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A Simple Affair
By Susan L. Carr


Hospitals were not romantic. Natalia had hated them for most of her life. From the endless days sitting at the bedside of her dying abuela to her lonely stay when she gave birth to her son to the dark nightmare when she lost her husband. Even when she had given Nicky's heart to the woman who eventually became the love of her life, Natalia never would associate hospitals with the giddy joy that love brings. That is, not until the moment Olivia Spencer walked through the door to the sonogram room and made her the happiest woman alive.

"You're here, you came," she said hearing the sound of wonder in her own voice.

"Of course I came," Olivia said. "I couldn't stay away."

Natalia closed her eyes against the tears that threatened to fall.

"Hey," Olivia said, moving closer. She cradled Natalia's face in her hands and brought their foreheads together. "It's okay."

"I know," Natalia answered. "You're here. I'm just happy."

She allowed herself the simple joy of basking in Olivia's presence, a pleasure she had been denied because of her actions. Then she pulled back a bit to look into Olivia's eyes. "Olivia," she whispered. "I am so sorry for hurting you and I promise I will never leave you again."

"Okay," Olivia answered.

"That's it?" Natalia asked, surprised. "Just…okay?"

"Yeah," Olivia replied. "Natalia…yes, you hurt me, but I realized that life is too short to waste. If something were to happen to you, I wouldn't be able to live knowing I let my fears keep us apart." Olivia paused and then said, "I love you, Natalia, and I love our baby. So yes, okay."

"Oh God!" Natalia exclaimed, throwing her arms around the other woman and pulling her as close as she could. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you," she chanted the words like a mantra – a prayer of immense gratitude not only to the woman in her arms who had given her the miraculous gift of forgiveness, but to the one in whose faith sustained her during her darkest moments since finding out about the baby.

"Shhh," Olivia whispered soothingly. "Come on, we have a new baby to meet and someone who's gonna take her picture will be here any moment."

"I don't care," Natalia said, but nevertheless pulled back to dry her tears. "I love you and I don't care who sees us." Then a thought occurred to her. "Oh…where's Frank?"

At that moment, the man in question pushed through the door. "I'm here," he said. "I thought I'd give you ladies some privacy, but the technician is coming down the hall."

"All right," Natalia said. Olivia took a step to move away, but Natalia entwined her fingers with the other woman's and pulled her to her side. Olivia looked at her with an amused twinkle in her eye.

The technician entered the room carrying Natalia's medical chart. He looked around at the three people assembled in the room. "Mrs. Rivera?" he questioned Natalia.


He nodded and said, "Of course. I'm Jordon and I'll be performing your procedure. You've had a sonogram before?"

"With my son," she answered with a nod.

"Then you know it's painless," he said as he flipped several buttons on the machine. He wheeled it closer to the side of the table Natalia was sitting on. "You'll just have to move your clothing aside for the probe. I'm afraid that there is only room for one of your companions."

Natalia pulled Olivia even closer to her side, causing the other woman to stumble a bit. Olivia caught herself by placing a steadying hand on Natalia's shoulder.

"All right then," Jordon continued after observing the display. "Sir, if you just stand right there, you'll be able to see the screen over my shoulder."

"Thanks," Frank said after clearing his throat. Natalia glanced at him, her stomach once again giving her the familiar twinge of guilt. She was very grateful for his support, but the simple truth was that with Olivia Spencer next to her, he would always be relegated to the sidelines.

Olivia helped her with her clothes as the technician prepared his tools. Lying back, she looked up and met Olivia's eyes which were once again full of the endless love and devotion for her – the same expression, Natalia knew, that filled her own whenever she looked at Olivia.

"Ready to see our baby?" Olivia asked as Jordon squirted a healthy gob of lubricant on Natalia's stomach.

"I'm ready," she answered and gave Olivia's hand a squeeze.

Jordon had left the three of them alone, each of them staring at the squares of thermal images of Baby Girl Rivera.

"A girl," Olivia said with wonder in her voice. "Is that what you wanted, Natalia?"

She nodded. "I already have a son," she answered. "But we already have Emma, so really, either would make me happy." She eased off the table with Olivia's help.

"Natalia, do you need a ride home?" Frank asked, looking between her and Olivia with an unsure look on his face.

"Umm…" Natalia hedged as she looked at Olivia.

"I've got her, Frank," Olivia answered, the warmth in her eyes as she met Natalia's filling the Latina's soul.

"Oh, right," Frank said. "Of course. I'll…uh, I'll just head to the diner to show Pop the photos. You two come by if you want and we'll celebrate Cooper-style."

Olivia laughed. "Food, booze and smashed plates, Frankie?"

"Yeah," he chuckled. "Better get used to it."

"Maybe another time, Frank," Natalia said. While she was happy they were getting along, she really needed to be alone with Olivia right now. "But soon, I promise. Before Rafe has to leave."

"Sure," he agreed. "You ladies take care and please call me if you need anything."

"We will," Natalia answered. When he had left, she turned to Olivia. "Do you have to pick up Emma from school?" she asked.

Olivia shook her head. "She's staying with Phillip. I want her to spend as much time with him as she can. You know, just in case."

Natalia drew her love into her arms. "Is that why you said life is too short?"

She felt Olivia nod against her shoulder. "I realized that if I continued to push you away, then I'd eventually lose you. And I can't bear the thought of a life without you. So…here I am…warts and all. If you want me."

"Of course I want you," she answered. "Warts and all. Just as long as you want me." She put a hand on her belly. "Us."

"A girl," Olivia said again with wonder in her voice. "Our little girl."

"Yes," Natalia said, wondering if her heart was going to burst from happiness.

Olivia squinted at the ultrasound photo. "Are those dimples?"

Natalia burst out in joyful laughter. "Oh Olivia," she said, hugging the other woman tight against her. "If they are, then you are in so much trouble."

"That's for sure," Olivia grumbled. "Can't resist dimples."

Olivia drove them back to the farmhouse where Natalia began preparing supper for them as they chatted on a variety of subjects, from Phillip's illness to Olivia's participation in helping Billy Lewis romance Vanessa Chamberlain. Natalia laughed at the image of Olivia and Josh hiding behind a tree as they spied upon the big Oklahoman who had been shanghaied into proposing.

After Olivia finished her tale with a chuckle, Natalia paused in her preparations and shook her head.

"What?" Olivia asked as she sipped from her water bottle.

"You are such a romantic," Natalia said.

Olivia shrugged. "Just doing a favor for a friend," she answered. "Are you sure I can't help with something."

"No," Natalia said, giving her a smile. "This is me romancing you with my food."

"Oh, is that why I fell for ya?" she said with a smirk. "Seduced by tuna noodle casserole and pasteles?"

"Hey, never underestimate the power of a pastele," Natalia laughed and then said more seriously, "He's a good friend, isn't he? Josh, I mean."

"Better than you know," Olivia muttered.

"Oh?" Natalia asked, noticing that Olivia's cheeks were blushing, something that didn't happen very often. "What happened?"

Olivia stared at the label of her bottle as if the information there was the most fascinating in the universe. "You…uh…you really don't want to know," she finally answered.

Natalia's stomach sank as she surmised Olivia's meaning. Anyone living in Springfield would have been an idiot not to notice the sexual energy that flew around whenever Olivia Spencer and Josh Lewis were in the same room together. Add to that the things she had heard about Olivia's return to her old habits and it wasn't too hard to guess what had happened. "Actually," she said slowly. "I do want to know."

Olivia's head snapped up. Natalia stopped what she was doing and pulled a chair around so it faced the one Olivia was sitting on.

"Olivia, first and foremost, you are my best friend and we have always been able to talk about anything together," she said.

"Except for how we felt about each other," Olivia said with a rueful grin.

"And look at how much heartache that caused us," Natalia pointed out. She took Olivia's hands in her own. "So, let's promise each other, from this moment on, we will be completely honest with each other and that we will talk with each other no matter how painful or hard we think it will be. Okay?"

"Okay," Olivia answered after a long and thoughtful pause.

"Good," Natalia said and squeezed Olivia's hands. Then her smile turned almost into a grimace as she braced herself for Olivia's answer to her next question. "Did you sleep with Josh while I was gone?"

Olivia's head tilted to the side as she regarded Natalia. "No," she answered and Natalia's heart started beating again. "But I almost did." She paused. "And it was after you got back."

"Oh," Natalia breathed out. "What…what happened?"

"I went to his room," Olivia said woodenly. "And I threw myself at him. I begged for it, Natalia. I begged him to make me forget I was in love with you. I begged him to fuck me."

Natalia was silent as she processed Olivia's words, proud of herself for not flinching at the profanity. "He said no," she guessed.

Olivia nodded. "He did," she answered. "A lesser man would not have."

"I know," Natalia said and then smirked, hoping to lighten the atmosphere. "I'm sure all of the men and quite a few women in Springfield would call Josh crazy for turning down an offer of sex with Olivia Spencer."

"You're not angry?" Olivia asked.

"No," she answered, shaking her head. "I'm sad that my stupidity drove you to that, but I'm not angry."

"And if I had slept with Josh or with someone else?" Olivia asked.

"I still would have been sad and upset, but again it would have been caused by my actions so I would have understood."

"And forgiven me for it?"

"Of course," Natalia said. "Olivia, I don't think there is anything you could do that I couldn't forgive you for."

"Okay," Olivia said and then blinked away her tears. "So how's that honesty thing working out for ya?"

"Not too bad," Natalia said with a laugh. She stood up and placed a kiss on top of Olivia's sweet smelling hair. "Now go wash up while I finish cooking."

Supper was a simple affair – chicken, vegetables, a salad – but Natalia noted that Olivia ate heartily, something she suspected Olivia had not been doing a lot of lately. Natalia had offered to run to the basement for a bottle of Olivia's private wine stock she had left behind when she and Emma had moved out, but Olivia refused, saying she would wait until Natalia could drink with her after the baby was born. Natalia was touched by the sweet gesture, but she sensed Olivia didn't want her to fuss about it, so Natalia had simply poured them both some sparkling water.

After supper, Olivia offered to help clean, but Natalia insisted Olivia go relax in the living room. When she joined Olivia a short time later, Natalia was happy to see the other woman had taken her suggestion and was sprawled out on the couch as she watched the headline news.

"Someone looks comfy," she said with a smile as she approached the couch, carrying a tray of herbal tea and cookies.

Olivia lazily sat up to make room for Natalia to sit next to her. "I missed this old couch," she said taking the mug Natalia handed to her.

"This old couch missed you," Natalia said, sipping the fragrant chamomile.

"Well, I'm very glad to make its re-acquaintance." She picked up a cookie and bit into it. "Mmm," she hummed happily. "Peanut butter. My favorite."

"You say all my cookies are your favorite, no matter what kind," Natalia laughed.

Olivia shrugged. "Who can resist your cookies?"

Natalia rolled her eyes and settled back on the couch, warmed by Olivia's close proximity. "So what are we watching?"

"Just the news," Olivia answered. "Do you have any preference?"

"How about a movie?" she suggested, then before Olivia could speak, added, "but not one of those horror things you like to watch when Emma's not around. I don't want the little one to get scared."

Olivia rubbed a hand over Natalia's belly. "Okay, no trauma for our girl before she's born. Anything else?"

Natalia smiled. "Something romantic?"

"Of course," Olivia said with a nod. "One chick flick coming right up." With that, she grabbed the remote and turned to the on demand channel.

As the closing credits rolled across the screen, Natalia turned to look at Olivia who was smiling tenderly at her, with a questioning quirk of her eyebrow. "Well," Natalia said. "That certainly was romantic."

"It was," Olivia agreed.


Olivia tilted her head. "Different how?" she asked. "Different in a bad way?"

"No, not bad," Natalia said, wanting to carefully communicate to Olivia how she had come to view such differences. "Different in that I've never seen a film like it before, but just that it made it seem all so…natural."

"It did," Olivia said with a nod. "It is."

Natalia chuckled. "It was also kind of…familiar, too," she added.

"Which part do you mean?" Olivia's laugh matched Natalia's. "The part where the two women fall in love and break a good man's heart?"

"Yeah, that part," Natalia said.

"Do you think if I buy Frankie a plane ticket to the other side of the world, he'll find someone?"

"Maybe," Natalia said and snuggled closer. "Thank you. I enjoyed the movie."

Olivia nodded and looked to the mantle clock. Natalia followed her gaze and saw it was after ten. "I should go," Olivia said, turning back to Natalia.

Natalia looked at her as her thoughts raced. "Do you really want to leave?" she asked.

Olivia was silent for a few long moments, then shook her head. "No, I don't."

"Then stay," Natalia said with a smile.

"Just like that?"

"Just like that," she echoed.

"But what…" Olivia paused to take a deep breath. "What happens now?"

Natalia extended the hand that hadn't been holding Olivia's all night long and caressed Olivia's face. "Now," she said. "Now we go to bed."

Natalia had led Olivia by the hand up the stairs. When Olivia paused outside her former room, Natalia kept going, leading the other woman to her bedroom. Inside, she let go of Olivia's hand to close the door behind them and then walked to her dresser. She pulled out a pair of pajamas and handed them to Olivia.

"These look familiar," Olivia said with a smirk.

"You left them here," Natalia said with a fond smile. "I always meant to give them back, but I didn't want to let go."

"They're just a pair of pajamas," Olivia chuckled. "They're not that special."

"I meant, let go of you," Natalia said, rolling her eyes. "Or of my greatest hope that you and Emma will come home."

Olivia smiled and leaned forward to kiss Natalia on the cheek. "I'll use the bathroom first," she said.

"Okay," Natalia agreed and watched as Olivia disappeared into the bathroom, her cheek tingling where Olivia's lips had touched her. Her heart was pounding with excitement.

She turned off all the lights except for the soft lamp on the night table and then turned down the bedspread. She got her nightgown from the same drawer she had Olivia's in. Then she glanced at herself in the mirror above the dresser and noted her flushed face.

"Oh boy," she whispered to herself. "Keep it cool, Natalia." Then she chuckled at her own foolishness. How could anyone stay cool when going to bed with Olivia Spencer?

"Your turn," Olivia said as she exited the bathroom. Natalia paused to take in the vision before her. Olivia's legs were long and lean under the shorts of her pajamas and the thin material of the top did little to hide the perfect swell of Olivia's breasts.

"I'm sorry," Natalia said, blushing in embarrassment when she realized she had been staring. "You're just so beautiful."

"It's okay," Olivia said with a warm smile.

"My turn, right," Natalia said and hurried into the bathroom. "So much for keeping it cool," she muttered as she closed the door.

When she returned to the bedroom, Olivia was looking at something while she lay in bed waiting for her. As Natalia climbed into bed, she saw it was the sonogram photograph.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Olivia said, taking a final look before placing it on the night table.

"She is," Natalia said as she rolled to her side and rested her head on her hand.

Olivia turned to match Natalia's position. "Just like her mother," she said caressing Natalia's cheek.

"Just like both her mothers," Natalia said, leaning into the caress. "I'm so glad you were there today to see her for the first time with me. I want you there for all the important events of her life. When she's born, when she says her first word and takes her first steps. Her first day of school and her graduation. Everything."

"I want that too," Olivia said. "I want you there for Emma, too. I just hope I make it to see them graduate."

"You will," Natalia promised. "I'm going to make sure of it. I'll cook you healthy meals and nag you when you drink too much and make sure you stay relaxed and stress-free."

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Olivia asked, a smirk playing about her full lips.

Natalia smiled and leaned even closer to whisper into Olivia's ear. "By making love to you every day for the rest of our lives." She pulled back and watched as desire darkened Olivia's eyes. "Are you still terrified?" she asked, thinking about their discussion the day Rafe found out about them.

"Yes," Olivia admitted. "Are you?"

"No," she said. "I thought about it a lot while I was gone."

"You did?"

"Yes," she answered. "That's why I was there – to think about us. To ask myself if I could truly love you the way you deserve to be loved, not only with my heart and soul, but with my body as well."

"And what was your answer?" Olivia asked.

"Oh yes," Natalia said with a smile. "I want you so, so much, Olivia. I'm just worried I won't…" She broke off.

"What?" Olivia questioned. "Tell me, please."

Natalia took a deep breath. "I'm just afraid I won't be able to satisfy you," she said, admitting her fears. "I don't have a lot of experience. I don't think I'll know what to do. I've only been with two men and even then, not often. "

"Even after you and Gus were married?"

"Yes," she answered, shaking her head. "I felt like we were still committing adultery and there was always someone else in our bed." She paused. "Harley, of course, and you."

"Natalia, I am so sorry for that," Olivia said. "You had so little time with your husband and I took that away from you."

"Shhh, it's okay," Natalia said. "I forgave you for it a long time ago and look how far we've come. You are the love of my life and you're the only one I want in my bed ever again."

Olivia's eyes searched her face and then the woman smiled. "And here I am," she said with a watery smile. "Natalia, please do not be afraid you won't satisfy me. Just lying here next to you and seeing the desire for me in your eyes has me more turned on than I have ever been with a lover. You haven't even kissed me yet and I feel like I'm about to explode."

Natalia felt her breath hitch. "May I kiss you?" she asked.

Olivia simply nodded, her expression fastened on Natalia's lips as she eliminated the remaining distance between them, then her eyes fluttered shut and Natalia took the opportunity to moisten her lips before pressing them against Olivia's.

Natalia had dreamed about this moment, both awake and asleep, for what had seemed an eternity. She had felt Olivia's lips on hers before, but that had been a sneak attack, an emphatic point of the argument they were having. That kiss had allowed no room for love or desire or tenderness even though it had proved the catalyst which opened her mind to all of those things. Things that she had come to want more than anything, things which, apparently, were now hers for the taking.

Olivia's lips were soft and yielding under hers and Natalia felt as if a universe of possibilities had just opened to her. This kiss was like a key that unlocked the vault her upbringing and her religion had entombed her passion within. She could do this, she realized not only with her mind, but with her body. More, she wanted to, she needed to. She wanted Olivia like she had no other and for the first time was not apprehensive about touching and kissing and making love with the other woman.

"Oh, Olivia," she whispered, then leaned in again, this time using her tongue to trace Olivia's lips and then capturing her bottom lip between her own and sucking it into her mouth. Olivia let out a soft gasp and Natalia used the opportunity to enter Olivia's warm, sweet and wet mouth with her tongue.

As Natalia deepened the kiss, she rolled over until she was half lying on top of Olivia, careful not to press her full weight on the extra bulk between them. Olivia wrapped her arms around Natalia to pull her even closer. Natalia thought she would swoon when she felt Olivia's tongue caressing hers, but she breathed deeply through her nose trying to keep herself grounded even though she was kissing – kissing! – Olivia Spencer.

After an eternity, she finally pulled back and opened her eyes to look into the flushed and dazed face below hers. "Oh," she breathed out. "That was…wow." She wondered if she'd ever be able to form a coherent sentence again.

"Yeah," Olivia husked, her voice thickened with arousal and the sound of it sent shivers down Natalia's spine.

"Wow," Natalia repeated idiotically and then leaned down to capture Olivia's lips once again, this time more forcefully than before.

Olivia threaded the fingers of one hand through Natalia's hair and cupped the back of her head. She ran the other hand down Natalia's back until she reached her thigh and then she quickly pulled up Natalia's nightgown and with a nudge, moved Natalia's naked thigh between her own legs.

Natalia immediately felt Olivia's wet heat through the thin cotton of her sleep shorts, the point of contact sending jolts of arousal through her body. With a gasp, she pulled back and looked at Olivia with wide eyes.

"You…you weren't lying about being turned on," she said, hearing the huskiness in her own voice that matched Olivia's.

Olivia smiled shyly up at Natalia. "Told ya," she said. "It's been so long since anyone's touched me. Please, Natalia. Touch me."

Natalia swallowed, her heart pounding in her chest. "I…I'm not sure how," she said. "Show me."

Olivia's eyes were nearly as dark as Lake Michigan on a stormy night and Natalia marveled at the sight as Olivia took Natalia's hand in hers and slipped both under the waistband of her shorts. With her hand on top of Natalia's, she guided them down until Natalia felt damp hairs under her fingertips. She then pressed down on Natalia's fingers while at the same time lifting her hips so that Natalia found herself enveloped in Olivia's copious juices, feeling even more coming out to meet her.

Olivia's eyes were screwed tight and her breath was coming in short little gasps. Her hand had slipped out of her shorts and both now were clutching at Natalia's shoulders. Her hips seemed locked in a position straining upward. Natalia knew she needed something, but wasn't quite sure what. So, relying on blind instinct, she moved her hand forward and then back, feeling Olivia's swollen nub against her fingers. It felt so much like her own, but oh so different because it was Olivia's.

She watched as Olivia's entire body seemed to shudder under her, her gasps turning into a soundless cry as Olivia threw her head back. Natalia thought she had never seen anything as amazing in her entire life.

When Olivia's body finally relaxed, Natalia asked, "Did you…?"

Olivia licked her lips and nodded. "Oh god," she breathed out.

"But I barely touched you!" Natalia said.

Olivia chuckled and finally opened her eyes. "That's what happens when you've been celibate for almost three years, sweetheart." When Natalia frowned, she asked, "What?"

"I was just getting started," Natalia answered and her frown deepened when Olivia's chuckling turned into full-blown laughter.

"Oh Natalia," she said and before she knew what was happening, Natalia found herself lying on her back with a still laughing Olivia straddling her hips as she sat up over Natalia. "We haven't even begun to get started yet."

With that, Olivia pulled off her top and Natalia immediately reached for the bounty being offered to her.

Opening her eyes, Natalia saw the first hints of dawn peeking through the crack in the window drapes. She stretched, feeling the pleasant ache in her body. She glanced over at the cause of that ache and felt a new wave of love for the woman in her bed wash over her. Olivia was sleeping peacefully and Natalia realized that she looked as happy and relaxed as she did after they had moved into the farmhouse and before they realized they were falling in love. Natalia hoped the look became a permanent fixture on her lover's face.

Rising, she donned her robe and went downstairs, gently closing the bedroom door behind her so she wouldn't wake Olivia. She quickly put on a pot of coffee for when Olivia came downstairs and made herself a cup of peppermint tea, which she took outside to sit on her favorite spot on the bench, a normal part of her morning routine, but feeling excited that this morning was anything but normal. Natalia knew her and Olivia still had a long way to go, but she sent a quick prayer to God that this morning was the first day of a new start for them and their family.

Olivia had forgiven her and that in itself was the miracle she had been praying for and that God had answered. Natalia knew that the greatest of God's gifts always came after a hard lesson and this had been one of the hardest she had gone through, but Natalia knew that never again would she take Olivia for granted. She had made so many mistakes during the rocky road of their relationship, and she knew she would make more, but she would never feel ashamed of or hide her love for the other woman. Olivia Spencer was her lover – hers! – and if the rest of the world didn't like it, too freaking bad.

She shifted into a more comfortable position, once again feeling the pull of long unused muscles. She smiled at the memory the sensations invoked. She and Olivia had made love again and again throughout the night, at times slow and sweet and others intensely wild. She had known Olivia was a passionate woman, but she had had no idea just how much. She had been delighted to discover that her own desire matched Olivia's, something she hadn't experienced before. Natalia was looking forward to spending the rest of her life exploring that passion with her lover.

The baby decided in that moment to wake up and Natalia laid a hand on the movement. "Hey there, niña," she said, rubbing her belly. She looked up and saw her son jogging toward the house. Rafe had obviously been taking a run along the trail that ran through the woods behind the farmhouse. She was happy to see him. "Look, here comes your brother."

"Morning, Ma," he replied as he leaned down to kiss her cheek.

"Good morning," she said, smelling the clean musk of his perspiration, the scent reminding her that he was a man. She knew she had to let go of the little boy he had been as they defined their new relationship as adults. "Want something to drink?" she asked. "There's coffee or orange juice inside."

"Got it covered," he said and pulled a water bottle from the pouch he had belted around his waist. Natalia knew he also kept his glucose tablets in the pouch and felt proud that he had managed to control his disease, even while she had been gone.

Rafe took a long drink from his bottle and then settled down on the bench next to her. He jerked his head toward the driveway and asked, "Is that Olivia's car?"

"Yes," she answered, carefully watching his face.

"Did she spend the night here?"

"She did," she said, bracing herself in case his anger lashed out.

Rafe nodded. "Frank told me she went to the hospital yesterday," he said and Natalia noted the muscles in his jaw working. "Does she make you happy, Mama?"

"I have never been happier, mi hijo," she answered with a smile as she relaxed. "This is it for me, Rafael. She is it for me."

Rafe nodded again. "A girl, huh?" he said and tentatively reached a hand toward her belly. Natalia took his hand and placed it on top and held it there. Rafe's face broke out into a happy smile as Natalia felt the baby shift around inside of her, as if she was happy to meet her brother. "Wow!"

"Yeah," she laughed.

They both turned as the door opened up and Olivia stepped outside, dressed in a pair of sweats and carrying a mug of coffee. She hesitated when she saw Rafe sitting next to Natalia.

"Good morning, Olivia," he said and then nodded his head at the spot on the bench on the other side of Natalia. "Plenty of room."

"Thanks," Olivia said and sat down. Natalia immediately took her hand in hers and rested them both on her lap. "Beautiful morning."

"It is," Natalia said, enjoying the feeling of sitting between two of the people she loved most in the world.

"Where's Em?" Rafe asked.

"At the mansion," Olivia said. "I'll have to go pick her up later."

"Would it be okay if I do that?" Rafe asked and both women turned to him. "I'd like to spend some time with my other little sister."

Natalia looked at Olivia to see her reaction and saw Olivia's face transform out into a happy smile. "Yeah, that would fine, Rafe. She'll love that." She turned to Natalia, still smiling and eyes twinkling.

Natalia thought at that moment her heart would burst with happiness. Yeah, it was going to be a great day.

The End

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