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Winds of Change
By hollyhwrites


Chapter 10

Two mornings later Maura awoke with a groan, her body ached. She knew why when she opened her eyes and saw where she and Jane lay, facing one another. A staircase was not the most ideal spot to pass out after rigorous lovemaking. After more than 48 hours of constant, sometimes energetic, sometimes gentle, and sometimes very creative lovemaking, Maura and Jane's bodies were both very well claimed.

They had ran the night before as wolves, barely making it out of the house before they shifted, running free together nipping and flirting, rubbing and bumping against one another. Maura loved to tease Jane. The energetic play drove both wolves to the breaking point. Maura soon found herself on her back with Jane's muzzle firmly latched onto her neck and shoulder as their wolf selves mated repeatedly. Jane's wolf self never let Maura's wolf take the dominate position, but she did give her neck and shoulder to Maura for claiming. It had been different, but no less glorious, to let their wolves go and act as nature intended. The mating of their wolves cemented their claiming. She and Jane were now completely and irrevocably claimed and mated. Though their wolf selves were sated their human sides had not been.

The two of them didn't even make it back into the house before they were in each other's arms fumbling for the door. They were only halfway up the staircase when Maura took the dominate position she hadn't been able to take as a wolf. She took Jane hard and fast before being flipped over and having the same done to her. The encounter ended when they each slid three fingers deep into one another, lips melded as one, devouring, hips rocking together, free arms clinging to one another as they climbed to the peak with one voice. They came simultaneously, the pleasure blasting through them, flowing over them, until their sated bodies could take no more. The couple had fallen almost instantly asleep where they lay clinging to their mate.

Although currently uncomfortable, the memory brought a smile to Maura's face. She knew the claiming period was now over, she simply felt it, she felt complete. She and Jane were two bodies, but one soul, one heart bound together for all time. She leaned forward and kissed Jane softly on the lips. Jane instantly kissed her back before pulling away with a groan.

"Owe. What the hell?" Jane opened her eyes to find out why she was so uncomfortable. It took a moment for Jane to remember exactly how they got there, but when she did a large smile split her face. "A hell of a place to pass out, but I had a freakin' wonderful time getting here." She pushed Maura onto her back and kissed her trying to convey all the love and happiness she felt. The happy woman pulled back smiling. "The claiming period is over and you are mine. I want to shout it for all to hear. I know this may not be the most romantic time and place. I know we are mated for all eternity, but Maura I want you to wear my ring as I wear yours. Marry me Maura! Marry me and make our union recognized in the eyes of our family and friends, as well. Will you please become my wife?"

Joy radiated from Maura's every pore as she drew Jane back into her, kissing her for all she was worth, the uncomfortable position forgotten by both women. They drew apart panting. "Is that a yes?" Jane eyes were dancing with mirth.

"You only beat me to the asking by seconds my lovely woman. I was planning on asking you as soon as you woke up. I would be honored to become your wife and have you as mine. I know people may not like it very much, but I don't want a big social wedding like my mother would want, and honestly I don't really want a big flamboyant Italian wedding like your mother would want. I'm thinking we get married in private with minimal fuss and not much delay. We can have Marcus and Evie and a few of the other pack members we know as our witnesses." Maura bit her lower lip, hoping she hadn't offended her dark haired mate.

"I am so loving you even more right now. We can pick out bands together. I'm sure you know where we can find those. It would be easiest if we could marry in Massachusetts, since we are both legal residents there, although DC is closer to where we are now. It is also going to be fun as hell shocking the crap out of everyone when we go back home. My mom may grumble a while about me marrying a woman as well as marrying without her, but hopefully not too long. I mean I did snag a gorgeous doctor." Jane kissed Maura again. The claiming period was over, but the honeymoon certainly wasn't. Both women hoped it never would be.

Jane and Maura finally moved apart as their bodies began to protest. "Think we need to move this upstairs and into the shower." Maura slowly stood taking Jane's hand. Maura turned back when she heard Jane's long whistle. "What?"

"We sure did a number on your cabin, Maur." Jane was looking over the railing into the open floor plan of the home. In the kitchen things were scattered across the floor from an earlier bout of lovemaking that took place on the island there, as well as, the floor. Everything that once stood on the island now resided on the floor and there was a bit of additional mess on the floor, countertops, and even the refrigerator door. They had gotten a bit carried away with a late night snack that involved fruit, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Jane knew she would never be able to look at a fruit salad or a banana split the same way again.

Chairs were knocked over in the dining area where they christened the table at some point. The furniture in the living room was all sitting slightly askew and no cushions remained on any of them. Many of the pictures on the walls were also a little off kilter. They had really enjoyed claiming each other, almost constantly, since they entered the house after their first shift. The house gave silent testimony to that fact. Maura and Jane were both very well claimed and mated.

"Wow. We may need to ask for some help to get this mess cleaned up." Maura usually hated clutter and messiness; however this was one exception to the rule. She felt quite proud of this mess. They both knew the upstairs didn't look any better and probably worse.

"I guess Evie knew what she was doing when she set up flameless candles around our room." Jane grinned. "We will ask for help with the clean-up and I won't even get embarrassed about the whole situation, although I might brag. A bit." Jane stroked over a claiming mark she left on Maura's luscious backside, causing her to shiver and Jane's grin to grow.

"I may do a little bragging myself. Now let's go hop in the shower. I have a definite plan to ravish my mate and fiancé before we clean each other." Maura headed up the stairs never relinquishing her hold on Jane's hand. Jane eagerly trotted behind.

Evie stood in the entryway at the front of the cabin giggling at the mess before them. Marcus whistled like Jane had earlier. "Man those two really got around." Marcus stepped gingerly into the living area.

"It looks like they had a really good time." Evie was happy for the couple. She had talked on the phone with Maura a few minutes earlier. The woman had sounded happy and Evie had heard Jane actually singing in the background. "Maura said they needed a little help straightening up the place and getting it into some semblance of order. She said that she would have her caretakers do a total house scrubbing once everyone was gone." It was going to take more than just her and Marcus' help to get the place straightened up without it taking forever.

"I know it's crazy isn't it." They looked up as Jane spoke, the newly mated couple was heading down the stairs in t-shirts and shorts. They walked hand in hand, both smiling happily, and sporting several silvery claiming marks in plain view. No telling how many more was hidden by their clothes. All but the initial mark would fade in brightness with time, except when they were aroused or feeling other loving emotions. Sometimes the marks would even brighten when an unwanted suitor would approach, showing they were unavailable and uninterested.

"You two look happy and well pleased." Evie smiled at the couple and hugged each woman once they joined them.

"We are happy and if we were any more pleased I think we might have killed each other." Jane laughed and shook Marcus' hand as he congratulated them both.

They all turned towards the mess around them. "I think me and Jane can handle the upstairs, if you and some of the others could work down here, it shouldn't take too long. We stayed out of the library and office; you won't have to worry about those rooms. I think the kitchen is the worst of it down here, and I don't think that we broke anything outside of the kitchen and possibly in the bedroom." Maura said gaining more chuckles.

"I will go gather a few of the pack to help clean, while the others get started grilling up lunch. Working together we should have this place straightened out in no time." Marcus turned and headed out the door at Jane's nod of agreement.

Marcus brought back Warren and Ashley. They too had a nice laugh and a few ribald comments to make before they all got down to work. Ashley and Evie took the kitchen while Marcus and Warren worked on the rest of the downstairs. Jane and Maura popped back up the stairs and got to work cleaning and straightening the thoroughly thrashed master suite. It didn't take long for the house to look somewhat normal again. Soon the trash was taken out and loaded into the large trash bins near the drive, and all the dirty linens and things were taken down to the laundry room to be cleaned. There had only been a few broken dishes and one vase, so the damage wasn't near as bad as it could have been.

They all ate lunch together as Jane and Maura shared their plan to get married, by human standards, as soon as they possibly could.

"Actually, you wanting to head back towards our home state to get married might work out for you on more than one level." Marcus commented when only he, Evie, Jane, and Maura remained seated at one of the umbrella covered tables. The others had finished lunch and were cleaning up and heading down to the lake for some more fun in the sun.

"What do you mean?" Maura inquired, entwining her fingers with Jane's.

"When you two spoke with Lord Fenrir and Lady Vivienne, did either of them mention anything about training and preparation to fulfill your roles as the alphas of all Lycan kind?" Marcus set his empty beer bottle down on the table.

"They touched on it briefly. We were told you would be helping us with that." Jane took another drink from her own beer.

Marcus nodded. "Yeah, that's what we were sent here for. Our pack's home base is in Massachusetts. Since I am not only the local packs Alpha, but currently the Alpha of all the packs in the US of A, Massachusetts is currently designated as a sort of U.S. Capital for our kind. My territory also extends up into New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Basically the upper most northeastern tip of the US is mine to rule. I oversee and meet with the other Pack Alphas around the US at least once a month, more often if they are having problems in their territory. If you want to get married soon in MA, I have some pull with a judge near Amherst, and can get the three day waiting period waved for you. A couple, elders in our pack, own and operate an upscale bed and breakfast in Amherst. It overlooks the lake and is very private. Many of our kind vacation there. If you would like, I can make a few calls and you could be married there. They have a website if you want to check it out."

"Oh that sounds lovely. We could stop in Manhattan for a little shopping on our way. We could pick out our rings and something to wear. I will look up the website, and you can call your friend about getting the paperwork started. We could head out first thing in the morning." Maura beamed, her mind already working on the myriad of things she thought needed to be taken care of.

Jane however was focused on what Marcus hadn't said yet. "What is this more than one level you were talking about? I'm betting it has a lot to do with the training and preparation you mentioned." She gave him the look that often had suspects spilling their guts to her when she had them in interrogation.

The look had Marcus straightening in his chair. "Yes it does. You see very rarely does anyone ever step completely blind into our world like you two have. If they do, they are able to gradually learn what they need to thrive. However, you two do not have that luxury. Most awakened dormants are betas, and if one happens to be an Alpha, they aren't a particularly powerful one. They carry lesser roles in the packs. You two have been touched by the heavens and are wolves of legend, Alpha's above all others. What you know of the paranormal and preternatural world is just the very tip of the iceberg. The two of you will be rulers over the largest group of the five different classes of beings in our world. You have a lot to learn to be able to do the job you were chosen for."

"What are these five classes of beings?" Maura inquired. The enormity of their current situation was truly making itself known to both her and Jane.

"There are Lycans, Vampires, Elves, Magi, and Fae." Evie ticked off. "Most Lycans, except for the two of you, have a shorter lifespan than most of the other classes, but we are more prolific in our reproduction. It keeps our numbers higher than most of the other groups." She took in the looks of shock on both women's faces. "Don't worry; most of what humans think they know about our world is totally wrong. For instance, you both are now Lycans or what many humans would call werewolves. Neither of you have the urge to shift and eat people, and you can't just make anyone you want into a wolf, if you did bite someone. Lycanthrope is a born condition; dormants are the products of Lycans mating with humans. Silver also doesn't really affect us much more than any other metal, although it stings more and can slow down the healing of a wound. Your average Lycan lifespan is about three hundred or so years. Magi's lifespan is about the same, but their numbers are not large, not all members of a Magi family are born with magical gifts. Vampires on the whole, live about 500 years; they are also not the undead. Most do have a problem being in the sun and some feed off of blood and emotions, but not exclusively so. They also need to eat just as you or I do. Like with Lycans only dormants can be awakened to become a true vampire. They can't just turn someone, any more than we can. Now Elves and Fae, they are the ones with the truly long lifespan. Some of them are practically immortal, just as you two now are. A member of their race can go centuries between the births of a child in their family. I guess it is nature's way of helping keep the world from being overrun." Evie picked up her glass of ice tea, drinking and waiting for her new friends' reaction.

Maura and Jane both sat silent; each lost in their own thoughts.

"Sounds like it will take a while for us to learn everything we need to know, and we don't have a whole lot of time to do it in. We only have about a week and a half before we are expected back home and at our jobs. I am not sure how we are going to accomplish all that you are suggesting and get married all within the next ten days." Maura's mind was whirling. She tightened her hold on Jane's hand feeling more grounded immediately.

Jane sat silent, waiting. She could since there was more to come. She sat back, holding Maura's hand, indicating with her beer bottle for Marcus to continue.

Marcus was impressed with Jane's patience; he thought she would be a bit more explosive in her response to the news. "Well there is a way for you to get the time you need to grow fully into the leaders you have been chosen to become." He hesitated; this was going to be difficult to explain. "Have you ever heard the fairy tales about fairy mounds?"

Jane's eyebrow rose. "Really?"

Evie hid a smile behind her hand.

Maura sat forward in her seat. "My nanny used to read me tales about such things when I was a child. It was said that was where fairies lived and that if a human ever went there they would be old when they came back out, even if they only stayed there for a short time. However, if they stayed in the fairy mound they could live a very long time."

Marcus nodded. "Those tales aren't completely accurate, but not entirely inaccurate either."

"How so?" Maura asked.

"For one, they aren't really fairly mounds. They are portals into the land of the preternatural. The birthplace of the paranormal. Humans and the preternatural have always existed, but because of our differences the land of Undrehiel was hidden and only accessible through portals scattered around the known world."

"Underhill? Am I going to run into Frodo if I go there?" Jane smirked.

Evie couldn't contain her laugh this time.

"Jane behave. Underhill and Undrehiel are not pronounced the same." Maura lightly scolded.

Jane only rolled her eyes smiling, she secretly loved it when Maura scolded her and often provoked it. "Whatever, please continue."

"The long and the short of it is, Lord Fenrir and Lady Vivienne instructed us to take you to Undrehiel to train and prepare. They even spoke to the members of the Council of Undrehiel about the two of you. They are expecting you. You will each receive training that is suited to the position you will hold and your natural abilities. You will also have access to a section of the archival library that the former Lord Raven and Lady Snow left for their heirs, which is you two." Marcus put it all out there.

"We can't just disappear into this Undrehiel place. We both have family and friends who would worry and look for us." Jane stated. "And who the heck is Lord Raven and Lady Snow?"

"They are the original Lycans. The first heaven chosen black and white wolves. The only King and Queen the Lycans ever had. The ones you were told about by the God and Goddess." Evie answered.

"Yeah, I remember. Why were they called Raven and Snow?" Jane leaned forward propping her elbow on the table and her chin in her hand, her other still holding Maura's.

"Simple really, back then it was very dangerous to be thought of as something magical when you were in the human world, and the original chosen didn't want to cause trouble for themselves or the people around them. They went by their human names in the human world and everyone in Undrehiel began referring to them by Lord Raven and Lady Snow, because of their colors. The raven black of his coat when in wolf form and the white of the purest snow of her coat when in wolf form." Marcus explained, he had a feeling this was going to be a long afternoon.

"Raven and Snow, I like it." Maura smiled.

Evie smiled too. "Good, because they are already referring to the two of you by those names; the only difference is that Jane isn't male so Lord doesn't really fit. They call her Laird Raven. Laird in our world holds the same meaning as lord, but the title can be carried by either a male or a female."

"Laird Raven, sounds sexy." Maura teased, leaning over and kissing Jane on the cheek.

Jane quickly turned her head before Maura could move away, catching her lips for a quick kiss. "Why thank you Lady Snow, you have a lovely name as well." She grinned.

Maura's smile did not falter, only grew. Even with the seriousness of the conversation and upheaval of their lives, she was happier than she had ever been. As long as she had Jane by her side she could face whatever the future might bring.

Marcus was happy for the couple and hated to break the moment, but they had to get back to business. "About the whole disappearing part, your family and friends shouldn't even know you are gone. You can spend ten hours in Undrehiel and only ten minutes will have gone by here. The general ratio is every minute in the human world is an hour in Undrehiel. A year is approximately six and a half days. Your family won't even know you weren't off enjoying yourself on vacation."

Evie bit her lip nervously. "Actually the two of you have been granted an addition four weeks to your vacation time by the BPD and the Medical Examiner's office. The Council of Undrehiel has connections everywhere in the human world, and it was easily accomplished. Especially, with the recent events you two went through and the positions you hold in your respective communities. That should give you plenty of time to fully assume your mantels and a period of adjustment when you return from Undrehiel."

"It seems like Fenrir and Vivienne have been busy for quite a while setting all this up. It is beginning to feel like we don't have control over our own lives anymore." Jane rubbed the bridge of her nose with her free hand. Maura leaned heavily into Jane to comfort both of them, she very much agreed with her mate.

"A great mantle of commitment and authority has been placed upon you both. I don't envy either of you the duties that have been set before you. I can only say that Evie and I will help you in any way we can, and so will our pack. Your existence and status within our world will remain hidden to all in the human realm until your return. It will be harder to keep it a secret from those in Undrehiel once you arrive. However, no one will bring that news out into the world of man before you are ready. Lord Fenrir and Lady Vivienne have assured it. The only ones in this world who know who you are is the ten of us here from my pack. We have been touched by the god and goddess, making it impossible for us to talk about the two of you, with or around others until the spell is released. Anyone who comes out of Undrehiel with knowledge of you two will be unable to convey that information in any way until the God and Goddess release the enchantment. The heavens might have placed a great burden upon your shoulders, but they are also watching out for you. They are providing training for the skills and tools required to handle your new standing." Marcus wasn't sure there was much else that needed to be said for now. Jane and Maura needed time to take in all that they had learned so far.

"Why don't you take some time to think about all of this? We apparently have a wedding to put together before we embark on our journey into Undrehiel. I'll go call my friend and get the waiting period waved and Evie can show you the website for the bed and breakfast. It is a popular wedding spot in the area." Marcus got nods of agreement from all of the ladies and stood.

"Thanks Marcus and you as well Evie. A lot has also been asked of you. We appreciate your efforts to make this easier on us. We will mull over and discuss this new information and speak on it later. I for one would like to focus on making my beautiful Lycan mate, my wife." Jane stood offering her hand to Marcus.

Marcus took it. He thought the gods and goddesses had chosen well. "It's been a pleasure. You are good people, and I can see why you were chosen. Now I better call my friend before he decides to take off work early, or something." He winked at the women. "You ladies have fun with your plans." The Alpha headed off in the direction of the bunk house where the pack was staying.

Jane turned to find that Evie had already brought out some sort of digital tablet and was showing the bed and breakfast website to Maura. The dark haired woman was very glad they weren't going to have a big gaudy wedding.

"Oh Jane look at this, we could be married in this gazebo on a hill overlooking the lake, or under an arbor in their beautiful garden, or even in front of a small waterfall that is in a creek nearby, fed by the lake. I think that might be my favorite. See we could stand on the bridge over the creek at the bottom of the falls and exchange vows. It really is a beautiful spot and I believe it would suit us both." Maura gushed.

Jane leaned over her mate's shoulder looking at the pictures as Maura scrolled through. "I agree baby, the waterfall is my favorite too."

"That is settled then, now how long will it take you in Manhattan to pick up what you need? Also don't worry about having to contact the airlines to fly back. We arrived here in the company plane, we will simply all take it to New York and then on to the small airstrip we use near Amherst." Evie was having fun helping plan the little wedding.

"That is so generous of you, thank you. I can take mine and Jane's measurements and send them along with a few ideas for clothing to my personal shopper in Manhattan. I can also give her a few ideas about wedding rings we might be interested in, and she can take care of getting us a selection of those as well. It shouldn't take long to make any alterations for us. I am a very good customer. I already know what I would like to wear and what I would like to see Jane wear. I also have some ideas about the rings. I don't think either of us needs a big diamond to get in the way. I was thinking we could get eternity bands. I also thought it appropriate since we are going to be together until the end of time. I think spend the day tomorrow in Manhattan, stay the night there, and leave the following morning for Amherst." Maura turned and kissed Jane who was still hovering at her shoulder. "Don't worry sweetie, I'm not going to make you wear a dress or heels."

"See, I just grow to love you more and more all the time." Jane smiled and kissed Maura again. "It sounds like you have everything under control here. I will let you take my measurements later, and I like your idea of the eternity bands. I know you two are probably going to want to talk about flowers and things and I will not be much help with that at all. I think I'll go spend some quality time with Jo Friday and maybe play a little ball on the beach with the others and leave you ladies to enjoy yourselves. You can take my measurements later dear, because I am positive it will lead to other things." Jane pressed her lips to Maura's one more time before giving them both a small wave and swaggering off towards the beach to find Jo Friday.

"It's a good thing you claimed her so well. I am claimed, married, and straight and I know that if I was single I would jump the fence for a chance to go out with her. The cocky grin and swagger just kind of set it all off doesn't it?" Evie said as they watched Jane walk away.

Maura laughed. "The funny thing is she gets noticed all the time by both men and women and she is usually oblivious to it. She is absolutely gorgeous and doesn't even see it. I really am lucky that we finally got together. And yes her grin and swagger are extremely sexy." She watched as Jane bent to gather up a very happy dog as she bounced about Jane's feet. "Now let's call the Bed and Breakfast and get the ball rolling."

Maura and Evie put their heads together and got busy. Jane with Jo Friday in tow approached Marcus, who just closed his phone, with a little planning of her own in mind.


Chapter 11

Marcus and Jane sat in rocking chairs on the porch of the bunk house; Jane closed Marcus' phone and handed it back to him. "Thanks for helping set all that up. Jean Anne, at the bed and breakfast, is a really sweet woman and agreed not to let Maura know what I have planned."

He took the phone. "Yeah she really is great. I've known her all my life. She and her husband Jasper have been friends with my parents for over 200 years, they're family. I think you had a nice idea by the way, I believe Maura will like it."

Jane picked Jo Friday back up. "I hope so. I would do just about anything to make her happy."

"I understand. I feel the same about my Evie. They are both really special women. We are lucky bastards to have claimed 'em." He opened a cooler setting on the porch nearby, pulling out a beer offering one to Jane.

She nodded, accepting. "Thanks and yes we are both damn lucky." They sat in silence for a while watching the vigorous game of volleyball happening on the beach.

"Jane, I need to give you something that Lord Fenrir gave to me and instructed me to deliver to you when we were alone." He slid a heavy old fashioned linen envelope with a wax seal out of the pocket of his cargo shorts. "I don't know what it is or what it's about. I didn't ask and I don't think he would have told me if I had." He handed it to Jane.

Jane took the envelope turning it over in her hands a few times. The seal had two wolves standing side by side on it. The front was addressed To Laird Raven use with all of our blessings. We take care of our own. Curious, Jane popped the seal and opened the envelope. She pulled out the heavy sheets of paper leaving a little black card inside. She picked up the card and goggled at it. It was a black Amex card with her name on it. What the hell? She put the card back in the envelope and opened the letter.

My dear little Raven,

Don't go all macho on us and not use that card. You are a King, chosen by us to rule a very powerful race of beings. With that responsibility comes status and wealth in the preternatural world. Wealth means nothing to us on the ethereal plain, we can make fortunes come and go with the flick of our fingers. Wealth is just another tool you will need to help perform your tasks. You and your lovely mate will inherit great riches, which have been lying in wait for you, from the previous Lord Raven and Lady Snow. You are their true heirs. It became yours the moment the two of you shifted, proving you were the next coming of the wolves of legend.

You my dear Raven are also going to gain wealth and status in the world of man. We can see some things in the future and this we know. We have had nothing to do with this situation, but we have been watching it for several years. This prosperity and status will come to you because of your good and loving heart, your compassionate nature, and your warrior spirit. And don't ask, I won't tell you more, I have probably already told you more than I should. Although I will tell you that Lady Snow's parents will not be able to complain about their daughter marrying beneath them. Alright, no more on that subject.

Now, take this card and purchase something nice for that mate of yours and take her out to a really nice dinner, and buy yourself some more clothes. I don't know if you have noticed, but you have gained muscle mass and definition, as well as a couple inches in height since you shifted. I would buy loose, because that will continue for a bit. You aren't going to be a stick figure any longer my dear, but a warrior. Don't worry though you will not bulk up like those body builder women. That just wouldn't be right on you at all. You will look more like those fitness models in the magazines and on television, I have seen. Trust me you will stay sexy, just more badass. Lady Snow will love it. I don't know if you have noticed, but she really likes how strong you are, and spends an inordinate amount of time checking out your muscles and your long legs. I suppose that a woman should find her mate attractive. You spend a lot of time checking out her cleavage, and you nearly drool while watching her walk around in those high heels you tease her about.

My dear Raven, we all know you and Lady Snow will work hard when you reach Undrehiel. Don't worry about that for the next few days. Now go enjoy your wedding. Be happy with your mate and wife. The rest will come as it will come.


Your Favorite God on High,

Lord Fenrir

Wow! She had never even thought about money and being a King. God, it was so much to take in. She put the letter back in the envelope with the card before folding it and sliding it into her back pocket. She stood placing her little mop of a dog back down on the porch. The dog immediately ran off to join in the games on the beach. Jane shook her head smiling at the little dogs antics. The animal really got on well with the Lycans that were here.

"That is rare you know." Marcus smiled as he followed her gaze, also watching the little dog.


"Usually dogs are afraid of us. We can raise certain breeds from birth and they can make pretty good pets, but it is rare for a dog not raised around Lycans to be so at ease in our presence. She treats you no different now than she did before you became Lycan. That really is a special little pup you got there, and my pack members love her. I think they want to make her their mascot. It is a treat for them when she eagerly asks to be pet or licks their faces. They will all be fighting for the chance to be her dogsitter while you are in Undrehiel. It won't be safe to take her in with you. She would age too much for her short little canine life." Marcus chuckled as the little dog ran nipping at heals as it chased the ball around not the least bit afraid of the big bad wolves.

"I hadn't thought of that. I would appreciate it and it looks like she will be well taken care of." She put her hands on her hips, her fingers brushing up against the envelope in her pocket. "Marcus, I am going to take a jog around the lake, clear some of the cobwebs from my brain. If Maura comes looking for me, could you let her know where I am, and that I won't be gone long."

"Sure, no problem, take the time you need."

Jane waved before rounding the house and heading off, at a slow warm up jog, along the path which meandered around the lake.

Jane stepped out of the shower to find the love of her life waiting for her with a fluffy towel in her hands. It made things warm inside her from both the thoughtfulness of her mate and the heated look she was receiving.

"How was your run sweetheart?" Maura wrapped the towel around the dark haired woman's long tall frame. She always thought Jane was attractive, but she loved the additional muscular development.

"It was good, helped me clear my head a little." Jane began drying off.

Maura turned to the counter by the sink and picked a measuring tape.

Jane smiled seeing the look of anticipation on Maura's face. She finished drying off with a little help from Maura before draping the damp towel over the rod on the shower door. She stood as still as possible absorbing Maura's touch as she ran her talented hands over Jane's body, taking all kinds of measurements and recording them as she went along. Of course, her mate had come prepared, rarely was she not.

The thought turned Jane's mind back to all that was going on in their lives.

The change didn't go unnoticed by Maura; she finished her enjoyable task and sat her things aside. Her arms slid around her lover's delicious body drawing her close, resting her head on the taller woman's shoulder. "Are you ready to talk about it now?"

Moments ticked by. "I think we need to talk about it. I feel like our lives have been taken over. My mind is wrestling with so many questions, uncertainties, concerns, and conflicting emotions. I feel like I am being tossed around on a raging sea." She leaned back looking into the beautiful hazel eyes of her mate. "You are my only calm in the storm. I would be a complete mess if not for you."

Rising up, Maura placed a gentle kiss on soft inviting lips, a kiss of comfort, of understanding, a kiss of reassurance. "We are in this together. You are also my rock to cling to in all of this." She shifted away. "Let's eat and talk. I can hear Evie calling me from the kitchen. A couple of guys ran into town and picked up some pizzas. I will bring ours up here. We can sit on the sofa, eat, and talk just like we do at home."

"I love you, babe. I am damn lucky to have you in my life. "Jane picked up Maura's robe from the back of the door slipping it on.

"I feel the same for you, BABE." Maura smiled over her shoulder as she headed out to get their food.

A chuckle escaped the taller woman at her lover's emphasis on babe. She felt more than lucky, she felt blessed.

The couple sat together, shoulder to shoulder, eating pizza. Maura's was accompanied with a nice glass of red wine and Jane was drinking beer from the bottle. The scene was one very familiar to them both except there was a new intimacy that wasn't there before. The uncertain feelings and sexual tension was gone, replaced with loving comfort and the promise of heated passion boiling under the surface. The situation relaxed and reassured both women.

Jane placed her empty plate on the coffee table and picked up the letter she had received earlier. She felt Maura's eyes shift to the envelope. "Marcus delivered this to me earlier. It's from Fenrir." She placed the letter in Maura's hand. "Go ahead, you can read it. I don't mind."

Maura read the front of the envelope and checked out the seal before slipping the heavy pages from their confines. She saw the black card left inside, her eyebrows rose when she saw what it was.

"Read the letter. It explains some, but also creates more questions." Jane stood and began cleaning up their dinner mess while Maura read. She ran the trash and left over pizza downstairs to the kitchen, her previous calm beginning to fray again.

Maura was sipping from her wine glass, the letter open before her on the coffee table. "I hadn't thought about it, but the money aspect does make sense. A kingdom cannot be successfully run without it." She fell silent again and watched as her lovely mate began to pace.

"A Kingdom Maura! A Kingdom, I am supposed to be the King of. What the sam hell do I know about being a ruler? This is not leading the occasional take down of a criminal. That usually doesn't ever involve more than ten cops; twenty if it is something really major. But really how often does that happen. This is leading a race of beings I didn't even know existed until a few days ago, when we became Lycans ourselves. There must be thousands of Lycans all over the world and in Undrehiel, as well. I don't know how to do it. And if I do become their King can I still be a cop. Will I still want to be a cop? What about all this wealth and status stuff. I don't know how to walk in that world. I usually embarrass you when you take to me to hobnob with the fancy people. You are about the only rich person I have met that I like. Well, I guess Marcus and Evie are rich too and I like them okay. However, from what I have experienced they are the exception not the rule." Jane continued to pace.

"I am supposed to be this great guardian and warrior, a leader of armies. I have no clue how to do that or if I can even become all that. I do pretty well at kicking ass. And I'm pretty good with a gun or rifle in my hand. But I have a feeling that putting a bullet in one of the variety of beings in the preternatural community would piss them off more than it would do any real damage." Jane stopped pacing and flung herself onto the bed landing on her back. Her eyes closed. "I'm scared Maura." Jane whispered.

Maura sat a moment watching her now silent mate. She very much understood what Jane was going through, and how much courage it took for her to admit her fear. The simple fact that they were going through this together was helping to keep Maura from breaking down.

She stood placing her wine glass on the table. Climbing up on the bed, she straddled Jane's hips before lying down upon her, hugging Jane close. "I have similar feelings. I am also uncertain about the future. I speak for the dead, but they expect me to be a great healer. I do worry about being able to do that. The scholar part I don't worry about too much, learning new things is something I have always enjoyed. I am to be your Queen and I worry about what all that entails. I may have grown up in a more aristocratic world, but I never fit in. I was never comfortable." Maura kissed Jane on the first mark she had given her beautiful mate. "I'm scared too."

Jane wrapped her arms around the amazing woman above her, holding her close. "I will always do everything in my power to take care of you and keep you safe Maura. We are partners in this life, no matter what it brings our way. Being able to share with you like this helps more than I can express." She kissed the top of Maura's head. "The one thing in all this that doesn't scare me is making you my wife. I know we are mated for all time by Lycan standards, but until a few days ago we were both fully human. I still feel mostly human. I feel the need to stand up with you before witnesses and exchange vows, declaring my love for you, making you mine as I become yours. Having you become my wife is a dream come true for me."

A happy tear slipped from Maura's eye. Her mate kept so much to herself; to have Jane open up with her was a precious gift. "Beyond anything else going on in our life, becoming your wife and you becoming mine means the most to me. And rest assured, I will do everything in my power to take care of you, as well."

Jane rolled, placing Maura below her. "I think we should take Fenrir's advice and not worry about what's going to happen once we reach Undrehiel. We should enjoy each other and our wedding. We can deal with the rest when the time comes."

Maura nodded, sliding her hands into Jane's wild mane. She pulled her down where their lips merged, tongues slowly dueling. The lovemaking was slow and caring. Each expressing their love and devotion with every caress as they worshipped one another. No words were spoken, none where needed. They let their bodies and actions speak for them. The only sounds to be heard in their room that night were those of shared passion and ecstasy.

After several hours of slow, yet mind blowing lovemaking, the two lovebirds fell asleep in each other's embrace while still buried within one another, connected in one of the most intimate of ways.


Chapter 12

The morning came much too soon, but after a vigorous and very pleasing shower together, Jane and Maura were quickly packed and ready to go. They were leaving the SUV they rented at the cabin. Maura arranged for it to be taken back to the rental agency by the son of the couple who took care of the cabin property for her.

The only thing that slowed them down upon leaving was getting Jo Friday rounded up. She thought it grand fun to be chased around by the big Lycans. Finally, Jane stepped in after having a good laugh at her little dog's antics. She knelt and snapped her fingers. The little dog leapt into her arms licking her happily. Jane pulled the little pup away from her face. "Yeah, yeah. I love you too Jo!" She scruffed the little mop on the neck before helping to load her into her carrier for the drive to the airport.

It wasn't long before they arrived in Manhattan. Maura and Jane went directly to their meeting with Maura's personal shopper, Mandy. Marcus and the others headed to the hotel to check them all in for the night. In no time, Maura fell in love with one of the dresses Mandy had picked out. She looked fabulous in it. The tailor only wanted to make minor adjustments. It was handed to one of his assistants who was to get to work on it immediately.

Jane was glad they were going for a less formal look for their small ceremony. Although, everything they would both be wearing would be designer and tailored. They were planning for a more relaxed atmosphere at the wedding and the comfortable, yet elegant clothing, would go well in the outdoor setting. They were both going with sandals, though Jane's heel would be lower, whereas Maura's added a few inches to her height.

Jane also tried on a few other items of clothing besides those for the wedding. Maura had her trying on slacks, jeans, blouses, blazers, t-shirts, and any other items Maura felt she needed for her new more filled out frame, not to mention taller physique. It seemed her body was already preparing to become that of a warrior. Lunch was delivered as Jane was being poked and prodded again by the tailor, but she sucked up any discomfort because Maura was having such a blast.

After they ate Mandy brought out a large selection of rings for them to peruse. They found the ones they liked and Maura insisted that Jane get the wider double ring band. "They look great on your long fingers. They suit your larger hands much better than the single ring. My hand is smaller than yours and looks better with the single band."

"I think yours would look good with two of these slimmer bands doubled, it would only be the tiniest bit wider than the single band. It would look beautiful on your smaller, yet very capable hand, and our bands would match well together." Jane suggested sliding two of the thinner bands together on Maura's finger, so it would look similar to the one larger ring she wore. "What do you think?"

Maura grinned, quickly kissing Jane. "I think that is a perfect idea." She turned to Mandy. "Do you think the jeweler can do this for us and have them ready in the morning?"

"I am sure he can, he said he would have no problem doing so if we got your choices back to him by two."

Maura and Jane finished choosing stone sizes and styles and the band style they liked. They were each going to be carrying several carats of diamonds on their finger, but there would be no single large diamond to get hung up on things. Mandy left personally to take care of the rings. Jane and Maura were soon finished with their clothing selections and arranged to have everything, except for the few items they were taking with them, delivered to their hotel early the next morning.

They made it to the hotel that Marcus and Evie had checked them all into. They were barely in the door when Evie came in. "Alright, I have scheduled a full spa treatment for myself, Maura, Carlita, Ashley, and Tony." Evie and Maura both laughed at Jane's happy sigh as her name was not on the list. "Jane, Marcus and the rest of the guys will be taking you out for the afternoon. There is some private boxing exhibition that is apparently a very hot ticket, happening this afternoon. We will all be meeting back here and be ready for our dinner reservations at 8. We are taking the two of you out this afternoon and evening, our treat. Now get ready, you have thirty minutes before Marcus and I will be back to get you." With that she was out the door.

"Oh this is going to be fun. I guess this is like a bachelorette or bachelor party sort of thing. You better change dear. I think you look great in those shorts, but I don't want a bunch of pumped up men ogling your bare legs." Maura started pushing Jane towards the bathroom. "I only need to freshen up a bit because I will be in a spa towel or robe all afternoon."

"Just make sure none of your spa therapists get to handsy with you. I might be tempted to hunt them down and introduce them to Laird Raven." Jane growled spinning Maura and pinning her to the wall. She kissed her hard and deep until they were forced to come up for air.

"I'll do my best." Maura panted.

"Good, I find I have a hard time thinking about someone else with their hands on you." Jane stepped back and began pulling off her clothes.

Maura leaned against the wall enjoying the view. "I assure you the feeling is mutual."

Leaving the bathroom, Maura picked up the bags that they had returned with. She picked out a pair of dark blue designer jeans, a deep purple button down blouse, and a black under shirt. She went through the bags until she found a new pair of black boots and a matching belt. She nodded, Jane would look good, but wouldn't be showing off too much. She'd just laid the outfit out on the bed when Jane stepped out of the bathroom with a hint of make-up on, her hair gleaming, and a trace of perfume scenting the air. She now wore a black lace bra and a pair of lacy boy-cut panties. Oh wow! Maura wished she was a painter; she would spend a lifetime trying to capture Jane on canvas. The woman in front of her was a goddess.

"I could always call Evie and cancel." Maura stated as she approached the dark haired beauty. She couldn't not touch.

Jane moaned as Maura's hands traced down her body. "As tempting as that is sweetheart it would disappoint the others, and they have been really good to us. Also, I know you will have a good time at the spa."

Maura sighed, burrowing into Jane's neck. "I know." She stepped away reluctantly. "You better hurry and dress before I forget all of that."

Jane laughed a little when she saw Maura had picked out an outfit for her to wear. She quickly dressed and decided Maura had done a good job with the clothes. "Do I look alright?"

"You look HOT!" Maura said doing her best Giovanni impersonation.

Jane laughed. "You can be such a nut, Maura. I love that about you." She pulled Maura to her again; she would never get enough of the woman.

They were forced to come up for air by a knock at their door. Marcus and Evie had arrived. Maura handed Jane a well fitted short black leather jacket. It really made the outfit pop. Jane grabbed her cell phone, id, her new black Amex, and some cash. She was set.

Maura shook her head. She couldn't understand how any woman could go anywhere without a purse.

"It's a boxing match with the guys, I don't need a purse." Jane rolled her eyes, reading the smaller woman's thoughts.

Maura grabbed her rather large purse and opened the door. "We are all set."

The group walked down to the lobby together. In front of the hotel two limos waited. One pearly white, the other midnight black. The guys began loading into the black limo and the ladies and Tony began loading into the white one. Marcus and Evie shared a kiss before climbing in to their respective limos.

"Have fun watching the tough men beat each other up." Maura kissed Jane.

Jane returned the kiss, enjoying the pleasure of getting to kiss the woman she loved in full view of the world. "I'm sure I will. You have a good time at the spa with our new friends." Jane helped Maura into the limo, wishing the others a good time as well, before heading up to the black limo and climbing in.

Maura and the gang who went to the spa arrived back at the hotel at half past six. They were all smiling and feeling refreshed. They were the first ones back. They all split to their rooms. Maura took her time getting dressed up for dinner. She was glad more of their clothing purchases had arrived. She found the Escada dress she had bought for herself. The mixed rose colored fabric looked good on her. The dress fit to her curves stopping just below the knee, it had capped sleeves and draped at the neckline. She slipped on her strappy vamp rose gold Caparros sandals with the three inch heel. She checked herself out in the mirror. Yes, she looked good. Jane wouldn't be able to keep her eyes off of her.

Maura hung Jane's dress on the back of the bathroom door, and sat her shoes on the counter. She looked at the clock. Jane was going to have to rush to be ready on time.

Jane hurried through the door as Maura was leaving the bathroom. "Sorry we were late." She was already stripping her clothes off as she came across the room. She paused in mid strip when she looked at Maura. "Oh man, you look amazing, sweetheart. I may strut a little tonight having such a beautiful woman at my side. Just a warning, I don't think I will be able to help myself." She grinned, her eyes already full of lust. It was going to be a long night.

Maura laughed enjoying her lover's reaction. "Your dress in on the back of the door, shoes on the counter." She pointed towards the bathroom. "Now get in there and change. Evie is going to be knocking on our door in a few minutes."

It was Maura's turn to stare when Jane reemerged from the bathroom in an emerald V-necked sleeveless Zac Posen dress with a pleated skirt. Her hair and make-up had been freshened. She was wearing black Ferragamo pumps with an open toe and a little bow across the top. Jane's legs were bare from the knee down; her legs looked like they went on for miles. "It appears we will be strutting together tonight. Jane you look fabulous." Maura also enjoyed how the dress showed off Jane's long neck and toned shoulders and arms. She looked fit and sexy as hell.

Jane smiled. The look on Maura's face made wearing the dress and heels worth it. "I love you, babe. We better get our things together. I know we bought a little clutch purse that matches this dress. I need to put my things in it."

Maura handed her the clutch, already loaded with her things. She had gotten them out of Jane's pockets as she picked up the clothes her love had dropped as she hurried to the bathroom. "Thank you. I don't know what I would do without you." Jane took the clutch and kissed the love of her life.

"You would be late." Maura said as they parted.

"Probably." Jane said as she took Maura's hand and they left the room. Everyone was meeting in the lobby.

When they reached the elevator they ran into Tony and Warren, dressed in tailored dark suits. "Wow you two look fantastic!" Warren said.

"Thank you, you two look quite handsome yourselves. Are we the last ones?" Maura asked.

"Yes, but not by much. The elevator doors closed behind the others just before you joined us. The elevator was full so we are waiting for the next one. I can't stand cramped elevator cars." Tony added with a shiver.

Minutes later they were joining everyone else in the lobby. Marcus looked over as the elevator doors opened up and Jane and Maura stepped off. Many eyes from around the lobby zoomed to the two gorgeous women. "They make an amazing couple."

Evie and Ashley followed his gaze. "They really do. They will make great leaders and representatives for our class." Evie said.

Hand in hand the couple approached the group. "My, doesn't everyone look beautiful and handsome. This group may stop traffic when we step outside." Jane winked at Evie.

Evie laughed. "We were thinking the same about you guys. Come on everyone, the limo awaits."

This time they all entered into a long black stretch Hummer limo. It had plenty of room to hold all the large Lycan males and the smaller women.

"We have reservations in the private dining gallery at Empire Steakhouse. I thought their menu diverse enough to please everyone here." Evie announced.

"I have heard the food is delicious and the atmosphere lovely. I haven't had a chance to eat there yet. Whenever I am in the city with my mother she usually prefers French cuisine." Maura said as conversation continued around them. Everyone was in a jovial mood and it looked like all were going to have a good time.

Their party was shown to the private dining gallery upon their arrival at the restaurant. Many heads turned to see the large group of beautifully dressed men and women make their way up the stairs to the gallery.

Seafood platter appetizers were shortly brought out for everyone to begin with, along with white wine. Evie had arranged it earlier when she pulled a few strings and got them reservations.

The dark haired woman read over her menu. "What are you getting?" she asked Maura. "I think I am going for the prime rib and those delicious looking fried onion rings."

"Jane you have got to have something healthy, too. I think I am going to try the Chilean sea bass with steamed asparagus. Why don't you share the empire salad for two with me?" Maura placed her hand on Jane's arm as she spoke.

Jane knew she couldn't say no. She was so whipped. The detective knew it, but couldn't find any real reason to complain about it. She was happy. "Alright, sounds good to me." She looked around, it really was a nice place and she liked the two walls of windows that gave them a view of the lit up streets outside.

"How did the spa treatment go for everyone? Did you all have a good time?" Marcus asked.

"It was lovely. I so enjoy the relaxing and recuperative powers of a good spa treatment." Maura took a sip of her wine.

"It was a blast." Ashley said. "You should have seen this one woman flirting with Tony. She was going at him strong. Until Maura told her she better be careful, because if his lover Warren was as protective as her fiancé, she could get herself in some serious trouble."

The table dissolved into laughter. "Well it's true." Maura stated. The laughter continued.

Warren put his arm around Tony. "Thank you Lady Maura, for protecting my man for me, sometimes he is just too good looking for his own good." He grinned wide winking at his lover.

"What about you guys, did all of you have a good time at your boxing match?" Evie asked while everyone made short work of the appetizers. Lycans had large appetites.

"It was a blast. De Hoya was there, so were Sugar Ray Leonard and Evander Holyfield. Many big names in business, sports, and entertainment were there. We met Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. Jack Nicholson even tried to pick up Jane." Kendar said.

"That is really not all that flattering." Jane added. "The man is old enough to be my grandfather and he hasn't held up near as well as Sean Connery has."

That got everyone laughing again. The conversation and laughter continued as they all shared a wonderful meal together.

"Maura, I know we discussed our family and friends not being at our wedding tomorrow and I am okay with that. However, I have been thinking about what we will have to deal with when we return. I think I may have come up with a solution, if you are agreeable." Jane said in a quiet moment before the dessert arrived.

"What is your idea?"

"Well, I ran it by Warren, who is a techie head even more so than Frost. He said he could run our end and a few buddies of his, from Wolfe Security, would be happy to help us back in Boston." She hoped Maura didn't think her idea was stupid. "I was thinking we buy an electronic tablet like you and Evie were using yesterday, one with live video capability. We buy one each for your parents, my mom and my brothers, Korsack, Frost, and Cynthie Castle, and anyone else you would like. They would be delivered to our friends and family by some of Marcus' pack shortly before the ceremony begins. The pack member will stay with whoever they deliver our special invitations to; to make sure everything comes through okay. They can watch us get married live via the internet. They won't know where we are and can't gainsay us, but they can still be a part of the day."

The doctor sat stunned. Sometimes Jane surprised her. "That is a marvelous idea. I would have never thought of it. They can be there and not be there at the same time. Brilliant." She kissed her lover, not caring that all were watching and whistling.

When Maura pulled back Jane stated loudly. "I am going to have to be brilliant more often." The table roared again. The rest of the meal was spent talking about the logistics of pulling off their plan on such short notice. Jane thought she just might sometimes find it useful to have a black Amex card at her disposal.

As everyone was waiting for their limo to arrive Maura turned when she heard her name being called. A blond haired blue eyed man with his carbon copy standing beside him approached. Maura thought they looked familiar, but couldn't place them. They too were leaving the restaurant. Jane, who was standing near Warren answering a question, looked up as well.

"Hello, Dr. Isles. I don't know if you remember me or not. I was at the medical conference in Chicago earlier this year. I saw you speak there. My name's Matt and this is my brother Max. We are both surgeons, and we were really impressed with what you had to say. I was wondering if you would like to go have a drink with us. I noticed you had a single friend with you." He paused, indicating Jane. "She could come along and round out the party. I am sure she and Max would get along great." His smile was full of confidence and seemed a little practiced to Maura. Even if she had been single, she wouldn't date this guy or his equally smarmy looking brother. Smarmy? Jane was certainly expanding her vocabulary in interesting ways, but smarmy about summed them both up.

"I am glad you enjoyed my speech at the conference, but I am sorry I don't remember seeing either of you. I am also out with friends and not interested in going out to drinks with you." Maura tried to be polite. Both men stood up straight as Jane glided to her side. They were trying to appear taller next to her tall lover, who had a couple of inches on both of them.

Max and Matt looked Jane up and down. "Are you a model? Because you certainly look like you could be." Max said to her.

Jane looked down on the duo. "You've got to be kidding me. Does that line ever actually work?"

"Jane." Maura reprimanded, winking at her letting her know she didn't really mean it. The twins' advances were not welcome and poorly delivered.

Matt stepped closer to Maura. The Lycans behind them saw Maura's claiming marks glowing, indicating she was not interested and was off limits, but these two idiots were human and couldn't see the signs. Jane's marks began to glow too when the other twin stepped closer to her.

"Why don't we get together tomorrow then? We could catch a bite to eat and go to a hot Latin dance club we know of. We could really get to know one another on the dance floor." Matt shifted closer to Maura.

"No thank you, we are not interested and are planning on leaving town tomorrow. "Maura stepped back from the repulsive man.

"Come on, stay another night, we can make it worth your while. Have the two of you ever shared twins before? We really are very good." Matt moved to close the distance between him and Maura, his hand extended to touch her arm. He was stopped abruptly, when a long toned arm smacked into his shoulder pushing him back a step.

"I strongly advise you to walk away and walk away now. You may even want to run. Because if one more word comes out of either of your vile mouths, or if either of you try to lay your diseased hands on my woman or me again. I will make sure both of you are in dire need of a trauma surgeon. Do I make myself clear?" Danger emanated from her voice and body language.

Both men stared at the tall pissed off beauty. She looked like she was in very good shape and if the look on her face was any indication; she would be able to deliver on her threat. Both men nodded and started to slowly step away.

Jane took a menacing step towards them. "Run." She stated forcefully. Both men quickly turned and did as they were told. Jane took a calming breath before turning back to her lover and their friends. All had grins on their faces.

"What?" She lifted her hands. What had they expected her to do; she certainly wasn't going to put up with dumb and dumber any longer.

"That was awesome." Warren laughed.

"Hell, I would have run too." Tony teased.

Jane only shook her head and grinned.

Maura stepped up beside her, sliding her arm around Jane's back, and Jane put hers around Maura holding her close at her side. "I had planned on us waiting until after the wedding before we made love again, but now that idea is totally blown out the window. I can't wait to get you back to the hotel room now!"

Everyone busted out laughing. Jane groaned and smiled. "Well, I guess something good came out of the encounter after all." Jane smirked and kissed her mate as laughter continued to bubble around them.

Jane was first through the hotel room door. Maura followed calling goodnight to their friends before shutting it. Jane didn't wait. She pressed Maura against the door kissing her. She began slowly unzipping Maura's dress. The taller woman broke the kiss and looked down at her lover's body as she slid the dress off of the smaller woman. She picked up the dress as Maura stepped out of it. "You in this dress have been driving me insane with lust all night." She tossed the garment across a nearby chair. Maura looked delicious in matching rose colored lace bra and panties. Jane quickly unzipped her own dress, stripping it off, and tossing it to join Maura's across the chair.

She moved back into her mate, picking her up as she pressed her into the door. Maura reacted by wrapping her legs around the taller woman's trimmed waist. She rubbed her highly aroused center against firm muscled abs.

Jane growled low at the feel of the searing heat against her stomach. Her mouth devoured Maura's while she quickly stripped her of her bra. Maura was doing the same to Jane. The women growled together as their naked breasts kissed.

The detective's hands and mouth were everywhere. Her wolf rode her heavy. She needed to take her woman and make her scream for her. No one else would ever touch her mate this way except her.

Maura could feel how close Jane and her wolf were to each other in that moment and it touched something within her. Maura and her wolf both wanted and needed to be taken, overtaken by their mate.

Jane spun and strode to the bed placing Maura on the edge, her legs hanging off the side. Jane knelt between Maura's sexy legs and looked up the luscious body, until her eyes met her mate's. Her hands rose, she gripped the pink lace panties and ripped them in two, sending the tattered remains flying behind her.

Maura arched and felt more wetness escape her body. She needed Jane so much. She opened herself more, inviting her lover to take.

Jane did. She dove into Maura's amazing heat, her tongue delving deep. Her arms were strong around Maura's legs and stomach, holding her firm. She devoured and took, glorying in the screams and moans of her lover as she brought her spilling over the crest of passion again and again. Finally, she brought Maura to the brink repeatedly, not allowing her to go over. She gazed up Maura's body, enjoying the view of her heaving breasts, as her body begged for release.

Maura met Jane's gaze with passion filled eyes. Her ecstasy gleamed on Jane's face. It was one of the sexiest things she had ever seen.

"You are mine aren't you Maura?"

"Yes, God, yes." Maura was shaking with her need for release.

Jane's tongue slipped out stroking Maura's clit as the smaller woman watched. Seeing Jane's tongue pleasing her wound Maura tighter. She felt a slick finger begin rubbing against her lower entrance, pressing but not entering. Maura had been curious about what it would be like to be taken there, but had never trusted anyone enough to satisfy her curiosity. She trusted Jane; she wanted Jane to take her as no one else ever had. She tilted her hips into the touch. Another shiver ran across her body as Jane growled at her invitation.

"Tell me. Tell me who you belong to."

Maura felt the finger continue to press, but not enter her. She felt more of Jane's fingers stroking the entrance to her core as well, but still not entering. Not filling her as she so desperately needed. "Yours. I am yours, Jane. All of me, yours." Her body began to shake with the force of her climax as Jane's single finger took her as no one had before. Simultaneously, she felt Jane fill her aching core, pressing on the sweet spot within, as her lips sucked her erect clit firmly into her mouth, growling. Maura came hard screaming until she was hoarse. She was Jane's, Jane owned all of her and she gave willingly. Her body rocked over the peak one last time, her last thought before the darkness closed in around her was "I'm Jane's. All Jane's."

Jane felt Maura's body give out just after her last orgasm crested. Easing out of her mate's precious heat, and lifting her, she pulled back the covers and placed her in the middle of the bed. Going into the bathroom Jane wet two rags with warm water and pulled off her own sodden panties. She shook her head in disbelief. She had actually had an orgasm from giving her mate pleasure. Jane washed herself up before taking the remaining wet rag and a clean towel to the bedroom and cleaning Maura and drying her body off. The towel and rag were soon tossed onto the bathroom floor. She checked the locks on the hotel room door and climbed into bed with her sleeping mate. Placed a kiss on her forehead before pulling her close, and resting Maura's head on her shoulder. Jane's last thought before she drifted off, was that tomorrow night at this time Maura would be her wife. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

The next morning was a little hectic. Mandy showed up with the rings, and the tailor delivered their remaining clothes. Maura, of course, went over every delivery with a fine tooth comb before she Okayed everything to be packed up. Jane hadn't realized they had purchased so much. They needed an extra vehicle for everyone and their luggage to make it back to the plane.

Jo Friday had stayed the night with Tony and Warren and Jane hadn't seen her since she had left for the boxing match the day before. She only stared as she saw the little dog. "What did you do to Jo?"

"She went for her own spa treatment yesterday. She got a wash and trim, got her nails done, the whole nine yards. I think the bows look adorable. She is all dolled up for our wedding." Maura smiled down at Jo making cutesy noises.

Her dog was getting entirely too spoiled by all these people. They all doted on her like she was a princess. Jane rolled her eyes at the two before turning and walking away to see how Warren was coming along with their special wedding invitations for their family.

Because they had gotten such an early start, they made it to the large historic bed and breakfast inn shortly after ten that morning. Jean Anne and Jasper came out the front to greet them all. They shook hands and hugged all of their old friends, glad to see them staying at their place again. The Inn was only going to have their party for guests for the next few days. There wouldn't be any norms around so everyone could be themselves.

"Jean Anne, Jasper, let me introduce you both to some good friends of ours. This is Detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles. They are our happy couple, soon to be newlyweds." Marcus indicated each woman in turn.

"It is a pleasure to meet you both in person. I spoke with Maura on the phone yesterday. Now, don't you worry about a thing. I have my daughter and son-in-law helping us out getting everything together, along with a few of my grandkids. The flowers arrived earlier and the cake and food, for after the wedding, is all going to be arriving on time a little later. Tables and chairs have been set up on the back lawn near the garden. We have put together a fine wedding for the two of you. My sister, Jacqueline, is our packs Omega and our Shaman. She has agreed to perform the services. She has performed many weddings, preternatural and human. You will be in good hands." Jean Anne spoke quickly.

Jane was impressed with how much the woman could say without taking but one breath while she was talking. She was pleased that Jean Anne had not mentioned speaking to her also yesterday. "It is nice to meet you." Jane shook the woman's hand. "It sounds like you have everything under control. We appreciate you helping us put this all together so fast."

The older woman beamed up at Jane, her salt and pepper curls bouncing as she spoke. "Oh it is our pleasure. I just love weddings and you brought my godson Marcus and his wife Evie out to see us in the process. That is a bonus for us, we don't see them near enough. I also get to visit with a few members of our pack that I don't get so see much of. It is going to be like a family affair." Jean Anne beamed.

Jasper put his arm around his bubbly wife and shook hands with the women. "Welcome to our Inn. Any friend of Marcus and Evie is a friend of ours. You two call us Jean Anne and Jasper like everyone else. I don't want to hear any Mr. or Mrs. out of you either of you. Now, let us show you upstairs to the rooms where you can get cleaned up and dressed. We will be making a light lunch in about an hour. Let's get your bags upstairs so you can start getting your things set-up for later."

Jane looked at Maura. She was beaming and almost as bubbly as Jean Anne. "I am so excited Jane! We are going to be married in just a few hours."

"I know love. I can't wait. Let's bring in the bags we will need later and get things organized. We want to make sure we have everything we need when it is time." Jane joined hands with Maura as they turned to help the others unload the vehicles.

Part 13

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