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Not Just In The Movies
By Demeter


In comparison, their story has always been the quieter one. On the occasion of their first vacation together, Jill contemplates and reminisces. There was a time when the extent of attraction she feels towards this woman had shocked her. The timing was all skewed.

Then, when she realized it wasn't going to go away, that it was for real, there was never a time to stop and think for long, considering the ongoing drama in their friends' lives.

For a long time, Jill had wanted what they had, Lindsay and Cindy, minus all the drama of involving serial killers and long lost twin sisters, of course. There was – Jill smiles as Denise mumbles something in her sleep – jealousy. How could she not feel that way? That failed fling of hers with Lindsay, she'd always consoled herself with the fact that Lindsay simply wasn't into women that much, and they could just be friends again. That worked well, until Cindy came along. Which, for a little while, had made her feel even worse, because what person in their right mind could possibly be mad at Cindy?

Through her own brush with death and human monsters, at some point, Jill had come to the conclusion that something like Cindy and Lindsay's relationship was just something rare, like out of the movies, not for everyone. Surely not for Jill 'Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?' Bernhardt.

She was wrong. These days, Jill is very happy to admit that. She has always been more happy for her friends than jealous, but it's good to know that real love doesn't just happen to Lindsay Boxer and Cindy Thomas. Or Claire and Ed Washburn, for that matter. It's out there. And she's found it, otherwise she wouldn't be here in a hotel room on this tropical island.

Denise would never be 'in the club'. In fact, she wouldn't work in the Hall much longer. She'd accepted an offer from a renowned law firm dealing with civil rights cases, something she'd always wanted to do. "Besides, you won't have to explain to anyone about sleeping with your boss," Denise had told her. "I think the Three Musketeers – sorry, four – can handle the bad guys just fine."

Jill chuckles, remembering the deadpan delivery of those words, but she can't help the dark clouds forming in her mind as she thinks of other changes. Lindsay left first, the days after Charles Hoyt had come to San Francisco, because she wanted a life for her and Cindy that didn't include the constant presence of women-hating murderers. Even though understandable, that decision had left Jill somewhat troubled too, until she'd realized that not seeing each other at work daily wouldn't break up their friendships. They'd last longer than the club had.

"Hey. Why aren't you sleeping?" In the dark, the soft whisper startles her, but Jill smiles nonetheless.

"Just thinking."

Denise sighs. "Why do I have the feeling those aren't thoughts a person should have on their honeymoon?" She turns to Jill, now wide awake, regarding her intently.

Jill leans over to kiss her. "You're right. I'd rather be thinking about something else."

And they continue to say and do things that are more appropriate for people on their honeymoon, because for once, their story is all that matters.

The End

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