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By The Raven


Doctor Maura Isles was bored out of her mind, nothing much was happening these days in the world of the Boston Police department. They were off season too, which meant that she did not have to involve herself with a new episode just yet and where was Jane anyway?

In her opinion Joe Friday was just too small to play Frisbee with in the park, but Jane had assured Maura that the little dog could butch it out with the Border Collies and German Shepherds and Maura could not help but smile at the idea of the little scruffy dog and the long limbed and beautiful Jane in the park.

"I should go see what they are up to." Maura murmured to herself as she put down the fake blood and prosthetic makeup that she had removed from Jane only hours before.

Thankfully this was just a TV show and Jane had not really been shot.

"But she could sprain an ankle." Maura announced to no one in particular as she stood up on her five hundred dollar Jimmy Choo's and wandered with sexy elegance out of the morgue, intent on finding Jane.

She was bored after all.

As she stepped out of the set onto the street, Maura was all but bowled over by a very excited and sexy looking Jane, who was trailing a happy looking Joe and was sporting grass-stained knees to boot. "Hey, did you hear?" Jane blabbered excitedly and grabbed Maura happily.

"What?" Maura exclaimed, feeling Jane's hot and sweaty body against her which was terribly lovely and wonderfully distracting. "You need a shower." Maura lied, in truth Jane felt great.

"The Raven is doing an online radio show!" Jane blurted out, pulling Maura over to a conveniently intimate bench so that they could sit down and talk and make sexy eyes at each other and feed more of the many heaving bosoms that lived for subtext.

"The Raven is doing a show?" Maura repeated, her interest piqued. "She should be writing about us, I feel kind of left out right now." Maura pouted and did not fail to notice Jane's attention which immediately focused on her lips.

"Oh hush, she will get back to us in time. Did you see what she is writing about now? There is this new show, Lost Girl. So hot. In fact you should come over to my place so we can watch it and I can give you a suggestive neck-rub and we can fall asleep on my bed again. I liked that." Jane dismissed Maura's concerns and then leaned down to pet Joe Friday who was ecstatic for the attention.

"Fine." Maura signed, accepting Jane's compromise. If the notorious fanfiction author was focusing on other things right now, she'd have to be happy with neck-rubs and making their own subtext in the meantime.

"When is this show?" Maura finally asked, realising that Jane was just bursting to tell her.

"Sunday!" Jane smiled as she spoke. "The 24th, at 7PM Eastern Standard Time." Jane clarified and stretched out in the most distractingly delicious way.

They rally did need to have this sleep-over and soon. Also, Maura was intrigued by just what The Raven was writing about these days. If Jane said it was hot, then it might be worth checking out. A girl needed some heat, after all.

"And exactly where will this show be available, for the mere mortals who can't read minds, Jane?" Maura finally pressed her companion after having taken her fill of eye-candy for the time being.

"Well, there is this site. It is called Blog Talk Radio dot Com and if you go there and type either: Femslash4fans or Allaine into the search field, you will get to the page of the show. The details are there." Jane replied happily and drank deeply from a water bottle that had somehow magically appeared.

Maura watched intently for long moments as the movement of Jane's throat distracted her in the bright sunlight.

"Well, I suppose that is clear enough." Maura eventually said as she regained the ability to think and to speak.

Jane was really too distracting.


Maura wondered when they would be able to have their sleep-over. Hopefully this week. When was the next episode of Lost Girl showing anyway? Perhaps she needed to check it out a little before she went to Jane's to watch it, purely for scientific reasons, of course.

At least she was no longer bored.

The End

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