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Jane strode through the door to the morgue, "Jesus Christ!" She turned and walked back out suddenly. She stood with her back to the morgue and took deep breaths. She jumped when she felt a hand touch her arm but relaxed when she realised it was Maura.

"Jane, are you ok?"

"Not cool pistachio! A little warning would have been nice!" Jane snapped.

Unfazed by Jane's outbursts after so many years Maura simply waited.

"Who the hell is that and why is he doing my autopsy?" Jane glanced over her shouldered and then shuddered.

"Doctor Jones is a very skilled intern. I mentioned this to you over dinner last week."

Jane paused…. Dinner… Oh, right. The clingy mauve blouse with the top few buttons undone. "Uh, right."

"Who is pistachio?"

"Excuse me?"

"You said 'Not cool pistachio'. I don't understand the reference."

"It's just a saying Maura."

"Ok." Maura smiled, she gently tugged at Jane' arm, that she was still holding, and led her to her office. Maura pushed Jane into the Karim Rashid chair and moved behind her. Her fingers pressed into tense muscles. After several minutes of silence, she whispered, "Jane?"

Jane grunt softly.

Maura smiled and continued her ministrations, glad that she could help her friend relax. "Jane, I know why you reacted."

Jane opened her eyes and silently cursed being ripped from her new happy place. Her only consolation being that Maura's hands didn't stop. "I don't wanna talk about it."

"I need to Jane." Maura withdrew her hands and went around to kneel in front of Jane. She took the brunette's hands into her own and unconsciously brushed her thumbs over the scars. "I hate seeing you in pain. I know you're afraid of scalpels as a by-product of your traumatic experiences with Hoyt, and I know we both forget about it because you don't react at all when I'm the one holding the instrument. You trust me because I love you, but I won't always be doing autopsies Jane. One day there will be someone else. And when that time comes you need to remember that it isn't the scalpel, the shaped length of steel didn't hurt you, it was Hoyt." Maura paused, afraid she'd gone too far when tears fell from Jane's cheek onto their hands. "Jane?"

Despite the repeated mention of her demons, three words looped in her head. "You love me?"

"I," Maura faltered, "I say all that and that's what you pick up?"

Jane's signature smile crept onto her face.

"Not cool walnut."

Jane laughed and squeezed her friend's hands. "Pistachio, Maura. It's 'not cool pistachio'." Jane raised her left hand to cup Maura's cheek, and they stared into each other eyes for a long moment before Jane leaned in.

The kiss was brief, soft, and full of promises. The second was long, deep and full of emotion. When they finally broke apart for air Jane rested her forehead against Maura's, grinning like the cat that got the canary to agree to a dinner date.

"Very cool pistachio," Maura breathed out.

"No." Jane pulled back slightly and shook her head. "Just… no."

Before Maura could destroy the simple saying any further Jane silenced with a kiss.

The End

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