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I Want Candy
By EponinesGhost


Part 6

Any niggling fear or doubt that Maura might have had about Jane "coming to her senses" or regretting what had happened was allayed as soon as she opened the door to the meeting room. Jane was waiting impatiently just inside it, her slightly hooded eyes betraying the kinetic energy that wouldn't let her be still.

"Jesus that took long enough!"

She snatched the long dark coat from Maura's hands before she could step completely over the threshold, shrugging it on absently as she remained focused on Maura's face.

"There was only one person working there and I had to wait in line, check on the cab … reassure Vince and Frost that you were just a bit overwhelmed from the scene they witnessed earlier … let them know I was taking care of you …"

The last part earned her a faint blush and she reveled in the knowledge that she had, in fact, done just that. And that she was just getting started.

Under other circumstances she would have been inordinately amused by Jane's demeanor. She was acting every bit like a child who had been told that there would be no dessert until she finished her peas. Maura half expected her to stomp her foot.

She resisted the urge to ruffle the top of her hair, but she did grasp each side of Jane's coat and pull them tightly together at her collarbone. Her eyes dancing as she looked into the darker ones just in front of her.

"Let's make sure we get you covered up. We don't want any further commotion to slow us down. I need to get you home."

Despite how playfully she had begun, her words had turned husky when she vocalized the truth. Dear God how she needed to.

Her whole body had been humming since the moment she left for the party. And that was before she had even seen Jane and her naughty nurse ensemble. Before she had touched her … kissed her … made her come …

The gasp that escaped her was due in equal parts to her train of thought and the fact that Jane had wrapped both arms tightly around her – trapping her hands between them – and pushed her back against the door.

And then she was kissing her like crazy.

Jane was certainly no child. The woman taking complete possession of her mouth was determined and strong and sexy and cast a spell over her like no other she'd known. And Maura wanted to be with her with no constraints, no conditions, and definitely no boundaries.

It would be so easy to just succumb to the debilitating ache that consumed her as Jane's lips and tongue made her forget her own name. It would be heaven, actually. But she wanted so much more … had waited for so much more.

Damning her better judgment, she pushed against Jane's chest. Three times before it seemed to register and have any affect. She nearly wept at the combination of longing and confusion on Jane's beautiful face.

"The cab … is waiting …" She could barely get the explanation out, her chest was heaving so. "We can't … stay here." She hoped her own expression conveyed how badly she wished that it wasn't an issue.

Jane loosened her arms and let them fall. She nodded curtly, pursing her lips in a way that said that she wanted to argue but knew that it would be futile. After a beat, she exhaled heavily, bending to pick up Maura's police cap and tucking it under her arm.

"Let's go."

As erotic as Maura currently found the timbre of Jane's voice, she realized as she turned to exit that nothing could compare to hearing it with Jane's mouth just millimeters from her ear. She could practically feel her lips move as she spoke, one hand on the door to keep Maura from opening it all the way, her body not quite pressed into Maura's from behind. It was somewhere between a whisper and a hum.

"When we get there … I'll never be able to stop."

Maura had never been on a more excruciating or exhilarating cab ride in her life. Sitting practically on her side, she kept one hand on Jane's leg, just above the knee, moving her thumb randomly over the white hose, all the while watching her face as her head lay tilted against the seat.

Dying to lean over and taste her lips, so tantalizingly parted and waiting. Analyzing the changes in her breathing as she responded to Maura's touch.

Falling harder and faster into her eyes as they brazenly allowed total access. Jane hadn't said a word since they'd left the gala, but Maura could see it all there. The invitation, the challenge, the potential … the raw intimacy and desire.

She was getting dizzy. She knew she should look away, look out and determine how close they were to their destination. But she couldn't tear herself from that gaze. The pull was overwhelming.

Then Jane blinked slowly, wetting her lips as she shifted her legs further apart under the coat. Her expression blatantly daring Maura to take advantage.

"Oh. My. God."

Maura groaned under her breath -- at least she hoped it had been under her breath. Her tightly reined control was being pushed to the brink. The glint in Jane's eye indicated that she was well aware of her small victory.

Gripping her inner thigh firmly and raking her nails in an upward motion, Maura retaliated, sending Jane's head further back and forcing her to close her eyes. But she still hadn't made a noise.

Maura was impressed … and undeterred.

She crawled two fingers higher, barely pressing, almost hovering, caressing with relentless restraint … noticing that Jane was resolutely holding her breath. Emboldened, Maura circled the tip of her index finger ever so softly along the top of Jane's leg, relishing the dampness and intense heat, carefully keeping her knuckles from brushing the crotch of Jane's hose.

With a calm bordering on cruel, she leaned over until her mouth was even with Jane's ear, her voice low, inviting and intended for only one recipient.

"Tell me what you want."

Simultaneously, Jane gripped her wrist with nearly super-human strength – shocking her with the speed and sheer power of the move – and let all her pent up silence out in one hoarse burst.

"Jesus, Maura!"

Even as her hostage hand was pressed hard against Jane's center, Maura smiled in triumph. At worst it was a draw. Relenting, she cupped her fingers and swiped her thumb high, eliciting a tortured whimper and causing Jane's hips to lift sharply.

Oblivious to anything around them, they were both jarred by the settling of the cab as it rolled to a stop.

"Here we are ladies."

Astounded that she had totally forgotten the driver's presence, Maura recovered quickly, hastily locating several bills and offering them through the small plexiglass opening.

"Keep the change."

The weather-worn face broke into a pleased grin and he tipped his head toward the backseat.

"Your friend gonna be okay?"

Maura cut her eyes back to where Jane was half-sprawled against the seat, her eyes still closed, her skin flushed.

With her sweetest smile, she answered his concern.

"Oh yes. She's just a little overwrought." She raised her eyebrows knowingly with a conspiratorial air. "Too much excitement at the party."

"I'm going to get her inside and into bed … and she's going to be just fine."

She reached to squeeze Jane's hand.

"Really, really fine."

Part 7

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