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Winds of Change
By hollyhwrites


Chapter 1

"She's the one from your visions?" The tall statuesque redhead scanned the many photos spread across the table. "Attractive and strong. She looks like a leader."

A large dark haired man with slight graying at his temples stood at his lovely wife's shoulder both gazing at the various photos of a tall slender brunette with long wavy hair and brown soulful eyes. "She's the one the great spirits have chosen. She is destined to become the alpha of all alphas and bring all Lycan kind together."

"And the pretty woman with blondish brown with her in so many of these photos is her mate?"

"Yes, but for some reason they are both trying to hide their attraction for one another. Both women are strong and intelligent. Jane and her mate Maura will become the black wolf and the white wolf of legend. One will become a great leader, warrior, and guardian, the other a great healer and scholar. They will be the dark and light that balance one another. Together they will reign, uniting all Lycan tribes."

The man picked up a photo of the two women sitting together on a park bench smiling as they leaned together watching a small dog at their feet. "It will not be an easy road ahead for either of them."

"We will help them Marcus. It is a great honor the gods have tasked us with. We have been selected to assist in their turning and prepare their chosen. Our world has been waiting thousands of years for this time to come. We will do our best to prepare and support Jane and Maura."

"They will need it, Evie. Their world as they know it is about to shatter apart and be remade around them."

Jane awoke spooning up behind a warm soft body, inhaling the sweet smell that she would always recognize as Maura. She loved these sweet private moments when she could let herself indulge in her strong feelings for her best friend. She came to close to losing her the previous day. Seeing Hoyt with his hands on Maura was a nightmare come to life. Her grip tightened around her friend as memories of the previous day flooded her mind. She would never regret ending Hoyt. She only wished she would have done so sooner before he got his hands on Maura.

Stirrings from the woman in her arms had her loosening her hold. "Mmm. I feel so safe when I'm in your arms." Maura murmured sleepily. "Thank you for asking me to stay after the party last night. I didn't want to be alone."

"I will always do everything in my power to keep you safe Maura." Jane laid her chin on the blonde's shoulder and took a scary step. "I have always felt safe in your arms as well. It's like coming home." She placed a gentle kiss on the smooth as silk skin on the neck of the woman who unknowingly owned her heart, body, and soul.

Maura tightened her hold on the arms wrapped around her, and pressed further into Jane's strong body. Her own breaking out in goose bumps as delighted tingles ran up and down her spine at Jane's words and actions. She had hoped and even found herself praying, that Jane could return the love she felt for her. She lifted one scarred hand to her lips, kissing the rough palm. "I've been thinking…"

"Always dangerous."

"Jane seriously. I've been thinking about this since we were receiving treatment for our injuries. We both have at least two weeks of vacation time due us. I believe now would be a perfect time to take it. My grandfather left me a cabin on the edge of a private lake in Virginia. We could go there and get away from everything for a while. We could even bring Jo Friday with us."

"That does sound nice. No nagging Ma, no homicides, and no press bugging us for interviews for a couple of weeks. Only peace, quiet, and us. I'm up for it. I think we deserve and need some time away."

"I think we both need some time to realize that the nightmare that was Hoyt is over." Maura turned in Jane's arms. "We also could use the time to explore the more that we both know is between us."

The women became lost in one another's eyes, each searching for any sign that their feelings were returned. Both smiling when they found the answer they were looking for.

"I think that sounds like a fantastic idea." Jane breathed.

Jane and Maura leaned toward one another sharing a soft chaste kiss that nonetheless rocked them both to the core.


Chapter 2

"They should be here within the hour. We have to take them quickly before they enter the house. Two weeks isn't much time to get them acclimated but that is all we have right now. We may be able to stretch it out another week but that is not a certainty." Evie told the group of ten men and women around her. They were all well trained individuals that worked for Wolfe Security and Investigation. They were also all members of the same pack.

Marcus their boss and alpha nodded in agreement. "We cannot let Jane sense us coming. We don't want to hurt or traumatize them any more than necessary. Use the tranqs and get them into the house as soon as possible. Everything will be explained to them when they awake. Everyone knows where they're supposed to be and what they are supposed to do. Now move out and wait for my signal."

The men and women hurried off to stand guard at their posts until time for them to act.

"You know Jane's not going to be easy to convince. From all we have found out about her, she is very stubborn and doesn't like change or surprises much. Maura is also stubborn and will turn to science to explain all of this. She will have a hard time accepting the magical and spiritual aspects of this whole situation. From the way she dresses it's a good thing she is to become the most glamorous of wolves, the snowy white. I would hate to see her dressing in designer dog outfits to try and shine among all the other gray wolves. Her white coat alone should do it for her, I hope. She and Jane will look magnificent together. They make a beautiful pairing in human form, which will carry over to their wolves." Evie leaned closer to her mate as they settled down to wait.

Marcus wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulder. "Our scouts mentioned that they had seen the two women holding hands and exchanging a few gentle kisses. This trip might be more than them getting away for some R and R. They may have finally decided to take their relationship to the next level."

"I hope so; it will only make it easier for them in the long run. When their wolves scent each other they will be driven to claim one another and their inner most feelings they have for one another will be revealed to each other when they bond. I'm glad they will have their mate by their side when they go through this transition. It will help ease the strain and they will learn to work together, though from all our research they already do that well. I believe our biggest hurdle will be them accepting the fact they are werewolves and the future leaders of all Lycan kind."

"I agree. I have a feeling they are going to be naturals when it comes to their duties and neither will need much training. I am only glad that the internal power of the alpha will not wake in them for at least a week, gives us time to get them used to who they will be somewhat, before they have the power to make our wolves bow to them." Marcus kissed Evie.

"On that I concur. I wonder how long it will be before they are able to do that to us."

Marcus sighed wondering the same.

Jane paused as the "cabin" came into view across the large private lake. The freakin' place was gorgeous and huge. There were several large windows across the back of the house that over looked the lake. A large deck that extended out beyond the covered porch ran across the rear of the large log home. A stone walk way led from the house to a dock with a boathouse nearby. This was Maura's little cabin in the woods? This was a freakin' resort in the woods. "Your grandfather must have really loved you."

Maura laughed. "Yes, we were pretty close. He seemed to see me beyond the independent, genius little girl who had a hard time relating to people. He took time with me and drew me out of my books and would have me explore the lake and property with him. He was a very smart man and I learned a lot. I miss him greatly. He passed away when I was ten years old. I always feel close to my grandfather when I come here. He would have really like you. He hated snooty rich people too." She smiled and squeezed Jane's hand.

"Sounds like my kinda guy." She lifted Maura's hand to her lips kissing her knuckles. "I am glad you had someone like him in your life even if it was only for a short time. He sounds like a really special man."

Maura could only smile. Her emotions were too close to the surface for her to speak at that moment. Jane touched her in ways that no one ever had and deeper than she ever thought possible. Her grandfather would have definitely approved of her Jane.

They drove on around the lake to the front of the house. The covered porch was deep and wrapped around the house. There was a porch swing and rocking chairs arranged on it. It was all very cozy and inviting. "This place is beautiful, baby."

Maura loved it when endearments slipped from Jane like that; she doubted Jane even realized she was doing it. "Thank you. I had the caretakers open it up and freshen everything and fully stock the place. They have instructions to only come by if we call them, so we shouldn't be disturbed unannounced."

Jane and Maura both happily climbed out of the SUV each feeling the sting of an insect bite on their backs shortly before everything started to go black and Jo Friday began barking in his pet carrier in the back seat of the vehicle.

Neither woman hit the ground. They were immediately scooped up, their unconscious bodies carried with great care into the log home.


Chapter 3

Jane slowly opened her eyes confused at her current position. The last she remembered she and Maura were climbing out of the SUV. "Where the hell am I and how the hell did I get here?" she thought. Glancing around the dim room as her eyes adjusted Jane was happy to find Maura lying beside her. Feeling Maura's hand touching her own she took hold of it with a firm grip, although said grip felt rather weaker than usual. The grip was not returned, but Jane was reassured when she could hear the other woman breathing.

She refocused on her surroundings; they were most definitely not in Maura's cabin. It looked like they were lying in some sort of palace straight out of ancient Greece or maybe Egypt. Lots of light colored columns, statues, engravings on some of the columns and walls, paintings covering the ceilings. They both lay on a beautiful bed draped with gossamer fabrics even softer than the expensive sheets Jane had slept on at Maura's. It really was a beautiful place.

The hand Jane held tightened, the breathing pattern changed. "Maura are you okay?" There was no answer at first. "Maura?" Jane attempted to sit up, however she only managed to prop herself up enough to see her friend's face.

Maura was busy attempting to get her own bearings, glad to feel and hear Jane beside her. "I am relatively okay." She looked around the room. "The architecture of this room is rather remarkable. I believe dating back even further than the known architecture of ancient Greece and Egypt I have seen and read about. The craftsmanship and artistry are amazing. I would love to get my hands on several bolts of the fabrics in this room; the quality and texture are truly extraordinary."

Jane rolled her eyes at the wonder in Maura's voice. "Really, Maura? We wake up in a strange place with no idea how we got here and you focus on fabric."

"Sorry, but I am a little unnerved and focusing on those things help me cope. I have no idea where we are or how we arrived here. I do however find myself comforted by the fact you are here with me. I always feel safer when you are around." She squeezed the hand holding hers and turned her head to look up at the beautiful dark haired woman propped up beside her.

Her dark haired friend smiled. "I will always do my best to keep you safe." Maura returned the smile.

"Ah! It is good to see you both awake. We have much to tell you and not a great deal of time to do so." Both women's gazes flew to the two figures now standing at the end of the bed. They had not heard or seen anyone enter.

"Who are you people? Where are we? What do you want with us?" Jane's hand instinctively went to her hip for a gun that was not there.

"We have been known by many names. The ones who hold you call us the great spirits. You may call me Fenrir and my companion here has been rather partial to Vivienne lately." The voice was warm, strong, and soothing. The owner of the voice belonged to a handsome man with beautiful features, a strong body, and light golden hair that touched his shoulders. He wore a golden armored chest plate and some sort of white robe like clothing.

The woman next to him was dressed similarly. She was equally as easy on the eyes and her hair appeared to be a near perfect match to the male's, only longer. They were both beautiful but rather androgynous.

Jane was sure Maura with her computer brain was cataloging all their facial structures and musculatures, finding both of them appealing specimens of the human form.

"You are in a place some have called Mt. Olympus or Valhalla or heaven. We usually call it home." Vivienne's soft melodic voice flowed over them, leaving behind warmth and comfort.

'What the hell were they dead?' Jane's mind raced. 'Or were these people a couple of whack jobs.'

"You are here to receive the gift and responsibility we have chosen you for. Something about each of you drew our interest from the time you were in your mother's wombs. We have watched you over the years growing more certain as time passed that you were indeed the ones we had been waiting for." Fenrir looked upon them with fondness. "Neither of you remember, but you two had met before you started working together at the BPD."

The reclining women's brows both furrowed, not remembering when they may have previously met.

Vivienne's voice flowed over them again. "You two met when you were children. Maura was with her favorite grandfather and Jane was on a class trip. You met and unbeknownst to either of you or those around you, you imprinted on one another, sealing your fates as one. You have both came within inches and moments of each other at different times throughout your lives, but were not reunited until the fates felt the time was right."

"I don't remember meeting Maura as a kid and what is all this bull about imprinting, fates, gifts, and responsibility? I'm leaning towards the conclusion that you two are not playing with a full deck. You both need to take your medication."

"Why would they play cards without a full deck and they are not currently playing cards? However if you two are not on medication for any mental disorders you should look into it. Doctors have been working wonders with the right medications and therapies. You could live very normal lives." Maura paused when she felt Jane squeeze her hand. "I also don't remember meeting Jane."

"You consciously didn't remember one another, but subconsciously you do remember. Your souls and hearts remembered. Watch!" Fenrir ordered as he waved his hand. A thick cloud formed over the bed and images began playing on it.

Jane and Maura clung together for comfort and support as the world around them seemed to be going haywire as they watched the cloudy show.

"Pappa thank you for bringing me here today. I really wanted to see the mummification exhibit before it moved on to the Natural History Museum in Chicago. I am having a wonderful time."

"I am glad Maura, dear. I'm always fascinated with the way your mind works and I never fail to learn something when I am with you." The grandfather smiled down at the sandy haired little girl dressed impeccably in the latest high fashion.

Maura smiled as her grandfather got caught up in reading about the ancient Egyptian burial chambers and slipped away across the room to the display of tools used in the mummification process. She was so fascinated that she didn't see the group of the three boys as they came into the room and made a bee line for her.

"Hey little miss goody two shoes, don't got any friends to run around with. You to stuck up to hang out with the little people." The teasing boy said in a strong Boston accent as he bumped her shoulder.

Maura glanced over at her grandfather who was currently chatting with a woman who looked like a teacher and had a few other children with her. Her grandfather didn't see the trouble she was having, but a tall slightly plump girl with long dark hair and a pretty face did, she headed over.

Maura looked back at the boys. "I am here with my grandfather."

"What he didn' wanna hang wit ya either?" The same mouthy boy teased as the others laughed.

The dark haired girl stepped up next to Maura. "Leave her alone, she didn't do nothing to you. Get back to teach." She spoke in a deep voice.

"What, has Rollie Pollie Rizzoli finally made a friend?"

"I got plenty of friends Joey. You and your butthead pals just aren't among them."

"Oooh. Talking big in front of your fancy friend."

The girl stepped right up in the boy's face and forced him to look up at her. "Step off little man. We both know I can kick you and your little pals' asses. I proved it last week after school. That black eye looks good now, almost all gone. I can give you another now if you want." She gave him her meanest look and clenched her fists at her sides.

Joey stepped back, but had to leave a parting shot as he and his friends ran away. "Rollie Polly Rizzoli's gotta girlfriend."

The tall girl growled before taking a deep breath and turning to the girl next to her. "You okay?"

"Yes. Thank you for running them off. Do they go to school with you?"

"No problem and yeah they do go to my school. They're just a bunch of pricks." The taller girl stuck out her hand. "My friends and family call me Janie. What's your name?"

The smaller girl shook Janie's hand. "I'm Maura."

"Nice to meet ya, Maura. Pretty cool exhibit huh?" The two girls continued to chat as they wandered around the exhibit hall.

What the two girls didn't know was that Maura's grandfather and Janie's teacher had caught the whole encounter. "That's Janie Rizzoli, she doesn't like bullies and she always watches out for the little guy. Your granddaughter is in good hands." The teacher said.

The grandfather watched the two girls. He was amazed at how well they were getting on. His little Maura didn't usually relate well to people. "They seem to be getting along well. If you don't mind I think we will follow along with your class so the two can continue on together. It seems like Janie gets picked on too. Those boys weren't very nice to her."

"I think it would be fine for those two to continue on together and yes Janie does get picked on as well, but she stands up for herself. A lot of the kids are intimidated by her. She is taller than most of the children in her grade and as good as if not better than the boys when it comes to sports. She is also tops in her class and at least a year younger than everyone in her grade because she skipped one in order to help challenge her more academically. She is very intelligent, but refuses to take any IQ tests. Janie says she doesn't need them to know she has more than an empty lump resting on her shoulders."

The grandfather and teacher both laughed as they continued to chat and walk along with the other children. Maura and Janie spent the rest of the afternoon together and had exchanged phone numbers hoping to get together again sometime, but only weeks after the girls met Maura's grandfather died and Maura left for boarding school in France. The phone numbers were lost in time as were the memories of that day, as life went on for the two girls who unknowingly had imprinted on one another.

The cloud faded as Jane and Maura lay shocked as the memories of that day came flooding back.

"I remember that. It was the most fun I had ever had at a museum. I tried calling a few times, but I was always told you were busy and couldn't talk. You never called back so I stopped trying." Jane shrugged. "I really liked your granddad. He was pretty cool, and I could tell how much he cared about you."

"I remember the day too! I had never been able to really relax and be myself with anyone except my grandfather until that day. After my grandfather died, I wasn't able to be that relaxed again until I met the infamous Detective Jane Rizzoli years later over a corpse at a crime scene." Maura squeezed Jane's hand. "My grandfather liked you as well. He told me that he thought you and I could be lifelong friends. He said he just had a good feeling about us."

Jane returned the hand squeeze. "I guess he had a good gut." She teased.

Maura chuckled along with Jane before they both sobered as their current circumstances intruded on their memories.


Chapter 4

"So we met and got along as kids. Why have you guys been watching us since we were little? What do you want from us and why are we here? I admit you can do some interesting things with the cloud movie stuff, but I still don't know if I believe the whole god and goddess thing. I mean Mt. Olympus, really?" Jane forced herself up a little further into a sitting position.

"We truly are beings of myth and legend." Vivienne waved her hand and the room around them disappeared, it seemed as if the bed they were laying on was flying through the heavens and Fenrir and Vivienne were floating along with them.

"Have either of you heard of what many call lycanthrope?" Fenrir asked as they soared.

"Lycanthrope is commonly the name given to those who, it is believed, can turn into animals such as werewolves and werecats. Some lore says these abilities are a witches curse and some say it is a natural born gift. Some lore also says lycanthrope is transferred by the saliva in the bites of such beings when they are in animal form." Maura shrugged her shoulders when Jane stared at her with that look Maura easily interpreted as 'Really?'. "I read a lot of things about the preternatural when we were working on that witch case a few months ago."

"Those are commonly held beliefs, yes. The truth of the matter is that lycanthrope is the ability to become animal and also to use some of their skills while in human form. Witches can curse people to become an animal full time or with the moon, but it is a difficult spell and you must bind the human with the life essence and skin of the animal as it is being sacrificed. It truly is a curse and the person usually never learns to control their impulses and goes insane. The true lycanthropes are born with great gifts and abilities. These gifts and abilities originated from the gods, starting with the first of Lycan kind many, many centuries ago." Fenrir floated over to lean across the end of the bed. "It all started with the first pair, a completely raven black wolf and a snowy white wolf. They were given the power to help chose those who would be given the gifts of other animals. Lycans are not only wolves, but other animals as well, mostly predatory animals. Wolves are the most powerful of the Lycan. There are leaders of each species of Lycan, but there has not been leaders over all of Lycan kind since the first pair blessed by the gods."

Vivienne also settled onto the bed. "It is time again for the leader gifted by the gods to step forward once more, the Alpha of all alphas. The time has come for the black wolf of legend to rule with its snowy white lifemate along side."

"I am really having a hard time believing all of this, but if what you are saying is true I still don't see what all of this has to do with me and Maura." Jane said though she was getting a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"You Jane have been found worthy to carry out the tasks of the raven wolf. You are a great warrior and leader. You are highly intelligent, have a very strong will, and a strong heart. You are equal to the task that has been bestowed upon you." Fenrir shifted his gaze. "You Maura have been found worthy to carry out the tasks of the snowy wolf. You too are highly intelligent, strong willed, and compassionate. You are a healer. You are also the perfect match for Jane. You two are mates. Jane will need you to be her support and to stand with her as you do now. Each of you is a powerful woman in your own rights, but together you are unstoppable. That will only be more so as you grow into the gifts bestowed upon you."

Both women sat in stunned disbelief. "There is no scientific proof that humans can really turn into animals. This could all be some elaborate dream or something. I could be dreaming all of this. I most likely am." Maura tried to sound more confident than she felt; the entire situation seemed too real.

Jane nodded her agreement. "Even if this was all real, we could refuse to accept these gifts or blessings. You are expecting a great deal. These gifts carry very heavy weight and responsibilities. They would throw us into a world completely unknown to either of us. I can't speak for Maura, but I am not keen on accepting."

"I feel much the same as Jane."

Fenrir and Vivienne smiled compassionately at the pair before them. "You are the ones. We and the other gods and goddesses are not asking. We are informing. You were both blessed before you awakened here. The changes are already happening in your bodies. The form you have here with us is more of a spirit form. Your physical bodies are currently asleep in the master bedroom of Maura's cabin. The sign of your blessings can be found on each of your inner hips. Jane's on her right hip, Maura's her left. When you face one another they will touch." Fenrir nodded for them to look.

Maura and Jane both gasped as they saw the signs. Jane had a black wolf that appeared to be leaping from her hip ready to fight. Maura had a white wolf with bright greens sitting regally on its haunches. It appeared to be watching everything and was ready to follow wherever the black wolf led.

"Currently there are ten Lycan wolves at your home. Do not be upset with them when you wake up. They are there to watch over and protect you both while your bodies rest and adjust. They are also there to help you train and become familiar with your gifts and abilities. Marcus is the Alpha leader of the local pack as well as the Alpha leader of all the wolves in North America. His mate Evie rules with him. They also help run Wolfe Security and Investigations, an international firm with connections all over the world. The corporation employees are almost all preternatural or those who know of the otherworldly. These wolves are your pack, all Lycan species are your pack now. They are yours to protect and rule. You protect them, but you also keep them in line. Trust us, they will test you. They will want proof you are strong enough. Most will accept you by the simple fact that you are both heavenly blessed, but as you both know there are always those that must see to believe." Vivienne waved her hand again and the bed disappeared. They were all now floating in the air above the bed in the master suite of the cabin where Jane and Maura's physical bodies were laying.

"Okay, this is just freaking weird." Jane gaped.

Maura clung to Jane. "I can't even fall back on science here. I can't come up with anything in reference to this."

Fenrir and Vivienne chuckled. "The magical and mystical are often unexplainable. They just are. You will get used to it." Vivienne reassured before leaning forward and hugging both women. Both felt themselves calming as her arms wrapped around them. "It has been an honor meeting each of you in person. I have great faith in each of you."

Fenrir shook their hands. "This is where we leave you. Marcus and Evie will help you out, but follow your own instincts. Trust in yourselves, all of yourselves, human and wolf. Your purpose and full roles will become clear in the future. Don't worry about what that future will bring. Learn about whom you are now and enjoy each other." He winked before he and Vivienne began to fade away and Jane and Maura began to fall into their bodies on the bed.


Chapter 5

Jane and Maura awakened together, both sitting up in bed as they breathed air into their lungs.

"Oh my god, please tell me that was some drug induced dream." Jane locked eyes with Maura.

"Did your dream involve Fenrir and Vivienne and flying on a bed?"

Jane nodded. "Yeah, the whole bed knobs and broomsticks thing."

Maura looked at her blankly for a moment. Jane shook her head; she was going to have to widen her friend's television viewing. "I think it might have been real, because it is highly unlikely we would have the same dream, much less one so distanced from reality."

"I was afraid you were going to say something like that." Jane pulled the waist of her pants down a bit, and looked to see if the black wolf was still on her hip like it was in her 'dream'. "Oh, god." It was very much still there and looked just as life like as it had before.

"Mine is still there to. It had to be real or else we are still dreaming. Owe!" She grabbed her arm. "Why did you pinch me?"

Jane grinned at her friends glare. "I was just checking to see if we are really awake this time." She rubbed her head. "Between you feeling that pinch and the druggy headache I have, I would assume that is the case. I for one am not going to believe any of this lycanthrope turning into wolf bullshit, until I see it for myself."

"Language, Jane. However, I agree with you. I am going to have to see the transformation for myself before I believe."

Gentle knocking came from the door to the bedroom. "Lady Rizzoli, Lady Isles. I am Evie, alpha female of the local wolf pack. We know you are awake. May my husband and I come in? You have nothing to fear from us."

"I'm Marcus, Alpha leader of the local pack and Evie's husband. If it will make you feel better Lady Rizzoli, your gun is loaded and in the side table drawer on your side of the bed." Both, people or werewolves, had strong voices, but neither held tones of menace.

Jane retrieved her gun, feeling more grounded holding the solid weight in her hand. She shared a look with Maura. Her friend nodded her agreement. "You may come in, but keep your hands were I can see them."

The door slowly opened to reveal a tall dark haired man and statuesque redheaded woman. They did not enter right away. They observed the pair on the bed as closely as they themselves were being watched. The pair cautiously entered keeping their hands at their sides and in plain sight. "We are glad to see you are awake. I'm sorry for the way you were treated upon your arrival, but it was the only way to retrieve you without causing you or ourselves great harm." Marcus said. "The great spirits have shown me that my mate and I are no longer tasked with transforming you. You have been granted the greatest of gifts, to be converted by the spirits themselves. It is also less painful than being bitten by us."

"You were going to bite us?" Maura gasped.

Jane shifted her gun slightly. "That Fenrir guy said people couldn't be turned from a Lycan bite."

"Most of the time that is true, but there is usually only one exception to that rule. If you have the blood of the lycanthrope already in your bloodline, but not enough for you to transform, you can be bitten and converted without much difficulty. You two however, have been chosen by the high spirits. They gifted you themselves directly." Evie explained.

"Well, I am glad to hear we aren't going to be bitten. I'm still not too believing in all of this though. Can you provide real proof that people can really turn into wolves, or animals, or whatever? This whole thing is out there, way beyond any reality I have ever known." Jane swung her legs over the side of the bed sitting up fully. She felt uncomfortable lying down speaking with the large strangers.

"We would very much like to see proof. I have never come across any scientific evidence that this can actually be done, and until I see it, I find I am unable to fully believe all that we have been told." Maura slid across the bed and sat up beside Jane.

Evie nodded. "That is understandable. If you would like to meet us outside in the back yard, we will have a few members of our pack transform for you. We will leave you now to freshen up. We put your bags in the corner there." She motioned to the corner near the bathroom.

Jane stood. "Thanks. We'll be there." The Lycans bowed their heads slightly before leaving, closing the door behind them.

Maura stood up beside Jane. "I really need a hug, do you mind."

"I would hold you all the time if I could sweetheart." Jane closed the distance between them wrapping her arms around the woman she loved. "We are going to make it through whatever all of this is. We will do it together."

They stood holding each other close for long moments before Maura leaned back looking up at the taller woman. "We better get freshened up, and head downstairs. I don't know about you, but I am eager to see if any of this is real. The whole situation has thrown me; there is no science or verifiable research for me to fall back on here. Jane, you know I don't believe in religious faiths or in magic, but all of this is awash with gods and goddesses and magic. The foundations of everything I have known is quaking and crumbling."

"We will make it through all of this. I grew up with faith being a big part of my life, but the foundations of my beliefs are rattling apart as well. I don't think there is any way we could have ever been prepared for something like this. I mean this is all straight out of some urban fantasy novel. I expect to see sparkly vampires coming out of the woodwork next."

"Sparkly vampires?"

Jane's dimples appeared at Maura's questioning look. "Twilight, popular book series and movies, never mind." She kissed Maura lightly before stepping back. "Let's get ready."

It didn't take long for them to freshen up and change. Both women chose jeans, but Jane now wore a BPD t-shirt and sneakers. Maura wore a pretty blouse and expensive sandals with a low heal. Even while relaxed she still looked like a model to Jane. Maura found Jane equally attractive, a natural beauty that looked like a model without even trying. Their fingers twined together as they walked hand in hand down the stairs, out the French doors, and across the yard, arriving near the lake where a group of ten men and women had gathered.


Chapter 6

Jane and Maura both felt the difference when they stepped outside; it was as if the fresh air around them was awakening something inside their bodies. Their skin felt like it was humming with electrical vibrations.

Jane used her free hand to rub up and down her arm. "Do you feel that? It's like my skin is vibrating or something. I can't really explain it, but it's weird."

"I do feel it. It is as if a slight electrical hum is passing through me, just below the surface of the skin." Maura was also rubbing her arm. "What do you think it means?"

"I don't know, but I am sure we will be finding out soon enough."

Marcus and Evie watched as Jane and Maura stepped out of the large log home. "They are feeling the outdoors. Nature is calling to them already. I didn't think the changes would be happening within them so rapidly." Evie observed as both women were rubbing their arms and chatting quietly to each other as they approached.

"I am sure that being gifted by the heavens takes a hold of you much faster than being born with the gift or having a bite awaken your latent abilities. They are also both very powerful or at least going to be. I worry how Manuel, Carlita, and Kendar are going to react to them. The rest of our group will accept them because we do and because of their standing as the spirit chosen. However, those three will have to test them just as they did us. They will only accept dominance if it is proven." Marcus glanced at three of his top enforcers. They were large and heavily muscled and were experts at using their size and strength to their advantage.

"We will watch the situation; however we can't step in unless Jane and Maura really need us to. Give them a chance to see what they can do first. We don't want to start out by undermining their authority." Evie advised.

"Agreed." Marcus nodded.

Jane and Maura felt their bodies and senses coming alive in ways and degrees, with each passing moment, that they had never felt before. The sensations only intensified the closer they traveled to the group waiting for them near the lake.

Jane felt a dominate power growing inside her. The sensation felt aggressive and protective at the same time, the feelings made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. It felt like something was prowling around inside her. She shook herself trying to calm this new consciousness. She squeezed Maura's hand harder, their connection helping her to stay grounded and not get lost in what was happening within her.

Maura also felt the prowling inside, an instinctual need to protect, but also to calm Jane. She could sense what was happening to her love and instantly without thought sent soothing warmth to Jane when she felt the hand tightening around her own. She wasn't sure how she did it, but smiled when she felt the tight grip on her hand ease. The always strong connection Maura and Jane had constantly felt was growing by leaps and bounds in strength and intensity.

"I hope we didn't keep you waiting long." Maura said as they reached the group. Maura spoke first, but somehow knew it would be a bad idea to step in front of Jane or offer her hand before she did.

"No actually you arrived before we thought you might." Evie smiled, but she too stayed at her mates shoulder and did not step beyond Marcus.

Jane came to a halt a few feet from Marcus keeping her head up and shoulders back. Whatever was prowling around inside of her would not let Jane show any signs of being lesser than those around her. It was really nothing new for Jane; she did the same at work all the time.

Marcus nodded first; he had no desire to challenge the tall woman. He knew exactly who she was. She was his Alpha, she was every Lycans Alpha. "Two of my pack has volunteered to shift for you, and offer the proof you both need of the ability to change from humans into wolves."

Jane nodded in return, but kept her head and eyes up, not relaxing her posture in the least. "We are eager to see the shift."

"Ashley, Warren." Was all Marcus said and two of his people stepped into the middle of the group, as the rest formed a circle around them. Warren was a tall well built blonde haired blue eyed man, and Ashley was equally well built, though several inches shorter than Warren, she was still fairly tall for a woman. She had hazel eyes and close cropped light brown hair. The pair quickly stripped out of their clothes, two other members of the group taking them, and setting them neatly aside.

Jane forced herself not to focus on their nudity; she didn't want to be blushing in front of these people. Whatever was crouched inside her helped, it didn't react at all to the fact that the man and woman didn't have any clothes on.

Maura simply looked at them as a doctor and scientist, observing that they were both fine specimens, but other than that, not moved by them in any way. For her, Jane was the only one who could do that.

Marcus nodded to the naked pair. "Proceed."

It happened differently than what you see in most movies that portray shifting with a slow progress of watching them morph before your eyes. In actuality it was much different. The air around them seemed to shimmer with energy for a few moments before the energy burst forth and two grey wolves were standing where the two people had been moments before. Ashley had transformed only moments ahead of Warren. Warren was slightly larger than Ashley, but both were bigger than your average wolf.

Jane and Maura stood in stunned silence. Even seeing was hard to believe. However, they had both been able to feel the pair change; they knew that it wasn't a trick. The two large wolves before them were really Ashley and Warren.

"They are beautiful and that was incredible. It happened so fast. I thought it would take longer and be more painful. I only heard a small groan from them." Maura stared, fascinated.

"That was pretty amazing and not at all like I have ever seen it portrayed. They also become full wolf. I was wondering if that would happen, or if it would be more wolfman. Are there any restrictions with changing back or can they do that at any time?" Jane was still trying to get her head wrapped around what she had just seen. She was starting to become grateful to the presence within her; it was doing a super job of helping keep her from freaking out about everything that was happening.

"Everyone in this group is powerful enough to be able to turn back to their human form rather quickly, but the less powerful Lycans must wait for at least an hour before they can shift back. The young teens, who have just gained the ability to shift, must wait several hours and sometimes a day before they can change back." Evie informed them.

"The truly powerful Lycans can take a third form, one that is like you said, a wolfman type form or whatever species of Lycan they are. Lionman, tigerman, that sort of thing, of the three forms the half animal, half man form is the strongest and the largest. Also some strong alphas are gifted with the ability to perform partial shifts. They can just shift their hands, or eyes, nose, or ears. Things like that. It can be a very useful gift to have." Marcus demonstrated by shifting his hand from that of a normal human to that of a wolfman.

"Okay, now that was cool and I can see where that ability could come in handy, especially in a fight." Jane took a deep breath clearing her lungs and easing her mind, she glanced over at Maura to see how she was holding up.

"I'm doing fine Jane. My mind is speeding up with millions of questions, but they can wait. I am here with you all the way." Maura squeezed Jane's hand in reassurance.

Jane returned the embrace before focusing back on the group around them. "We would like to see them shift back whenever they are able."

"Warren, Ashley whenever you are ready, shift back to human form." The wolves' posture changed subtly showing their agreement to their alpha.

It didn't even register, with either Jane or Maura, that they were able to read the postures and gestures of the wolves before them as easily as they could read any humans. They both watched and felt as the energy around the two wolves grew once more, before bursting forth again only this time two humans were standing where two wolves had been only moments earlier. Once again Ashley was seconds ahead of Warren in transforming.

"Truly incredible." Maura said. "Please feel free to get dressed if you wish. I hope you wouldn't mind talking with me later. I have all kinds of questions."

Jane smiled at her love. Maura was so adorable when something captured that big brain of hers. She knew it wouldn't be long before Maura was able to go Google-speak about Lycans.

"You do not give them permission to do anything. That is for our Alpha to do." Spoke a tall dark haired man of Hispanic descent. He stepped forward flanked by a woman who looked like she could be his sister and a large heavily built man with pale skin and dark hair and eyes.

"You do not speak to Lady Isles or Lady Rizzoli in that manner Manuel. They are Alpha to all Lycans." Marcus reprimanded.

"They have not even been Lycan a full day or even opened up to their wolves and changed yet. They are not Alpha to us." The woman spoke. "The small woman has no right to give permissions to any of us."

"Carlita." Marcus warned her.

Jane felt her power stirring within. She was being challenged and these two were talking down to her mate. That she would not tolerate. "If I were you, I would listen to Marcus and stand down." She stepped forward once, placing herself in front of Maura.

Maura slid her hand from Jane's, but didn't stop touching her. She skimmed her hand up Jane's arm and let it rest on her shoulder instead. It was Jane's calling to be the leader, the dominant, and it was hers to support and take care of Jane.

Marcus sighed; he knew it was coming, though he had hoped that the confrontation could have been held off a little while longer.

Manuel stepped forward until he was officially in Jane's space. Carlita and Kendar stood behind each of his shoulders. "I do not recognize you as dominant to me. A true dominant could back me down and shove me out of their space without even touching me. Something I don't see you doing." Manuel smiled. "Something I will do to you and your little woman."

Jane felt her anger flair at the man's arrogance; it helped hold her in place when she felt the first blast of some unexplained power slam into her. Manuel was attempting to force Jane to step away from him without touching her, to show his dominance over her and Maura. That just pissed her off all the more. Jane shook her head and her own cocky smirk formed. Her backing down was so not happening.

Maura felt the power slam against herself and Jane, and knew what was happening. She couldn't stop the chuckle that escaped. One did not challenge Jane or try to push her mate around ever, especially when she was standing right there. Jane was highly protective of her, always had been. The three Lycan wolves had pushed two of Jane's buttons and awoken the beast within. Jane already carried around a type of beast of her own before she had ever become Lycan. Maura knew now Jane's protective and badass tendencies were going to be even stronger than before. Nope these three didn't stand a chance and if Jane needed her help, Maura definitely had her loves back.

Jane let a feral smile show when she heard Maura chuckle. She felt Maura's complete faith and support. It made her feel all the stronger. Jane reached inside herself and stroked the new power that now lived there. She slowly let little by little free until she could easily hold off the man standing before her. "It doesn't look like you are doing too good of a job backing me down, now does it." Jane's smile only grew. She was really enjoying this.

Manuel's anger grew and he pushed his power to the limit, he growled when it didn't seem to affect the dark haired woman at all. He smiled when he felt Kendar and Carlita throw in their power with his. They would back the newbies down where they belonged.

Jane felt the added power buffet against her. She let a little more of what she held inside free and easily held her own against them. "It seems like you can't push me away." She let a little more go. "I however, can back the three of you off." She blasted them. It was obvious to everyone that the three were fighting to stand against her and losing. In moments they stepped back. Jane kept pressing until they were several steps away and their heads were bowed, they were no longer even able to look Jane in the eye.

Everyone in the group was impressed. Jane had just backed down three of the most powerful alpha wolves in their pack, except for their leader and his mate. It was unheard of feat for someone who had come into their gifts less than twenty-four hours before.

Marcus smiled. "Well, Manuel, it looks like she proved to us all who was more dominant, now fall back and behave." He looked at those of his pack around him. "Go get lunch started. Use the outdoor kitchen. Bring all of our coolers of food we brought around and store them there." He nodded his head in dismissal. The group dispersed leaving him and Evie alone with Maura and Jane.

It was obvious that Jane was working to calm her wolf. Maura was helping, but Marcus knew it wouldn't be long before Maura's wolf would be fighting with her as well. They needed to shift soon before their wolves took the decision out of their hands.

"Your wolves need to be let free for their first run. After that they will be easier to control. As long as you let your wolves loose to run periodically, neither of you should have a problem controlling them. The few true Lycans who have control issues are those who deny their wolves and force their wolf halves to take control." Evie said as she slid her hand into her husband's firm grip.

"Shifting takes a lot of energy. I think it would be best if you both ate a large lunch. Afterwards we can let our wolves run." Marcus advised.

Jane only nodded as she breathed deep relaxing, and soaking up Maura's calming presence.

Maura now had her arm around Jane helping to calm her. She had felt the turbulent emotions that had risen in Jane; she had also felt Jane trying to calm them after her face off with the three other Lycans. It felt completely natural for her to wrap her arm around her love and help her to relax. "Do you need any assistance with lunch? The house kitchen is fully stocked, although it was stocked with only me and Jane in mind. I have a feeling that Lycans have very hearty appetites, but there should be enough for a day or two and I can always have more delivered." Maura had only just met these people, but she felt comfortable around most of them already. She knew some of that comfort came from her wolf.

Evie grinned. "Thank you, Maura. We do have hearty appetites, but you don't need to try and feed us. We brought provisions for a few days. We will figure it all out later when we need more; however I did notice earlier you had the makings for a large healthy salad. If you don't mind I think I will toss one together. This group tends to neglect their fruits and veggies sticking with meat and potatoes. I have to often force them to eat healthier."

"I know exactly what you mean." Maura laughed as she hugged Jane, who only rolled her eyes. "Feel free to use whatever is in the kitchen to make your salad. Also there is plenty of space in the large fridge and freezer to store any food you have brought. You don't have to keep everything in coolers."

"Thanks. Why don't the two of you take a walk down by the lake? It won't take long for these guys to grill up some burgers and steaks. We will call you when it's done." Evie waved them off.

Jane straightened. "We'll do that." She slid her arm around Maura giving a quick wave. "Thanks." The couple headed off down the path to the lake as Marcus and Evie headed towards the deck and patio area to see how things were coming along in the outdoor kitchen.


Chapter 7

Jane and Maura kept their arms around one another as they made their way down to the lake. They didn't go out onto the dock. Instead they turned walking along the perimeter of the water until they came to a bench set not too far from the water's edge, but back far enough to be shaded by the trees behind it. They sat neither speaking for long moments as they simply enjoyed each other's company and the view across the lake.

"It's real Maura. We both saw it, but more than that, I felt it. I don't know exactly how to explain it. It's not like there is a being inside me trying to take over, like on an alien movie or something." Jane paused as she tried to find the right words. "It's more like it is just another part of me, of my personality. I know I didn't physically feel my wolf rubbing its fur against me, but mentally, I did." She turned to Maura. "It was incredible, powerful. In that moment when the three Lycans threw their power together to try and back me down, I felt this overwhelming sense of…" she paused again "the only word I can come up with is confidence. I knew that I was more powerful. I almost felt invincible. I had you at my back if I needed you and between me and my wolf, those three didn't stand a chance." She fell silent once more knowing she had fallen short of putting into words how she had felt when she finally realized that not only were Lycans real, but she was now one of them. Jane was also even more aware of the woman next to her. Her wolf self had no hang-ups about having feelings for her female best friend. Her wolf self knew Maura as mate and wanted her. Jane had already decided to stop fighting her feelings and was in total agreement with her wolf. She wanted to claim Maura and soon.

Maura sat silently enjoying the feeling of Jane's strong arm around her. She listened as Jane spoke. Maura had felt it when Jane's wolf rose within her. Maura's wolf had risen in response, knowing just as Maura did that their mate needed their calming presence. Mate? Maura thought a moment. Yes, Jane was her mate. The thought of sharing her life or body with anyone else felt wrong and intolerable. She and her wolf self were in total agreement. Jane was theirs and they were claiming her soon. "I understand Jane. I felt mine rise within me too. We really are Lycans. It's surreal, but also very exciting. My senses have come alive. I have never been so aware of my surroundings before. I can see and hear more clearly. I am aware of the slightest change in the wind around me. Lunch should be interesting if our sense of taste has increased as much as our sight, hearing, and touch. However, I think the increase in our sense of smell will be the most difficult to get used to." Maura wrinkled her nose.

Jane laughed hugging Maura close. "I know. I originally thought we would sit out on the dock, but god, it smelt like there were at least twenty dead fish under the thing." The two laughed together. It felt good and eased some of the tension that had been building in them both since they awoke to Fenrir and Vivienne.

"I wonder how many dead fish are actually under the dock. It would give us a better idea of just how sensitive our noses are now." Maura murmured.

A grin split Jane's face. She loved how Maura's mind worked. She always kept her on her toes. Jane leaned over. "I don't think I can wait until lunch to try out my enhanced sense of taste." Her hand came up cradling Maura's face, turning it. She pressed her lips firmly to Maura's and moaned in pleasure. She eased back just enough to swipe her tongue across her love's soft lower lip taking her first enhanced taste. Maura instinctively opened for her. Jane did not hesitate. She gloried in the taste of Maura's intoxicating mouth. The experience was only heightened as Maura explored Jane's mouth just as thoroughly. The delicious aromas of Maura's arousal made the encounter even sweeter.

There was no telling how far the kissing would have went had Jane not heard the gravel shifting and popping on the path. She gentled the kiss easing back enough to see down the trail finding Evie a few hundred yards away. "It looks like lunch is ready." Jane caressed Maura's back while Maura did the same to her, as they both worked to get their breathing and heart rates under control.

"Sorry to interrupt, but lunch is soon to be served and if you are late those hungry pups won't leave you much more than scraps to eat." Evie grinned at the couple.

Jane stood taking Maura's hand helping her up. "Thanks Evie. Sounds like eating with them will be like eating with my brothers."

"Those two only have table manners after me or your mother have taken a spoon to their hands a couple of times." Maura added smiling; remembering the first time she had ate at the Rizzoli family table.

"I may have to try that." Evie walked along beside the couple, who were walking hand in hand, in companionable silence. She briefly thought about asking them if they had any questions or concerns about shifting after lunch, but decided to let it drop. All could be addressed later.

Lunch was a boisterous and enjoyable affair. It seemed that all was well after Jane proved her dominance. The three that had challenged her earlier shook her hands and talked jovially with her. They asked how she liked being a detective and were curious about the differences in what she did and what they did at Wolfe Security. Maura also enjoyed herself, no one seemed put off by the job she did and asked plenty of questions of her too. It seemed that both Jane and Maura could easily fit into this group.

While the others cleaned up from lunch, Marcus pulled Jane aside to speak with her, as Evie did the same with Maura.

"Jane I know you are concerned about shifting; however shifting will be the easy part. The hard part will be fighting you and your wolf's urges to claim your mate while in wolf form."


"It is instinctual for us. You will claim Maura while you are in wolf form; it's natural for your wolf selves to bond in this way. However, I don't recommend that you claim your mate first as wolves. Let your wolf play and flirt with Maura, but keep a tight rein on yourself. You may also have to rein in Maura's wolf for her if hers gets to aggressive, so to speak. Shifting is going to awaken the need to claim your mate to nearly unbearable levels." Marcus paused. "My pack has all set up our living courters in that fancy bunkhouse on the edge of the lake. After you shift back and return to the main house no one will bother the two of you until you ask for us to return or you emerge from the house. Any couples first time together should be in their human form, especially when it involves claiming their mate." He fell silent letting Jane absorb.

God, she had never even considered her wolf self wanting to claim Maura's, Jane thought. The idea should bother her, but it didn't. She felt her wolf stir inside of her at the thought. It felt right that both parts of her would claim Maura. "Thanks for the heads up and the assurance of privacy. Have any other information or advice?"

Maura's mind worked with all the new information Evie was imparting. "I am very curious to find out how the mating between female Lycan wolves happens." She pondered aloud. "I will do my best to control my wolf side. I do want mine and Jane's first time together to be as our human selves." Her mind focused on how long she had wanted to get her hands on Jane's exquisitely formed body.

"Maura? Maura!" Evie smirked at the look on the woman's face. She really was head over heels for Jane. The two had an incredibly strong bond already. Becoming Lycan and claiming each other was only going to make that bond completely unbreakable.

Maura blushed. "Sorry, please continue."

Chuckling Evie did. "The bite marks you leave on each other during claiming will not totally disappear, but will become more of a milky silver in appearance, as mine are." She pulled her t-shirt aside showing Maura the area of her shoulder and lower neck. "I have matching marks on the other side as well. The initial claiming bite will always be the brightest, but during the claiming period you can leave numerous claiming marks on one another. These are symbols of a strong, loving, and healthy union among all Lycan kind. They are honored and coveted, not something to be ashamed of. The marks are also not seen by regular humans. Only those of the paranormal or preternatural world can see them. Sometimes humans awakened to our world can see the initial and brightest of our claiming marks."

Maura felt the skin on her neck and shoulders tingle at the thought of wearing Jane's claiming mark.

"The moment of initial claiming is very intimate. Your hearts, bodies, minds, and souls will be completely opened to one another. A connection will form between you and Jane so strong that even death cannot break. A true mating among Lycans is for all time, neither of you will ever want nor need another. The claiming is an airtight lifelong and beyond commitment. A human marriage isn't even a drop in a bucket in comparison."

The fluttering of Maura's heart grew stronger, but it wasn't fear of such a commitment, but longing. She wanted this with Jane, she needed it. "I should be nervous of all this. I have never before met someone I would want to be that connected to accept for Jane. I have been drawn to her since the moment I met her." Maura thought once again of the time when she was just a girl and met little Janie and then again when they were unknowingly reunited and she met the formidable Det. Jane Rizzoli.

"It would be wise for you and Jane to marry in the human world immediately, if possible. Once you are mated neither of you will respond well to others approaching your mate in a romantic fashion. Marriage and a wedding ring will go a long way in helping with that. It will also stop your families and friends from trying to set you up on anymore dates with men."

The stirring of her wolf inside her was becoming familiar to Maura. They were both in agreement; no one touched their mate but them. "I agree. I will speak with Jane about it later. Is there anything else before we shift and run?"

Going over her mental checklist of the things she and Marcus wanted to impart, Evie believed she had covered it all. "No, I think we covered everything. Once you and Jane return to the main house you will have total privacy until you contact us. We will enjoy the lake and woods, and also patrol the property. The two of you only need to relax and enjoy claiming one another."

"I am sure we will enjoy it. I will make a quick call to my caretakers and inform them that you and Marcus have authorization to order anything you need and have it delivered if you do not want to head into the nearest town for supplies. They are very discrete and have no problem gathering supplies for large groups. I believe I will also place an order for a few things for Jane and me, to help us keep our strength up." Maura grinned.

"You and Marcus can bring the stuff into the kitchen when they deliver our order. I don't think that will disturb us. The house also has excellent sound proofing, so as long as the doors and windows are shut we won't be bothered by your lake activities. So feel free to borrow the ski and fishing boats, as well as the row boats, canoes and ski-doos that are in the boat house. There is also a volleyball net and other various equipment for beach games also in the boathouse. Please feel free to utilize them all. You, Marcus, and your pack have been very helpful to us so far, introducing us into this new life Jane and I have been thrust into, also keeping an eye on Jo Friday, and I know there is much more to come. You all should enjoy yourselves when you can."

Evie thanked her and surprised Maura with a brief hug before heading out of the house to join the others gathering to head to the woods.

Maura and Jane had already changed into comfy shorts and t-shirts, neither wearing underwear as Evie advised. Jane had on canvas shoes she could easily slip on and off her bare feet and Maura opted for her glittery designer flip-flops. Maura took a moment to contact her cabin caretakers before she joined Jane, Evie, and Marcus out on the deck. She easily slipped her hand in Jane's as the foursome made their way to the edge of the woods where they would shift and run.

Jane reveled in the ease she felt with Maura. She found such joy in not hiding her feelings any longer and knowing that those feelings were returned. She couldn't wait to see her mating marks on Maura and to wear Maura's. She also couldn't wait to marry her and slip her ring on Maura's finger. She would do so soon. They reached the others and listened as Marcus spoke.


Chapter 8

"The area has been scouted and as long as we stay on Maura's property we will have no run-ins with humans. I left scent markers all along the property line so you will all know where to stop and turn. We don't need any hunters after us with shotguns. I want all of you to shift first, then I will change followed by Jane and Maura and finally Evie." Marcus ordered.

The other members of the pack had already begun to undress as he turned to Jane and Maura. "All you have to do is relax and call the wolf to the front of your mind. You give your wolf permission to take the lead and she will. Don't fight your wolf when the change starts and it won't hurt at all. Only if you fight will you feel pain." Marcus informed them both. "When it comes time to shift back you simply push your human self to the forefront of your mind and let it take over in the same way."

Jane and Maura began to undress along with everyone else. Jane treated the situation like she would changing in the locker room at work or at the gym. Maura was able to see it all in a more clinical light. Their only exception was when they looked upon one another. They would always be affected by one another's body.

Everyone was shifting as they finished undressing. Marcus shifted into a huge grey wolf larger than any of the others. They were all larger than natural wolves.

"Jane I want to go before you so you can see my wolf with human eyes, and when we shift back I will also want to go first so I can see your wolf with my human eyes." Jane nodded her agreement to Maura's request. She was eager to see what Maura's wolf looked like.

Jane watched as Maura closed her eyes and relaxed her body. The shift was almost instantaneous. Where Maura stood moments earlier now stood a beautiful completely snow white wolf, at least a hand span larger than Marcus.

"My God Maura, you're beautiful." Jane knelt beside Maura running her hands through the soft luxurious fur. "You are so incredibly lovely." Maura rubbed against Jane, licking her across the back of her hand before backing away, clearly eager for Jane to shift as well.

Jane did as she had seen Maura do; she relaxed her body and closed her eyes. She felt her wolf rise within her and called her forward giving her permission to run. The shift happened in less than a blink of an eye. One moment Jane was on two legs and the next on four. It took a moment to adjust to the eye sight of the wolf and her senses were even more enhanced in wolf form. Maura rubbed against her and growled her approval. Jane could tell she was a fair bit larger than Maura, but not too excessively so. She wanted to run but waited, for now, Marcus was in command.

Evie stood in momentary awe of the two large wolves. Knowing the two women were to be wolves of legend, born of the Gods and Goddesses was one thing. However, seeing the proof of who these two really truly were standing in front of her, was one of the most amazing moments of her life. Marcus nudged her leg to hurry her along. Every wolf there was staring, just as she was, at the two legendary wolves. Evie quickly shifted into her red and grey wolf and took her place following Marcus as he led them all into the woods.

Jane and Maura both loved the freedom of running as their wolves; it was like nothing they had ever experienced before. Jane couldn't help but leave her scent markers over any of Marcus' that she came across. To her and her wolf this was her territory to protect, as Maura was hers to love and protect.

Marcus wisely did not challenge her because ultimately it was her territory.

Maura loved rubbing against Jane, nipping at her and making Jane chase her. Maura could never out run her. She wanted Jane to claim her so badly she had a hard time keeping her need reined in; at one point her wolf slipped her leash and pounced at Jane only to find herself on her back with Jane holding her down with her body, teeth at her throat growling. The teeth didn't break the skin, but they did hold firm. It proved to Maura's wolf self that Jane was the dominant between them and that Jane was determined to wait until they were in human form before they claimed each other. That show of strength and dominance only turned Maura on more.

Jane was hanging on to the reins of her wolf as tightly as she could and Maura wasn't making it easy. Maura's in wolf form was carefree in a way Maura didn't often let herself be. Jane had only once had to rein in Maura, but it only made her need grow stronger after having Maura beneath her like that. Jane eased herself up and released Maura, who flipped over to her stomach, but stayed in a submissive posture before Jane. Maura stayed like that until Jane licked her across the snout and took off heading back towards the house. Jane was tired of waiting, she wanted her mate and she wanted her soon.

Maura immediately ran along with her, the rest of the pack following.

Maura shifted first. "Jane you are gorgeous. Your fur is so soft and thick. You're so large and powerful, you're amazing, sweetheart." She hugged Jane close before backing away to get dressed when Jane growled.

Jane shifted, quickly getting dressed, never taking her gaze from Maura. She didn't even register the slightly tighter fit of her clothes due to the minor growth in her muscles.

Maura saw the intense look in Jane's eyes, she didn't put on her sparkly flip-flops, instead she simply picked them up and took off running for the house as fast as she could.

Jane immediately took off after her easily catching up and sweeping Maura into her strong arms without slowing as she ran with her mate across the yard, up the steps of the deck, and into the house with cheers, whistles, and howling following them from the pack left behind.

Maura wrapped her arms around Jane's neck awed by the strength Jane showed. She carried her as if she weighed nothing at all.

Jane toed off her shoes as she entered the house and Maura dropped hers nearby, never letting go of Jane. Jane carried her up the stairs not stopping until they reached the in-suite bathroom of the master bedroom they were staying in.

There her lips claimed Maura's in a soul shattering kiss, one of endless love and devotion and of great need. Maura's feet touched the floor and the two quickly divested one another of their clothes. Maura started the water running before Jane led them into the elaborate shower; water was spraying them from all sides.

They pulled apart from the long kiss, foreheads resting together, both breathing raggedly. "I love you so much, Maura. I feel like if I don't claim you soon I am going to explode. I don't want to do it in the shower though, at least not the initial claiming." She shifted her body, one thigh going between Maura's.

Maura groaned as her hot center came into contact with Jane's strong thigh. "I love you too, sweetheart, so much. You feel so good." Her breathing increased as Jane took control of Maura's hips working her slick center up and down across her thigh.

Maura shifted her own leg until she felt Jane's fiery wetness rubbing against her own thigh with every thrust they made. Both women were panting as they quickly rose to a shattering peak that had them both crying out for their partner. They clung to one another as they slowly floated back down to earth.

"You feel so good Maura, being wrapped up in your body is the most glorious home I could ever imagine. You are my home baby. Home sweet home. Your heart, your soul, your mind, your body, a home greater than any dream I could have ever dreamed. I want to stay wrapped up in you forever." Jane declared.

Maura was moved to tears by the declaration of her tough and strong lover, having Jane as hers was a gift above all measure. "Oh Jane, my Jane, I feel the same. You fill me so full of love and belonging, more than I have ever thought or even imagined possible. I love you more than I could ever explain in mere words and you know how good I am at coming up for lengthy explanations."

Jane chuckled. "Yes, my google mouthed love, I know." She leaned back looking into her lovers eyes. "We better finish cleaning up or we will not make it to that large comfy bed before I claim you. That trip over the moon with you only eased my need for you by the smallest amount.

Maura grinned. "I will wash your back if you will wash mine." And she rubbed her breasts across Jane's.

Jane groaned. "Jesus woman, you're killing me." And Jane loved every minute of it.

The two of them probably broke some sort of record for fastest shower. They both stepped out of the glass and tile enclosure squeaky clean and helped dry one another thoroughly.

They opened the bathroom door and stepped into the master bedroom finding food set up under glass domes on the coffee table in the sitting area with a bottle of champagne on ice and two glasses.

On the floor near the end of the bed was a cooler bucket filled with ice and bottles of water, juice and energy drinks. The room was awash with candlelight. Flameless candles flickered around the room. They supposed the flamed ones could get dangerous if the lovemaking became to boisterous, which they neither one doubted it would at some point.

Jane and Maura both knew it was Evie, Ashley, and Carlita who had set everything up, they recognized their scents. Both women were touched by their thoughtfulness. A sheet of white paper was standing on end between the two wine glasses, the couple walked together to the sitting area where Maura picked the paper up reading aloud.

Dear Jane and Maura,

We thought we would put together a few provisions for you so you wouldn't have to venture far from your claiming bed for a while. Enjoy this special time together when two souls become one and begin their journey through life joined as soul mates. The bond you two have is already strong and it is obvious to us all how much you love each other. Your claiming will cement your bond and feelings, making them invincible. Revel in the claiming and trust me the flameless candles are best, the stories I have heard about Lycan claiming and burning candles are not pretty. Now put down this note and get back to what you were doing.

Your new friends and family,

Marcus, Evie, and the pack

Jane wrapped her arms more tightly around Maura from behind, loving the feel of her soft warm curves against her. "They really are a great group and this is really good of them." She nibbled along Maura's shoulder to her neck. "Would you like to open that champagne now or save it for a little later?" She was praying for later, but would follow Maura's lead.

Turning in Jane's embrace Maura looked up into her love's intoxicating eyes. "I think the champagne needs to chill on ice for a while and I for one cannot wait any longer to make you mine for all time. Take me to bed Jane and claim me."

Being a highly intelligent woman, Jane didn't waste a second. She scooped the sexy dark honey blond off her feet carrying her to bed gently laying her down in the middle. The glorious curvy body before her was the most beautiful she had ever seen. "Maura you are absolutely breathtaking. I don't know how I got lucky enough to have you as mine, but I will thank the heavens for the blessing every day." Jane slowly lowered her body down, her and Maura both moaning as their naked flesh pressed intimately together.

"Oh Jane, you feel so good, I shall never get enough of you." Maura pulled Jane down more firmly against her, wrapping her legs around Jane's waist and her arms around her back. Their mouths met in a fierce battle for dominance. They devoured one another as their need built, their first claiming would not be slow, but intense and earth moving. Jane slid her arms down hooking Maura's knees with her elbows and pushing them up and out forcing Maura's pelvis to lift up and open more for her.

Maura gladly tilted her hips opening herself even more for Jane. She felt Jane's legs widen before enormous pleasure buffeted her body as their scalding centers met. The fierce pleasure caused the women to break the kiss as they both cried out.

"God that feels so good, what the hell is that, it feels like we are somehow melded together down there." Jane moaned and couldn't stop grinding against Maura.

"I don't know, but I am thoroughly enjoying it." Maura couldn't move much in her current position, but she was moving as best she could, wanting to ride the waves with her mate as high as they would go.

"I am so close babe; I'm not going to last much longer. I must claim you now, you are the love of my life and I want to make you mine." Jane felt a slight shifting happening with her teeth as she lowered her head to Maura's shoulder where shoulder and neck met.

"Oh yes, Jane, so close. Make me yours as I make you mine." Maura too felt the shifting of her teeth as she raised her head to Jane's neck and shoulder.

Their teeth sank into one another at the same time, both women screaming as they continued to hold the other firmly in their jaws. The orgasm that rocked them was like nothing before. Wave after wave of pleasure rocketed through them growing in intensity as each wave built and crested. Adding to this earth shattering pleasure was the building of the connection between them, as each of their entire beings opened up to the other, both women humbled with the level and strength of love and so much more that the other felt for them. Their memories opened up to each other, helping build a bond between them like no other. They truly were to be mated in body, spirit, soul, heart, and mind. Everything that they were would now be melded as one for all time. As the last wave built to unimaginable heights, both women eased back from their bites, licking the marks left behind with their tongue; before screaming their pleasure to the heavens as the final wave crashed over them and darkness enveloped them both.


Chapter 9

Jane came to; her body was still half over Maura's, her head buried in Maura's neck and hair. She gently eased up looking down on her still unconscious mate. Her heart swelled as she saw her claiming mark on Maura's shoulder. Maura was now hers for all time. Jane reached up touching Maura's marks on her own shoulder and tingles immediately shot to her erogenous zones. She groaned, smiling. She belonged equally to Maura. Jane couldn't ever remember being as happy in her entire life as she was now.

Maura moaned beneath Jane as her eyes started to flutter open. Maura focused on Jane's smiling face above her, her own face splitting into a large smile. "I love you Jane and I am so happy you are mine." She reached up stroking her fingers across her marks on Jane's shoulder and neck. Maura loved Jane's response. Jane's body ground against hers as her eyes closed in pleasure.

"I am equally happy to be yours, baby. I am also overjoyed to have you as mine." Jane returned the caress, her fingers trailing across the claiming marks she left on Maura. Maura arched up into Jane, moaning in return.

"That feels incredible. The sensations that flooded me when we claimed each other were like nothing I could ever have imagined. I feel so close to you now, more so than ever before. I truly feel like we are now one. I am a part of you as you are a part of me. The bond between us is spectacular." Maura and Jane hugged each other close reveling in the new outrageously strong and close connection they now had.

Jane began running her tongue along the marks on Maura's shoulder. Her mate writhing beneath her was an intoxicating feeling. Jane's free hand slid down cupping Maura's full breast eliciting even more sounds of pleasure from her mate. Jane worked her way around to Maura's other shoulder licking, nibbling, and sucking the sensitive skin she found there. Maura was clinging to Jane as Jane rapidly brought her towards another climax. Jane's free hand left Maura's breasts traveling across her taunt stomach, through honey curls, and into the waiting heat below. She ran her fingers through the swollen folds, feeling how enormously wet Maura was for her. Jane slid two fingers into her mates scalding wet heat as her thumb found Maura's enlarged clit.

"Oh, my heavens Jane! You feel so good, so good!" Maura groaned and panted as she rose to ecstasy, crying out in sheer bliss, as she crested. Jane bit down on her other shoulder, giving her another claiming mark.

Jane felt Maura's nails claw into her back as she continued to slowly stoke her love as she rode out her climax. Jane licked her marks, loving the taste of Maura in any form. The thought brought ideas of tasting her mate in other ways. She didn't give Maura much time to recover before she took one of her tempting breasts into her mouth suckling as her hand and fingers went to work on the other.

Maura couldn't believe how easily Jane was drawing such erotic responses from her body, so immediately after such an intense climax. Her body still weak with pleasure she could only cling to Jane as best she could and hang on for the ride.

Jane soon began trailing kisses down Maura's stomach before coming to rest in the promise land. She ran her tongue across the dusky folds glorying in the tastes and aromas that were her very aroused mate. She plunged her tongue deep; lapping up every drop Maura could give her. At one point, she had to place a strong hand across Maura's stomach to help hold her lover still while she continued her ministrations.

She felt Maura tightening around her tongue as she grew close to another orgasm. Jane brushed her thumb across Maura's clit a few times adding to her pleasure, and Maura flew apart for her once more. Jane immediately slid her tongue from Maura and bit into her inner thigh, marking Maura as hers once more. She didn't stop administering pleasure on Maura! She eased up on Maura's clit and plunged three fingers deep inside her as she licked her bite marks clean, closing them. She took Maura's clit into her mouth teasing it gently until she felt Maura's body begin to grind into her once more, letting her know Maura was ready for more.

Jane sucked Maura's clit between her lips, stroking it and milking it, eliciting mewling incoherent sounds from her mate. She began stroking her fingers in and out of Maura faster and deeper as she matched the actions with her lips and tongue on her love's very swollen and needy clit. Jane felt Maura tightening around her fingers as she neared another climax and she sucked hard on the smaller woman's clit, flattening her tongue against it firmly.

Maura screamed as her body bowed in pleasure. Jane bit into her unmarked thigh as the fingers of her other hand replaced her mouth, milking every last drop of pleasure from Maura's core; while Jane left another claiming mark.

Jane slowly licked her bite mark, then Maura's center, lapping up as much of her precious honey as she could, before she began to kiss her way back up her heaving mate's body. "You taste like ambrosia, my love. I could spend days drinking from your delicious heat and it wouldn't be near enough."

Jane settled down beside her well pleased lover and pulled her into her arms, resting Maura's head on her shoulder while gently stroking her mate's lovely back.

Maura had never been so well pleased in her life. No one had ever loved her like Jane did. Every touch, stroke, kiss that Jane gave her was filled with love and devotion. Jane held nothing back from her anymore and Maura was moved beyond measure by the depths of love Jane held for her. No one had ever loved and cared for her so much. Jane had also brought those feelings out within her. Maura had never thought she could feel such feelings of love for someone before she met Jane, but her rough and tumble badass detective was an extremely compassionate and loving woman with an enormous heart. For all of Maura's high IQ she had still learned so much from Jane, things that no book or class could ever teach her. She felt blessed and very content as she lay in her mate's arms. Once she got a little strength back she was definitely going to show Jane how much she loved and needed her.

A soft hand began running small circles around Jane's belly button causing the muscles to bunch beneath the caress. Maura smiled to herself in satisfaction at the proof of how she affected her lover. She loved the amazing recuperative powers she now possessed. Her hand moved lower to the dark trimmed curls below, Jane's body tightening even more in anticipation. When Maura finally slid her fingers into the swollen heat, Jane's hips rose to meet her touch. The detective's breathing had increased sharply. Maura shifted her body taking the hardened nipple nearest her into her eager mouth. Jane groaned, clutching at Maura back with one hand as the other fisted in the sheets. Maura loved how needy Jane was for her touch. She understood just how she felt because she felt the same way for her Jane. Maura sucked the hardened nub into her mouth as she continued to stroke her fingers along Jane's dripping slit feeling her lover tighten even more. Jane was close to coming, her body already primed from the pleasure she had given Maura. Maura slid two fingers deep into Jane's tight heat as her palm ground against Jane's engorged eager clit.

Jane screamed for her as her orgasm exploded! Maura pressed her body more fully onto Jane, to keep from being bucked off as her lover came. Maura bit into Jane's breast as she flew apart laying claim to her once again. She was going to give Jane a taste of her own erotic medicine. Maura continued to thrust into Jane adding another finger filling her more, she picked up the pace taking Jane harder and faster. Jane was going wild beneath her. It was a powerfully intoxicating feeling to be able to make such a strong woman writhe under her, for her. She shifted her body slightly, kissing along Jane's neck to her ear.

"Your mine Jane and I plan on marking you many times before our claiming period it over." Jane shook even more as Maura drew her earlobe into her mouth, pressing her teeth to it lightly as she suckled.

"Fly apart for me again mate, while I mark you." Maura ordered forcefully just before she heard Jane's shout of pleasure fill the room. She bit into Jane's unmarked shoulder, where shoulder and neck met. Jane flooded Maura's hand making Maura thirsty to take a drink. She eased her teeth from Jane before properly licking her mark, sealing it. She left her fingers buried deep, yet unmoving, inside of Jane enjoying the aftershocks that rocked her lover's body.

Easing up slightly, Maura placed feather light kisses along Jane's jaw up to her mouth, taking her in a deep drugging kiss before slowly descending down Jane's body orally enjoying the gleaming olive skin along the way. Maura maneuvered her shoulders between Jane's legs, blowing against the quivering flesh before her, watching as Jane's body bowed in pleasure for her and Jane's hands clinched the sheets below her in a white knuckled grip. "You are absolutely breathtaking." Maura whispered as she took in the wonder of the sight before her.

She blew once more across Jane's enflamed slit before lowering her mouth to take her first drink of her mate's delicious nectar. The wonderful taste that was Jane exploded across her tongue and Maura knew she would never be able to get enough, and would spend much time drinking from this wonderful fountain of pleasure and beauty.

Jane was writhing again as Maura's mouth and fingers took her over, owned her. She was incoherent in her pleas. Maura felt the orgasm building and coiling within Jane, waiting for the right moment to turn her head and bite into Jane's strong inner thigh, claiming her once more. She continued to move her fingers inside Jane not allowing her to come down from her orgasmic high, but building it higher. She turned her head licking Jane's unmarked thigh letting Jane know what was coming, letting the anticipation build. With the fingers of one hand she stroked Jane's large clit firmly as the fingers of her other hand, deep inside her lover, curled upward, finding the sweet spot and pressing repeatedly. Jane howled as she flew apart and Maura's teeth sank into the remaining unmarked inner thigh.

Jane's honey actually flew from her body in a rush, filling Maura's hands and bathing her breasts. Maura knew that some women could do this and she felt inordinately pleased that she was able to take Jane to such heights. Jane's body fell limply to the bed, her breathing ragged. Maura swiped her tongue across her mark and slid her damp body up across Jane's gleaming torso. She levered herself up enough to look at her lover's beautiful face. She gently kissed her closed eyes, her forehead, her cheeks, and finally her sensuous lips. "I love you, sweetheart and I will never get enough of you."

Jane's eyes fluttered open, a small smile ghosting across her face. "I love you too, baby. I feel very much the same." Her voice sounding much huskier than before. "Never get enough of you, ever." She whispered before her eyes closed once again.

Maura laid her head on Jane's shoulder, caressing and soothing her mate's sated body. They lay together simply holding one another, relaxing into the moment, while the room darkened around them as the sun outside slowly sank on such a life altering day.


Both women laughed. "I think that is your stomach telling us that we need to eat and replenish our strength before we can enjoy each other's bodies more." Maura said moments before her own stomach made itself known.

"And I think that is your body agreeing with mine." Jane actually giggled. "Would you like to shower with me before we dig into the food the pack left for us?"

"I think that is an excellent idea. We need to keep our strength up, because I know I am nowhere near done with you yet." Maura nipped Jane on the chin.

Jane growled in response and bounded out of bed in one quick movement with a shrieking Maura still in her arms. "And I am in no way done with you yet either, woman." She tossed Maura gently over her shoulder in a fireman's carry and swatted her on her lovely derriere. "Let's get cleaned up and eat, because I am already craving more of you."

Maura laughed, outrageously turned on by Jane's casual feats of strength and agility. She swatted Jane's swaggering butt as she was carried into the bathroom. "Do you think I can use you as my plate when we eat?" Maura asked grinning.

An answering growl was heard as the bathroom door closed behind the pair.

Part 10

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