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I Want Candy
By EponinesGhost


Part 5

Jane had assumed that she and Maura were headed to the ladies room as they made their escape from the crowd. She should have remembered that whenever Maura was involved, all assumptions were futile.

Instead she was lead into a room just off the main hallway. As Maura hit the lights, she could tell that it was probably some type of meeting area. There were about four tables and various chairs scattered about. One of those lecture hall whiteboard screens hung about halfway down one wall.

There were no windows, not even in the door. She imagined there were similar rooms located throughout the facility. The walls were covered in the type of neutral-colored industrial fabric that's main purpose was to absorb sound. You couldn't even tell that a large party was being held several yards away.

It was so quiet that she had no trouble hearing the lock click into place.

"How did you even know this was here?" Maura was already brushing past her and turning one of the chairs in her direction.

"I had to take a private call earlier. A staff member graciously pointed it out." She motioned Jane over to where she stood. "Sit down."

Jane started to slide into her reluctant patient act and protest, but after the adrenaline rush and general unpleasantness earlier, the thought of getting off her feet even for a few minutes sounded great. She eased into the chair and watched Maura move to the corner of the room.

She could watch her walk away all night. Mentally she chastised herself for the silly continuation of her recent fantasies. They'd only come up because of her intensely unsatisfying relationship with Travis. And that was done.

So why was she getting such a cheap thrill from the way Maura's patrol shirt hugged her figure? And how did those top two buttons not just pop off …

Jane nearly jumped as Maura touched her shoulder. "How are you, really? You seem a little shell-shocked."

The concern in her voice should have made Jane feel guilty, but she was too caught up in how close Maura was as she leaned in to check on her. So she just nodded.

Pursing her lips, Maura dabbed the edge of a napkin into the paper cone of water she had retrieved from the standing cooler. When she finished, she put the cone into Jane's hand.

"Drink that. It will help."

Dutifully, Jane complied. But she was surprised when Maura didn't back away. She leaned closer still. Jane sat motionless, her eyes fastened on Maura's lips as they drew nearer. Somehow, she had lost the ability to breathe. Then Maura fingers gently gripped her chin, tilting her face slightly. Jesus. Her heart felt like a jackhammer.

She let out a tiny yelp when the cold wet napkin touched the corner of her mouth.

"Be still. You have lipstick … smeared …" Maura's fingers held her steady as she wiped tenderly over the affected skin.

Jane shivered as she tried to reconcile her expectations with the reality of Maura's proximity and intent. She had crushed the little paper cone.

"I'm sorry, Jane."

"What? Oh, you didn't bother me. It's fine. I mean, thanks …" As Maura drew away Jane rubbed her own fingers over her lips.

"No, I was talking about Travis. I'm sorry."

The only thing Jane was sorry for was that she had ever gotten involved with him to begin with. Well, she could hardly say that. If she hadn't she might not have realized how much she missed Maura. She shook her head slightly. What she was really sorry for … and she was still reeling a bit from how sorry … was that Maura hadn't kissed her just now.

"Don't be … I'm not. It was long overdue." She let Maura take the crumpled paper from her hand and toss it into the trash. "I had hoped that it would turn into something more than it really ever had a chance to be. We just never clicked after the initial 'I kind of like you' stage."

She was surprised that Maura stepped behind her. But then she felt her wayward hat being removed and smiled. She closed her eyes as Maura hunted for the stray bobby pins and deftly retrieved them.

"Sexually? You never clicked sexually?"

Count on Maura to be brutally direct. As she started to answer, Maura's mission to fix her hair turned unbelievably sensual. Her fingers were sifting slowly through the long dark strands over and over, alternately grazing Jane's scalp, lightly massaging.

Jane had to swallow twice before she could speak.

"Yeah … um, that … and just in general. We obviously weren't right for each other."

So much so that Jane wanted to quit talking about him. She wanted to stop doing anything that didn't involve Maura touching her. Jesus she was in trouble.

She was practically purring, and there was no way Maura wasn't aware of how she was being affected. Her head dropped back, surrendering to the sensations. The top of her dress felt even tighter. She was struggling internally over whether to clarify Maura's motivation or just beg her to put her hands everywhere she needed them.

"Are you trying to put me to sleep?" It was a feeble attempt, at best, but she was proud of herself for managing it.

Maura was still weaving her magic, brushing Jane's hair with her fingers, scraping her fingernails gently whenever she could.

"Oh no. That's the last thing I want."

"Yeah?" Jane felt a surge of excitement. This was really happening.

"As much as I work out, and as physically fit as I am, I'm pretty sure I couldn't carry you out of here."

Dammit. Jane suppressed a groan. Idiot. Here's your best friend trying to take care of you and ease you out of a humiliating situation, and you go all pervy on her. She cleared her throat.

"Then you should probably stop doing that." Reluctantly, she sat straight up again. Maura's hands dropped.

"Did those hose and shoes come with your costume?"

Jane almost laughed at the distaste she read in Maura's expression. "No, I added these myself. You should have seen the shoes that were originally paired with this. Right up your alley, Dr. Isles. Way too high and sexy for me."

Maura brightened immediately at the mention of the other shoes. "They may have been difficult or even impossible for you to walk in, Jane, but there's no way they would have been too sexy for you."

Blushing deeply, and looking for a way to change the subject given her conflicted state, Jane noticed Maura's hand resting on the police baton she wore.

"You sure looked ready to go with that thing back there. Where did you learn to hold it like that?"

"Oh, when I decided that I was going to attend as a police officer this year, I did a great deal of research."

Jane smiled fondly at her. "Of course you did."

"You didn't look into anything medical or related to nursing, did you?"

"Um, no … it's a Halloween costume, Maura, not a career change." She stood up, almost feeling like her old self again.

Maura was pretending to pout. "Come on, get in the spirit. Take my pulse … or my temperature or something."

Holding her arms out wide, Jane demanded, "Do you see any … what did you call them … "accessories" … here?" When Maura's face fell, she felt like shit. "Hey … hey … um, okay … when we were little, Ma used to have a way to tell if we had a fever without using a thermometer."

She beckoned Maura to move closer. "She would touch her cheek to our forehead, and she said that it was the best way. I'm gonna need to take off your cap, though."

She didn't wait for a reply before reaching to slowly lift it and place it on the table. When she turned back, she caught her breath as Maura took her hair down, sending it cascading around her shoulders. She was so gorgeous -- and waiting expectantly.

Jane hesitated. She didn't know what to do with her hands. Flexing them a few times, she finally put one on Maura's shoulder rather awkwardly.

"Um, okay … it was something like this …"

Leaning, she placed the fullest part of her cheek flush against the center of Maura's forehead. It only took a second for her to realize how dangerous this "harmless" exercise truly was. She'd been weighing her attraction to Maura all night, trying to determine it was just all in her head.

Not if her body had anything to say about it.

Her current position put most of Maura's face only a few inches from her unusually generous cleavage. As soon as the first warm breath washed over her there, she was gone. Soaked.

Combined with the direct skin to skin contact … Jesus Christ. Her face had to be flaming. Suppressing a groan, she lightly pushed Maura's shoulder at the same time she took a step back.

Her voice was moderately normal as she blurted, "Nope … you're good."

"Really?" In contrast, Maura's tone was low and devastatingly seductive. "Because I'm burning up."

Every nerve ending in Jane's body was going haywire. She wasn't sure she was processing anything correctly. It barely registered when Maura curled her fingers underneath her limp ones and started to tug her toward one of the walls.

"My turn."

"To check my temperature?" It was almost a squeak. She wanted to save Maura the trouble and just admit that she was on fire.

"No …." Maura swung her face first toward the wall with a surprisingly graceful motion. "To practice what I learned."

Jane was worse than helpless as Maura loosely grabbed her hips from behind.

"Hands against the wall." It was plainly an order, although there was no real volume or sharpness involved. "One of the first things I read was that an officer should never be alone with a suspect unless they are sure that no weapons are present."

Even as Jane obeyed, resting her palms out to either side just above her head, she joked, "Where in the hell do you think I could hide something in this?"

She gasped as Maura solidly nudged the inside of her ankle, forcing her feet further apart. When she repeated the maneuver on the other side, Jane's stance was as open as her restrictive skirt would allow.

"It's always better to be safe than sorry."

Jane's head was spinning. She could feel Maura directly behind her and her heat addled brain was warning her that once she started the "pat down" it would be her final undoing. Yet she couldn't wait.

Maura started with her arms. The pressure was light but steady as she ran her fingers and palms along Jane's skin and sleeves. She was completely unhurried and the effect was more of a caress than an inspection. Jane bit her lip as the path trailed over her shoulders and down her back. She was shaking.

Continuing her routine, Maura smoothed over the outside of Jane's hips and slowly down one leg. What had begun as welcome and wished for attention was now utterly maddening. Jane needed more.

She whimpered when she felt Maura stroke softly above her shoe, her touch altered so that it was more direct -- and decidedly sexual -- as the fingers raked up the back of her leg. The edges of Maura's nails brushing her hose sent delicious shivers throughout. It was like someone was pouring warm oil over Jane's skin. She wanted to squirm, but she was afraid to lose even one tiny point of contact.

When Maura reached the hem of her dress, she held her breath, exhaling with disappointment when she didn't go under it. In fact, she withdrew entirely. Before Jane could voice her displeasure, Maura's hands reappeared, flattening over her hipbones in the front, causing Jane to jerk forward into them.

She pressed her forehead into the wall to try to gain some balance. Even as Maura guided her palms over her abdomen, making every muscle there quiver and clench, Jane was enveloped from behind. Maura's body molded to her back, her face just over Jane's shoulder. Both of them were breathing hard. Jane was lightheaded.

She wanted to circle her ass into Maura's hips. She wanted to scream. But then Maura's strong hands covered her straining breasts and she was beyond thought. Her head jolted back and she drew her feet in to keep from stumbling.

"Jesus … Maura …" It was a deep, rumbling groan, full of desperation.

Immediately, Maura pushed her forward, trapping her own hands between Jane and the wall. Plastered to her back, she ground her hips a few times, eliciting further moans and whimpers. Her breathing was labored, right next to Jane's ear, each warm gust turning Jane inside out.

When she spoke, it made Jane impossibly wetter … she'd never heard Maura like this before and it was insanely hot.

"I have … a confession … to make." She was squeezing and rolling Jane's breasts as best she could, rocking into her and nuzzling her neck.

Jane was amazed she could even respond. "You're supposed to get the perp to confess, not the other way around." She arched into Maura's palms.

The soft, sexy laugh was its own reward. She grasped Jane's earlobe between her teeth, toying with it for a moment before sucking and releasing it.

"Well … there's plenty of time for that …" She bumped her hips hard into Jane's ass, satisfied when she cried out. "Right now I need to say something."

Without warning, her hands flew to Jane's waist, spinning her around so that they were face to face. Not missing a beat, Maura slammed her backwards … pinning her once again against the wall, pressed as close as humanly possible.

Jane had never wanted anyone so much in her entire life. The intensity of Maura's gaze was almost other-worldly.

"I am not sorry. Not even a little bit. I couldn't stand the thought of you with Travis." Her eyes flashed. "The thought of him touching you …" Her jaw clenched and her lids closed briefly. "He didn't deserve …" She couldn't finish.

Instead she crushed her mouth against Jane's possessively, directing all of her frustration and longing into a combustible kiss. Overwhelmed, Jane moaned into her, clutching at her shoulders and returning each emotion in kind.

With each slant and stroke, Jane's mind was chanting, "This is Maura. This is Maura." Sending spasms of ecstasy hurtling through her. Curling her toes and deepening her need.

Maura was most definitely in command. Pressing her advantage at every point. Practically plundering with her kisses, her hands relentless. Keeping Jane off balance, leaving her no choice but to hang on for dear life. She never wanted to let go.

As Maura once again thrust against her lower body, Jane winced. The angle forced the nightstick painfully against her hipbone. Instantly aware of her discomfort, Maura pulled back, the concern on her face evident through her arousal.

Jane was too far gone to speak, but she was able to push against the handle of the baton, indicating the problem. With a sharp nod, Maura quickly grasped and removed it, clearly intending to toss it aside and return to Jane's swollen lips.

Then, before she released it, she cocked her head slightly, a new gleam in her eye. Instead of dropping it, she adjusted her grip and took half a step back.

The next thing Jane knew, the tip of it was being dragged along the inside of her leg. Maura's face was directly in front of her, reading every twitch and reaction, completely in control despite her obvious excitement.

"Hold onto me."

As if Jane had any choice. Her arms wound around Maura's neck, fingers splayed into her hair and digging into her shoulder. The baton trailed up past her knee, its trajectory unmistakable.

Her head tilted back, rolling randomly from side to side as Maura rubbed the nightstick teasingly against her inner thigh, switching to the other leg just as Jane ached for it to reach its destination.

The noises escaping her were incoherent but clearly pleading. Her raging need pulsed throughout, making her dizzy. She had to …


The cry tore from her the moment Maura yanked the edge of the baton up hard between her legs. Slowly sliding it back and forth lengthwise, she alternately angled it to graze Jane's throbbing clit.

Wild now, Jane clawed at Maura's back, one hand finally finding the collar of her shirt and twisting it almost violently as she was wracked with tremors. Shamelessly she bent her knees, frantically craving more pressure. Wantonly riding the club as Maura worked it faster and faster against her.

In the midst of her frenzy she felt Maura's lips searing the side of her neck, branding her there. Heard the exquisite crushed growl of Maura's voice just beneath her ear imploring her …

"Come for me … Mine."

Absorbed the shock of Maura's teeth sinking into her skin at the slope of her shoulder.

Then everything exploded. Inside out. Tensing and clenching and twisting, she lost herself in the all-encompassing burst of feeling and freedom. Flying and falling and gradually dissolving. Trembling and shaking and … Maura.

Sweet Jesus.

She was melted in her arms.

Completely incapacitated, she collapsed against her warmth. Thoroughly enjoying the shiver-inducing aftershocks and the flutter of soft kisses Maura was scattering across her face and neck.


That was it. That was the sum of her vocal ability. Holy fuck had she been totally upended.

Maura nudged her back against the wall, basically propping her there as she kissed her. A lovely unhurried kiss that only added to Jane's high. But then Maura was pulling back and disentangling herself, causing Jane to murmur in disappointment.

"Shhh. Stay right here." Maura's eyes were shining with pride and … hunger.

That look struck a spark that Jane felt low in her abdomen. She watched as a few feet away, Maura made a show of wiping the nightstick with a napkin, raising her eyebrow and smirking at Jane before re-holstering it.

Jane flushed and stifled a groan. Taking in Maura's tousled hair and disheveled shirt, she pulled her dress down from where it had ridden up past her hips. Jesus, she had just had a mind-blowing orgasm standing up in a conference room … and neither of them had removed anything save their hats.

That needed to change. And fast.

Snaking out her arm and grasping Maura's wrist, she twirled her back into her embrace. Turning the tables this time, Jane pushed her into the wall, cupping her face and kissing her deeply. When Maura moaned into her mouth, she pressed harder, dropping her hands down to tug the bottom of the patrol shirt from Maura's pants.

As the urgency of the kiss increased, Jane's fingers found the top button and fumbled to undo it, nipping and sucking Maura's lips as she struggled with her task. Maura's hands, which had been curled tightly under her Jane's hair and clasped around her neck, slid down Jane's arms to meet her efforts.

But where Jane had been expecting Maura to take over and release the stubborn fastener, she gripped Jane's hands tightly instead, raising them just away from her body. Shaking her head even as she kept kissing, Maura finally came up for air.

"Not here."

Trying to change her mind, Jane captured her mouth again, firmly pushing Maura's hands back into the wall and bracing against them as she explored. Lightly bumping her hips and using her chest to scrape across the front of Maura's uniform.

When Maura broke away this time, her words sounded almost strangled.

"We need … to get out of here … now."

Giving in and resting her forehead briefly on Maura's shoulder, Jane barked, "Who's closer?"

"Time or distance?"


"Me … I am."

Reluctantly, they separated, breathing erratically and a bit unsteady on their feet. Maura concentrated on straightening her clothes. "Did you check a coat?"

Jane ran her hands through her hair and nodded.

"Claim ticket?"

"In my shoe."

Maura held her upturned palm out, waiting as Jane bent to retrieve the small piece of paper. Meeting and holding Jane's eyes, she spoke … once again composed and focused.

"I'll go get our coats while you wait here. I don't want you going back out there in that." She dipped her head to indicate Jane's much gawked at white dress. "I'll get the concierge to call us a cab, which should be here by the time we're ready."

Smoothing her hair several times, she settled the cap attractively on her head. Just as she reached the door, she turned back.

"Hey …"

Jane had never taken her eyes off of her, so she just smiled. "Yeah?"

"Hold that thought, okay? And if you change your mind about any of this before I get back … I swear I'll be forced to use this."

She tipped the baton from the top so that it swung slightly at her hip.

Breaking into a big grin, Jane crossed her arms.

"Promises … promises."

Part 6

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