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Beautiful Babies


"I don't think that's appropriate."

"Why not?"

"Maura, you can't just go around telling people that they'd make beautiful babies."

"The lady at the clinic did."

"Yes, but she's a crazy person. Plus, she works at a place dedicated to making babies, where as you cut up dead people."

Maura tilted her head to consider Jane. "Would it be inappropriate for me to tell you that you'd make beautiful babies? I mean, we have known each other for years, and best friends say such things, right?"

Jane opened her mouth and then closed it. "Fine, Maura. If you want to say things like that then you can only say them to me."

"I really feel that it is a compliment. I would be honoured if someone said it to me."

"Of course your babies are going to be beautiful. It's just like saying that the sun is going to rise tomorrow. My point is that not everyone is so receptive," Jane raised her eyebrows to drive in her point. "That woman looked terrified when you said it."

Maura looked down at her glass of wine. They were sitting at The Dirty Robber after sharing a dinner at the small Indian restaurant down the road. The waitress had such striking features that Maura couldn't help but commenting on them. When she dropped the glass and scurried off Maura didn't have any clue that what she had done was wrong until she looked over to see Jane sinking down her chair looking like she wanted to be anywhere else. Maura didn't like it when Jane looked like that.

"Perhaps it wasn't the ideal location to mention it…"

"You think?" Jane retorted. "Anyway, doesn't matter now. Let's just enjoy our drinks in peace. Today has been stressful enough."

Maura watched as Jane lifted the beer bottle to her lips and took a measured amount into her mouth. Her eyes figuratively followed the liquid down Jane's body after she swallowed. They finally settled on her glass of wine again, "You really would make beautiful babies Jane."

Jane blushed, and was glad Maura wasn't looking at her. "I… Thanks."

The End

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