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I Want Candy
By EponinesGhost


Part 7

Maura knew she had to establish control before she entered the house. Banishing the all-too-enticing thought of Jane once again pushing her up against the door and having her way with her, she instructed, "Once we're inside, I need to lock up and feed Bass."

Her tone hushed and firm, she continued. "That should give you some time to get out of that outfit."

She'd barely cleared the threshold when she was startled by Jane's lips brushing the side of her neck as she leaned over her shoulder.

"I thought you liked how I looked in it."

The combination of Jane's obscenely sexy voice and the way she nibbled behind her ear made Maura nearly swoon on the spot. Swallowing hard, she resisted the easy comeback – that she'd like how Jane looked out of it much, much more – and tried to maintain her focus.

"I'll treasure the memories forever."

Side-stepping, she maneuvered so that she could close and bolt the door.

"But if you keep it on, it will severely limit our options …"

Facing Jane now, she started to remove her coat, tilting her head to indicate that Jane should do the same. With a defiant smirk and a hint of a raised eyebrow, the detective did just that … but let it fall to the floor at her feet.

"Then you'll have to help me. I can't reach the zipper."

The pose she struck, with her hands on hips, seemed as much of dare as her statement.

Suspicious and maintaining her distance, Maura queried. "How in the world did you manage to get it zipped up?"

"Mrs. Montero in 2B gave me a hand. She's practically blind so she didn't question my taste level or chastise me about how inappropriate it was to go out in public like this."

Marveling at how she could be simultaneously so amused and aroused, Maura laid her own coat neatly over the back of the sofa and moved to lend her assistance. As she stepped behind her, Jane was already lifting her mane of hair up and away from her collar.

"You smell much nicer than Mrs. Montero."

Laughing and lightly swatting Jane's arm, Maura reached for the tiny rectangle of metal. Tempted beyond her resistance by the bare skin and fine wisps of hair above it, she leaned forward, softly nuzzling Jane's neck even as she placed a sweet kiss there. She was delighted by the shiver and barely audible moan her actions produced.

Tugging the zipper down slowly, she baptized each inch she was exposing with a similar ritual, the kisses becoming warmer and lingering longer as she went. So engrossed in her task that she was largely oblivious to all else, she was genuinely shocked when Jane spun suddenly around, dislodging her hold on the zipper pull and grasping her roughly at the waist.

If her face showed her stark surprise, Jane's was the picture of pure lust. Her normally dark eyes were astoundingly black, the color heightened in her cheeks. Maura was fascinated and deeply, deeply affected. Her whole body felt molten and she wondered if Jane's strong hold was the only thing keeping her upright.

"If I don't fuck you right now I'm going to start shooting things."

Maura's raw whimper was followed immediately by a flash of logic totally contradictory to her current mental state.

"But you didn't bring your gun."

"Shooting … smashing … whatever …"

Any reply Maura might have managed was smothered by a bruising kiss. Eagerly and helplessly returning it, she wound her arms around Jane's neck and drew closer, using her hold for leverage. She felt Jane unfasten her utility belt and heard it slam against the floor. Then Jane's hands on her hips were guiding her backward and she seemed intent on stealing Maura's every breath.

Dizzy and disoriented, focused only on losing herself in the heat and intensity of the moment, Maura felt the edge of her counter bar press into her back just below her shoulder blades.

Reeling the second that Jane's lips left hers, she clutched at the back of her head, desperate to reconnect.

"Wait … wait … move your arms."

Immediately obeying the raspy command, Maura slid her hands across the smooth granite surface on either side of her, pressing down to balance herself as Jane's fingers found the top button of her shirt. Even the glancing contact made her pulse accelerate, the anticipation overwhelming.

"Dammit!" Jane exhaled harshly in evident frustration as she reached the stubborn second button. Before Maura could offer to help, Jane grabbed either side of the shirt and yanked them apart, sending buttons flying, then skittering across the floor.

The cool air on Maura's skin was a sharp contrast to the feverishness she felt. Jane's impatience and blatant intent had ratcheted up her already epic arousal. She'd been unbelievably wet for awhile now, but there seemed to be no limit to the warm rush Jane could elicit.

Her nipples were almost painfully tight and sensitive, even the pressure of her bra was practically unbearable. The texture of the high quality silk suddenly like sandpaper. When Jane's scorching hot mouth closed around the left one, burning and soothing her through the fabric, she cried out incoherently, her fingers scrambling to find a better hold on the counter as she arched upward.

She couldn't stop gasping and moaning as Jane's tongue lathed the cup of her bra, her teeth alternately nipping and pulling. Maura was so out of her mind that she barely registered the closure of her pants being undone, the zipper forcefully descending.

She was, however, hyper-aware of Jane's hand sliding inside her completely saturated underwear. She nearly convulsed as Jane cupped her firmly and groaned her name.

"Maura …."

It was a drawn out, emotional exclamation – tinged with wonder.

"Jesus … you're so …" She shook her head as if the words would sort themselves out. "So fucking …" Her eyes closed and her chin lifted, clearly struggling to continue her thought.

"Yours. I'm so … fucking … yours."

She was rewarded by a low growl and the heel of Jane's hand grinding into her. Snapping her head back, she gave herself over to the abject pleasure of the pads of Jane's fingertips circling into her, her hips mimicking the movement of their own volition.

She could barely process that these were Jane's fingers – long, slender, calloused and strong – driving her crazy, making her lose all sense of time and place.

All of the nights she'd spent imagining, wishing … while her own fingers tried to take her to these heights. It had never been like this … this amazing and visceral and hot. The Jane of her dreams paled in comparison to the one panting heavily between her breasts as her free hand slid up Maura's back under her shirt, bracing her there.

Oh God!

Her back bowed even higher as Jane entered her abruptly. She was vaguely cognizant of one of her hands slapping against the countertop as she squirmed and twisted. Trying to clench and keep Jane's fingers deep, desperate to drive them further. Completely out of her mind.

She was sure that she was making most of the noises she was hearing despite the roaring in her ears, but she was totally disconnected from them. Centered only on the tight coil of tension at the base of her spine. Frantic to escape it and magnify it at he same time. Jerking her hips uncontrollably as the pressure built and built and built …

The unexpected sharp sting of Jane biting her silk-covered nipple started the shockwave that blew her over the edge. Shaking her apart. Traveling through her with incomprehensible speed and force. Blasting her into euphoric oblivion.

After such a monumentally powerful demolition, Maura was intrigued to find that her senses didn't come rushing back in a tidal wave of reality. Instead it was more like floating in a pool, her thoughts gently lapping at the edges of her consciousness.

Gradually she became aware that Jane had somehow settled her onto one of the high-backed barstools and was alternately cuddling and kissing her. Murmuring to her as she drifted.

She wanted to reach up to stroke Jane's cheek, or sift her fingers through her hair, but she couldn't make her hands respond to any signals as they hung limply at her sides. She wanted to stretch like a cat and revel in the impulse to pull Jane fully against her. She wanted to say something, to try to express the significance of the experience that had just engulfed her, but for once in her life, she was speechless.

Instead she leaned into the soft stroke of Jane's lips against her cheek. Content for the moment with just feeling. Absorbing the fact that the erratic rhythm of her heartbeat was being echoed between her legs, that her skin was so electrified that Jane's slightest touch still sent ripples of sensation from her scalp to her toes.

That she was utterly and thoroughly okay that Jane had not waited until they were in her bedroom, even though she suspected some soreness in her back in the near future.

While she was contemplating all of these things, Jane straightened up, her eyes raking over Maura's relaxed form as if surveying her handiwork.

"Well now … there was nothing prim, proper or prissy about that."

It was rather obvious that she was pretty proud of herself.

Wetting her lips and regaining her voice, Maura could hardly argue.

"Are you making fun of me?"

"On the contrary, I'm extremely impressed." Her next statement was far huskier. "And quite incredibly turned on."

She reached behind her and worked the zipper of her dress the rest of the way down, backing away from Maura as she did so.

"I'm finally going to get out of this ridiculous thing. That should give you some time to recover …." Her eyes flashed and she couldn't stifle the self-satisfied smirk that played across her face.

"And feed your turtle."

Mesmerized as Jane turned toward the bedroom, the back of her dress open to just above her ass, Maura called after her.


Jane's sexy laughter wafted from the hallway, causing Maura to bite her lower lip. She had to pull herself together, get her legs back under her.

A naked Jane Rizzoli was waiting …

Part 8

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