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Boston, 1972
By Babydykecate


Boston, 1972.

Jane Rizzoli flicked the dial of her transistor radio, stretching out her long legs on the stairs of her parents' brownstone. The news report on women being accepted into the Boston Police Academy next month had put a million thoughts in her head, and none of them were going to make her mother happy.

"Mind if I listen too?" a girl's voice asks from over Jane's shoulder.

Jane looks up, squinting against the bright sun. Intense brown eyes meet hers, framed by feathered blonde hair. Her cream babydoll hits high on her tights, with sweeping lines of eyeliner and pale pink lipstick completing the look. Jane takes a moment to actually listen to the music.

"You like "Rocket Man"?" she asks skeptically.

"They played it in France," the girl replies, sitting down beside Jane. "I went to boarding school there. I'm only here for the summer until my parents decide which university I should attend. Oh, and I'm Maura," she says, putting out her hand.

"Jane. Jane Rizzoli," Jane replies, shaking her hand.

"So I haven't told my parents yet, but what I really want to do is pre-med at BCU, and then UCSF for medical school. Have you heard of the Femme Fatales?" Maura asks, her eyes sparkling as she launches into two of her favourite topics: school and science. 

Jane shakes her head.

"They're these women who are Medical Examiners, first women in the whole country to get the job. They help the police solve homicides based on forensics and cause of death," Maura tells her with a smile.

Jane appraises her, then leans in, lowering her voice.

"I'm thinking of being a cop," she confides, heart pounding.

"Really?" Maura asks with great interest.

"It wouldn't even be a separate women's squad; they're letting women into the Boston Police Academy next month. If I passed, I might be able to actually patrol," Jane tells Maura, enthusiasm gaining in her voice.

"Wicked," Maura replies with a grin. Her grin fades as she checks her watch.

"I think I'd better get going. I set my own curfew, and I don't want to break it," Maura explains.

"Maura, it's 7 o'clock!" Jane replies incredulous.

"It takes me 45 minutes to get home, with an 15 extra minutes factored for unforeseen circumstances, so that's 8pm. I like to spend an hour reading medical journals, and another on Vogue. That's 10pm. The human body functions most ideally on 8 hours of sleep, and they recommend that adolescents should actually get around 10. So that means I can wake up at 7am…" Maura explains.

"I better not hold you up then, I don't want to disturb your perfectly orchestrated schedule," Jane interrupts.

"No, I guess you wouldn't," Maura says softly, trying to hide the sinking feeling in her stomach. "Bye Jane," she says, beginning to walk away.

"Maura?" Jane calls.

"Yes?" Maura asks, turning back.

"Do you think you'd like to go for sodas tomorrow, and continue our conversation on careers that would make our parents' heads spin like something from The Exorcist?" Jane asks.

"Yes, I'd love that," Maura replies with a grin.

The End

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