Batting 1.000 PG Jane/Maura A baseball fic that just begged to be written. Complete

Going to Hell in a Handbasket PG Jane/Maura Rizzoli strikes again. Complete

Recipe for Success PG Jane/Maura dinner date - a sequel to Going to Hell in a Handbasket. Complete

Clue-by-Four PG Jane/Maura Angela's missing scene from episode 6: I Kissed a Girl. Complete

Working Out the Kinks PG Jane/Maura The aftereffects of episode 7: Born to Run. Complete

First Impressions PG Jane/Maura Written for an LJ community, femslash_land, drabble challenge using the prompt beginnings. Complete

Lonely Hearts Club PG Jane/Maura Written for Fragments of Sappho - I used the fragment literally, and I do mean quite literally.. Complete

Family Traditions PG Jane/Maura Christmastime at the Rizzoli's. Complete

A Cardinal Sin PG Jane/Maura Jane's father has dug himself into a very large hole and Jane comes to his rescue. Complete

Life's Regrets PG Jane/Maura A look at the aftermath of Episode 10: When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang. Complete

Family Reunion PG Jane/Maura A look at Angela's side of the family through a series of random idioms. Complete

A Bunny Tale PG Jane/Maura Just a bit of Easter fun. Complete

A Win-Win Situation 15 Jane/Maura Written for the femslash_today's Green Beer & Kisses: The [Totally Not] Annual Porn Battle. Complete

Dr. Isles and Ms. Hyde PG Jane/Maura Maura's recent and very radical change in personality has her taking a good look at herself. Complete

The Rainbow Connection PG Jane/Maura EVERYONE is getting tired of waiting for Jane and Maura to catch a clue, so Angela takes steps to enlighten the two women. Inspired by the song of the same name. Complete

Damsel in Distress PG Jane/Maura A parody of sorts following episode 3.07 Crazy for You. Oh hell, it's a parody, period! Complete


Cicatrices PG-13 Jane/Maura Short scene continuation for ep 8, dealing with Jane's scars on her hands. Complete

Past in Present PG-13 Jane/Maura A scene from Maura's childhood, and a slightly different ending for the scene in which Maura confides to Jane about her past in "I'm Your Boogie Man". A sequel of sorts to Cicatrices. Complete

Tactile PG Jane/Maura Maura muses on the differences between Jane's approaches to tactility and hers, and debates if their body language suggests a platonic relationship. Complete

Boston, 1972 PG Jane/Maura It's the summer of 1972 and the Boston Police Academy is about to start accepting women. Jane Rizzoli's world is already turning upside down and then she meets Maura Isles. Written for femslash_land's Time Warp AU challenge. Complete

The Photoshoot PG Jane/Maura Maura convinces Jane to do a photoshoot to publicize women on the force and in the field, flirting ensues. Fic based on the phootshoot promos for season 2. Complete

British Isles

Who's Laughing Now? PG-13 Jane/Maura Murder at the Circus. Complete

The Unholy Alliance PG Jane/Maura Jane is seduced by the dark side. Complete

Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

The Rizzoli Revelation PG-13 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

Patching Her Up 4: Elevate PG-13 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

Communication PG-13 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

Baked Goods PG-13 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete


In Search of Kringle PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

DJ Shiva

Every Time I Blink PG-13 Jane/Maura Finale, after BAMF Rizzoli takes matters into her own hands. Complete

Tiny Shiny Thing PG-13 Jane/Maura Sequel to 'Every Time I Blink' - Finale, after BAMF Rizzoli takes matters into her own hands. Complete


Guess PG-13 Jane/Maura Jane resents having to spend time on a routine auto accident. Complete

Reassurance PG-13 Jane/Maura Maura and Jane have an inconvenient misunderstanding. Complete

Pressure 15 Jane/Maura Maura's attempt to set Jane up on a blind date goes horribly wrong. Complete

Jolt PG-13 Jane/Maura An error in judgment by Jane spoils her vacation with Maura. Complete

Frontiers 18 Jane/Maura Maura goes to a funeral in Illinois and finds herself in danger. Complete


In Deep Series

In Deep PG Lindsay/Maura   Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - Lindsay's undercover assignment in Boston comes with complications. Complete

Tonight While I'm Making Excuses PG Lindsay/Maura   Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - No synopsis given. Complete

Tied PG Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - Lindsay explains to Maura. Complete

Unreal PG Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - Lindsay returns to San Francisco with Maura and Agent Dean. Complete

Inside My Hell PG Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - Maura has to realize that the friend she was falling for never existed. Complete

I Dreamed A Dream PG Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - Happy endings have always made Maura Isles sad. Complete

Falling Dreams Series

Falling Dreams PG Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - On a trip to San Francisco, Jane Rizzoli gets more than she bargained for. Complete

The Ghost In My Heart PG Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - No synopsis given. Complete

Mother's Day In Boston PG Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - Lindsay and Jane are searching for answers. It seems that only Angela Rizzoli can give them. Complete

In The Blood PG Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - A crisis brings the family closer together. Complete

Shadow Dance PG-13 Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - Jane goes to see Hoyt one more time. Complete

Introspection PG Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - Lindsay takes a few days to visit her grandmother. Complete

San Francisco-Boston, 22:00 PG Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - Lindsay and Cindy visit the Rizzoli side of the family on Christmas. Complete

Incision PG-13 Lindsay/Cindy Women's Murder Club crossover - Lindsay makes a decision that will change her life. If she gets out of this hell, that is. Complete

Not Just In The Movies PG Lindsay/Cindy   Jill/Denise Women's Murder Club crossover - A look at Jill and Denise. Complete

Almost Lovers PG Lindsay/Cindy   Jill/Denise Women's Murder Club crossover - Jill and Maggie Snow have a conversation. Complete


I Want To Wake Up Where You Are PG-13 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

I Want To Hold Your Hand PG-13 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

I Want To Be Rich PG-13 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

I Want Your Revenge PG Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

I Want To Kiss You All Over 15 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

I Want Candy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 15 Jane/Maura The annual BPD Halloween Party is about to get more interesting ... Complete


After G Jane/Maura Immediately after the season 1 finale. Complete


Winds of Change 1-9 10-12 13-15 18 Jane/Maura Jane and Maura discover there is much more to the world than human kind and that they have a much bigger part to play in their growing universe than they ever realized. The only thing helping to ease the stress is the fact they will be facing these new challenges together. Complete

Inspector Boxer

Incompatible 15 Jane/Maura Jane and Maura think they are incompatible as a couple, and they go on a date to prove it. Complete

Ivy Elizabeth Mars

No Good Very Bad Day PG-13 Jane/Maura Maura has a boyfriend. Jane gets jealous. Complete


A Day's Work PG Jane/Maura Jane wakes up. Complete

Road to Hell, Paved With, etc. PG-13 Jane/Maura The end of Maura's very long day. Post Gone Daddy Gone. Complete


Making an ASS of U and ME PG Jane/Maura You know what they say about making assumptions... Complete

A Mother Knows PG Jane/Maura A mother always knows... Complete

Another Sleepover PG Jane/Maura A long day leads to another sleepover. Complete

Beautiful Babies PG Jane/Maura Maura needs to learn to censor her comments in public. Complete

Better than Health Insurance PG-13 Jane/Maura Short and sweet. Complete

Cold PG Jane/Maura A bit angsty but ends hopeful. Complete

Making Life Easier PG-13 Jane/Maura Maura makes a suggestion to make their lives easier. Complete

Premeditated PG-13 Jane/Maura It's like a guessing game, but with the hotness of Jane and Maura. Complete

Trouble Sleeping 18 Jane/Maura It started as a dream, ended up as smut, wait... started as smut, ended up as a fic. Complete

Not Letting Go PG Jane/Maura Maura is tired of seeing Jane in danger. Complete

Scalpel PG Jane/Maura Jane is afraid of scalpels. Short and funny, don't worry. Complete

Under The Covers 15 Jane/Maura Missing scene for 1.06 'I Kissed a Girl'. Complete

KD Williamson

Hurricane 15 Jane/Maura Jane is broken and her only solace is her partner and Maura. A little angsty...a little of this and that. Complete

The Frost Factor 15 Jane/Maura Frost notices something between Jane and Maura and decides to stir the pot. Complete

One Shot 15 Jane/Maura Jane and Maura and stranded in a desperate situation, making them come to terms with their feelings. Complete


I Grieve PG Jane/Maura Just my take on Maura's reaction to Jane's death. Based upon the song I Grieve by Peter Gabriel. Complete

Memories Of A Life Together Part 1: A Confession Of Love PG Jane/Maura Just a little ficlet where feelings are revealed... Complete

Some Things Never Work Out The Way You Want Them To PG Jane/Maura For Jane and Maura life didn't turn out the way they thought it would. Complete

Hope 18 Jane/Maura Jane reaches breaking point. Complete


I Know 18 Jane/Maura Maura Knows. Complete

Deck the Halls 15 Jane/Maura Maura Isles, four Rizzolis, and a Christmas tree that needs decorating. A Jane/Maura first-time fic. Complete

Words With LLBFFs 18 Jane/Maura Jane & Maura make a bet over the game Words With Friends. Complete

A Night at the Ballet 18 Jane/Maura A quasi-sequel to the story Words With LLBFFs. Another bet is made over the game WWF and when Jane loses, she has to pay up. But maybe losing isn't really losing, after all... Complete

Walk of Shame 15 Jane/Maura Jane wears the same outfit two days in a row. People notice. Pure cracktastic fluff. Complete

Jeopardy 18 Jane/Maura Written for the prompt: 'Jane/Maura sex with Jeopardy on and Maura answering questions' on Dreamwidth's kink meme mini-meme. Complete

You Look Good in My Shirt 18 Jane/Maura Jane likes how Maura looks wearing her shirt. Set post-ep 2x05. Complete

All Work and No Play 18 Jane/Maura The medical examiner's office is a fun place to... work? Complete

Who's on First PG-13 Jane/Maura Maura Isles, three Rizzolis and the BoSox/Yanks on TV. Complete

Four Hours 15 Jane/Maura Maura gets too wrapped up in a case, and Jane is there to help. Complete

Altitude 15 Jane/Maura Written for the kink meme prompt: Jane/Maura, mile high club-bonus for Maura explaining the 'euphoric effects of altitude scientifically.' Complete

Forever Yours 18 Jane/Maura Jane, Maura, and a mirror. Inspired by the blue dress of hnnnnng. For mature audiences only, please. Complete

Minion of Solitude

The Journal 1 New PG Jane/Maura No synopsis given. On-Going


Discoveries 18 Jane/Maura Rizzoli & Isles finally figure a few things out. Complete


Deception and Distraction 18 Jane/Maura A drink may do more than just quench the thirst. Complete

Buttons 18 Jane/Maura Jane takes a trip to Chicago, leaving her girlfriend, Maura in Boston. Complete

quiethearted (QH Fletcher)

Bass Isles: Matchmaker PG-13 Jane/Maura Bass takes matters into his own claws. Complete

Bass Isles: Get Ready to Rumble PG-13 Jane/Maura When Jo Friday moves in with them, Bass has issues. Complete

Rae D. Magdon

What Happens in Provincetown 1-5 6-10 11-15 epilogue 18 Alex/Olivia   Abbie/Serena   Jane/Maura Law & Order/Women's Murder Club crossover - Chaos, embarrassment, and unnecessary drama ensue when Alex, Olivia, Serena, and Abbie go to Provincetown for a "grand gay vacation" and run into two very interesting women from Boston... one of whom looks exactly like Abbie! Magnetic Resistance Universe. Complete

Denial 18 Jane/Maura Jane's complicated life becomes even more confusing when she asks Maura and her mother to help her solve a murder during her stay at the hospital. But will anyone believe her? Denial v. 2.0, steals a few plot points from Hitchcock's Rear Window. Complete

Don't You Know 18 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

Petsitting 15 Alex/Olivia   Jane/Maura Law & Order: SVU crossover - No synopsis given. Complete

Independence Day 18 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

Sex on the Beach 18 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

What I Want 18 Jane/Maura Until this moment, my instinct has been to serve. But I had decided that tonight will be different. Tonight, instead of being possessed, I want to be the possessor..." Complete

The Raven

Madhouse Mix 15 Jane/Maura If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it. Complete

The Right Kind Of Medicine 15 Jane/Maura Jane needs some TLC. Complete

Just What The Doctor Ordered PG-13 Jane/Maura Sequel to The Right Kind Of Medicine - TLC continued. Complete

Don't Pressure Me 15 Jane/Maura Jane and Maura have a more serious conversation amidst the pressures and issues of work, family, life and other animals. Complete

Mother Knows Best 15 Jane/Maura Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated. Complete

Fuck Me Dead 15 Jane/Maura On a day like this it's better to stay in bed. Or maybe not... Complete

Telephone 15 Jane/Maura Funny thing about telephones. Complete

Watch Over Me PG-13 Jane/Maura Someone does worry about Jane. Complete

Joe Friday PG-13 Jane/Maura It's a dog's life. Complete

Protection PG-13 Jane/Maura She realised something today. Complete

Family PG-13 Jane/Maura Blood is not thicker than water. Complete

Human Error 15 Jane/Maura Was it too late? Complete

Sins Of The Father 15 Jane/Maura Maura faces a hard choice but we do what we have to for family. Complete

In Stereo PG-13 Jane/Maura Maura has a bone to pick with Jane. Complete

FYI PG Jane/Maura Jane has an announcement to make. Complete


A Little Knowledge 15 Jane/Maura It takes time for what Maura and Jane know about themselves and each other to surface. Complete

Percentages PG-13 Jane/Maura Maura won't guess or speculate, but she will use math to figure out how close she and Jane are. Complete

Karaoke 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 PG-13 Jane/Maura Just because Maura and Jane aren't talking doesn't mean they can't go to karaoke with everyone. On-Going

Halloween 15 Jane/Maura Maura hosts a costume party. Complete

Best Gift Ever PG-13 Jane/Maura Jane receives the best present ever. Unwrapping it's pretty good, too. Complete

Fridge G Jane/Maura "I put pizza leftovers for lunch in the fridge over an hour ago...who ate them for breakfast?? *This* is why I don't use that fridge! Maura Isles via Twitter. Complete

Hero 15 Jane/Maura Maura stays with Jane while she recovers from being shot. Complete

A Sidebar PG-13 Jane/Maura Frost and Korsak talk. Complete

Silent Night G Jane/Maura Jane plays, Maura sings. Complete

Stay PG-13 Jane/Maura Maura asks Jane to stay. Again. Complete

Questions of Identity PG-13 Jane/Maura Maura's confused. Jane isn't. Complete

Openings PG-13 Jane/Maura Christmas morning fluff. Complete

Breakable PG-13 Jane/Maura Jane picks Maura up at the airport. Complete


Welcome To Ray 18 Jane/Maura When Maura is the only one who can send a major crime lord to prison, the government places her in the Witness Protection Program. Jane refuses to let her best friend go anywhere without her so she lies about being Maura's girlfriend. Complete


No Man's Land PG Jane/Maura A short continuation of Episode 8: Jane shows up on Maura's doorstep after her date with Agent Dean. Complete

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad PG Jane/Maura A continuation of the Season Finale. Complete

When the Moment is Right... PG Jane/Maura Consider this a missing scene - it picks up right at the end of the episode with Jane and Maura at the spa in their mud baths. Complete

Tortoise Interruptus 15 Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

The Big Test PG Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

Gnocchi Night - Translated PG Jane/Maura No synopsis given. Complete

Susan L. Carr

Five Dates Jane Rizzoli Didn't Know She Went On...and One She Did PG-13 Jane/Maura Jane's great at detecting other people's lives, but when it comes to figuring things out on her own, she really sucks. Complete


Family Ties PG Jane/Maura Missing scene from episode 9. The Beast in Me. Complete


Bewitched PG Jane/Maura Bewitched. Bothered. Bewildered. All words that could describe what Jane & Maura are feeling. Complete

Bewitched, Bothered PG-13 Jane/Maura A birthday surprise for Isles leaves Jane alone at their bar wondering where their relationship just went. Complete

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered PG-13 Jane/Maura They kissed.... Now what? Complete

Kiss With A Fist

Is Better Than None PG-13 Jane/Maura A particularly rough case brings out the need for a little release. Complete

The Hardest of Hearts PG-13 Jane/Maura A sparring match got a little too close to comfort for Jane & Maura and Jane would like nothing more than to pretend nothing happened. It's a shame Mama Rizzoli has something else in mind... Complete

The Saints Can't Help Me Now 15 Jane/Maura Mama Rizzoli tried to set Maura up with Frankie. After a tender moment with Jane in her room, the two women share a kiss. This is the fallout and the progression. Complete

No More Dreaming Like A Girl 15 Jane/Maura A sparring match got a little too close to comfort for Jane & Maura and Jane would like nothing more than to pretend nothing happened. It lead to a kiss, a night together and a meeting between Angela Rizzoli and Maura about the nature of Maura's relationship with her daughter. Complete

Tastes Like Blood 15 Jane/Maura A sparring match got a little too close to comfort for Jane & Maura. It lead to a kiss; a night together and a meeting between Angela and Maura; and Jane leaving the bar with a handsome stranger. Complete

In The Darkness With You 15 Jane/Maura Jane realizes she's really messed up and has to fix it. Complete

Better Run (Epilogue) PG-13 Jane/Maura A short scene visiting our favorite crime fighting duo once the dust has settled. Complete

A "Date" Date PG-13 Jane/Maura Jane manages to bring Maura along with her to her cousin's wedding for company. Complete