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SERIES: Falling Dreams Series

San Francisco – Boston 22:00
By Demeter


"You have that look on your face," Cindy remarked.

"What look?" Lindsay's question was somewhat rhetoric. Here in the crowded waiting area of the airport, 'irritated' was the first choice to come to mind. Too much noise, too many people, too much Christmas. Never mind the fact that they were going to visit family, too.

This place wasn't associated with good memories, just the opposite. The last time she'd been here was after Jane had been shot. The time before that... Lindsay didn't want to think of it now, she was already unsettled enough, the long flight before them notwithstanding. And even if these incidents had never happened, she still wasn't sure how she felt about family secrets revealed. She'd need more than a few months to get over them.

"Nothing bad is going to happen," Cindy said softly. It sounded like a promise. Comforting. Treachery. Bad things always happened.

Lindsay studied her girlfriend's serious face for a moment, then she sighed. Christmas with the Rizzolis had seemed like a good idea – when? Spending time with a family laden with grief seemed more than she could bear, even if it was her family now. Irrefutable proof given by the fact that she had a sister who was her exact mirror image. Jane Rizzoli. Whenever they weren't together or didn't talk for a prolonged period of time, Lindsay could almost make herself belief that this was all just one very unsettling dream.

"Tell me again why we didn't book that flight into the other direction?"

Going somewhere far North, a remote cabin, some place where she didn't have to talk to anyone but Cindy for awhile.

"Angela is trying hard."

As if Lindsay needed the reminder. "Sure she is. That's not going to make me forget that sick deal she and Marty made. Did they even think—" As always, these questions led nowhere. Cindy knew better than to try and find an answer with words; she simply stepped forward to wrap Lindsay into a tight embrace.

She could see that place in the middle of nowhere in her mind, no TV, cell phones turned off. A fire flickering in the fireplace. Making love to Cindy, holding her close in the afterglow. The imagery was so intense it created a longing that was close to painful. "Let's go change those tickets now," she whispered.

"We're not," Cindy said firmly. "Boarding starts in five minutes. They need you there now. You need to be there."

Lindsay wasn't quite sure if that was true, but she filed the fantasy away in any case, certain that there would come a moment some time soon when she would need it. And some time soon, she was going to make it come true.

The End

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