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Damsel in Distress
By Ann


"Where's Jane? She should have been here an hour ago?" Maura asked worriedly, her gaze settling once again on the clock on the wall. She could almost hear it ticking, and she clasped her hands together to keep from wringing them in despair. "It's not like her to be late."

"Or call to let us know," a nervous Angela replied around the edge of a fingernail. They'd barely had time to grow out since the last time Jane had been taken hostage.

"Quick, Frost, find some kind of web cam that'll show us where Jane is," Korsak directed the younger detective and gave his colleague a helpless look. Frost quickly nodded in understanding and frantically pounded on his keyboard. Surely, this latest kidnapper had some kind of live feed of a helpless Jane tied to a bed or a post or something, damn it!

"Found her!" Frost exclaimed excitedly as he keyed in the command that would direct the feed to a big screen television mounted on the far wall. A fuzzy image began to take shape, and he stared in total disbelief at what he was seeing.

"Oh my God! Jane!" Maura cried out and lifted a hand to her mouth. She fought back tears that threatened to mar her beautiful features. "Don't hurt her," she whispered to the giant locomotive that sat motionless at the end of a railroad track. Puffs of steam wafted up from all around the railcar.

"Save my baby," Angela shouted to the two detectives and Frankie, Junior, who'd been standing idly by waiting to rush to his sister's side. He watched in horror as Jane struggled mightily against massively thick ropes which held her captive.

"Somebody do something!" Maura implored, her distraught tone mirroring Angela's. She couldn't believe her eyes. Someone had dressed Jane in a long, frilly, white dress and a blonde, curly wig and had tied her to the tracks! She zeroed in on Jane's terrified dark eyes and turned her ear toward the speaker, but there was no sound. It wouldn't have mattered anyway as a ringlet-wigged Jane was bound and gagged with a white cloth. "Wait!" Maura exclaimed. "Jane's trying to tell us something!" She focused on dark eyebrows that shot frantically up and down. "She's using Morse Code," Maura said aloud, trying to figure out what a panicked Jane was trying to say. She'd had no idea Jane was versed in Samuel Morse's method of communication.

"No, she's pointing!" Frankie, Junior, surmised correctly. He'd had plenty of experience reading his sister's facial expressions and eye codes through the years.

"I know that clock!" Korsak said excitedly, having followed his partner's eyes. He pointed at the widescreen and an old-style clock that barely clung to a dilapidated wall. "It's the old freight yard next to the port!" He hurried toward the door. "Frost, Frankie… let's get a move on," he ordered as he headed into the hallway. There was no time to spare.

Angela and Maura clung to each other and watched the light on the stationary train begin to glow more brightly.

Later that evening when the world was right again

"I've never been so scared in my entire life," Maura whispered into Jane's ear as she hugged her friend close. Frost and Frankie had swept Jane off the tracks seconds before the locomotive sped by. The steam engine had literally been a hairsbreadth from cutting Jane into pieces.

"You?" Jane said, shivering at the memory of the train wheels bearing down on her. She screwed her eyes closed tightly, and the hairs on her arms suddenly rose to attention. Other parts of her anatomy instantly hardened to two sharp points.

"Um, Jane?" Maura moaned softly. She could feel all of her friend now.

"Yeah?" Jane answered, her tone turning almost dreamy. The memories of her latest kidnapping attempt were fading fast at the feel of two even sharper points pressed against her own.

"You want to stay overnight?" Maura asked softly. "Just in case you have nightmares or something," she added quickly, not wanting to sound too easy. The last couple of attempts on Jane's life had ended in a fast and furious coupling and a red-faced Jane stumbling out the door.

"I think that maybe I should stay a few days," Jane suggested as she slipped her hands underneath the edge of Maura's blouse. "You know, just in case someone else is lurking out there."

"Longer would definitely be a good thing," Maura agreed, easing her fingers along the edge of Jane's pants and pressing her lips against soft, silky skin. She slowly worked her way toward the pulse point in Jane's neck. Maybe they'd finally get to sleep together when Jane wasn't in some kind of mortal danger, or when Maura wasn't distraught about her birth mother, or when Angela hadn't said something to upset Jane, or when either of them had struck out with their so-called men, or . . .

The End

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