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"Push Maura!" Jane ordered, "Push!"

"I'm trying!"

"Try harder! You're the one that chose the bottom."

"It's so heavy!" Maura complained. "Why couldn't we have disposed of it properly?"

"Because I said so." Jane pulled the weight backwards up the stairs. "The roof is perfect."

"It's illegal. What if someone reports it?"

"They won't." Jane looked over her shoulder checking how far they were from the top. "Besides, people will only notice if it starts to stink."

"Of course it will. It will be exposed to the elements. You've seen what happens to decomposing bodies first hand."

"This was your idea to start off with."

"This isn't how I planned it." Maura huffed, mostly from exertion.

"Look, this is what happens when you give me ultimatums." Jane nearly tripped on a slightly raised stair.

"I didn't expect you to react like this!"

"Sometimes I like to be unpredictable."

"You don't usually break the law so blatantly though."

"Yeah, well, accidents happen."

"This wasn't an accident, Jane, this was premeditated!"

Jane's retort was delayed by the feel of the door at her back. "Finally!" She tried to hold the weight in one arm while she reached behind her to open the door to the roof. "We'll have to go in on an angle. It's too stiff to fold through."

"I am used to rigor mortis, Jane. I was aware this was going to happen.'

Jane pulled a face at Maura as they expertly manoeuvred the weight onto the roof. Jane led them around the vents to a secluded spot near the western corner. "Here"

"Jane, no, it's too exposed. Somebody will see us."

"Only if they were in a helicopter," Jane grunted as they lowered the weight into place. After a bit of repositioning Jane stood with her hands on her hips triumphantly. She looked over at Maura with a gleam in her eye.


Jane nodded.

"But we have to clean up the mess in your apartment."

"It can wait," Jane purred as she wrapped her arms around Maura. "So, do you want top or bottom this time?"

In answer Maura pushed Jane onto the mattress and straddled her. "Top."

Jane submitted. She would have the strength back by the time they broke in their new mattress later on. She wanted to enjoy her old one after carrying the damn thing up so many stairs.

The End

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