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A Mother Knows


"My mother was really happy when Giovanni told her we were together."

"She just wants you to be happy."

"Yeah, apparently you're the one that makes me happy." Jane's tone dripped sarcasm.

"Are you implying that I don't?"

"No, that isn't... Maura, you make me very happy." Jane frowned at her words. "I was just surprised Ma didn't fly off the handle when Giovanni told her what happened."


"I come from an Italian family; I'm expected to have an army of kids running around one day. Being a lesbian would kinda put a damper on Ma's plans."


"Jeez, Maura! You're worse than a kid!"

"Lesbian couples are just as likely to have children as heterosexual couples do. In fact, the separation rate of same-sex couples with children is lower than heterosexual couples with children."

"Of course you would know that." Jane rolled her eyes. "I swear you listen to audio version of the Encyclopedia while you sleep."

Maura looked insulted. "Why do you always make fun of my extensive knowledge?"

"Because I know you're smarter than me and you're always reminding me."

"I am not."

"Yes. You are. You just don't realise it."

"I… Very well, then, I will not share my knowledge with you in the future."

"Maura, that's not what I meant."

"It would be a lot easier if you say what you mean, and mean what you say. It would save me a lot of confusion and frustration. You are always highlighting your higher degree of social understanding."

"How did we end up in an argument?"

"I was disproving your idea that being in a romantic relationship with me would preclude you from having children."


"And you shouldn't have children just because your mother wants you to."

"I'm not."

"Do you even want children?"

"One day… With the right person…"

"So would I." Maura had a far off look in her eye as she imagined a small boy and girl climbing all over Jane in the backyard, with Joe Friday running around them all, and Bass laying peacefully on the grass.


Maura blinked the vision away. "Yes Jane?"

"What did you see?"

Maura blushed. "I've read that it's usually inappropriate to share one's fantasies."

"Yeah, but it's ok this time because I'm asking."

"What if you don't like it?"

"Then it serves me right for asking." It wouldn't be the first time, Jane thought sourly.

"Well, I… Um…" Maura did that toothy grin that said she didn't want to tell the truth, but she wouldn't lie either.

"I was getting trampled on, wasn't I?"

Maura blushed again and nodded.

"Ma, I just want to tell you that Maura and I are officially together." Jane declared, holding out her hand that was clasped in Maura's.

"Oh Janie, that's wonderful news! But I think this 'official' business is a bit childish."

Jane felt a headache coming on. "Ma, we weren't together till this week."

"This week! But I thought…"

"Jane lied to Giovanni." Maura added in helpfully, with the sweetest of smiles. This earned her a glare from the Detective.

"Janie!" Angela put her hands on her hips and frowned disapprovingly

"What Ma? He wanted to slobber all over Maura! I couldn't let that happen!"

"I am just shocked it took you so long to realise that you were in love with her." Angela said indignantly. "I've known for years." She walked towards to kitchen to fix them some dinner. "A mother always knows."

The End

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