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Shadow Dance
By Demeter


Sometimes, Jane Rizzoli dreamed about winning the lottery. Wondering if she could happily live a leisurely life on a tropical island, no more work or worries. "You'd be bored to death," Maura had told her matter-of-factly. Trust her to find a metaphor that involved dying. She was probably right.

Maura, her confidante in some things that no one else knew about, was right behind her as they stepped into the room. She might have had a point about Jane not being the type to retire under some palmtree anytime soon. At the moment, though, everything seemed better than being here. It couldn't be helped.

A smile appeared on Hoyt's face, a predator sniffing its prey. Jane braced herself.

"Did you miss me, Jane?" he asked, sounding pleased. "I sure miss you. The scent of your perfume."

His tone was companionable, too intimate. Jane had needed Maura with her today. Her temper had been simmering close under the surface lately, and she might have use for a good friend who'd keep her from strangling somebody. O'Donnell. Hoyt.

"It seems like you've got another fan," Jane said coolly. "O'Donnell's reading his letters to you these days? Not like you'd be allowed to have them." She felt a cold shiver sneak down her spine as he directed his gaze right at her.

"I have many admirers. They all want to know about you. There's more to a fantasy than what the eye can see..."

I bet, you bastard. That was something that bothered her, more than the body memory of a vague ache on rainy days. More than the dreams. The sickening images that he kept conjuring in his mind were something he still could control. It didn't seem fair. "Tell me about the guy in San Francisco."

His smile widened. "Ah yes, beautiful city. It's where your sister lives. Lindsay."

The way he said her sister's name made Jane sick to her stomach, and she knew immediately that the threat was real. She found it rather irritating that Lindsay chose to shrug it off, keep up the brave front. Then again, it was exactly what Jane would have done. "O'Donnell told you."

"No, Jane. He did."

"Who is he?"

Hoyt leaned forward abruptly, laughing. Jane suppressed the instant urge to flinch. "He's the big bad wolf – and his eyes and claws are sharper than mine. Have fun, girls."

This was leading nowhere. If anything, she should lean harder on O'Donnell. The woman might feed on Jane's fears, but unlike Hoyt, the psychiatrist still had something to lose.

Maura had lingered, she realized. Hoyt gave the ME a conceited grin that nearly made Jane go back in, but she had it covered, just like the last time.

"So what now?" he asked. "You want to play Silence Of The Lambs again?"

With a smile, Maura shook her head. "You're pathetic… Doctor Hoyt. You think you know it all, but remember who caught you. Twice. When you send your little minion, Jane's sister will be ready. What remains for you... Is just a fantasy."

"You're so sure about that?" he asked, but there was a hint of anger to his tone, telling Jane clearly that Maura had gotten to him.

"I am. Face it. You lost."

Jane was grateful that at least one of them could keep their cool with him. Maura just got up and walked out of the room, disregarding Hoyt's following outburst.

"Thank you," Jane said.

Maura sighed. "He's telling the truth, isn't he?"

"I'm afraid so."

"So what do we do next?"

"Call Lindsay and talk some sense into her."

Maura's slight smile told her that she didn't assume it would be easy, based on the experience she'd had with Jane on that subject.

The End

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