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Winds of Change
By hollyhwrites


Chapter 13

Maura stood in front of the antique mirror. She was getting married very shortly to the most amazing person she had ever met in the world. She loved her more than she ever dreamed possible, and the most amazing thing about it all was that the woman she loved so much felt the same way about her. The happy woman smiled at Evie in the mirror. "Thank you for helping me to get dressed. I am so excited, I think I might run all the way down to the waterfall." Maura giggled.

Evie laughed. "That would be a story to tell your grandkids someday." Evie put her closed palm in front of Maura and opened it. A pair of antique earrings encrusted with pearls, diamonds, and blue sapphires glittered before her. "Many of the women of my family have worn these when they were married. I thought you could wear them, too. They are old, they are barrowed, and they have something blue in them, and they will look lovely with your dress, and your other jewelry."

"They are beautiful. I didn't even really think about that tradition. Thank you so much for letting me barrow these for my wedding." She slid them in her ears, they did look lovely. "Hmmm, I suppose my dress and shoes can count as something new. I had planned on wearing jewelry that I already owned."

Evie only smiled pulling a large velvet box from behind her back. Chanel was written across the top. "I do believe the something new is in this box." She slowly opened it to reveal the contents.

Maura gasped. A beautiful strand of pearls with a strand of diamonds wrapped around it lay inside. A small bow made of white gold and encrusted with a few more little diamonds hung delicately from the diamond strand of the necklace. A matching bracelet lay in the middle of the necklace. It was two strands of cultured pearls attached to a center white gold bow encrusted with both black diamonds and white diamonds. The set was beautiful. "Where did you get these? They are lovely and will go great with my dress."

"These are the reason your fiancé was in such a hurry to get ready for dinner last night. She and the men got out of their boxing match much earlier than we did the spa. Jane made them stop by a few jewelers on the way back to the hotel until she found something she liked for you. Marcus told her I was going to lend you my earrings and she wanted you to have something new and something special from her."

Maura fought the tears that wanted to fall, not wanting to ruin her make-up. She breathed deep to calm down. Her tough mate had such a soft and loving heart. "Can you help me put them on?" Maura hoped Jane liked the earrings and cuff links she bought for her.

Evie sat the box on a little table by the mirror and carefully removed each piece and put them on Maura. "You are a beautiful bride." She sighed as she gazed at the completed picture in the mirror.

Ashley had been quietly recording everything since a dressed Maura stepped in front of the mirror. She was working with Warren to film the wedding. For now she was filming for the wedding video, but in a few minutes she would be sending live footage out to their special internet guests. They were going to have two to three cameras going at all times. One focused on Jane, one on Maura, and one on the overall goings on.

Jane was about to put her white tailored dress shirt on over her silky undershirt when a knock sounded at her door. She was getting dressed in a room on the other side of the house from Maura. "Who is it?"

"Marcus and Warren, is it safe for us to come in yet?" Marcus asked, she could hear the smile in his voice.

"Yeah, come on in." She slid her arms into her shirt as they walked in.

"Good you haven't got your shirt buttoned up yet." Marcus said.

"Why is that good?" She would not hesitate to pop him if she didn't like his answer.

Marcus laughed knowing exactly what that look meant. "It's nothing untoward, I promise." He opened an elegantly carved wooden and ivory box. Inside lay a gold and silver arm band with what looked like Celtic symbols worked into the metals. "This band has been worn during many sacred rights by the Alphas of my clan for generations. Marriage is one of those sacred rights. My clan would be honored if you would wear this band for the exchanging of your vows."

Jane loved the band. It looked somehow strong to her. "Yes, I would wear it proudly. Which arm do I wear it on?"

"Your right."

Jane pulled her right arm back out of her shirt. Marcus placed the cuff around her bicep. Jane felt the band mystically contract until it fit firmly, but not too tightly to her arm. She could feel a little bit of what she could only believe was magic tingling her skin. "Now that was seriously cool."

"The cuff will loosen and you will be able to slide it off the morning following your wedding."

"Thank you, I will take good care of it while it is in my possession. Now I have blue on my new necklace and my suspenders and I have something barrowed and old. I just need to find my earrings and cufflinks and I will be all set."

"Maura sent these for you." Warren handed her a small box containing awesome earrings that looked like strands of diamonds woven into a large knot or maybe it was a rose. Either way the look was stunning. Sitting below the earrings were a pair of cuff links that reminded Jane of the white wolf tattoo on Maura's inner hip. The eyes of the white gold wolf were made of small diamonds. They were awesome, as well.

Jane laughed. "Earrings and cuff links, an interesting combination. I love how Maura's mind works."

Jane slid in the earrings and finished putting on her shirt, leaving it open at the collar showing the necklace at her throat. Marcus helped her get the cufflinks in place. She tucked her shirt in neater than she ever had before in her life then pulled her black suspenders, with the dark blue strip down the middle, up onto her shoulders. The woman looked at herself in the mirror set in the corner of the room and thought she didn't look half bad. The outfit didn't make her look masculine in anyway. She thought the cut and style of the pants and shirt actually made her look kind of elegant and graceful, a sort of a Lauren Bacall or Katherine Hepburn style. The suspenders just gave the look a little flair and fun. She would never tell Maura this, but maybe she should have her pick out her clothes more often. Carlita had worked with her to get her hair pulled up away from her face and trail in soft waves down her back very reminiscent of the Bacall and Hepburn days. Her make-up wasn't heavy, but it finished out the look. She was pleased. Jane turned to the men, Warren now filming her. "I'm ready."

Meanwhile, in Boston Korsak and Frost were finishing their shifts. Angela Rizzoli was waiting for her son Frankie to pick her up from work because she had loaned her car to a friend for the evening. Tommy Rizzoli was popping open a beer from his mother's refrigerator while sitting on her couch to watch television. Cynthie Castle was sitting in her comfy chair in the corner of the coffee shop she lived near. Remarkably, Constance Isles and her husband were together, it was one of the rare opportunities they had to spend an evening alone with one another. Shortly before 6pm couriers dressed in well-cut suits delivered their special invitations. Almost to a word the couriers said the same thing.

"Good evening. I have a special invitation for you from Dr. Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli. They would like you to share a special moment with them and sent these iPads so you can be there with them via the internet." No one turned downed the invitation, they were too curious to know what was going on.

Korsak and Frost who had just stepped out of the cop shop saw that Frankie and Angela Rizzoli were getting invitations too. The four went back into the precinct and found an empty conference room. Their couriers helped them get set-up before sending a text to Warren that their invites were accepted and ready.

Cynthie Castle smiled at the handsome young man that delivered her invite, she hoped it was for what she thought it was for. The older woman had been telling Jane for ages to stop being afraid and go for it. That girl had fallen for the doc the first day they met. She watched as a picture came into view on her screen and saw her courier send a text message.

The Isles' led the gentlemen into Professor Isles' den. They were actually able to hook up one of the iPads to a very large monitor hanging in the room. Soon they were sitting, Constance with her iPad in her lap. They watched as both the little screen she held and the large screen came to life. Their couriers also sent a text message.

"The cameras are coming on live in ten seconds." Warren shouted. He had three camera's set up, two near the bridge to focus on Jane and Maura, and another set at the back of the ceremony on a platform so they could get a look at all that was going on. The watchers would have the option of watching a split screen with a shot from two or all three cameras or a single screen. He had a powerful mic set-up near the bridge as well, it would take care of all audio so all three views would be the same. He loved doing this sort of thing and he had good people working with him. Warren held up three fingers and watched as the camera on the platform began filming, capturing Jane as she left the garden to cross the clearing to the wooded area and the waterfall.

Jane and Marcus walked through the garden at the back of the house; they could hear classical music being played by a couple of violins. Jasper and his son-in-law both played. They heard Warren shout the ten second warning, it let everyone know it was ShowTime and also not to go speaking about preternatural things, humans were now listening. Jane stepped confidently through the garden gate with Marcus's large presence a step behind her at her shoulder. He was going to stand up for her. Jane's smile grew when she saw Warren up on his platform with a camera on a tripod and a laptop and two extra screens sitting next to him. He was having a blast filming everything for their wedding video, and doing the live feed for their family and friends back in Boston.

Jane stepped into the area near the waterfall, making her way down the aisle between the few white folding chairs set-up. The few remaining pack members that they arrived with, who weren't running cameras, were sitting in the chairs. As was the family who owned the Inn and helped put everything together. They had even snagged Jean Anne's twelve year old granddaughter, Bethany, to be in the wedding. She was going to be their flower girl/ring bearer. Jane smiled at the young girl as she passed and winked. The young girl turned nearly as pink as her pretty dress at the attention. The tall woman heard Jean Anne commenting about how striking and elegant Jane looked. She hoped that comment got picked up by the cameras, Jane was sure her mother would love it. It might help with the Isles' family as well. Jane smiled at Jean Anne, who was holding a happy Jo Friday, as she strode past. The striking woman stopped at the foot of the bridge to await Maura. They would climb to the center of the bridge together.

A regal looking woman with stone grey hair, swept up off of her face, stood in the center of the bridge wearing white robes with dark green bands at the cuffs and hems. Symbols and ancient lettering that Jane did not understand were embroidered in gold, purple, and green along the cuffs and hems just inside the green bands. The robe was a work of art. The Shaman was holding an ancient looking book in her hands. Jacqueline smiled and nodded to Jane as she stopped to wait at foot of the bridge.

Jane turned and saw that Maura was walking through the garden gate; Evie was a few steps in front of her. Maura looked breathtaking. The dress was a simple design; similar to the one Jane had worn to dinner the night before. It was a lovely white, sleeveless, with a pleated skirt. Designs were sewn with white and pail silver thread into the cloth of the skirt and some of the bodice. They were subtle, and you wouldn't know they were there until Maura was close to you. Jane's smile grew as the love of her life drew nearer. She saw the necklace and bracelet she had picked out for Maura, hoping she had liked them. Maura's hair was wound up in the back showing off her delicate neck. Jane thought that if her look was Katherine Hepburn, then Maura's look was Audrey Hepburn, all the way. She looked ethereal, like she was a garden sprite come to life. She was an angel, Jane's angel.

Maura paused just before reaching the trees. Evie walked down the aisle until she reached the bridge. Bethany soon followed scattering pink, white, and red rose petals across the path, she came to stand next to Evie. The music changed and everyone rose from their seats as Maura walked under the canopy over the rose petal path to Jane's side. Both women felt their hearts clench in their chest for the other. This was a moment they had both secretly dreamed of for years.

Jane took Maura's right hand in hers when the smaller woman reached her side. "You, my love, are the most beautiful sight I have ever laid eyes upon." She brought Maura's hand to her lips kissing her knuckles gently before resting the delicate hand on her arm.

Maura's heart filled even more, her eyes brimming with the wealth of emotion she felt. "And you, my love, are absolutely stunning." She tightened her grip, squeezing the tall woman's arm.

The few in attendance reclaimed their seats as the couple climbed to the center of the wide bridge coming to a halt before the Shaman. Jane and Maura turned to face each other.

The Shaman's voice rose to be heard over the sounds of nature. "We are all gathered here today to witness the joining of two souls and two hearts meant to be as one. Jane and Maura have chosen to take the ancient vows of my people translated to English for all to understand." She paused raising the ancient sacred book before her. Jane and Maura placed their joined hands on the book; the Shaman placed one of her hands over theirs. The couple felt a tingle run up their arms raising the hairs on the backs of their necks. The magic of this ceremony was truly mystical.

"May the Gods and Goddesses on High watch over and protect this union. Behold our friends and family assembled here. We thank you for this place in which we dwell, for the love that unites us, for the peace accorded us this day, for the hope with which we expect the morrow, for the health, the work, the food, and the bright skies that make our lives delightful; for our friends in all parts of the earth. Amen." The Shaman removed her hand from atop the couple's, but their hands remained on the sacred book.

The Shaman turned to the smaller woman. "Maura Isles, do you take into your keeping the soul and heart of Jane Rizzoli, to love and honor as your wife and partner in life?"

"Yes, I do." Maura stated loudly for all to hear.

"Repeat after me." The Shaman intoned.

Maura repeated after the Shaman. "I take you my heart and soul, in love and devotion, through all that may come. I shall watch over and protect you in sickness and in health. I take you as my partner in life for richer and for poorer, in good fortune and in bad. I promise to honor you above all others. Our love is never-ending and we shall remain, forevermore, equals in our marriage. This is my wedding vow to you."

The Shaman turned to the taller woman. "Jane Rizzoli, do you take into your keeping the soul and heart of Maura Isles, to love and honor as your wife and partner in life?"

"Yes, I do." Jane's deep husky voice carried for all to hear.

"Repeat after me." The Shaman said again.

Jane breathed deep and repeated after the Shaman, her eyes never leaving Maura's. "I take you my heart and soul, in love and devotion, through all that may come. I shall watch over and protect you in sickness and in health. I take you as my partner in life for richer and for poorer, in good fortune and in bad. I promise to honor you above all others. Our love is never-ending and we shall remain, forevermore, equals in our marriage. This is my wedding vow to you."

A single tear escaped Maura's eye as Jane spoke her vows. A single ray of sun broke through the trees for a moment making it sparkle like diamond as it slid down her cheek.

"The rings, please." The Shaman looked across the bridge as Bethany climbed up to them her basket now empty of rose petals, but hanging from ribbons on the handle were the rings. The black ribbon held the ring meant for Jane. The white ribbon held the ring meant for Maura.

Maura placed her bridal bouquet in the basket as she and Jane collected the rings. Bethany moved back to stand with Marcus and Evie at the foot of the bridge.

"Repeat this vow together as you slide the rings upon each other's finger."

Their voices rose and harmonized together during their final pledge. "We swear by peace and love to stand heart to heart and hand to hand. Mark, to those on High, and hear us now confirming this, our Sacred Vow."

The Shaman placed the couples entwined hands, now wearing their rings, back onto the sacred book to bless their union.

"May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, may the hand of a friend always be near, may the rays of sun fall upon your home, may Those on High hold you in the palms of their hands."

"May Those on High be with you and bless you, may you see your children's children, may you be the poor in misfortune, the rich in blessings. May green be the grass you walk on, may blue be the skies above you, may pure be the joys that surround you, may true be the hearts that love you. May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward." The Shaman finished her blessing.

Maura and Jane felt the magic of the words and the moment wrap around them, warming them, confirming that they truly were two as one, soulmates and lifemates.

"In the presence of the Gods and Goddesses and your family and friends, I now pronounce you wedded and partners for life. You may each kiss your bride."

Maura slid her arms around Jane's neck as Jane's arms slid around Maura's lower back, their lips met in a kiss full of love, passion, and commitment. They pulled apart after long moments lost in each other. Their heads rested together.

Jane smiled her eyes locked with Maura's. "I love you, wife." And a few tears finally escaped her eyes.

"I love you too, wife." Maura also had a few happy tears leaking from her eyes.

The Shaman raised her hands for attention. "It is my pleasure to present to you Jane and Maura Rizzoli-Isles." The gathering clapped for the happy couple. Jane and Maura were scooped up in hugs and kisses as soon as they stepped off the bridge. Their new friends congratulating them and wishing them well.

They stood for pictures, some with them alone and some with the Shaman, Marcus, Evie, and Bethany. They turned together to speak to one of the cameras. Warren signaled that it was now the only feed.

Jane spoke to those watching first. "Hi, Ma. I hope you aren't too upset with me or us. I know this might not be what you were wanting or expecting of me. I have been in love with Maura for a long time, I started falling for her the day I met her. I just couldn't fight it anymore and with Hoyt gone and after nearly losing Maura again. I saw no reason to fight my feeling any longer. I took a chance and found the greatest treasure in the world. I hope you, all of you can be happy for us. Mr. and Mrs. Isles rest assured that I love your daughter more than life itself. I will do everything in my power to protect her and make her happy all the days of her life. And Granny Cynthie, you were right and thank you for lending me your ear when I need it."

Maura hugged Jane close. "Angela we didn't hide anything from you, we were too busy trying to hide our feeling from each other. Mother, Angela, we neither one wanted a big wedding or a big deal made of everything and we certainly didn't want to wait. We had waited long enough already. Angela, I love Jane and I promise to take excellent care of her and do my best to make her happy always. Mother, Father, I hope you can be happy for me, for us. Jane makes me happy in a way I have never felt before. The love we share is the greatest gift imaginable to me. Mrs. Castle I haven't met you yet, but I have heard a lot about you. I want to thank you for your support of us even when we were both being stubborn. Now for you other gentleman watching, I hope you can accept us and still care for us. You are all our family."

"Warren is going to keep the cameras rolling to record the rest of the festivities for us; the feeds will continue to run, as well. We are leaving the country tomorrow and will be out of contact for at least a month. Don't worry, we will be okay, we will contact you if anything does happen. We would like some time for ourselves. We will send our moms emails once a week, letting you all know we are well. As of now our cell phones are off, if there is an emergency please leave us a message, we will get back with you ASAP. Now please try not to worry too much about us. We love you all and we will see you in a month." Jane added.

"We love you, and Angela if you don't want to take care of Bass, just call the sitter. She will take Bass until we return. Everyone take care and we love you." Maura blew the camera a kiss before walking away arm in arm with Jane.

The cameras filmed the rest of the evening as the small group ate and Marcus made a toast. The cameras were rolling as the cake was cut and the women fed one another, neither getting too much frosting on the other. They caught the women's first dance as a married couple. The final moments the cameras filmed was Jasper leading a large chestnut gelding into the clearing. The horses black tack and saddle had white ribbons accenting them and white flowers were braded into his mane and tail. A surprised Maura actually gave a little shriek as Jane scooped her up and approached the horse. Jane, with Maura's urging, had taken her over shirt off earlier because she was getting overheated. With her stronger upper body flexing and the armband on her arm, she looked similar to a warrior of old carrying her wife off to claim her.

"Hold on to me tight love." When Jane felt Maura's grip tighten around her neck, the dark haired beauty placed one foot in the stir-up and released Maura with one hand placing it on the pommel. She mounted easily, as if Maura weighted nothing at all. To Jane's new Lycan body, she didn't. The strong Alpha held Maura aloft making sure her skirts were down properly before seating her across her lap. She took the reins from Jasper. Jane turned the horse facing the guests. "We would like to thank everyone who helped us put together this magnificent wedding on such short notice. You all have our deepest gratitude. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the evening and the party, it is time for us to wish you goodnight."

Jane turned the horse and rode off around the lake as their well-wishers cheered them on. She followed the trail that Jasper had shown to her earlier.

"I had no idea you could ride a horse and where are you taking me? I thought we were staying at the inn." Maura clung to her incredibly gallant spouse.

"My mom's favorite cousin lives up in Vermont on a farm. We usually spent a few weeks with them in the summer. They had horses and I learned to ride. My brothers weren't interested in learning. I don't get to do it as much as I would like." Jane's grip tightened on Maura as they went down a little dip in the trail that crossed a shallow creek, once the trail evened out a bit more she continued. "As for where we are going, I set up a little surprise. I know we would both feel better with privacy for our first nights as a married couple. I called and talked with Jean Anne shortly before you called her to make arrangements for everything. Everyone worked together to help get our things moved to our private bungalow without you becoming any the wiser."

"Jane Rizzoli-Isles, you are a romantic and I really love that about you." Maura sighed contently and rested her head on her wife's strong shoulder.

Jane held her wife close. They rode the rest of the way in silence listening to the sounds of the night around them.

Her baby girl was married. To Maura! Jane had looked so beautiful, even if she didn't wear a dress. Angela had always wondered about all the sleepovers and the touching. Jane was not a touchy feely person with anyone else, but she always had been with Maura. She was going to have to whack Jane upside the head for marrying without her; it would be good guilt material for years, maybe even a lifetime. But the look she saw in her baby's eyes was one she had never seen before. She was truly happy and content, her walls had been let down for Maura. Angela was so happy that her little girl was able to find someone to love like that and who could love her like that in return. She saw the look of love and devotion on Maura's face. Angela loved Maura like her own. It would take some getting used to, but she could do it. Besides she could brag a little, her daughter had married a wealthy doctor.

Korsak was happy for Janie. He had wondered if she would ever be able to let anyone get that close to her after everything she had been through. The joy and happiness he saw on her face warmed his old grizzled heart. Maura had come a long ways since he first met her, she had become a friend. Jane brought out sides of Maura no else had been able to. They were both happy and in love and he was happy for them. He would have both their backs when they returned.

Frost knew nothing could have ever come from the crushes he had on either woman, but until today, he could still dream. They looked so happy together, so relaxed and carefree. He saw a side of both women that he never thought he would see. Frost was happy for them both, they were both his friends. He would have their backs if anyone messed with them when they came back to work. He briefly wondered how Patrick Doyle would take having a daughter married to a female cop.

Frankie wasn't surprised at all that Janie was in love with Maura. He had seen her, when they were both little, kissing a girl behind the garage. He wondered if she would ever get the nerve up to go with her true feelings. Ma had been pushing boys on her since high school and the church was against her. He was glad to see his Ma seemed to be taking Janie and Maura's relationship so well. Now, them getting married without her, she wasn't too happy about. He wouldn't want to be in Janie's shoes when she got back. Maura was a great woman who obviously cared a great deal about his sister and his sister looked really happy and totally in love. He was happy for them both and if anyone picked on them when they got back he would kick their asses.

Their goes Janie, showing me up again. She got Maura. I can believe Janie is a lesbian, but I never thought Maura would be into women. Tommy didn't quite understand why the hot, rich doctor hadn't went for one of the male Rizzoli's. Why did she have to go for Jane? He could see they were happy and if it had been some other pretty woman besides his sister the whole thing would have been hot. He wondered if he stayed close enough, if he still had a chance to at least sleep with Maura when Jane couldn't give her what a man could. From what he knew of the doc she had liked men pretty well before she hooked up with Jane. He sipped his fourth beer. Yeah, he would stay close and be there to scratch Maura's inches that Janie could not. He knew he wasn't supposed to be drinking, but hell it was a fucking wedding wasn't it. He couldn't wait to see his mom tear into Jane when she came back home.

Constance Isles watched as her daughter, looking more relaxed and happier than she had ever seen her, marry a woman, a tough police detective. She hadn't been sure how to take Jane upon first meeting her, but the woman had called her on her poor behavior. As a result of Jane's interference, she and Maura had a much better relationship now than they had ever had since Maura came into her life as a baby. Constance was glad Maura found someone strong to love her. She needed that. She was also glad that her daughter, who always seemed to be so caught up on the intellectual aspects of everything, found someone who could show her a side of life and love that she had never been able to teach her daughter. She had watched the two of them together. They balanced each other well. Now to make this union go over well in the society the Isles family dwelled in, Constance knew she was going to have to take her daughter's new wife in hand when they returned and teach her how to get on in their world. She couldn't have her embarrassing Maura or tarnishing the Isles name.

Maura's father wished he could have been there to give his daughter away, but he understood why she hadn't wanted a big wedding. He and Constance's parents had forced one on them and it had been a circus. He wished he was closer with his daughter. He had been so wrapped up in his career when she was growing up and she seemed so self-reliant. He let her practically raise herself with the help of nannies and boarding schools. He should have made more of an effort. Jane Rizzoli had made the effort to truly get to know Maura, to care for her even when she seemed not to need it. Jane had captured his daughter's heart. It was right there for all to see. Maura radiated with love and happiness. It was also clear that the stunningly beautiful Jane returned those feeling in full measure. The father hoped that it wasn't too late to try and build a better relationship with his daughter. Constance and Maura seemed to be getting along better than ever because of Jane, maybe bringing Jane into their lives could help them all grow closer. He glanced over at his wife who had unshed tears in her eyes as she watched her daughter dance with her new wife. He also saw the calculation in them. He did not envy Jane when his Constance got a hold of her. She would do her best to turn the tough cop into a woman to be reckoned with in high society.

Cynthie Castle watched the ceremony with joy in her heart for the young women. They were radiant. With the magi blood in her lineage she could see the claiming marks on the shoulder and neck area of both women. She wasn't strong enough in her heritage to see any but the first mark on the women. This was a new development. She knew that neither woman had been of the preternatural or paranormal community in the least. Their claiming marks proved them to be Lycans of some kind, just as the young man who delivered the invite was. It seemed the couple would have quite a story to share when they returned. She could now share herself fully with Jane. She knew she was not long for the world, her magi blood had helped her reach the ripe old age of 110, but she felt tired and knew her body was wearing out. She had outlived all of her family. Jane had become as a daughter, a granddaughter, a great granddaughter to her. She was family of her heart, family of her choosing. Cynthie was happy for the young woman she loved so much. Jane looked so elegant and powerful and so in love it made her heart swell. Her bride was beautiful and loved Jane with everything in her. The two would have a long happy life together; the old woman felt it was true deep in her bones. She looked forward to seeing Jane when they returned and to finally meeting Maura.


Chapter 14

The bungalow came into sight as the horse exited from the woods. The little house sat across the clearing from where they emerged. It was built into a hillside with a large mostly screened in deck across the front that overlooked the valley. It was a picturesque spot. Jane angled the horse around the edge of the clearing so that they would approach the house from the side. The main entrance was there and she didn't want to give away some of the special touches she had worked on and arranged.

"This place is beautiful Jane. I didn't see anything about bungalows being available to rent on Jasper and Jean Anne's website." Maura was sitting up, taking in everything. She didn't ever want to forget a moment of such a special night.

"They don't rent them. This is used for family and close pack members. Marcus helped me set this up. He got my foot in the door and then I sweet talked Jean Anne a bit. I wanted this night to be special for you, for us. I wanted to surprise you." Jane held her ethereal looking wife close enjoying the feel of her in her arms as they rode along.

Maura turned her head kissing Jane's long graceful neck. "Today has been wonderful, better than every dream of a wedding day I ever had."

"Mine too sweetheart, mine too." Jane's breath husked out. Her bride's lips on her neck was making it difficult to concentrate.

When they reached the house Jane slipped off the horse still holding Maura secure. She looped the reins around a nearby post. "Don't worry about him; someone will be along shortly to take him back to the stables." Jane didn't let Maura's feet touch the ground. She carried her to the door and across the threshold.

Maura gasped at the lovely sight before her. The large living area was lit with dozens of flameless candles. A king size four poster bed in the far side of the bungalow was mounded with pillows and had gauzy white hangings pulled back. The covers had been turned down and white, pink, and red rose petals were strewn across it. A path of rose petals ran from the door to the bed and also out onto the deck. The glass French doors were opened and she could see a hot tub was in one corner of the screened in area of the deck. Champagne was on ice on the nightstand. Two flutes and a beautiful bowl of strawberries sat nearby and soft romantic instrumental music played in the background. It was a very romantic setting.

"It is lovely, Jane." She shifted in Jane's arms her lips capturing her wife's.

Their lips never parted as Jane carried Maura towards the bed. She finally set her on her feet beside the bed. "You look beautiful in this dress my love, but it is time to remove it." Jane's lips trailed down Maura's neck and then further to the lovely cleavage of her breasts. Maura clung to Jane's shoulders as lips pleasured her and her dress was unzipped. The dress fell to the floor; Jane tossed it onto the back of the couch a few feet behind her. She sat back on her haunches and took a moment to admire the vision before her. Maura wore a white lace demi bra, matching thong, and her high heeled silvery sandals. Her mouth watered at the sight and the aroused scent of her mate and wife.

"You are an angel, my angel to worship." Her hands began at Maura's ankles and her mouth on Maura's belly button as she kissed, licked, and caressed her way back up her wife's lovely body.

Maura didn't think she would ever get used to the way she reacted to Jane. Jane could make her insides melt and quake with a simple look. A touch made her feel like she would go up in flames. When Jane once more stood in front of her she began tugging on the sleeveless shirt her wife wore. "You still have way too many clothes on, no matter how good you look in them."

Jane chuckled and helped Maura remove her shirt and pants. She hoped she liked the lingerie she had privately picked out to wear. If the look on her lover's face was any indication, she liked it, a lot. "I hope you like." Her voice came out low and husky, full of passion.

Licking her lips Maura only nodded. Jane stood before her in a white corset style top and a matching thong similar to hers. She didn't look like an angel though. Jane looked powerful, sexy, and a little dangerous, even in the white. The outfit contrasted nicely with her tanned skin and the arm band only added to the sexy power of the look. Maura had thought it before and probably always would, her wife was a goddess. "You are stunning." She traced her wife's form with her eyes and hands.

Jane wasn't able to take it long before she lifted Maura and placed her in the middle of the bed. The smell of roses wafted up around them as they rolled together on the petals. "I love you, Maura." Jane's mouth devoured every bit of skin she could reach. "And my love only grows stronger as time passes. Today has been the happiest of my life and I look forward to sharing the rest of my days with you." Jane made quick work of the rest of Maura's clothes.

"I feel the same, Jane. You are the absolute love of my life. I truly had no idea what true love was until you came into my life. All others paled in comparison. I love you more than life itself and lifetimes spent with you will still not be enough." Maura was also busy removing Jane's remaining clothes.

Mouths came together, hands stroked and filled. Bodies writhed. The women came together, their first time as a married couple, their voices rising as they flew as one into the heavens. Neither slept that first night of wedded bliss. The lovemaking was sometimes slow and sweet and other times fast and taming. The women never stopped touching one another even as they fell into oblivion together as the sun of a new day began to filter through the curtains.

That evening after showering and cooking dinner together the women floated in the hot tub watching the sun sink across the valley in beautiful pinks, purples, and oranges. Their hands were busy building the passion up once again.

Maura felt how ready Jane was and thought it was a good time to approach her about a little something she had picked up in New York. "Jane, I want you to fuck me, fuck me with your hands free to roam my body."

Jane's body ran even hotter at Maura's words. Hearing her say the word fuck in such a way was a huge turn-on. Although she wasn't sure what Maura was asking for. "How do you want me to do that love?" She took a soft earlobe into her mouth, nibbling.

"Oh, mmmm." She clutched at Jane. "I purchased a top of the line device you can wear. I want to be taken by you in that way, feel your whole powerful body thrusting into me, taking me over while both of your hands are free to touch and hold." She tilted her head giving her lover better access.

Jane growled as she sucked and bit her wife's vulnerable neck. She was a little unsure about using what Maura mentioned, but she had thought about using a strap-on with Maura. Hearing how much she wanted to be taken by her in that way only made her sex grow fuller and harder. She stood with Maura in her arms and climbed out of the tub. "Let's get dried off and see if reality lives up to your fantasy."

Maura got her money's worth. The strap-on fit to Jane securely and was definitely top of the line. Jane had a small dildo inside herself and her swollen clit would be stimulated with every thrust. They even had the option of vibrations for either of them or both. They could also change the size of dildo they used.

The women loved looking into each other's eyes as they rocked together, hands entwined or caressing one another's bodies. Another night was consumed with lovemaking and passion. The sun was beginning to come through the curtains once again as Jane was behind Maura driving deep and powerfully into her wife's needy center. Maura was pressing back to meet each thrust, the bullets had been turned on and the vibrations only added to the pleasure. Maura cried out as her orgasm hit sparking Jane to follow.

Jane turned the vibrations off as the women fell together onto the bed panting. "It's a good thing we're Lycans." She panted. "Or we would have killed each other by now."

"I would have died very happy." Maura gasped out as she too fought for breath.

A few minutes later Jane groaned as Maura helped her remove the harness. Maura put the harness on the nightstand before cuddling back into her wife. They were both spent and ready for some much needed rest. "Do you think sometime in the future you would like to be on the receiving end, letting me take you?"

Jane thought a moment. She and her wolf were dominate and enjoyed being so, but the thought of being able to give up that control to the only one in the universe she trusted enough to do so with was a turn-on. She knew Maura had a strong dominate streak in her as well. With everyone but Jane, she liked to be in control. "I think I could sometimes succeed my dominant role to you, it might be hot doing it." Jane kissed her smiling lover. She pulled the covers up and they snuggled up together, soon both were traveling in the land of dreams.

Maura looked around she was sitting on the edge of a burbling fountain in the middle of a beautiful Grecian garden. Topiaries, flowers, and statues surrounded her. Whoever designed the garden knew what they were doing. She turned looking across the fountain as a woman entered the garden. She recognized her as she came closer on the garden path.

"Hello Maura. You are looking happy and well." The tall fair haired woman said. She was dressed in a long flowing white gown, but without the chest armor she had worn before.

"Hello, Goddess Vivienne." Maura stood and bowed slightly, not sure of the proper etiquette. "I am happy and well."

She smiled. "No need for formalities when we are in private. Please call me Vivienne." She sat indicating Maura do the same.

"Thank you, Vivienne." Maura sat wondering what was going on.

"I am sure you are curious as to why you are here in my garden." She adjusted her skirts. "Fenrir and I wanted to speak privately with each of you. He is speaking with Jane as I talk here with you."

"What do you wish to talk with me about?"

"Your upcoming trip to Undrehiel. I want to let you know some of what you can expect there. It will not be like visiting Europe where languages and cultures are a little different or like the time you spent helping the needy in Doctors without Borders. You and Jane are going to be entering another world. A world without cars, planes, or trains. Many of the heavy metals humans use in so many things are harmful to many of the occupants of Undrehiel. Much of the population are at one with nature and could not survive long in the human world with so much pollution. As you would understand it, Undrehiel is an extremely "green" world."

"If there are no vehicles how do people get around? Is it a more technology backwards society?" Maura felt excited and apprehensive about the adventure that lay ahead of her and her wife.

"Undrehiel is a land of magic and mystical power. Nature is highly respected. Your modern technology is not used or needed. You and Jane will both get much better at horsemanship skills. Carriages are used as well. There may not be planes, but dirigibles are often used. In some places that have great plains or deserts, land yachts are used. They resemble great ships with sails that use the winds to propel them across the vast plains on large wheels." Vivienne smiled at the look of awe on Maura's face.

"It sounds like an amazing world." Maura hoped she would be able to see the things Vivienne described to her.

"You and Jane will see much of the world of Undrehiel during your training and in the future when you take trips back there for various reasons. You and Jane will become of both worlds. Have homes and be at home in both worlds."

Maura had never thought about it, but it made sense if they really were to live lifetimes.

"My main concern at the moment is your upcoming training. You have a gift for healing, a magical gift or mystical gift, however you wish to describe it. With the knowledge you already possess of human healing you could delve within someone and help diagnose and heal them without all of the technology most doctors use." She stood. "Walk with me?"

Maura nodded as her mind reeled.

Vivienne walked down a garden path stopping in front of a statue that looked like a winged fairy. "There are many beings from the different classes that reside in Undrehiel, you are going to study them all and become as familiar with most of them as you are the human body. You must if you want to be able to use your gift knowledgably to heal them." She moved on stopping now and again by another statue or topiary. "You are and always have been a scholar. You have a thirst for knowledge and a mind that easily retains all that you learn. It will be hard work, but you will enjoy it, just as you enjoyed learning in medical school."

"I did enjoy learning at school and didn't find it near as grueling as some did. I found learning to be a doctor fascinating. I am nervous, but also excited to learn the medical profession in Undrehiel. I am more concerned about the things that will be required of me besides being a healer and scholar."

"I understand. You are already a fairly skilled fencer by human standards. You will learn to be one with a real rapier. You will become skilled enough with a rapier to hold your own with any of the other classes you face. You will always wear a rapier at your side in Undrehiel and probably when you return to the human realm as well. I cannot see Jane allowing you to travel around unarmed once all know who you are."

Maura had always liked fencing, but she had never used a real rapier before and knew that fighting with one was quite different from using the flimsy practice blades. She walked on with Vivienne exploring the lovely garden.

"You will learn to defend yourself as well. In both your human form and your wolf forms. You will also learn magic from the Fae, Elves, and Magi. You and Jane are unlike other Lycans. You have powers beyond them. Some Lycans do have a little magical ability when their parents are of mixed classes such as Lycan and Magi, but nothing like you and Jane. It will take those of other classes to teach you to use and control your gifts."

They came to a small table with a tea service set up on it. Vivienne sat in one of the white chairs and waved Maura to the other. "You will also be learning the history of Undrehiel and of all of the classes. You will learn the rules of court for Undrehiel and of all of the classes as well. I know neither you nor Jane like politics, but sometimes you must step into that world. Many do not like to play politics, but they learn to use and wield the art as another tool or weapon in their arsenal." Vivienne fixed Maura a cup of tea.

Maura watched impressed that Vivienne knew just how she liked it, but not surprised. The woman was an actual Goddess. "Thank you." She sipped the tea, it was wonderful, but she couldn't place the flavor. It was fruity, yet unlike anything she had ever had before.

"Honestly, I do not think you will find much in your education or training to be overly grueling. I think magic will throw you the most because of your logical mind and magic and mystical science are rarely logical. It simply is." Vivienne offered treats from a plate filled with cookies and small cakes.

Maura took a small cake and a couple of cookies. The whole situation was not much different from having tea with her mother and some of her friends, except she was more comfortable with the Goddess. "I am somewhat concerned about the court aspects of being the Queen of the Lycans. I grew up in a similar world, but never really fit in." She took a bite of the yellow cake and nearly moaned as the flavors exploded across her tongue.

"The trick you must learn and understand is that with the position you hold you are not simply aristocracy, but royal nobility. Those around you will be wanting your favor and will be wanting to fit in with you. You and Jane make a striking and powerful couple. Your simple existence is legendary. With the right mindset you will both easily rule at court. It has been a while since something new and truly exciting has happened at the Undrehiel courts."

They sat in companionable silence enjoying the garden and the refreshments. When they were both finished Vivienne once again stood. "Would you like to see the rest of the garden?"

Maura used her napkin and placed it back onto the table. "Yes please, this is one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever had the pleasure of visiting."

"Thank you. Gardening is a hobby of mine." She moved off to a different path along a small fish pond. "Your most important and probably most difficult task in your upcoming journey will be being the woman behind the King. In Jane's mind and heart you will be shoulder to shoulder with her through all of what is to come, but in reality you will be directly behind her supporting her, encouraging her, counseling her. Don't get me wrong you will carry great status and power in your own right, but the ultimate responsibilities and power will be on Jane's shoulders, both literally and figuratively. She will be taken to dark places as a ruler in the preternatural world. Life and death will be in her hands. You know how seriously she takes her duties to serve and protect. She will give no less to her duty as King. She will need you to be her light when she has to do dark things and go to dark places. Every one of the Lycans and many of the other classes will look to her to take care of them. Jane is a natural born leader. She was born to be a warrior King. However, the only place Jane feels she can truly be safe and cared for is with you."

"Your most challenging and rewarding duty in life will be being the wife, caregiver, protector, and safe haven for the most powerful individual in both Undrehiel and the human realm. As an individual Jane will be unstoppable, as a couple you both shall be a force of unimaginable power. In the future the power you carry will be needed, but until then you both need to grow into your roles and become comfortable with them, accept them."

They moved to a small bench under a willow tree. They were silent for a long time. Vivienne let the young woman come to terms with all that she had said.

Maura sighed. "Lady Vivienne, I will always be there for Jane. She is my life. I will do my best to be the wife, mate, and Queen she needs and deserves."

Vivienne smiled at the lively young woman. "I expected no less. Our time is running short and there was one other item I wanted to make you aware of before you go. When you and Jane reach Undrehiel your magic will begin to awaken, but so will your ability to communicate without speech to one another."

"What do you mean 'without speech'?"

"You will be able to communicate with one another telepathically. You won't be able to read one another's mind, but you will be able to speak mind to mind." She smiled at Maura's shocked expression.

"Amazing. I never even thought of something like that. I'm not sure how Jane will react, though it might be fun." Maura smiled at the thoughts of the naughty things she could say to Jane and no one would be the wiser. Oh she could see lots of advantages to mind speaking.

"You, Maura dear, have a deviously fun mind." Vivienne laughed, once again reassured that she and the other Gods and Goddesses had made the right choice in Maura and Jane. "I am sorry to say that it is time for you to go. I have enjoyed visiting with you. We will be seeing one another again."

"Thank you for all the information you imparted and thank you for the tea and cakes, they were delicious. I look forward to our next visit." Maura wasn't sure how she got there and had no idea how to return home.

"Your body is beginning to wake in your marriage bed. Your conscious mind will be drawn back to it automatically." Maura heard Vivienne say as the garden around her became hazy and Maura felt herself floating away on a breeze. She felt herself sink into a dreamlike state. The breeze carried her to a warm and welcoming place. She was back in her body and held tightly in her wife's embrace.

Jane looked around wondering what the heck was going on now. It seemed like only moments earlier she had fallen pleasantly asleep in her wife's arms. Now she sat at a bar in what looked like some wealthy person's man cave. She turned back to the bar when she heard a glass being set down behind her. Unsurprisingly Fenrir stood there smiling in white slacks and shirt, he wore no golden armor this time.

"Nice to see you again." Fenrir said as he opened a beer pouring it into the glass. "This isn't what you usually drink, it's a specialty from my neck of the woods." He poured himself a glass as well.

Jane took a tentative sip and was pleased. "Best beer I've ever tasted and I've sampled my fair share." She smiled. She had a feeling Fenrir was going to be real pain in her backside, but liked him anyway. He wasn't as pompous and self-important as she figured Gods would be.

"I'll see if I can ship you a few cases when you get settled in Undrehiel." He settled on the stool beside her. "I called you here to give you a heads-up into some of what you can expect in Undrehiel." He explained the lack of technology and heavy metals, also how environmentally conscious beings in Undrehiel were.

Jane thought it sounded like an interesting place to visit and live some time. She and Maura were about to go on an adventure unlike anything either of them had ever been on.

"You are going to be learning the history of Undrehiel and those of the different classes of preternatural. You will learn many languages, some known to you, some not. You will learn battle tactics and strategies. You are going to work your ass off to become the greatest warrior and leader of warriors and become a great King. That includes politics and court life." He laughed when Jane groaned and downed half of her beer.

"I hate politics and I doubt I will feel much different about court life."

"Probably not. I have been dealing with it for millennia and I still dislike it. However, knowing how to go on in court and how to manipulate it will just be another weapon in your arsenal. "He topped off his and Jane's glasses before standing and moving towards the pool table. Jane followed.

Fenrir stopped before a wall full of ancient weapons. "You are going to become the best of the best with each of these types of weapons and many more that I don't have here. You will also become a master of many types of martial arts. One day you shall be the best individual warrior in Undrehiel and the human realm. It will be hard work, but it will be worth it and needed. Trust me when I tell you that you will be a great leader and King. All of us On High will do all we can to prepare you, in some cases training you ourselves."

Jane was beginning to feel nausea building as Fenrir spoke. She wished she had the confidence he seemed to have in her ability to become what everyone expected her to be.

"Jane you will carry a great weight on your shoulders, but always remember you have one place where you can let all of that go, and be safe, and cared for. Maura will always support you and be there for you. You are a team, you are the frontline and she your support. Don't ever be afraid to share with her. She is your balance. You will be expected to perform many tasks that will weigh on you. There are few jails in the preternatural society. There is no life in prison or death row. When someone commits a grave or heinous crime justice is swift and often times bloody. You will be challenged and you will not be able to give quarter. You have killed in the line of duty on two occasions. That number will grow as you become a warrior and ruler. It will be done to protect those you care for and serve. Being King is very similar to your ideals of serve and protect, but on a much larger scale." Fenrir racked up a game of eight ball and they played in silence as Jane began to come to terms with the further reality of her position.

She was never more thankful to have Maura in her life and be working together. Knowing Maura would be by her side in all that was to come gave Jane the courage to face the tasks put before her. As the games progressed Fenrir informed her of the waking magic and her and Maura's waking telepathic link to one another. It seemed that a great many more changes would begin to occur from the moment they entered Undrehiel. Jane's mind was reeling.

Of course Fenrir won every game, he had probably been playing for thousands of years. Jane didn't think she did too bad considering. Fenrir and Jane laid their cue sticks on the table.

"You did pretty well for one so young. You will get better." He took his and Jane's empty glasses to the bar. "Your body is waking and you will soon be leaving here, but rest assured you will be seeing me again soon. Also congratulations on your wedding it, was lovely. I quite enjoyed how you involved your closest family and friends in such a way that it eased potential ruffled feathers, but gave them no power over the situation. You are better, my Raven, at politics than you may realize."

Huh! Jane hadn't thought about it that way. "Thanks, Maura and I are very happy together." Things began to get foggy around her.

"Goodbye till next time, young one."

Jane felt herself floating away in a cloudy haze before settling into warmth and comfort. She was back in the warm cocoon of her wife's arms.


Chapter 15

Maura and Jane slowly woke together enjoying the closeness of the moment. Jane kissed the top of her wife's tousled head. "Hmmm, waking with you in my arms is one of the greatest treasures in my world." She tightened her arms around her love. "How was your chat with Vivienne? Mine with Fenrir was enlightening and terrifying all at once. I got my butt kicked at pool several times while we talked. A very humbling experience, I'm usually considered pretty good at that game."

Maura chuckled. "I have always found watching you play pool a very erotic experience. Your backside looks great bent over a pool table." She tightened her hold as well. "I very much enjoy waking up wrapped up with you, one of the great pleasures of my life. I also had an enlightening and terrifying talk with Goddess Vivienne. We toured her garden and had tea and cakes, other than some of the subjects we discussed it was an enjoyable experience. She has a lovely garden."

"They know us well. Vivienne took you to a tea party and I hung out in a bar drinking beer and playing pool. It sounds like we are going on quite the adventure. Undrehiel sounds like a very interesting place, although I am a little apprehensive about all the work ahead of me. It sounds like a very daunting task to become this great warrior they want me to become, not to mention the king stuff. Learning the magic and mystical skills might be pretty cool. The telepathy between us sounds like it could fun too, since I know we won't be able to read each other's minds without permission."

"I am actually looking forward to visiting Undrehiel; it sounds like an incredibly interesting place. I am excited about studying the realm and all of the new healing and scholarly subjects I will be learning. I'm not enthusiastic about the court's aspects much. I am eager to advance my training with a rapier and improving my abilities in self-defense." She rose up to look into Jane's eyes. "I want you to know that I understand that you are going to be put through some very grueling training and trials. Sometimes you will have to go to dark places and do dark things. I will always be there for you, sweetheart. Please let me help you and be there, for you. Don't ever shut me out. Part of my job as your mate, wife, and Queen is supporting and caring for you. Let me do my job, it's something I love doing. You will always find a safe haven in me."

Jane pulled her close kissing her. "I love you so much. I will do my best to always be open to you and open with you. You are my home Maura. I thank those on high daily for what we have found in one another. You are my safe haven and I hope that you will always find your safe haven in me. You are my world. I live and breathe for you." They shared another kiss before Maura sat up.

"You are my safe haven and world and I love you with all that I am." She crawled naked out of bed. "Come join me in the shower before breakfast. I would like to go out for a walk and explore our beautiful surroundings a little bit. Now come on, I need you to help make sure I get every little place on my body squeaky clean." Maura winked giving Jane a saucy smile before disappearing through the bathroom door.

Being no slow top, Jane was off the bed in a flash, ready, willing, and eager to inspect every inch of her wife's glorious body with her tongue.

Jane slid the last plate into the dishwasher when she felt a warm and welcome body press into her back.

Maura's arms came around her pulling close. "Are you ready to take a walk with me, darling? Get a little fresh air before we come back and ravish each other some more."

"Sounds wonderful." Jane spun in Maura's arms. The look of pure happiness on the smaller woman's face took her breath away, that happiness was mirrored on her own face. At that moment they truly were experiencing wedded bliss. "Let me get the dishwasher turned on before we go." Minutes later the two headed out the door hand in hand.

They both loved how their bodies now came alive when they were outside. Things they were never aware of before now came rushing to them. Their wolves stirred within.

"I think I will call Mark when we return to the house and see if we have the all clear for taking our wolves for a run tonight." Jane helped Maura over a downed tree across their path.

"That sounds wonderful, I love running with you in the moonlight." Maura let herself fall back against the downed tree leaning against it as she pulled Jane off balance and into her body. "There is something about being outdoors with you that really turns me on. I am even more aware of everything about you than I normally am. It's intoxicating." She pulled her dark haired mate close taking her mouth in a kiss hot enough to start a forest fire.

They broke apart only when they needed air to breath. "God, you are amazing. You taste, smell, and feel so good. I wish I was able to have you wrapped around me all the time." Jane ground herself against her love as they shared another passionate embrace.

After breaking for air once more, Maura smiled up at her mate. "I too would love that. I can only imagine how everyone at work would react." The women laughed together at that absurd picture.

Jane's hands were disappearing under Maura's shirt when they both felt it, an overwhelming cry of heartbreaking distress. They could also feel pain and fear. Someone, nearby, of their pack was hurt and in danger. Jane closed her eyes focusing on the cry. "It's near the inn. It's Bethany, the child who was our flower girl. She is seriously injured and scared. Those around her are scared as well, they are afraid to move her. Come we must go and help."

"Let's stop by the cabin so I can grab my medical bag." The two women sprinted using their new Lycan agility to quickly make their way back to the house. They were back out the door in moments easily navigating the path back towards the inn. Jane led the way following a pull she felt deep inside herself.

The pair arrived at the edge of a clearing near the barn; a saddled horse ran loose in the field. A group of Lycans were all hovered around a small figure lying on the ground near the woods.

Jacqueline, the pack Omega and shaman, had her hands near the wound in Bethany's chest as the girl's mother tried to keep her calm.

Maura immediately knelt down beside the girl and began assessing the scene. Jane stood behind her inquiring about what had happened.

Marcus rubbed his hands across his face. "Something startled Bethany's horse and she lost her seat and fell. She has fallen on a small broken off tree and the short, sharp stump has entered her back. The Omega thinks it may have also nicked her heart. They are afraid to move her because they wouldn't be able to stop the bleeding. I tried to see if I could awaken her wolf and force a shift to help heal her enough to stop the bleeding, but she is too young. Her wolf was too far away for me to coax it out."

Jane pulled Maura a few steps away. "We can do this Maura, I feel it. I will guide Bethany's wolf out and you will help heal her. The shift alone will help, but that is a serious injury, and your gift will assist her greatly. If we don't do this, tell me, what are her chances of surviving until paramedics can get here?"

Maura turned frightened and resolute eyes up to Jane. "I don't really see how she will make it if we don't help. I am surprised she is still with us now. That stump is slowing the loss of blood, but the slightest shift and she could bleed out in moments." Maura quickly pulled her iPad from her medical bag and had a diagram of a wolf's anatomy brought up for her to study. "You go talk with Bethany. Calm her and let her know what we are going to do. She will listen, she has a crush on you, you know. I will look this over and be right there. We will do this together."

Jane squeezed her loves shoulder before walking over to kneel beside Bethany. She looked at Laura, the girl's mom, and Jacqueline, the Omega. "I need the two of you to step away. I am going to call her wolf and Maura is going to help heal her to the point that she will be okay enough to let nature take its course. We aren't going to let Bethany go."

The two women stepped back feeling the power and conviction coming from the Alpha.

Jane leaned close to Bethany's ear. "Don't you worry sweetie? Maura and I are going to take good care of you. You will be running with your friends again in no time. Now I need you to relax and open your mind and soul to me. I know you have never shifted before, however you are old enough to be getting pretty close to that first shift. Now when I get that sleepy little wolf of yours to come to me, I need you not to fight it, and to let the shift happen. There is nothing to be afraid of, I will be right there with you all the way. Maura will be taking care of your wound for us so you have nothing to worry about. Squeeze my hand if you understand." Jane felt the little hand tightening on hers.

"She's ready Maura."

Maura knelt on the girls left side as Jane moved to kneel by her head. "Marcus, Jacqueline, when I instruct you to, I need you to lift Bethany straight up and move her over enough to lay her flat on the ground, then step away." Maura laid one hand on Bethany's chest and the other slid under the girl around the entrance of the slim stump. She followed her instincts closing her eyes and focusing on the wound, letting some force from inside her flow through her hands and into the injury. The force flowed into the injury that she could somehow see it in her mind's eye. She sent power into the surrounding tissue to hold the blood at bay and to minimize the pain when the girl was lifted.

"Move her now."

As soon as the girl was removed from the stump and placed flat on the ground, Jane pressed her forehead to the girls as she held both of her hands. Jane let her wolf come to the surface, but did not release her. She let her own personal Alpha power flow into the girl seeking the sleepy little pup. She swatted the little thing gently awake. When it lifted its head she blew into its face waking it up fully, coaxing the little grey pup to follow her. "That's it Bethany. Here she comes. Relax and let her out."

The gathered crowd watched in awe as the two women worked a miracle before their eyes. They all knew without them Bethany would not make it. In moments a small grey wolf laid on its side nearly asleep while Jane talked softly to it. Maura kept her hands on the wounds continuing to work her magic on the child. The pair pulled up at the same time both battling to rein their wolves back in, at least for the moment. Jane stood first and helped her wife to her feet.

"She should rest for a few hours and when she wakes the Omega should be able to help her change back, if not Marcus should be able to help. If you are still having problems Jane and I can return. Bethany should try to eat something once she changes back and then get more rest. The bleeding has stopped and I have helped strengthen the injured area. However, rest and allowing her body to naturally recover will be best medicine for her right now." Maura turned to the Omega. "Do you have an antibiotic shot you can give her to help fight off any infection that might try to creep in from such a wound?"

"Yes, I will take care of that and also clean up around it. I don't mean to be rude, but who are the two of you that you were able to do that?" The Omega and Shaman asked.

"We will tell you, but you must vow to keep our secret until we return from our journey to Undrehiel. Once you are no longer in our presence you will be unable to speak of who we are until the time of our return. Is this acceptable to you all?" The child's parents, grandparents, and Jacqueline all agreed.

Jane looked to Marcus nodding for him to explain. "Jane and Maura are recently returned wolves of legend. They have been heaven touched. Jane is also known as Laird Raven and Maura is also known as Lady Snow. They are the legendary pure black and pure white wolves."

Those just hearing this stood in stunned silence hardly able to believe that the legendary wolves had returned.

"Marcus, Maura and I need to run tonight. Is it safe to do so here, or is there some place we can go that is?"

"We have scouted the whole property and things should be safe. The whole area has a security fence around it. Once it was confirmed that no unauthorized beings where on the property we electrified it, and turned on all security measures to prevent intruders. You should be safe to run free all over the area, but I would be careful near any roads where passing vehicles might see you."

"Thank you. Could one of you return our clothes and Maura's medical bag to our bungalow for us? We had to hold our wolves' right at the surface the whole time we cared for Bethany and though we have pressed them back they would really like to be set free. It has been over four days since we ran as our wolves and we need to let them go."

Jasper stepped forward. "I will personally return your belongings to the bungalow, My Laird. I and my family thank you and Lady Snow for all you did this night in saving our precious Bethany." Jasper and all of his family bowed their heads in a show of respect and thanks.

"Thank you Jasper we really appreciate that and we were glad we could help Bethany." Maura smiled at the man causing him to blush.

Jane and Maura both knelt and stroked the young wolf's head. "You rest little one and we will be back to check on you in the morning. You did well today and were very brave. I know everyone is very proud of you." Jane whispered into a small grey ear.

The couple stood and Maura returned the few things she removed from her medical bag and secured it. They moved out of the crowd and closer to the trees to gain some modicum of privacy before stripping, and folding their clothes stacking them neatly beside the bag. They both knew that everyone was waiting to see their black and white wolves run across the clearing and off into the night.

"You ready to run with me Lady Snow?" Jane asked as her eyes took in all of her mate's beauty.

Maura returned the looks in equal measure. "I am ready to follow you anywhere, my Laird Raven." She quickly kissed Jane before stepping back and letting her wolf take over.

Jane and Maura's wolves were almost instantly standing where the two beautiful women had been.

The crowd parted in awe as the two large magnificent wolves trotted over to the little grey pup both nuzzling its neck affectionately before turning and sprinting across the clearing disappearing into the woods beyond.

Jasper felt tears in the corners of his eyes and he knew others of his family had them as well. "I can hardly believe that they have returned in my lifetime. They are amazing."

"They got married at our inn! Do you know what an honor that is? Do you think that they would mind if we put that on our website once they are known to everyone?" Jean Anne couldn't wait to brag that Laird Raven and Lady Snow were married at their inn.

"I don't know Jean Anne. You will have to ask them once they return from Undrehiel." Evie chuckled. "Now let's gather this young pup up and take her inside and get her comfortable."

The Black and White wolves ran and played together for hours enjoying the freedom to do so. They also found the time to love one another. Jane and Maura's wolves were just as hot for each other as their human selves.

Jane and Maura returned to the bungalow joyous from their run and very hungry. They shifted at the door entering to the wonderful aromas of lasagna. Maura picked up the note on the kitchen table.


Thank you for all you did for my baby tonight. Lasagna and a loaf garlic bread are staying warm in the oven and a salad is prepared for you in the fridge. We knew you would be hungry after your run so my daughter-in-law, Laura, and I fixed supper for you. You enjoy and we will be seeing you both in the morning.


Jean Anne

"We have our dinner all ready for us compliments of Jean Anne and Laura. Come shower with me and then we can dig into that lasagna that smells so delicious." Maura placed the note back down as Jane took her hand, the taller woman already heading towards the bathroom.

An hour later both women were clean and well fed cuddling together on a wicker sofa on the deck, overlooking the valley, as they watched the sun sink into the horizon. "You were awesome today, Maur. The way you were able to dive inside that girl and start to heal her injuries, holding off the blood long enough for her to change was really incredible. I knew you could do it. I am so proud of you." Jane kissed the top of her wife's head that was snuggled into her neck.

Maura felt loving warmth spread over her at Jane's praise. "Thank you, sweetheart. But I couldn't have done it without you. You gave me the courage to do it. I somehow felt you and your belief in me. I knew that with you by my side everything would be alright. You were amazing. You knew something was wrong almost immediately and got us there to help. You took over the situation and without you being able to bring that girl to an early shift even with my ability we would not have saved her. You my lovely King were awesome and you make me very proud of you." Sitting up, Maura climbed up into Jane's lap until she was straddling her legs. She began kissing and nibbling on the long slender neck, up to a tender earlobe, loving the feel of her powerful mate trembling for her. "I want to take you right now My Raven. Come to the bed with me and give yourself to me. I feel all this power coursing through you and we both know you could easily take me and I would not fight it. But I want you to give over to me and let me love you into oblivion." Maura had gotten Jane's tank top pushed over to the side, she placed her teeth on her original claiming marks and bit. Teeth sinking just shy of breaking the skin.

Jane's back bowed and she thought she might come from that alone. "I am yours for the taking my snowy lady."

"Then carry me to our bed now. I find it an extreme turn on when this powerful body of yours works for me."

The tall powerful woman eagerly complied. "Your wish is my command, my lady."

Jane soon found herself naked on her back being devoured by her mate. Her hands holding the reinforced head board tightly, as her woman had ordered. There was no slow build up; her body was rocketing towards ecstasy faster than her mind could keep pace. In moments she was screaming to the heavens, Maura's name escaping repeatedly from her lips.

Very pleased with herself, the smaller woman let her tongue and lips lead her back up her lover's glistening body. "I love you so much and you are so sexy when you climax for me. I plan on you doing it many more times for me before morning. Now you stay right as you are, I am not done with you by far."

Jane lay panting as Maura climbed from the bed. She turned her head when she heard the drawer by the bed open. Maura pulled out the harness that Jane had worn the day before. Maura caught her eye, the request plain in them. Jane gave a nod of ascent, though she became a little nervous at the gleam that came into her lover's eyes as the harness was tightened firmly in place. She knew she was in for a wild ride for the rest of the night.

Hours, and many orgasms by both women later, Jane found herself with her ass at the edge bed, her long legs over Maura's shoulders as the smaller woman took long forceful strokes that were rapidly taking them both to one last trip to the stars. She was very glad for the yoga classes she had been attending with Maura. Her lover had put her in more varying positions that night than she dreamed she could be in. Only moments ago she had been taken from behind by her wife, a position she normally didn't care for and avoided, but with Maura it was amazing and she came hard from the interaction. Her precious gave her no time to catch her breath before flipping her over, throwing Jane's long legs over her shoulders and driving home once more.

They were both covered in sweat, their wet hair sticking to face, neck, chest, and back. Neither woman could believe they were able to be so close to going over once again. Maura loved how completely Jane had given herself over to her. Her dominate warrior had freely submitted to her. It was a heady feeling and she gloried in it.

The women were riding the razors edge when Maura leaned over her long legged lady keeping those luscious limbs on her shoulders while she kissed her. The tilting of Jane's hips and pelvis into the new position was too much for the dark haired beauty and she came screaming into her lover's mouth, which in turn brought Maura shattering over the edge with her.

Maura fell into a limp heap upon her well pleased mate, Jane's legs slithering down her body to hang off the bed, neither woman capable of speech in that moment.

Jane wasn't sure how long they lay there with Maura still deep inside her, but she really wanted to pull them both up onto the bed and snuggle up with her woman and sleep. She wrapped her arms around the sweet body on top of her placing her feet on the edge of the bed and working her way back and up onto the pillows. She eased Maura out of her groaning as aftershocks shot through her. It took the last of her energy to work the snug fitting harness off of her comatose wife, before she dropped it off the side of the bed pulling the comforter up from the floor and over them both. In no time at all Jane was spooned up against her love and joining her in blissful sleep.

Late the next morning the women woke hearing gentle knocking on the front door. Maura simply turned over covering her head with the comforter. "Could you get that sweetie, and try not to kill whoever it is, but if they end up maimed I won't complain."

Jane groaned as she stretched her sore, but well-loved body. Once again glad she was a Lycan or she probably wouldn't be able to move at all after the night they had shared. She eased out of bed taking the time to pick up the harness and drop it into the nightstand drawer out of sight. She slipped on a robe that was lying across the back of the couch and made her way to the door. She peeked through the curtain to find Jean Anne and Evie standing there both with big smiles. Jane raked her hand through her hair in an attempt to tame the wild mass somewhat before opening the door. "Morning ladies. What can I do for you?" Her voice low and husky from the workout it had went through.

Both women giggled, it was quite obvious what the gorgeous woman had been up to the night before. "Good morning. Actually I thought I would bring you and your lady breakfast this morning as an additional thank you for what you did for my granddaughter yesterday. I hope we didn't drop by to early."

Jane's stomach growled as the breakfast smells reached her. "I appreciate your thoughtfulness." She glanced at the clock and saw it was well after nine. "You are not too early. Maura and I actually overslept."

"We aren't staying. We will simply drop this all off in the kitchen and get out of your hair. We will see you up at the house a little later when you come to see Bethany. Laura never left her side all night." Evie reassured.

Jane nodded moving out of the doorway so the women could bring their cargo in.

Jean Anne sat the basket down on the counter and Evie sat two thermos' down beside it. "The silver one has good old Columbian in it and the green one is a latte. Now in the basket you have pancakes, muffins, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and a bowl of fresh fruit. You two enjoy your breakfast and we will see soon." The visitors headed for the door smiling. The lump in the bed hadn't moved at all the whole time they were there.

Jane poured a latte and carried it over to the bed. "Sweetheart time to wake up. A couple of lovely women brought us breakfast, and we need to go see Bethany soon." She pulled the cover down enough to reveal the attractive sleepy face underneath. She fanned her hand over the cup of coffee stirring up the aroma.

Maura slowly sat up, the pull of coffee too much to ignore. "Thank you sweetheart, it smells delicious."

"Why don't you start that and let me bring you breakfast in bed?" Jane kissed Maura on top of her head before heading to the kitchen. She enjoyed pampering her mate and wife whenever she could. Maura meant the world to her and she wanted to show her in every way possible how much she loved her.

After breakfast and a shower where they were both brought to a slow easy climax, the newlyweds headed off down the path, which would take them back to the inn, hand-in-hand. They enjoyed the peaceful walk together.

Upon their arrival at the inn, Marcus led them to a house a little further up the road that was equally as beautiful. Bethany's father Erin, let them into the home. "It is an honor to have you in our home. Can I get either of you anything?"

"I am fine thank you." Jane declined the offer as did Maura.

Maura looked around the well-appointed house. "You have a lovely home. I love how well the craftsmanship has been maintained."

"Thank you." Erin blushed leading them towards a staircase. "If you will follow me I will take you to see Bethany. She had a quiet night. My Laura never left her side. I think she is almost afraid to at the moment. I think having you check her over will ease my mate's mind."

They were shown into the third door from the top of the stairs. The room was well balanced between girly and sporty. The walls were yellow with movie, music, and sports posters covering them. It seemed the girl was a big fan of the WNBA. The girl was smiling shyly up at them from a full sized white four poster bed. Her mother, who had been lying beside her daughter, now stood on the other side of the bed from them.

"Thank you for dropping by to see my baby girl." Laura was smoothing down her hair and clothes.

"You're welcome." Maura looked around the room seeing Evie and Jacqueline, the Omega, standing near a window seat across the room. "Have you checked on her this morning?" She asked Jacqueline.

"Yes, my lady. She is healing nicely, but still very sore and if left as she is will have at least another week in bed and it may take a while for the scar to disappear. However, I think if we can get her to shift again and stay as her wolf for a few hours before shifting back, that those two shifts will help take care of the last of the damage. She could be up and around tomorrow with just a little stiffness. However, I would still recommend taking it easy for a few days."

"Bethany said she didn't feel comfortable trying to shift alone, yet. Her wolf, though stirring, still felt sleepy and shy to her." Evie smiled at the young girl. "Marcus offered to help her shift now that her wolf was awakened, but Bethany refused until you two came to see her."

Maura smiled at the girl who seemed to be blushing even more. "Well you are looking much better than the last time I saw you. Do you mind if I sit next to you? I would like to place my hands on the covers above your wound and check on how it is healing."

The girl nodded her agreement, her gaze returning mostly to Jane who was standing silently near Maura letting her do what she needed to do to heal Bethany. Maura chuckled to herself, the girl certainly had it bad, but she had good taste. Jane was very much crush worthy.

The honey blond sat on the edge of the bed placing her hands lightly over the injury before closing her eyes and letting her awareness seek out through her hands and into the child. She found the wound closed, but very raw and tender. She sent out healing warmth to take away some of the tenderness and eradicate any possible infection. Bethany sighed as Maura's healing energy left her body and she eased away. "Does that feel any better?"

"Yes, ma'am. It's not as sore now. It felt kind of warm inside when you did what you did."

"Good." Maura looked over at Laura. I concur with the Omega. Another complete shift to wolf and back should have this young one up and around as early as tomorrow." The healer looked down at a touch on her knee. She leaned down to hear what the girl had to say.

"Lady Snow, do you think Laird Raven would help me shift again, instead of Uncle Marcus?"

Unable to fight it, the woman grinned. "I am sure she will." She patted the girls hand and rose.

Jane had heard Bethany's request and took Maura's place. "I'm glad you're doing so well today. I think you gave your ma quite the scare yesterday." She leaned closer to Bethany. "I used to do the same to my ma growing up. She said I got into more scrapes than both my brothers combined." The dark haired woman chuckled. "Actually she still tells me that to this day."

"Really?" The girl stared at the beautiful woman smiling down at her.

"Really. Now are you ready to shift?"

"Yes, My Laird."

The dark haired woman nodded. "Why don't you call me Jane since we are not in a formal setting, you can even call me Raven if you want, if no muggles are around." She joked.

The girl beamed. "Okay, Raven." Bethany lay back with huge smile on her face. The other women in the room chuckled.

Noticing the girls sleep shirt Jane tugged on the collar. "Why don't we step outside and let your mother help you get out of your pj's. You cover back up with the blankets here and when you shift you won't ruin your jammies." The tall woman stood and motioned everyone to the door.

Short moments later found them all back in their previous positions. Jane smoothed the hair back from the Bethany's forehead. "Now I want you to relax and concentrate on feeling your wolf. This time I want you to help me bring her out. Once we get her up and heading towards the surface, I don't want you to fight it. I will be there with you the whole time."

Closing her eyes the girl nodded. Jane placed one hand on Bethany's head and she leaned forward and sent a part of herself that was The Alpha out into the girl. Her black wolf leaned its face close to that of the little grey one blowing into the shy nervous pups nostrils, just as Jane herself did with Bethany. The wolf and girl relaxed, instantly knowing they were safe. The dark wolf nudged the young one getting her on her feet. With a few more gentle nudges from Jane and Bethany calling the pup it wasn't long before the small grey wolf was running for freedom. It took a minute, but when the magical fog around the child dissipated, a little grey wolf lay where the girl had moments before.

The wolf was nervous and didn't seem comfortable inside. It climbed out of the covers and huddled close to Jane. The jittery wolf calmed as she stroked its back. "I believe our wolf here will be more comfortable outside." The pup whimpered as Jane stood. Jane looked over at her mate who nodded her understanding and agreement. "You stay here with your mother for a moment. I will be right back." Jane stepped into the small attached bathroom and quickly stripped, hanging her clothes on the back of the door. She cracked the door a hair and shifted. The raven black wolf used her paw to open the door and join the others in the room. The little grey wolf eased from her bed and was at Jane's side in moments. The dark wolf blew in the grey's nostrils once more before licking the side of her face. Jane made a few chuffing noises that everyone seemed to understand. The door was opened and the raven wolf led the little grey down the stairs and out the back door Marcus had opened for them.

The pair wandered around the large back yard, Bethany getting used to her new form. Her nearly healed injury keeping her from running off into the nearby woods. It wasn't long before the small wolf was yawning. Jane nosed her over to a large shade tree with soft grass beneath. The small grey wolf laid down curling her tail up and around herself. The much larger black wolf curled around the small grey keeping her warm and safe as they rested in the shade of the warm day.

Maura watched her mate from the deck and fell even more in love with her strong warrior with such a big heart. She really would make a great King. She felt Jane already was a great King and Alpha, she just had a few ropes to learn.

Several loved ones watched the pair as the dark wolf protected Bethany as she rested. Jean Anne sighed happily. "That is an amazing sight. That mate of yours is an awesome lady. Our Bethany will be sharing this with her grandkids someday. Do you think it would be okay if we took a picture of them together for Bethany? I will immediately put the SD card in the safe built into the wall of the basement of this house. The card will not be taken out for any reason until we are given permission to do so."

Maura thought about the possible ramifications of such a thing. She heard goddess Vivienne's voice brush through her mind. "Take the pictures and put the card in the safe. I will insure they aren't seen until you and Jane return. The pictures will be cherished by Bethany and Jane. This caring memory will be one that can help both you and Jane when things seem daunting or discouraging for you in the future. It will remind you what you are working for, who you are looking out for."

"You may take the pictures and put the card in the safe, but we would like copies of them also when we return."

Jean Anne agreed with alacrity. She zoomed in with her camera snapping several shots before Marcus escorted her down to the safe.

Evie glanced around spotting several of her pack members guarding the area around the yard and house. "Why don't we relax and enjoy each other's company while our girl rests. Jane will bring her back up to the house when she wakes. Laura you could use a nap as well." Everyone agreed and soon Laura was up in her room asleep. Many of the men and a few women were in the garage going over an old car Erin had purchased to restore, and those remaining not on guard duty were perched around the deck talking and enjoying Jean Anne's homemade lemonade and cookies.

In the yard it appeared that the black wolf was resting around the smaller grey, but she was alert and enjoyed listening to the conversations of those around her. It may not be the afternoon she and Maura had planned, but it was still nice. She pushed away thoughts of what the following day would bring, when they packed up and headed for Undrehiel, and simply enjoyed the afternoon. She knew Maura was doing the same.

To Be Continued

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