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Words With LLBFFs
By mel


Saturday night found Jane and Maura, each clad in a pair of comfortable yoga pants and a long-sleeved tee, lounging on the blonde's couch. They both had their feet propped on the coffee table, an alcoholic beverages of choice in their hand (an imported Dutch lager for Jane, a glass of Riesling for Maura), and there was an old Drew Barrymore romantic comedy playing on the flatscreen. The plan was simple. Hang out, have a drink, and try to forget about work. The week had been a long one, full of eighteen-hour days as they chased down leads, and now that their suspect was behind bars Jane wanted nothing more than to cuddle on the couch with her girlfriend, and maybe steal a kiss or two that would hopefully coerce the blonde into other, more physical, less clothing required pursuits.

Fucking game. I'm going to kill Tommy, Jane thought to herself, scowling slightly as she watched Maura giggle excitedly and play another word on her phone. The medical examiner had recently discovered the game Words With Friends – thanks to Jane's brother Tommy, which is why the detective was seriously considering his demise – and in no time at all, the honeyed blonde became addicted to the online scrabble-like game.

"I just played the word 'SCORING' over a triple-word square and a double-word square," Maura said, giving the brunette a big beaming smile. "And it built off the word 'WAIT' that I'd played earlier, so I got 137 points from that one move!"

"Yay," Jane drawled, lifting the bottle of beer she'd been toying with to her lips and taking a long drink of the cool lager.

Maura frowned at the obvious disinterest in her lover's voice. "What's wrong?" she asked, turning on the couch so she could look Jane in the eye.

Jane sighed. "I just wanted to spend some time with you. Why are you always playing that stupid game with my brother?"

"Oh," Maura said, looking genuinely contrite. "I'm sorry, Jane. I just thought the idea was for us to unwind, and I tend to do that by engaging in games that are intellectually stimulating. I can stop playing for now, I'm sure Tommy would understand."

"Why haven't you ever asked me to play?" Jane asked.

"I didn't realize you played it, to be honest," Maura answered. "I didn't think it was something you'd be interested in."

"You do remember that I was the one who taught Tommy how to play chess, right? He's not the only brain in the Rizzoli family."

Maura nodded and gave the brunette an apologetic look. "I do remember. And I'm sorry I never asked you if you would like to play with me. But why didn't you ever send me a game request?"

Jane licked her lips and shrugged. "I figured you didn't want to play with me."

Maura sighed and set her phone onto the table as she moved to straddle the brunette's lap. "Sweetie, I love playing with you," she purred, smiling softly at her lover.

Jane chuckled and looped her arms around the blonde's waist. "I know that," she said. "I just… Frost won't play with me anymore because I keep kicking his ass, and Korsak doesn't even have an iPhone to play it on, so I don't have anybody to play."


Jane rolled her eyes. "He gave up the first time he got the letters O-M-V-I-R-N-O."

"Was there an 'E' on the board?"

"Um, I dunno, sure," Jane replied, giving Maura a questioning look. "Why?"

"He could have played 'OMNIVORE'. Granted, it's not an exceptionally high scoring word in and of itself, but with double and triple-letter squares and the double- or triple-word squares -"

Jane laughed in spite of herself and kissed Maura into silence. "I get it," she said, as she pulled away.

Maura blushed and leaned in to rest her forehead against Jane's. "Sorry, I got carried away. Would you like to play a game with me?"

Jane's gave Maura a skeptical look. "Like, right now?"

"Sure," Maura said, smiling as she leaned in and kissed the brunette softly. "If you're interested, we can make a little wager on it too."

The weight of Maura's body across her lap and the feeling of the blonde's body molded to her own had Jane's mind reeling. "Like, what?"

Maura shrugged. "Tommy and I always play for food… loser buys lunch, or something, but we can do whatever you'd like."

A slow, wholly indulgent smile tweaked Jane's lips as an idea for the wager came to mind. "If I win, I want to use those silk scarves you bought on you," she husked, running her hands up Maura's sides until she was able to palm the blonde's breasts. She bit her lip as the doctor's nipples pressed into her hands, and she shifted her hold so she could run her thumbs over them. "I want to tie your hands to the headboard and do whatever I want to you. I want to make you come so hard and so often that you literally pass out."

A shiver of desire rolled down Maura's spine as the brunette's words sent a flood of arousal coursing through her. "I… think that… would be an acceptable wager," she whimpered.

"Mmm, good," Jane purred, nuzzling Maura's cheek with her own. "And what would you like if you win?" she murmured, flicking her tongue over the shell of the blonde's ear.

"Oh god," Maura moaned, her tongue sweeping across her lips as the thought of what she'd really like flashed through her mind. "The… the strap-on. I want you to fuck me with the strap-on."

Jane growled as her fingers closed around Maura's nipples, squeezing the nubs almost painfully hard as her hips surged up off the couch into the blonde. She really liked the sound of that one, too. "Deal. Budge up," Jane said, patting Maura's hip playfully. "I can't play if you're sitting on me."

Maura groaned and slid off of Jane's lap to resume her earlier position beside the brunette on the couch. She picked up her phone and glanced at the detective, who was looking smug and so incredibly sexy that she just wanted to jump her, and wisely opted to slide to the end of the couch to where she wasn't in arms reach of the brunette and might actually be able to focus on the game.

Jane smiled as she watched Maura shift uncomfortably beside her on the couch and discretely tried to do the same as she pulled up her Words With Friends app and started a game with Maura. "I'll start?"

Maura swallowed thickly and nodded. "Sure."

Jane chuckled when her tiles came into view. Too easy, she thought to herself as she played 'PUSSY' across the double-word square and ending it on the starting star. It only netted her 22 points, but it was worth the low point total just to tease the blonde a bit, knowing full well that the eloquent doctor actually got absurdly turned on by a little dirty talk in the bedroom. She smirked as she hit the 'play' button, and leaned back to watch Maura's reaction. A few seconds later, she laughed softly as the blonde's jaw dropped and a low moan spilled from her lips. This is going to be fun.

After the shock of Jane's word choice wore off, Maura looked up at the smirking brunette and arched a brow questioningly. "I'm surprised it let you play that."

"It's a word," Jane argued playfully. "A really good one too. I love yours."

Maura rolled her eyes. "Thank you, Jane," she mumbled, an embarrassed blush tinting her cheeks as she glanced at her tiles. She grinned as she realized what word she was going to play, as quickly swiped the appropriate tiles into position.

Jane watched her screen intently as she waited for Maura's word to show, and she had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from audibly reacting to the blonde's choice. Because, there it was, playing off the 'S' in 'PUSSY' and reaching up to the double-word score… "ORGASM."

Maura smiled sweetly and nodded. "Indeed. I might not have even thought of that word, given the tiles I had, had it not been for your original word choice."

Jane huffed. They were tied. Twenty-two points apiece. She really, really wanted to win, to tie Maura up and just have her way with the blonde, but… but… her train of thought faltered as a new idea came to her. "What happens if we tie?"

Maura pursed her lips thoughtfully. "Well, we could do a rematch…"

"Or we could do both," Jane said, trying to not sound as hopeful as she felt. "You know, both our wagers, at the same time."

Maura whimpered softly and nodded. Yes, that was indeed an ideal compromise should their game end in a tie. She needed to make sure their game ended in a tie. "Okay."

Jane swallowed thickly. I need to make sure this thing ends in a tie, she thought, even as she agreed, "Okay."

In a complete antithesis to how the game is normally played, they took turns trying to build the smallest words possible, thereby ensuring that their partner could keep up with their score. When a larger word was unavoidable (they did have to spread the board out, after all) whoever had recorded the higher total would claim that they didn't have any words to play and would then pass or exchange tiles until the other caught up again. Both women thought they were being incredibly sneaky with their approach, and neither of them for a moment considered the possibility that the other was utilizing the exact same strategy.

So they played on, the game taking longer than normal because of all the passing and tile exchanging that was happening, the anticipation of what was going to happen after the game building gloriously inside both of them until Jane was left with the letters Q-U-I-L in her rack and Maura had L-O-G-C. The score was tied, each of them with an embarrassingly low total of 268.

Jane groaned and looked at her tiles and the board. With the way the board was set up, she could play 'QUILL' off of the word 'LOG' (which proved exactly how inane their word choices had been) with no point multipliers because it was in that weird black hole of a space above the triple-letter square on the right side of the board, and get 17 points. But they were tied, and there weren't any tiles left, and she was afraid that Maura wouldn't be able to keep up. So, instead of playing, she said, "I don't have anything. I'm passing."

Maura nodded as she studied her tiles. She had the ability to play 'LOGIC' off of the word 'INN' at the top of the board, with a triple-letter square where the 'G' would go, and it would get her 17 points and guarantee her the victory. She bit her lip and looked over at Jane who was watching her somewhat anxiously and shrugged. "I don't have a word to play either. I guess we tie."

Neither woman for a moment considered the fact that the game would have told them if it was really over. They were each too intent on their desire to end with the exact same score.

"So… both?" Jane asked, getting slowly to her feet and holding a hand out to Maura. She smiled as the blonde took her hand and she pulled the medical examiner to her feet.

Maura licked her lips and nodded. "That was our agreement, yes."

Jane's smile turned wolfish as the reality of what was about to happen descended upon her. "Okay."

"Okay," Maura repeated breathily, as she allowed the brunette to lead her out of the great room and up the stairs. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears with every riser, anticipation building with every step until she felt as if her body was literally vibrating with desire.

Jane stopped them beside the bed and smiled warmly at the blonde. "You're sure?" she asked, rubbing her hands up and down the medical examiner's arms.

Maura nodded. "Oh yes."

Jane moaned softly as she leaned in and captured the blonde's lips in a searing kiss. Tongues slipped and slid against each other as hands roamed, pushing, pulling, shoving clothes aside until they were standing hip-to-hip and breast-to-breast, with absolutely nothing between them.

A slow rolling tremor of desire rolled down Maura's spine as Jane's hands latched onto her hips and pulled her forward roughly. Yes, that was exactly what she wanted. She could think of no better way to end the night than being completely possessed by the brunette. "Jane."

"Maur," Jane groaned, using her chin to force the blonde's head to the side so she could get better access to her neck. "Where are the scarves?"

"Bedside table," Maura answered, her breath hitching audibly as the brunette bit down on her pulse point. "Oh god."

Jane grinned and soothed the reddened skin with the flat of her tongue. "Lay down on the bed. On your back. Hands up on the pillows," she said, backing away from the blonde and watching with hungry eyes as her orders were followed. When the blonde was positioned just as she'd asked, she smiled softly at her and whispered, "Beautiful."

Maura bit her lip and watched with rapt attention as Jane sauntered around the foot of the bed to the nightstand furthest away from the door where they kept their toys; her nipples tightening almost painfully as she watched the brunette pull two cranberry red silk scarves out of the drawer.

The detective played with the material almost fondly, sliding the fabric slowly between her fingers, feeling their texture. She smiled as she climbed onto the bed and straddled Maura's waist, and held the blonde's gaze captive as she reached for her left hand. She lifted it to her mouth and kissed each fingertip and then the center of the blonde's palm, before ghosting her lips down to suck lightly at the inside of the medical examiner's wrist. She smirked as her lover shifted and moaned beneath her, and took pity on her by quickly tying the scarf around the blonde's wrist and securing it to the headboard.

"One down, one to go," she murmured, her right hand reaching blindly for the remaining scarf as she leaned in and kissed Maura softly, lightly flicking her tongue over the blonde's lips as she pulled away.

Maura's right hand was secured in an identical manner as her left, and she bit her lip as she tugged lightly at her bonds, checking their tension. Jane left her some slack, which meant that she'd be able have some movement, which always drove her wilder than when she wasn't able to move at all.

"Good?" Jane asked, smiling as she watched Maura's shoulders flex.

The blonde nodded and licked her lips expectantly. "Yes," she said, biting her lip as Jane hummed softly and climbed off of her. She stared, completely entranced, as Jane reached back into the drawer and pulled out their strap-on. She bit her lip harder to keep from moaning as she watched the brunette slide the harness onto her hips, and the sight of the silicone phallus standing erect off of Jane's pelvis sent what moisture was left in her body crashing between her legs.

Jane grinned and looked over at Maura, whose chest was heaving and whose nipples were already peaked, and who was looking back at her with lust-filled, desire blown eyes. "Roll over," she said, smiling reassuringly as she saw the blonde swallow thickly. "Please," she added in a softer tone.

Maura took a deep breath and nodded, now understanding exactly why Jane had left her bounds loose as she rolled over onto her stomach. She laid there for what felt like hours as she waited for Jane to do or say something else. And when the words came, she was helpless to contain the mewl of pleasure that tumbled from her lips.

"On your knees," Jane said, biting her lip to keep from moaning when Maura hurried to follow the command. Her eyes raked up the blonde's muscular thighs, over the sweet curve of her ass, and down the gentle slope of her back until they landed on her lover's face. "Stunning."

"Jane," Maura moaned softly.

"Shh," Jane soothed, tilting her head in an appraising manner as she rounded the foot of the bed and stopped directly behind the blonde, drinking in the vision that was Maura Isles, exposed and oh so undeniably aroused. She licked her lips as she climbed onto the bed, her forearms sliding between the blonde's spread legs until she was able to run her tongue up the moist length of her lover. "Delicious," she moaned, dipping her head down to taste the blonde again. Maura's ass rocked up into the air, bringing the blonde's clit right to her lips and she groaned as she nipped at the bud.

"Jane, please," Maura whined, again rocking up and presenting herself wantonly to the brunette.

Jane moaned and slid her left hand up the back of Maura's leg as she sat up on her knees. Her fingers slipped over the blonde's clit as she moved in closer between her spread legs, teasing the sensitive bundle with quick, light circles, making sure that Maura was wet enough to take the toy and delighting in the way the blonde's body rocked against her hand. "You really want this, don't you?" she husked, slipping her middle finger inside the blonde.

"Yes," Maura moaned, praying that the need she was feeling and could hear in her own voice would be enough to make Jane stop teasing her. She had been on edge since the brunette had pinched her nipples downstairs, and she really just needed to orgasm.

Jane smiled and pulled out of the blonde, leaving a wet trail across the blonde's ass as she ran her palm over the cheek to grab hold of the medical examiner's hip. She used her right hand to grab the base of the cock strapped to her hips and guide it into position, releasing her hold of the toy once the head was nestled just inside the blonde. "You look so good like this, baby," she husked.

Maura moaned and pressed her forehead into the mattress as she rocked her hips back into the brunette, trying to take her deeper.

"Oh Maura," Jane breathed, feeling the inside of her thighs grow slick and her nipples tighten almost painfully as she watched a fresh wave of desire pour out of the blonde and slide almost hypnotically down the length of purple silicone.

Maura whimpered and moaned wordlessly as her body rocked against Jane, trying to draw her lover inside her.

No longer physically able to remain still, Jane began thrusting gently so that she was almost lazily bobbing in and out of Maura, giving her the pressure of impending penetration without delivering. When the blonde's whimpers grew in volume and desperation, she rolled her hips forward a little bit further, burying the first inch of the toy into the blonde before pulling away slowly and repeating the motion. Again and again.

And again.

"You feel so good," she murmured encouragingly, as she pushed another inch inside the blonde, so that a third of the cock was held within hot, velvet walls. "So tight."

"Jane," Maura moaned, rocking back and trying to impale herself on the brunette's cock but was kept from doing so by the scarves that kept her body up by the headboard.

Jane wrapped her hands around Maura's hips, holding on tight and pulling the blonde into her as she drove her hips forward and buried herself inside of her.

"Fuck, Jane," Maura grunted in surprise, the outburst followed by a low, rich moan as her body adjusted to the stretch.

"God, so good," Jane murmured, as she began thrusting into Maura.

The blonde rocked her hips back into Jane as the brunette set a steady rhythm against her; driving forcefully into her before pulling out slowly, over and over and over again. Her shoulders began to burn from the way she was bent over, but she didn't dare move because the position made everything else feel so goddamn good. She could feel her orgasm steadily building low in her hips and she moved with the brunette as best she could, trying to find that rhythm that would give her her release.

Jane could tell that Maura was close, and she wasn't ready to be done with the blonde just yet, so she changed tactics and varied her stroke, keeping Maura guessing as to what was going to come next. Sometimes she'd bury herself to the hilt, other times not even halfway, and she knew it was driving the blonde nuts that she had no idea of what to expect next and that her body couldn't settle into any kind of a rhythm.

"Please," Maura groaned as the brunette ground against her, driving the cock that much further inside her and delivering a heavenly amount of friction to her aching, needy clit. It was all so, so good and if Jane would only put a steady rhythm to that stroke she was using, she'd be gone. She tugged against her restraints, trying to find some sort of leverage to use to help her fuck herself on Jane's cock, but the brunette's knots held firm and she was left whimpering in frustration.

"I know," Jane murmured reassuringly as she continued her approach irregular thrusts, loving the way Maura's body grasped at her, trying to hold her inside, trying to pull her even deeper. She knew, intuitively knew that she couldn't feel any of it, but she could. She could feel Maura's walls holding her tight, she could feel those walls opening around her as she drove herself inside, could feel those same walls fighting desperately to deny her retreat. "You feel so good Maura," she moaned softly.

Maura whimpered and needfully rocked against Jane, every facet of her being shouting PLEASE at the brunette, and she screamed when her pleas were finally answered when the brunette literally pounded into her, Jane's hips slapping loudly against her ass as every last millimeter of the brunette was buried inside her. "Oh fuck yes!"

Spurred on by Maura's outburst, Jane pushed herself harder and faster, driving herself into the blonde. Her low grunts of exertion were muffled by the sound of slapping skin and the rambling litany of euphoric cries that spilled from the blonde's mouth as she fucked her.

"Mmm, Maura," Jane grunted, rotating her hips as she pulled out of the blonde. "So good."

Maura moaned loudly, her hips rolling wantonly for Jane as the brunette fucked her mercilessly. Her gasps of 'fuck' and 'Jane' and 'Jesus' were now interspersed with more and more frequent 'please's as she was pushed steadily closer to the edge.

Jane could tell by the way that she was having to work harder to thrust into the blonde that Maura was close, so very, very close. "Come on," she grunted, driving her hips almost viciously forward. "Come for me," she demanded as she rocked her hips back before pounding them forward again.

"Jane, baby, please, oh god, so close, baby, fuck, please, please, please," Maura chanted mindlessly as she struggled to reach that end and orgasm like Jane wanted her to. Hell, like she wanted to. It was there, right there, so close she could almost touch it, and it slammed into her when, with one last powerful thrust, one last grind of Jane's hips against her, she was thrown over the edge into release. "JANE!"

The blonde's scream was so loud the brunette was sure that even the neighbors had heard her, and Jane moaned as she felt Maura's body spasm violently around her, tugging at the harness pulled between her legs and putting just the right amount of pressure on her clit to pull her over the edge as well.

"Fuck," Jane gasped, as she leaned forward, curling herself around the blonde as her body trembled and shook with her climax. She held Maura close, their hips jerking spastically together as they rode out their release, until the blonde collapsed beneath her, the suddenness of the movement causing the dildo to slip free.

Jane removed the strap-on with shaking hands and kicked it to the foot of the bed as she struggled to untie the knots around Maura's wrists.

The blonde moaned softly as Jane helped her roll over, pain flaring in her shoulders as the brunette brought her arms down to her sides.

"Are you okay?" Jane asked, watching Maura carefully as she massaged first the blonde's right shoulder and then her left.

Maura licked her lips and nodded. Okay was a bit of an understatement, but it would suffice. "Mmmhmm."

Jane smiled and leaned in to capture Maura's lips in a slow, sweet kiss. "I love you."

"Mmm, love you," Maura murmured.

The brunette smiled at the sated smile on her lover's face and couldn't help adding. "We need to play Words With Friends more often."

Maura giggled and nodded. "But not tonight. I can't do that again."

Jane chuckled and kissed Maura sweetly. "Me neither baby."

Late afternoon the following Friday found Jane, Frost, and Korsak hanging out at the precinct, enjoying the fact that there wasn't a single working case that needed their attention, and talking about the Bruins' chances against the Rangers that weekend.

"Yeah, but Chara's tough," Jane said, as she reached for her phone that had just buzzed with an incoming message. "He can handle Gaborik."

"She's right," Korsak said, giving Frost a look that just dared the younger man to argue with him.

Frost just rolled his eyes and turned his attention to his partner, who was staring slack-jawed at her phone. "'Sup, Jane? Something going on?"

Jane licked her lips as she looked at her phone. "Um, no. Everything's good," she said.

"Then why are you looking at your phone like you want to eat it?" Frost asked.

"I… it's… nothing like that," Jane said. "Maura just challenged me to a game of Words With Friends."

"Oh, well, that's cool," Frost said, looking skeptically at the brunette who was looking distinctly flushed.

"What's Words With Friends?" Korsak asked.

"It's basically an online scrabble game that you can play with your friends," Frost explained.

"Oh, that sounds cool," Korsak said.

"Mmm, yeah," Jane nodded. "Cool," she repeated, as she reread the chat note Maura had included with her move. If I win… I'll be the one wearing the strap-on.

The End

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