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I Want Candy
By EponinesGhost


Part 10

The next impression to register in Maura's shattered consciousness was that Jane was tenderly brushing wisps of her damp hair away from her temple.

It felt marvelous. She felt marvelous. All over. Everywhere. Randomly, she decided that this state of euphoria could lead to an unshakeable addiction. And she welcomed it.

"There you are ... how many fingers am I holding up?"

Jane was obviously teasing her.

She shook her head haltingly, careful not to disturb her unbelievable sense of peace and suspended animation.

"Not opening my eyes yet."

She could almost hear Jane smiling.

"Okay ... what day is it?"

"I honestly have no idea."

It was true. It could be well past midnight.

Jane's chuckle was fondly exasperated.

"Then tell me something, anything, that will let me know you've recovered."

She would never recover. That much she knew. But playing along, she rattled off the first thing that came to her mind.

"Most women do not experience orgasm when their breasts are stimulated. According to one study, the number was below 29%."

This time Jane's laughter was full and bubbly.

"Damn. Even your little trivia tidbits are hot when you don't have any clothes on."

She moved closer and Maura could feel her breath against her cheek.

"And, for the record, the rest of those poor souls have never been in bed with you ..."

Opening her eyes, Maura was immediately struck once again by how insanely gorgeous Jane was. She was overwhelmed by the fact that she was here, that they were so intimately connected, that she could just reach up and trace every inch of her beautiful face.

That this somehow wasn't a dream.

Jane had rolled them both over at some point and was holding her close. Maura was almost completely on her back and Jane was slightly covering her along her left side, one of her incredible legs slung absently over both of Maura's.

As she went to pull Jane fully on top of her, she felt something prod her lower back. Sliding her hand behind her, she discovered that she was lying on the nightstick. Awkwardly grasping it and pulling it free, she flung it away from the bed onto the floor.

"You didn't rent that thing, did you?"

Trying to get comfortable again, her arms sliding around Jane and adjusting her tightly against her, Maura was distracted by the body contact and the query.

"No. I purchased all of the items. Why?"

Jane playfully rolled her eyes and settled warmly into place.

"Well, aside from the obvious ...." She raised and lowered her eyebrows. "I want to keep it and teach you proper technique. I may even add the hand-cuffs."

"Proper? I thought you weren't that interested in me being 'proper' ..."

"Sweetie, I'm interested in anything you do." One of her hands was still smoothing Maura's hair. "However you do it … as long as you're doing it to me."

"Be careful what you wish for …"

"Uh, uh. Except for locking doors and not making embarrassing scenes in public, I'm done being careful."

Maura raised her own hand to sift through Jane's wild and sexily mussed mane. She was mesmerized by the feel of it, the softness … the fact that she could run her fingers through it as much as she liked.

"How are you?

Leaning only slightly into Maura's touch, Jane seemed incredulous at the question.

"How am I? I'm fan-fucking-tastic!"

They smiled at each other, eyes shining, until Jane seemed to think of a different answer.

"That's not entirely correct …" Her face turned serious and Maura's heart nearly stopped.

Skimming her thumb along Maura's forehead, just below her hair line, she paused before finishing her thought.

"I'm ruined."

Her eyes were dark, her tone laced with conviction.

"Permanently. Mission accomplished."

Almost instantly, Maura welled up, unbidden tears threatening. So moved that she was speechless. Her condition didn't improve as Jane softly kissed each eyelid and gently wiped away the few drops that did escape.

Attempting to lighten the mood, Jane continued.

"I'm not going to ask, because I'm sure I don't want to know … where you learned … how you knew to …" Her face was faintly pink as she stumbled.

Blinking and regaining her voice, Maura saved her from having to complete the sentence.

"I am a doctor."

Jane's burst of laughter was underscored by her expression. She was blatantly tickled by Maura's quick comeback.

"Yeah … well … it's a good thing, too. 'Cause you're going to have to be wearing a lot of those plastic gloves."

It was Maura's turn to blush as she remembered what Jane was referring to.

Shifting slightly to grasp one of Maura's hands, she lifted it – palm facing down – and kissed her knuckles as if she were greeting a princess.

"If you don't keep these things covered up, I'm never going to get any work done. We'll never catch any more bad guys … the streets will be unsafe …"

As Maura pursed her lips together in amusement, she could feel Jane shaking with suppressed glee. Responding with the same chiding lilt to her voice, Maura shook her hand free and returned it to the side of Jane's cheek.

"Then to avoid a similar slow-down in the Medical Examiner's office, you're going to have to stop using that really sexy, sultry tone when you talk to me."

Perplexed, Jane drew back.

"What? Which one?"

Raising her other hand to join the first in cupping Jane's face, Maura coaxed her back.

"All of them."

With very little effort she brought Jane's lips down to meet hers, holding her in place so that she could take her time.

She was kissing Jane Rizzoli.

An extravagant thrill trickled down her spine. She could do so as fast or as slow or as deep or as long as she wanted. It was wonderful. Literally – full of wonder. Her thoughts were flipping over themselves as she sipped and shared, trying to absorb every sensation, brand every feeling into her memory.

Without fully realizing it, she was speaking – hardly separating from Jane at all.

"I love kissing you."

She could feel Jane's small smile as she claimed her mouth once more. This time it was Jane who pulled away to respond.


Her index finger brushed over Maura's bottom lip, feather soft.

"God yes. I've been wanting to for so long. Hoping …"

Not far removed from such a phenomenally powerful climax, her emotions were going haywire. Intellectually she could process that fact. In reality it was beyond her control. Choked up and vulnerable, she looked down.

Jane's finger slid under her chin, tilting it up so that they regained eye contact.

"How long … when did you know you wanted to?"

Swallowing slowly, trying to rid herself of the lump in her throat, Maura didn't hesitate.

"Not long after you and Travis were together … I was truly, utterly blindsided. Suddenly, I wanted to be in his place, more than I could have possibly imagined or explained. I wanted to kiss you good-morning and good-night and just because. I wanted to take your breath away and give it back … and once I was aware of it, it became all I could think about. I was a mess."

Jane looked slightly stunned. Without saying a word, she lowered her lips to Maura's for an exceptionally sensual kiss. When she finished, she nuzzled Maura's cheek, maintaining contact while she talked.

"I didn't know … I couldn't see it." She sighed heavily. "He … that whole thing … was such a mistake. I'm so, so sorry it affected you that way."

Urging Jane to lift her head so that she could look directly at her, Maura was adamant.

"You have nothing to apologize for. You're here now. Besides, I'd say you've more than made up for it."

She winked as she tucked a strand of Jane's hair behind her ear. Eagerly, she searched Jane's face.

"When did you know? That you wanted me to kiss you?

"Well … um …" Now it was Jane's turn to glance away. When she tentatively looked back, her expression was sheepish.

"Earlier tonight. When you were wiping off my smeared lipstick."

Maura was silent as she rewound back to that point of the evening. Cocking her head, her lips formed a wry grin.

"Poor baby. You had to wait … what? Ten whole minutes?"

"No …"

Jane clasped Maura's hand as it lay on the bed, guiding it backward and threading their fingers together against the pillow. With her other hand she caressed the side of Maura's face, her thumb brushing lightly over her cheekbone. She leaned closer and closer so that when she whispered, their lips grazed each other.

The last thing Maura heard, internalized – before they melted together – flooded her with warmth and sent her soaring.

"… I waited a lifetime."

The End

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