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I Want Candy
By EponinesGhost


Part 9

Maura had never asked to go to Disneyworld as a child – and she was positive her parents would not have stood for it – but she had heard it referred to as "the happiest place on earth." She knew for a fact that it couldn't possibly be, because that place was most assuredly her bed, with Jane in it, at this moment.

Her giddiness might have overwhelmed her, but it was no match for the all-encompassing hunger that permeated every cell of her being. The voracious appetite that she had just been given permission to unleash.

Adjusting her grip on the nightstick, she eased it across the plane of Jane's upper chest, trailing it along her arm and up to one wrist, exerting light pressure there that signaled she wanted Jane to keep it still. With her free hand she carefully navigated the outside of Jane's breast and began to brush the silky strands of hair away from her collar bone and neck.

As she did so, she discovered several significant marks. Leaning closer and letting her fingers hover over them, she caught her breath. She'd seen enough wound patterns to know that these had been caused by human fingernails. The skin hadn't been broken, but the angry red welts were unmistakable.

Her touch was tender as she traced them, her concern evident in her comments.

"I never meant to … apparently I was out of my mind. Your hair will hide most of them, and they will fade. We can cover what we need to with make-up …"

She felt Jane shake her head before she spoke.

"The hell we will."

"But … they're going to be noticeable …"

"Good." Jane's voice was low and husky. "If anyone asks about them, I'm going to let them know that the esteemed Dr. Isles clawed me like a wildcat while I was fucking her in her kitchen."

The words sent a jolt of electricity careening through Maura's body straight to her groin. Her eyes slammed shut and for a long instant she had no air. When she realized she was holding her breath, she let it out in a rattled groan.

Opening her eyes and moving her fingers from the side of Jane's neck to her face, she grasped it firmly and brought her own within inches. She could feel Jane's breath against her lips as their gazes locked.

The exchange of raw emotion and depth of desire made Maura's stomach drop. She was sure that every ounce of energy and need inside her was being communicated – transferred – in that stare.

Maintaining it was on the verge of becoming unbearable when Jane suddenly closed her eyes. Released from its fierce hold, Maura descended purposefully for a hard, lingering kiss. It seemed like ages since she'd tried to quench this particular thirst and she was bent on making up for lost time.

Finding Jane's other wrist with her hand, she braced herself, barely able to keep her body from crashing down onto Jane's … knowing full well that if she let herself follow that siren call that she would be done … too far gone to finish what she had started.

Delving deeper into the kiss, matching Jane stroke for stroke, slanting and moving to keep her slight advantage, Maura was reminded with each second that passed how extraordinary this experience was.

Everything she'd said that she wanted, she now had the chance to achieve. And as much as she wanted to bury herself in the pleasure and heat of Jane's embrace, she wanted to give Jane more. Over and over she replayed Jane's hushed command.

"Do it."

It was as simple and as impossible as that.

Forcing herself to break away from Jane's lips, she rose once again to her knees.

"No … don't …"

Maura had to steel herself from responding to Jane's plea, even as she felt Jane's thigh slide against the outside of her leg.

"I'm not stopping, I promise."

Instead, she began to caress Jane's arm and side, using the pads of her fingertips and the backs of her fingers. Simultaneously, she began to softly drag the end of the baton along the opposite side of Jane's body.

She watched with fascination and delight as Jane's eyes fluttered closed, her chin lifting as she responded to the stimuli. Bringing her hands in together under Jane's breasts, her fingers and the nightstick drew random patterns … floating slowly up and down toward her hipbones. Maura drank in the way her muscles rippled in her abdomen, the shudders she witnessed there making her wetter.

Avoiding Jane's attempt to squeeze her legs closed around her, Maura straddled her left thigh, careful not to settle herself completely against it, despite every impulse she had. Placing her hand flat in the middle of Jane's stomach, her palm fusing with the warmth of the skin underneath it, she kept Jane from writhing any further off the bed -- not quite pinning her down, but controlling the height of her arch.

Gradually she teased the nightstick lower and lower. Moving it across Jane's body from one hip to the other, dipping it down to brush the damp curls but never with any weight behind it. Rolling it up and down the inside of her right thigh.

Maura was in a zone. Nothing in the whole world mattered besides making this woman hotter and hotter. It was working. Jane was gripping the pillow and twisting the fitted sheet with all of her might. Her head was rolling back and forth with abandon. Her breathing was so labored that under other circumstances Maura would have been worried.

She finally placed the end of the baton where Jane burned for it the most, causing her to gasp louder and her hips to jerk toward it. Deliberately and swiftly, Maura rubbed it up and down, coating it but not pressing or pushing it closer.

Momentarily she was knocked off balance when Jane's thigh slammed up higher, sending wave after wave of erotic shivers coursing through her. Struggling to regain control, she drew the nightstick away and mentally counted to ten.

"Maura …. please …"

The desperate wail nearly crumbled her resolve.

"Not yet, baby …"

She just needed a little more time. And a lot more exploration.

Her hand shaking only slightly, she touched the tip of the baton to Jane's right nipple, smearing the warm wetness over and around it.

Jane was already trembling violently and Maura's latest assault on her senses caused her to wrench her body wildly. Her back bowed sharply and because of the flurry of motion, Maura had a harder time baptizing the left nipple in a similar manner. As she did so, a hoarse shout echoed through the room.


Knowing that the air would cool and sting Jane's wet nipples, Maura decided to indulge herself quickly before heating them back up. She brought the nightstick up to her mouth, and nearly swooned at the scent that clung to it. Greedily, she licked the surface clean, her eyes rolling back into her head as she savored her first taste of the woman she had craved from the depths of her soul.

She would be forever insatiable.

Discarding the baton, she slid her hands up Jane's body until they cupped both breasts, kneading and squeezing softly as she leaned over them. She was almost immune to the sounds Jane was making and the frantic squirming beneath her, because all of her focus was on how she was going to choose which nipple to devour first.

The right won out because it had been ignored the longest. Brushing it with her lips, she gently kissed the tip, letting her breath fog over it. Delicately, she ran the smooth inside of her lower lip back and forth against it, before flicking it lightly with her tongue.

As she closed her mouth completely around it, tightening her lips more and more and more, she found the left one with her fingers. Pinching and rolling it in tandem with the tug and pull as she sucked strongly. Swirling her tongue faster and faster …

Without warning she switched sides, grasping the wet nipple with her fingertips, tapping her nails along it as she swallowed the other one. She found the base of it with the edges of her teeth and raked them up to the tip. Scraping back down again, she whipped and lathed it over and over with her tongue.

Totally engrossed with the texture and taste and movement, her attentions grew rougher. Her fingers splayed over Jane's right breast, trapping her nipple between them as she closed them tight, the pressure like a vise. Her mouth worked frantically, deliriously, on the left.

Abruptly, Jane cried out. Despite being nearly hypnotized by what she was doing, Maura was aware that she had gone completely tense, her body straining both to move and not to budge. Before she could register what was happening, Jane collapsed, limp and quivering.

Dear God.

Maura was shocked and inordinately pleased. Jane had climaxed without the benefit of her best efforts. How could that idiot, Travis, have missed sending this incredibly responsive woman over the edge? Banishing him from her thoughts entirely, she resumed her worship.

She sweetly kissed each nipple, letting her hair drape over each highly sensitized peak. Unhurried, she peppered small soft kisses over Jane's chest. Practically purring as she brushed her lips along the paths of the recent scratches, she nuzzled close to Jane's ear.

"That was amazing … but we're not done."

Stretching out on her side, still partially covering Jane's right, she let her hand roam and wander. Gratified by the constant tremors she produced, she dragged her fingers up and down Jane's toned abdomen, ever-so-slightly grazing her fingernails against the smooth skin.

Propped on her elbow, Maura leisurely skimmed and stroked, measuring Jane's breathing with each pass. She swirled her fingertips around and around the belly button she'd seen a hundred times as they worked out or jogged. It had never ever been so appealing.

She could feel Jane's hips begin to shift and she crawled her fingers lower. They were practically itching to reach their destination, but Maura somehow retained her control. She let her fingers play over and into the small patch of hair, getting more and more excited as Jane rocked toward them.

"That's it …"

Laying her hand flush against Jane's mound, she rubbed the heel of her palm down hard as she sank her fingers between the swollen folds below.

The heat blazed through her fingers to the rest of her body, almost singing her skin and blowing her mind. Biting her lip, Maura circled her fingertips again and again, fighting to stay with Jane as she bucked and squirmed.

Groaning deep in her throat, matching the volume of Jane's moans, she slid her fingers up and down until they were so slick she could gain no friction.

"Maur … uh …"

The gruff, strangled murmur hit her so hard she nearly convulsed. Knitting her fingers together, she thrust them inside, whimpering as Jane clenched around her. This was everything. This … here … now. Jane.

She was startled as Jane's hand flew to the back of her head, tangling in her hair and pulling it as she thrashed. Ignoring the sharp stinging pain, Maura pumped her fingers faster and faster, beckoning with them.

Grunting softly as she continued to drive in and out, in and out, Maura was obsessed. Increasing the tempo, her fingers flying, she adjusted her hand so that her thumb could roll Jane's clit as she furiously plunged deeper and deeper …

Suddenly her head was yanked back as Jane screamed and stiffened. Hard contractions trapped Maura's fingers as the rest of Jane's body quaked. Then almost as quickly, all of the tension retreated, drained away.

Maura was free, but not content to allow Jane to relax just yet. Instead of withdrawing, she steadily stroked and curled her fingers, rotating her wrist methodically as she urged Jane on again. Whispering.

"Come on … for me …"

Even as her back arched away from the bed, Jane was trying to protest. Most of her words were unintelligible, but one was clear enough for Maura to make it out.

"…can't …"

"Yes, you can."

For emphasis she swiped her thumb over Jane's clit, sending her rocketing off the bed once more. Dipping her head down, Maura latched onto Jane's nipple, drawing it deep into her mouth.

The combination was enough. This time Jane's orgasm didn't take Maura by surprise. She could feel it start … rumbling and rolling throughout her body as it built, and built and then consumed her. The sounds that accompanied it were alien, incoherent, visceral. And while it wasn't as swift or sudden, it seemed to be far more powerful.

As it crested, Jane was wracked with spasms so intense that she flailed away from Maura all together, ending up facedown, on her stomach, twitching.

Maura was thunderstruck. And ridiculously proud. But losing contact with Jane also gave her an acute awareness of her own delayed gratification. She had been so intent … had been so focused on taking Jane farther and higher…

Easing over to where she was sprawled out on the bed, Maura brushed the hair away from the side of her face.

"You okay?"

Without opening her eyes or moving any other part of her body, Jane nodded once.


Maura felt like she was radiating flames, she was so hot. Bending to kiss Jane's shoulder, she could hardly contain the fire that scalded her to her toes. Once her lips met Jane's skin she was gone. She couldn't stop. Touching her. Kissing her. Everywhere.

On all fours she nibbled and kissed her way down Jane's back and up to her neck again. Her hands were all over Jane's hips and ass, massaging and separating. She let her breasts glance over Jane's skin, her nipples as hard as diamonds. Surreally, she was somewhat surprised that they didn't leave indentions or tracks.

She was going crazy. Oblivious to anything outside of her crushing desire. Possessed by it. She couldn't last much longer.

Dropping down so that her lips were practically inside Jane's ear, she could barely speak. Her voice was as heavy and thick as her arousal.

"When you … do all of this … macho bragging …"

She nudged her nose against the scratch marks once again.

"Are you going to … tell them … that I … ground myself … into your ass … until I came all over it?"

She couldn't be sure that she actually heard Jane's response over the roaring hum inside her head, or if it was yet another replay of what she'd heard before. It didn't matter. It exploded through her.

"Do it."

Part 10

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