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I Want Candy
By EponinesGhost


Part 8

As eager as she was to get to Jane and continue turning her fantasies into realities, Maura was aware that at least one of them had to keep things in check long enough to make sure the rest of the evening fulfilled its promise. There was no question as to which one it would have to be.

After she'd given Bass his usual selection of dinner options and hung up both coats, she'd carefully retrieved all the buttons that had been torn from their formerly secure positions on her police patrol officer's shirt and scooped up the accessories and belt that Jane had so rapidly discarded.

Immediately tamping down the emotions that that memory incited, she deposited everything in her laundry room. Stripping off her shirt and trousers, she folded them rather neatly and left them near the hamper. It was unusual for her to leave her shoes somewhere other than her closet, but she reasoned that they wouldn't be there for long.

Briefly, she considered adding her bra and panties to the collection, but she wasn't entirely comfortable making her way through the house completely nude. Besides, she liked the idea of having on more clothes than Jane, even for a short while. It would shift the balance back in her favor.

Smiling at the thought, she leaned over to pick up the police baton.

Because of her necessary delay in joining Jane in the bedroom, Maura knew that she was going to be asleep or extremely impatient and irritable. Either way, she'd still be naked, so it was a win-win for Maura. Preparing herself for whatever awaited her on the other side, she pushed open the door.

"Jesus Christ! I was about to put out an APB …"

Maura smiled as she came around the corner. So she wasn't asleep.

She was sitting about midway on Maura's bed, the covers flung almost off the end except for the sheet, which was drawn up over Jane's knees. Her arms were folded on top of it and Maura was treated to the delectable sight of her bare back and the top of her ass.

The Naughty Nurse dress had been unceremoniously dumped on the floor, along with the utilitarian hose and frighteningly hideous uniform shoes. Instantly, reminded of why she had taken such pains to straighten up the rest of the house, Maura spun around and returned to the door. Emphatically locking it, she decided that her work was done.

Now it was time to play.

"Are you locking us in? I'm damn sure not about to go anywhere …" Jane ran both hands through her hair. "But after sitting here staring at your walls all this time, I was beginning to wonder if you were sewing those damn buttons back on …"

Feeling somewhat indignant that she was being mocked for her foresight, Maura strode around the end of the bed.

"In case you've forgotten, nearly every member of your family has a key to my front door. I can only imagine what would happen if they walked in and found my usually immaculate house in the condition that you evidently wanted me to leave it …"

She paused and put one hand on her hip.

"I don't know about you, but having your frantic mother burst in here to check on us would really kill my mood."

As she finished, she noticed that Jane no longer appeared agitated.


In fact she was just staring, her mouth slightly open. As Maura watched, her expression changed from initially startled to open admiration. She wet her lips and her eyes grew darker, but instead of taking on the unmistakable signs of attraction and arousal, they shone with something akin to reverence.

"You're so beautiful it makes me ache."

In the weeks since she'd realized that she desperately wanted Jane to be more than her friend, Maura had unconsciously catalogued the various tones and levels of the single sexiest voice she'd ever heard. This one, this version, was new. And unbelievably evocative.

Warm all over despite being so scantily clad, and incredibly moved by Jane's statement and delivery, she was surprised by the prickling sting that signaled the threat of tears.

"Although the feeling is entirely mutual, I don't ever want you to ache."

"Then come here and make it stop."

Maura immediately reached for the sheet, intending to tug it away from where it shielded Jane's fabulous legs. But Jane had recovered quickly from her awe-induced state, and held tightly to the edge just above her knees.

Shaking her head slowly, she challenged, "Uh uh. No more until you're naked."

Maura started to protest that in her current position, Jane was less exposed than she was, but she decided that undressing in front of her was empowering in its own right. With a glint in her eye she purposefully placed the nightstick on the corner of the bed and straightened up.

She watched as Jane's attention was drawn to the baton and then swiftly back to her, the pitch black eyes both wary and highly interested.

Since she'd fully intended to share a bed with someone tonight, Maura had made sure she'd worn one of her most appealing lingerie sets. From the look on Jane's face, it wouldn't have mattered if she were wearing sackcloth and masking tape.

Supremely confident in her appearance and current situation, she unfastened her bra and peeled it from her body.

Twisting to her left, she uncharacteristically tossed it toward Jane's haphazard pile of clothing. The cool air played over her rigid nipples, causing them to stiffen further. As she turned back fully toward the bed, she heard Jane take a shaky breath followed by hushed exclamation.

"Jesus … Maura ..."

Under the white hot intensity of Jane's direct gaze, her nipples grew impossibly tighter, as if they could already feel the brush of Jane's caress. Sliding her hands down her sides to hook her thumbs inside the lace waistband at each hip, Maura had a hard time controlling her own breathing.

As she bent to push her last remaining scrap of clothing to her ankles, her heart raced wildly at the nearly smothered whimper she picked up from Jane. Struggling to regain her composure, she stepped free of her underwear and grasped the sheet where it hung from the end of the bed … taking a few seconds to steady herself before she stood upright again.

Without giving Jane a chance to react, she grabbed the nightstick with her free hand and yanked the sheet hard with the other, sending it billowing onto the floor near her feet. More excited than she could ever remember, Maura shook her hair to settle it back around her shoulders and dropped the covers.

Her eyes roaming all over Jane, her pulse throbbing everywhere, she tapped the baton a few times against her open palm, pleased with response each soft slap induced – most notably accelerated blinking and a hard swallow.

"Are you sure you need that?"

Jane nodded toward the police-issue club that Maura was wielding.

Enjoying the slight squeak in Jane's voice more than she would have imagined, Maura's reply was like velvet.

"Oh yeah … "

Stepping forward against the mattress, she gently prodded Jane's ankles apart with it, sliding it along her lower legs as she pressed them open.

"I wouldn't want to be too prim and proper ...."

She crawled onto the bed, moving between Jane's knees before rising up onto her own, letting her fingers trail up Jane's leg behind her, delighted by the flutter of Jane's eyelids and her increasing shortness of breath.

As Jane reached for her waist, Maura firmly pushed her shoulders, using her position and the impact to force Jane backward. She had to quickly redirect her hands behind her to keep her balance as she rapidly reclined.

It was the best view Maura had ever experienced, beyond any of her dreams or feverish wishes. Her mouth went dry as she admired the erotic display, and then watered when her eyes zeroed in on Jane's nipples. They were perfect. She was perfect. And Maura had the perfect opportunity to explore, to indulge herself.

But Jane obviously had other ideas.

She started to reach for Maura again, her urgency palpable.

"I have to …"

Before she could gain any hold, Maura reflexively blocked her arm with the baton, causing her eyes to flash dangerously. When Maura once again prompted her to catch herself with both hands by pressing the nightstick across her upper chest and leaning into it, she growled a low warning.

"You know I could take that away from you in less than two seconds …"

Although she was nearly incapacitated by her raging desire, especially when confronted by Jane's darker emotions and obvious strength, Maura wasn't ready to concede.

"Maybe … but I don't want to wrestle with you."

"What do you want?"

Dear God, what did she want? What didn't she want with Jane? She had wanted so much for so long. Now that she was here, like this … all of Maura's pent up heartache and frustration and longing came pouring out in a rush.

"I want to touch you …everywhere … inside and out. I want to feel your bare skin plastered to mine as you writhe against me. I want to memorize how you moan my name when you're too far gone to say anything else. I want to ruin you for anyone else … so that if it's not my body … my mouth … my hands … you'll never be satisfied. I want to own you so completely that anytime you even see my fingers it will make you wet …"

She was hoarse and panting when she stopped. And totally terrified for one whole minute that she had gone too far as Jane remained silent, her face unreadable, her reaction fathomless.

Maura's mind flashed back to when they were in the cab … and she had tried to get Jane to tell her what she wanted. If this was Jane's way of one-upping her, she'd done a hell of a job.

She nervously chewed her lip and was about to break the excruciating tension when Jane finally responded.

Slowly she slid her arms out and then up as she lowered herself completely to the bed, her head on one of the pillows, her hair fanned out around her. Her voice, while still the same gravelly spell-weaver that always made Maura's heart skip, was much, much softer than she had expected in the heat of this moment.

"Do it."

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