been so long since you've seen each other. You run a hand through your hair now, remembering her touch, tasting your desire like whiskey burning and blossoming deep inside. You try not to dwell on how badly it ended last time, knowing that was the main reason you had hesitated calling her when you first returned to California.

A huge part of you needed to see her. So you made excuses to yourself about getting out and having some fun, and made your way here, to your old stomping grounds. Deep down though you knew the truth, you needed to find her, to see her, even if it was only from afar.

You weren't disappointed.

You try hard not to stare, knowing how natural it is for her to flit around the room, teasing and seducing everyone with those intense green eyes. She has no idea you're even here, hasn't noticed you at all, which is a little annoying. You stuff down the twinge of hurt, try to shake off the vague feeling of being ignored. Surely she would have found her way to you otherwise, right?

That little voice of reason inside wonders why do you care anyway. You've flown across the continent for a magazine shoot, not because of her. No big deal, right? You check your cell phone again for missed texts from your friends back home and can't stop the smile that forms at the sight of the picture glowing back at you there. You never had the heart to change it, even in your most furious moods.

It had been an amazing weekend, taken on your last day in New York together, her arms wrapped around you, holding you tight. It seemed as if she didn't let go of your hand all weekend, neither of you wanting the real world to intrude. But it did eventually, pulling her from you and your tenuous hold on your relationship went with her.

You sigh, the angry ghosts and echoes of the past swirling around you as you slip your cell back into your pocket and head over to the bar, ordering another red wine. You wonder again what you were thinking coming here tonight, welcoming that world of hurt that always surrounds the two of you.

There's a lull in the music and you hear loud laughter, drawing your attention. You glance across the room and find her lounging on a couch now, her hand sliding along some strange brunette's arm as she listens intently to whatever is being said. You shift and take another sip of your merlot. You used to be the one she did that with, that little voice within you whines forlornly as the sharp bite of jealousy stings you.

The crowd seems to grow louder around you for a moment as you swallow it all down again. You have your life in New York and she has hers here, you can't just drop back into town and forget everything. You don't want to forget everything, do you? You take a gulp of wine, hoping to wash away the truth.

God, you are a fool for her, aren't you?

You sigh and glance up from the swirling depths of your wine, sad and lost, knowing this was a mistake, only to find your gaze captured and held. You feel her eyes on you, like a slow burn along your flesh, intimate and knowing, as she has finally found you, intensely watching you now too. She can read you like a book with those fierce green eyes of hers. Her head tilts slightly and an eyebrow subtly raises; you can tell she senses you are upset somehow, feeling it deep inside. That old familiar chemistry is flowing, sparking and rippling, an exhilarating energy that comes solely from whatever it is between the two of you. So you wait for her, knowing she will come to you.

She unfolds her long legs from underneath her and slowly stands, her eyes never leaving yours as she excuses herself from the small group around her. She weaves her way through the throng again, but this time with purpose, making her way towards you. Your heart beats faster and you offer a lopsided grin, flashing a little dimple. Finally she is before you, standing so close you can smell the clean familiar scent of her and still you long to be closer.

"Ani. It is you." She murmurs softly, in that low gravelly bedroom voice you remember so well. Her eyes travel down your curves, taking you all in, possessively almost and you smile. Unbidden images, memories and fantasies merged together, flash across your mind, sending a shot of liquid heat down your spine that settles in your belly. You shift slightly and her eyes snap back up to meet yours, trapped again in her stare.

"In the flesh." Your mouth finally muddles something together, as your brain hasn't quite figured out what's going on beyond those amazing eyes. You wonder what your own eyes are giving away as she simply blinks slowly back at you, reading you effortlessly, as if seeing into the very depths of your soul. You pause, unable to move, simply waiting now for whatever comes next.

Slowly her hand reaches out, warm fingers wrapping around your wrist, and you feel yourself relax into the familiar motion. Her thumb slowly moves along the sensitive skin of your inner wrist and for a moment you can't breathe. And just like that she's claimed you again, as if your own body knows that you're back where you belong.

You glance away, a wave of hot tears threatening to overtake you and you feel naked before her penetrating gaze. You are exposed before her, your emotions raw and insecure and a myriad of different things, pulsing deep inside. Her fingers slip across your palm to tangle with yours, holding your hand and squeezing gently to get your attention, to soothe your inner demons as your eyes meet again.

"Come on. Let's find somewhere quiet to talk, hmm?" She smiles one of those real smiles she reserves just for you, and you can't stop the matching grin from forming as you nod in agreement.

You follow her as she leads you through the crowd, as you ignore the knowing looks and the whispers. You just lift your chin a little higher and keep your eyes on those well fitting jeans moving in front of you. She glances back and catches you checking her out, but it only makes her smile wider.

And suddenly you realize that you just don't care, the whys and wherefores cease to matter. You only know that you are right where you want to be, where you belong. With her.

She slides open a door and you step out onto a small intimate rooftop patio, barely registering the other couples also out there enjoying the warm evening air. The ocean rolls in the distance, the roar of the tide comforting. She slides the door shut behind you and you turn to find yourself lost in those sea green eyes again. And before you know it, you are wrapped in her strong arms, pulled close and held tight.

Can it really be this simple?

"God, I've missed you." She murmurs against your temple, and you melt against her.

"Me too…" You finally choke out, the words not anywhere close to the relief rushing through you. This is what you have wanted since you left New York, what you've missed since she ran away from your love. This beautiful woman's easy touch, her body pressed against your own, friend and lover all wrapped in one.

From deep inside the bowels of the bar you can make out the tell-tale cackle of the clingy brunette from the couch and you feel her stiffen ever so slightly in your arms.

"Save me from her, will yah?" She sighs in a long suffering way and you giggle, surprised as a bubble of happiness rises from deep inside you. She leans back slightly to look at you, smiling as she cups your cheek, her thumb softly tracing a dimple.

"I don't know, you didn't seem to mind your latest admirer puppy-dogging you around." You glance out over the ocean, watching the moon slowly rising, teasing her and yet not really as your insecurities rear unexpectedly again. You have no claim on her anymore, but that doesn't seem to matter to your heart, old jealousy nipping at you again.

"Oh no, sweetheart." Her voice drops even lower, sending a shiver of awareness down your spine, her fingers trailing across your skin again, beckoning to you. "I will certainly not be enjoying the pleasure of her company tonight. Don't you know? I only have eyes for you…" Her voice drops off, full of promises and unspoken questions, only you're not sure if you have all the answers just yet.

She pulls away slightly, watching you closely, obviously waiting for you to make the next move. You feel off kilter, like the world has suddenly tipped and gone a little crazy. A rush of excitement comes over you, and you're suddenly giddy with the adventure and fun promised in your ex's eyes.

Typically, neither of you are talking about your feelings or the past or anything that you really should be talking about. That is a conversation for the harsh light of day, but that's not what tonight is for. Tonight, you just want to be in the moment. With her. The way it should be.

And for now, that's all right by you.

You stare up at the constellations just starting to twinkle above your head. The gods themselves surely wouldn't begrudge you a night in Sappho's arms, would they? Well screw them anyway. You tip your head back down, as you tangle your fingers in her thick, honey-blonde hair, tugging gently.

"Good." You growl ever so slightly, as you slide your hands down her body, reacquainting yourself with her sweet curves, with what belongs to you. What you've come to claim as your own once more, she just hasn't realized it yet. She moans softly at your touch and you know the time has come.

"Take me home, Gina."

The End

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