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The Photoshoot
By Babydykecate


The police department had asked them to do a photoshoot to publicize women on the force and in the field, and Maura had somehow convinced Jane to do it with her (it involved coffee and calling another red-ish brown stain "possibly blood"). Maura had even convinced Jane to wear a pair of her heels (All she had to say was that they made Jane took tall and statuesque, like an amazon with really amazing legs. She wasn't sure why that worked).

Now they're standing side by side, with wind blowing through their hair, and hot lights warming their skin and blurring their vision. Jane stands behind Maura, and Maura can almost feel her eyes lingering on Maura's outfit, a smirk upon her lips (Maura knows there is no scientific way she could feel that). Their hair flies every which way as they try to give their best face, and sometimes they feel each other's hair brush against their skin.

Finally Maura takes a step back so that Jane is at her side. She allows her eyes to turn to Jane, and she can't help but smile wider at Jane's sexy gaze into the camera. Maura dares to press her body against Jane's, and she could swear she senses a greater alertness, if not outright arousal. Oddly, that makes Maura feel safe, and she leans closer, turning her eyes back to the camera.

The End

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