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SERIES: In Deep Series

By Demeter


"What if I'm still attracted to you?" Maura asked softly, halfway through the narrative. Lindsay had dreaded, but somewhat expected that question. Maura was a scientist after all; for her, the world divided into questions and answers, not so much of the unpredictable in between.

Lindsay would have to tell her the rest of the story, too.

"There's someone... back in San Francisco," she said vaguely.

"And you had to make her think you were dead."

"Yes." Funny how Maura didn't even question the gender of the person whose memory kept causing Lindsay's undercover persona to crack and crumble. "I don't know," she sighed. "If this nightmare's ever going to be over, she'll probably hate me."

"It wasn't your choice," Maura reminded her.

"In a way, it was. I could have said no."

Maura smiled gently, which was enough of an answer. She had Lindsay figured out well enough in the past months. "What are you going to tell your boss? I can't believe that any of the people we're working with day by day, is dirty."

Lindsay sighed, leaning back into the pillow. "I can't tell you that. You'd be in danger, too."

Mirroring her movement, Maura sighed. "So that's where your trust ends?"

"No. It's just... I can't tell you yet."

"Can I just stay with you tonight?"

"Please," Lindsay said.

The phone rang shortly before 4 AM. Lindsay was wide awake immediately, next to her, Maura was blinking.


There was a second of silence, a moment of hesitation from the person on the other end of the line.

"Lindsay," Tom said.

"What the hell? You're not supposed to call me!" she hissed, aware of Maura observing her, feeling somewhat guilty as if Tom Hogan had any right to tell her who she'd spend the night with.

"It's an emergency," Tom said curtly. "I sent you a video that was mailed to the PD tonight. I wasn't supposed to, but it might be related to your assignment. We need you back here, Linds. You need to find an excuse, and fast."

"What is this about?"

"Just watch it and call me when you're on your way."

Lindsay could already tell it had to be bad when there had been no contact in months, but the cell phone nearly slipped from her hands when the images flickered over the tiny screen.

Maura laid a hand on her arm, warm and comforting, and it wasn't until that Lindsay noticed the chill that had enveloped her. "We'll come up with a story together," Maura promised. "And I know someone else who'll help."

It was a small comfort, Lindsay thought as her gaze wandered back to the nightmare unfolding on the screen, the pain and fear shown resonating within her.

Don't give up on me. I'll find you.

The End

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