818 Remix 15 Olivia/Natalia Natalia explains why she deserted Olivia. Like, for real this time. Complete


Surrender, Natalia New 15 Olivia/Natalia Flirting with the boss takes a positive turn. Complete


Not That Bad PG Olivia/Natalia A different version of the Wedding of Doom. Complete

Succubus PG-13 Olivia/Natalia What if Natalia had married Frank? What then? Complete

Why Springfield? PG-13 Doris/Alex Cabot Law & Order: SVU crossover - It's Doris/WitSec!Alex, what do you think happens? Complete


True Confession PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia turns to an unlikely source. Complete

The Heart of the Matter PG Olivia/Natalia   Erica/? Grey's Anatomy crossover. Complete

Femslash Island 15 Olivia/Natalia Multi-fandom crossover - A peek into a modern day femslash soap opera, featuring various pairings from carefully chosen fandoms – most of them placed in a different line of work – set on a remote island, far, far away from life as we know it and centered on a very important event that will take place at the island's premiere location… Hotel Calidornia. Complete

Femslash Island: A Whole New World 1 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Just another adventure on Femslash Island. Takes place six months later. On-Going

Twenty Questions PG Olivia/Natalia A twist of sorts. A fluffy rewrite of events from the 30th April '09 episode. Complete

Hat Trick PG Olivia/Natalia   Blake/Doris A response to burn_ingcity's latest challenge. Complete

The Greatest Mystery PG Olivia/Natalia A what/if scenario. No Frank. No engagement. Just an unforeseen mishap that helps Natalia put things into their proper prospective. Complete

Monkey Business PG Olivia/Natalia Natalia needs help dealing with Olivia's somewhat unusual obsession. Complete


More Than Here PG Olivia/Natalia One of these days, Olivia has to move back to the farmhouse. Complete

The Five Best Dates Olivia and Natalia Ever Had PG Olivia/Natalia In Chicago. By the lake. In a restaurant. At home. Emma's winter break. Complete

All Things are Difficult Before They are Easy PG Blake/Doris Whatever happened after Doris left Company? Complete

Through Ashlee's Eyes PG Blake/Doris What Ashlee saw, what Ashlee heard, what Ashlee schemed. Sequel to 'All Things are Difficult Before They are Easy'. Complete


In a Manner of Speaking 18 Olivia/Natalia You know exactly what your soul needs to say. The words are screaming to get out. So why do you find it impossible to speak? Why is everything clearer when it can't be explained? Languages are the havens of liars. Tongues are tools of trickery. Silence is sincere. Perhaps, in the poignant peace of a perfect moment, you will understand that the most important words you will ever utter in life are those that are left unsaid. Complete


The Voice of Your Eyes 18 Olivia/Natalia Natalia and Olivia deal with their changing relationship after Natalia leaves Frank at the altar. Complete

Calliopes_Muse & Geekgrrllurking

Hidden Treasure 1-11 12-20 21-33 34-50 18 Olivia/Natalia Pirate queen Captain Olivia Spencer and her ever resourceful stowaway Lady Natalia Rivera discover their true fates in this romantic high seas adventure, with scoundrel pirates, dirty politicians and the Royal Navy all in the hunt for hidden treasure. Complete


Guiding Light-ning? PG Olivia/Natalia Takes place after the date/dinner Olivia and Natalia shared...I fixed the awkward moment...sorta. Complete

Guiding Enlightening PG Olivia/Natalia Guiding brings good things to life. Complete

There's No Place Like Home PG Olivia/Natalia A bit of Halloween humor with the Spencer-Rivera Family. Complete

A Mid-Winter's Solstice Night's Dream PG Olivia/Natalia A snowy night, a roaring fire, a quiet night to dream...and then Xena came to Springfield. Complete


How? PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia and Natalia find their way to each other. Complete


A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

Snippets of Solstice PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

In Search of Kringle PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete


Burnt Sugar 1-3 4-7 8-9 10-12 13-15 16-17 18-19 20-22 23-25 26-29 30-32 33-35 36-38 39-41 42-44 45-47 48-50 51-53 54-56 57-58 59-61 62 63-64 65-67 68-70 71-72 73-75 18 Uber - Taters' head chef and owner Kevin Russell's daughter, Frances, returns from Vietnam and clashes with his sous chef, Kristen Black. Russell and Frances are still hurting from the loss of Russell's wife and Frances' mother, Kristen has her own skeletons in the closet, and what role does the big franchise company play in this story? Complete

Bad Things 15 Olivia/Natalia Canon up till the scene after the kiss, which is reenacted in this fic. Natalia tries to figure out her feelings for Olivia. Complete


Centering Thoughts G Olivia/Natalia Some of Natalia's Thoughts. Complete

Anchoring Thoughts G Olivia/Natalia Some of Olivia's Thoughts. Complete


Lattes By Firelight 18 Olivia/Natalia Begins after the 'goodnight' at Olivia's door from April 24th's episode and goes off in it's own little direction. Complete

Moving On 18 Olivia/Natalia Picks up the morning after Lattes By Firelight. Complete


In Quarter Time: A Collection of Otalia Drabbles Inspired by Song 15 Olivia/Natalia A collection of ten drabbles. Complete

Captured for the Queen to Use 18 Olivia/Natalia After Alan's confrontation, Natalia seems guardedly relieved that only three people considered her and Olivia a couple. A closer look at her surroundings, however, reveals another person with the same mistaken impression. But is it really mistaken after all? Complete

Hide Beside Me 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 18 Olivia/Natalia AU - Phillip Spaulding has returned to Springfield with a vengeance. Olivia Spencer, afraid that Phillip will take their daughter Emma from her again, flees Springfield with the help of her assistant, Natalia Rivera. Can they stay one step ahead of Phillip? Will they ever be safe again? On-Going

Somebody's Wife PG Olivia/Natalia Natalia's POV in the moments after Olivia's confession. Complete

Ordinary 18 Olivia/Natalia Just an ordinary day in an ordinary family. Complete

Coming Apart at the Seams 18 Olivia/Natalia It's amazing what one good pair of jeans can inspire. Natalia's POV. Complete

Coming Undone 18 Olivia/Natalia It's amazing what one good pair of jeans can inspire. Olivia's POV. Complete

DJ Shiva

Trying To Fight Gravity PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia saw Frank proposing to Natalia. This is the way I think the conversation should have gone after that. Complete

Ten Songs About Otalia 18 Olivia/Natalia A drabble collection. Complete

The Fiercest Calm 1-2 3-4 5-6 15 Olivia/Natalia Olivia knows a secret about Doris. What she does with that information could change everything. On-Going

Through A Glass, Darkly PG-13 Olivia/Natalia This is for Destini's BPD:AfterDark Chat fanfic challenge. She gave the parameters, and I just ran with them. Enjoy! Complete

My Kingdom For A Kiss Upon Her Shoulder 18 Olivia/Natalia The first time isn't always what it's cracked up to be, but a little practice always helps. Complete


Your Wicked, Wicked Ways 18 Olivia/Natalia This is really a little drabble starring our two fair ladies and a Halloween Party. I have no good excuses for what is about to transpire. Complete

Natalia's Secrets 18 Olivia/Natalia This is really a little drabble starring our two fair ladies and a shopping spree. I have no good excuses for what is about to transpire. Complete

Natalia's Prayer Cycle 15 Olivia/Natalia Set after Natalia leaves town and veers heavily into the supernatural. Complete

Olivia And Natalia Go A'biking 18 Olivia/Natalia This is really a little drabble starring our two fair ladies. It's kind of a response to someone asking me to write a fic featuring a Harley. I have no good excuses for what is about to transpire. Complete

An Absence of Apathy 18 Olivia/Natalia This begins with Olivia in San Francisco after leaving Natalia at the spa, and goes off from there. Complete

The Easy Life 1-10 11-20 21-30 18 Olivia/Natalia Slight A/U beginning just after Rafe returns home and before he finds out about Otalia. On-Going

Diamonds Are For The Weak 1-3 18 Olivia/Natalia Natalia has returned to Springfield, but things aren't going according to her plan. Olivia is a bitter, angry woman, and it won't be easy for Natalia to fix what she broke when she left. On-Going


Almost Home PG Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete

Elysium 1-4 15 Olivia/Natalia A sequel to 'Almost Home'. On-Going

Three Times Olivia Really Needed a Martini 15 Olivia/Natalia Or three times Olivia realized she was falling in love with Natalia. Complete

Three Reasons Ava is Glad She Lives Far, Far Away PG Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete

How Three People Found Out About Olivia and Natalia 18 Olivia/Natalia How three people found out. Complete

Tenets of Faith PG Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete

Unspoken Truths G Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete

Speaking in Tongues G Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete

Best of Enemies PG Olivia/Natalia Reva needs a favour. Complete

Sins of the Child 1-5 6-8 15 Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. On-Going

Unanswered Prayers 15 Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete

Five Things that Might or Might Not Have Happened to Olivia Spencer 15 Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete


Alternative Scenes Series

I'll Drink to That G Olivia/Natalia November 14, 2008 - Responding to a challenge, I wrote this story about the Dinner with Decker episode, which took place before Olivia and Natalia move into the farmhouse. It starts at the end of the dinner, when the dinner guests are leaving. Complete

The Stroke of Midnight PG Olivia/Natalia December 30, 2008 - A different take on the New Year's Eve episode, which starts with what happens after Olivia and Emma go down for breakfast, and incorporates some of the actual dialog. The story looks at what happens after the ball drops. Complete

No Regrets PG-13 Olivia/Natalia March 11, 2009 - The scene is the farmhouse kitchen scene after Frank's proposal, from the March 11, 2009 episode of Guiding Light. I use mostly the actual dialog from the scene, but show how the scene might have played out in a different direction. Complete

Something New PG-13 Olivia/Natalia April 1 and 2, 2009 - Follows the events that might have happened after the engagement party, with some flashbacks to the party, with some actual dialog from the show included. Complete

The Summer House 1-5 6-10 11-15 15 Olivia/Natalia In this semi-AU story, Natalia comes to Springfield to get Rafe away from some bad influences in Chicago. There is no Gus. Nicky disappeared from her life years ago, never to be heard from again. When she gets to Springfield, Natalia meets Olivia and takes on two jobs, including a job working at the Beacon. The women take a life altering trip to the NC mountains, and get to know each other while trying to solve a 60 year old mystery. On-Going

Resurrection 15 Olivia/Natalia This story assumes that Olivia and Natalia never admitted their feelings for each other, and Natalia actually married Frank, so nothing that takes place after the wedding happened. The story starts seven years after the wedding. Olivia has moved away from Springfield. She comes back to attend a funeral. I have used a lot of Biblical references in this story, but you don't need to know anything about the Bible, and it isn't a "religious" story per se. Complete


Don't You Know PG Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete

Windows to the Soul PG Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete

Big Purple Dreams Can Come True PG Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete

Whither Thou Goest 1-4 5-6 7-9 10-13 G Olivia/Natalia Late night conversations can soothe the weary soul. On-Going

Scars PG Olivia/Natalia Some scars are more than skin deep. Complete

A Taste of Things to Come PG Blake/Doris No synopsis given. Complete

Clue by Four G Olivia/Natalia   Blake/Doris Burn_ingCity fic challenge: Doris, a fedora, a pie (apple or blueberry), Emma, a mob hit/Witness Protection and the phrase "as likely to happen as a Gay Pride Parade through Vatican City". Complete

Five Times PG Doris/Blake Five times Doris wishes she'd worn a different blazer. Complete

New Horizons PG Blake/Doris No synopsis given. Complete

A Prayer of a Chance 18 Olivia/Natalia God? Can you hear me? Complete

Coffee Break 18 Olivia/Natalia A good assistant can always anticipate her boss's...needs. Complete

Finding My Way Home 18 Olivia/Natalia God help me, I can forgive her anything it would seem. Complete

NSFW 18 Olivia/Natalia It's all Olivia's fault and Natalia's only human after all. Complete

Rainbows Just Fade Away Anyway, Don't They? G Olivia/Natalia She knew it was a mistake the minute the words had left her mouth. Complete

The Price of Doing Business G Olivia/Natalia Distance makes the heart, and other body parts, grow fonder. Complete

Gaily In the Night Wind Stealing 1-3 4-7 8-12 G Olivia/Natalia Sequel to 'Rainbows Just Fade Away Anyway, Don't They?' Complete

Need You Now 1-4 5-6 18 Olivia/Natalia Sometimes losing everything you thought you wanted is the only way to discover what you truly need. On-Going

Simple Pleasures G Olivia/Natalia Sometimes it's the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure. Complete

Even In The Darkest Moments 18 Olivia/Natalia Can love survive even in the darkest moments? Complete

All The King's Horses 1-13 14-20 18 Olivia/Natalia Dying had been simple really. It was the coming back that was hard. Complete

Sins of the Daughter Prologue 1-6 18 Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. On-Going

Sometimes 18 Olivia/Natalia Written for the 3rd Annual FemSlash Kink porn meme. Prompt: pregnancy, doggy style with strap on. Complete

What Dreams May Come PG Olivia/Natalia Some dreams can come true. Complete

You've Got Mail 1-11 12-14 18 Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. On-Going


But What Will The Children Say? PG-13 Olivia/Natalia "Olivia, stop," Natalia commands, turning to face her son and her daughter - their daughter - trying to ignore the fact that her face is flushed and that her children just caught her making out with her girlfriend. Complete

Drunk Kid Catholic PG-13 Olivia/Natalia They're back to the beginning again, except the roles are reversed this time. Because this time, it's Olivia pushing Natalia to do the right thing - marry Frank. It's not Natalia pushing Olivia to take her heart medicine and to live for her kid. She only hopes this is a different outcome - that Olivia fails where she succeeded. Complete

My Imperfect Offering PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Natalia deserves perfection and your heart is far from perfect. It's a tangled web of wires and batteries and while it's in the right place, it does the wrong things sometimes. Complete

You Trained These Lips When They Were Champs PG-13 Olivia/Natalia She used to think she was a least an expert on kissing. But like everything else in her life, Natalia just threw out the book on that too. Complete

The Script Series

We Cry PG-13 Olivia/Natalia She doesn't know it, but Natalia is somewhere else - probably the farmhouse - crying too and she doesn't know it either, but Olivia is crying too. Complete

Breakeven PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Her knees hit the dirt before she can stop herself and she wonders if this is how Natalia does it - just drops to the ground, letting the hard ground be her penance; just takes it as her punishment. Complete

Rusty Halo PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia presses up against the back of her dress. "Here," she whispers, pressing Frank's soon-to-be wedding ring into her hand, their fingers tangling slightly in the hand-off. "They'll make you strong." It breaks her instead. Complete

Fall For Anything PG-13 Olivia/Natalia "It's time you got to be happy," he says instead."Fix it," the little girl demands. Complete

The Man Who Can't Be Moved PG-13 Olivia/Natalia "I know you," he insists. "I know your goodness and your warmth. And I know your heart. I know that you can love me, if you try to. I can be anything you need me to be." In her eyes, he can read her question: "Can you be Olivia?" Complete

Talk You Down PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Natalia is crying now, tears streaming. But Olivia Spencer does things big. Complete

None The Wiser PG-13 Olivia/Natalia She knows that Olivia is probably setting up a war camp: bunkered down in her room for hours with nothing to sustain her. She knows Olivia will stay there until Natalia comes to get her, pulls her back together and demands to spend the rest of her life loving her. She loves Olivia Spencer. Complete

Before The Worst PG-13 Olivia/Natalia It might be the dimples or the smiles or the disarming, genuine goodness of her heart, but it just might be that Natalia Rivera refused to let Olivia get away with anything without retribution. Natalia Rivera has tamed and tempered Olivia Spencer. She deserves a medal or a happy life, at least. Complete

The End Where I Begin PG-13 Olivia/Natalia "I love you," she's trying to say. "I love you and your heart. I love you and your heart and stupid one-liners and your bad jokes and your daughter and your hair and your smile and your ass in that one pair of jeans you own and your eyes and the way you tell me you love me." She wonders if Olivia understood that - if she got that out of the kiss - but she kisses her again, just to make sure. Complete


Cognitive Drift 15 Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete

Dancing Forever PG-13 Olivia/Natalia "Aww he's a cutie...Maybe we'll be dancing at their wedding someday." A 1,100 word story based on the one line from Natalia. Complete


This Moment PG Olivia/Natalia A look back on Olivia and Natalia's Mother's Days. Complete

As Elusive As... PG Olivia/Natalia Otalia finds out what's as elusive as the Easter Bunny. Complete

Snowflakes of Love PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia gives her girls a Christmas surprise. Complete

Tell Me Again PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia and a pregnant Natalia spend a beautiful autumn day with Emma. Complete

Heaven 18 Olivia/Natalia Olivia and Natalia make love. Complete

In a Gay Bar 15 Olivia/Natalia   Doris/Natalia Natalia wants to see what all the fuss is about at Ladies Night. Complete

Five Times Natalia Rivera Said 'Fuck' 15 Olivia/Natalia Saint Natalia can sometimes be a sinner. Complete

Forever Young G Olivia/Natalia Olivia wants to stay there forever. Complete

A Kiss is Just a Kiss PG Olivia/Natalia Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss. And, sometimes it is everything. Complete

Your Arms PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia and Natalia finally take that last step to being together. Complete

Red, White, & Blue 15 Olivia/Natalia Otalia celebrates their Independence Day. Complete

Those Lips PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia and Natalia share a first kiss. Complete

Moving In 18 Olivia/Natalia Olivia and Natalia make love for the first time. Complete

Somewhere Along the Way 18 Olivia/Natalia It's all fun and games until someone loses a heart. Complete

Not Always Polite 18 Olivia/Natalia Sex isn't always clean and quick. Love is even messier, though. Complete

Changing Seasons G Olivia/Natalia The only thing that doesn't change in fall is their love. Complete

Leather & Lace 18 Olivia/Natalia Sugar and spice and everything nice for Valentine's Day. Complete

Under Her Control 18 Olivia/Natalia Natalia takes control. Complete


(Not Banana) Pancakes PG Olivia/Natalia Natalia has a forgetful moment that leads to a situation that begs explaining. Complete

Be Happy PG Olivia/Natalia Rafe leaves work on his birthday and runs into someone unexpected. Complete

Until I Can Breathe Again PG Olivia/Natalia Just a little bit of speculation on my part about what might happen the day after Emma arrives at the spa. Complete

Silver Moon's Sparkling PG Olivia/Natalia After coming home from the spa weekend, they say goodnight. Deviates from canon, but is a follow up piece to Until I Can Breathe Again. Complete

The End of Her World PG-13 Olivia/Natalia What if Natalia had talked to Olivia before she left the farmhouse? Complete

Moving Day PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Moving in means moving in. Right? Sequel to The End of Her World. Complete

Eleven Weeks of Red Roses PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia can't do this anymore, but Natalia persists. Complete

Even If It Killed Her 18 Olivia/Natalia Olivia will do whatever is necessary to make Natalia happy, even if it kills her. Complete

No More Waiting PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Natalia said she didn't want to wait any more and she meant it. Complete

Echoes PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia walks back into Natalia's life, but what happens next? Complete

Beer and Bear PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia has a very strange encounter. Complete

Of Shrimp and Lobsters 15 Olivia/Natalia   Ani/Gina Venice crossover - Sometimes fate has something in store for you, other than what you planned. Complete

July 5th 18 Olivia/Natalia It's the fifth of July. What will Natalia do? Complete

Once Upon a Time in a Graveyard PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia professes her love over Gus' grave. Complete

An Answer to His Proposal 15 Olivia/Natalia It's March 26th. Natalia almost kisses Olivia in the hospital, takes off Gus's rings, comes home to Olivia and Olivia encourages her to marry Frank. But what will Natalia do now? Complete

C is for Cookies PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia wants Natalia's cookies. Complete

G is for Grove PG-13 Olivia/Natalia The Spencer-Rivera's go on vacation. Complete

U is for Underestimate PG Olivia/Natalia The second celebration of a lifetime. Complete

Y is for Yoghurt PG Blake/Doris A little family bonding in the dairy aisle. Complete

Sleeping With the Boss PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia talks Natalia into bed. Clearly the woman has skills. Complete

Five Moments That Shaped The Strangest Moment of Francesca Rivera's Young Life 15 Olivia/Natalia The five moments that shaped the strangest moment of Francesca Rivera's young life. Complete

The Accident 18 Olivia/Natalia   Natalia/Phillip The devastation and moral decay of one Natalia Rivera. Complete

A Day in the Life PG-13 Olivia/Natalia A day in the very changed life of Olivia Spencer. A post-series, future fic. Fluffity, fluff, fluff. Complete

Five Things Natalia Rivera Never Thought She'd See 18 Olivia/Natalia Shortly after Francesca is born, Olivia reveals a desire Natalia never considered. Complete

Retreating in a Different Direction PG-13 Olivia/Natalia, Doris Wolfe The outcome of Father Ray's pre-barbecue advice to Natalia - avast, retreat! - goes a little bit differently than the good Father intended. Complete

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 18 Olivia/Natalia Happily Ever After. Ain't it grand? Complete

Once Upon a Christmas Day PG-13 Olivia/Natalia It's a few days before Christmas in the Spencer-Rivera household; Olivia manages to surprise Natalia. Post series, fluffy future fic. Complete


Hero Myth PG Olivia/Natalia Emma asks Natalia to tell her an original bedtime story, and Olivia overhears. Complete

First Words PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia Spencer is having a VERY bad day... Complete

One Step Forward PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia is frustrated with Natalia's glacial pace... so is Natalia. Complete

Power Bottom 18 Olivia/Natalia Natalia notices that she isn't fulfilling all of Olivia's needs, and rectifies the situation. Complete

A Study in Curiosity and Satisfaction 18 Blake/Doris Blake is curious and Doris is at the right place at the right time. Complete

Head Start PG-13 Olivia/Natalia What should have happened on Olivia and Natalia's walk during the spa trip. Complete


Awakening G Olivia/Natalia Olivia's POV at the end of March 26's episode. Complete

Awakening -Part 2 Natalia G Olivia/Natalia Natalia's POV after accepting Frank's proposal. Complete

The Words Not Spoken G Olivia/Natalia My take on the engagement party. Complete

Ceremony PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia and Natalia celebrate their love and commitment. Complete

Acceptance PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Natalia hears some unpleasant truths and finally sees the light. Complete

Surprise PG Olivia/Natalia Short little one-shot. Doris's POV of the events of the day. Complete

Afterwards PG-13 Olivia/Natalia What happened after Natalia left Olivia at the Beacon (Started before I saw the April 30 episode). Complete

An Alternate Ending PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Just one possible alterative to how the April 17th episode ended. Complete

Declarations PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Frank confronts Natalia and Olivia. Complete

End the Dance PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Short little one shot. Yet another POV story with little to no dialogue. I may be getting lazy. Not sure what spurred this on except I was struck by Natalia's expression at the end of Friday's episode. I wouldn't like to consider this angsty, more reflective. I hope. Complete

End the Dance - Part 2 PG-13 Olivia/Natalia The sequel I said I wasn't going to write. Complete

Enough is Enough PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Doris has had enough. Complete

How Do I Convince You? PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia misinterprets something she overhears. Complete

I Won't Live With That G Olivia/Natalia Olivia is not going to settle. Complete

One Room PG-13 Olivia/Natalia What happened on the trip away? Natalia's POV. Complete

Confrontation G Olivia/Natalia Olivia has a chat with the Wolfe. Complete

I Really Want You to Come Home G Olivia/Natalia Olivia gets Natalia's message. Complete


Drinks series

Vodka PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia has had enough, will Natalia tell her the truth or will she just let her drink away the pain? Complete

Coffee PG-13 Olivia/Natalia The morning after the revelation. Natalia takes the lead. Continuation from Vodka. Complete

Water 15 Olivia/Natalia Things heat up! Continuation from Coffee. Complete

Milkshakes 15 Olivia/Natalia Paybacks a bitch... but not really. Continuation from Water. Complete

Always PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia+Natalia+whiskey= the truth? Complete


Somebody's Wife 15 Olivia/Natalia Olivia tries to be a good friend, and it is killing her. Complete

A New Routine PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia and Natalia begin to make their way into the physical side of being in love. Complete

The Race 15 Olivia/Natalia Sequel to A New Routine. Complete

Broken Bones and Mended Hearts PG Olivia/Natalia An accident with Emma puts things in perspective for both Natalia and Olivia. Complete


Damn The Torpedoes PG-13 Olivia/Natalia There is no Us? Like heck! Complete


Whatever It Is PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia knows that Natalia has it. Whatever it is. Complete


Naughty but Nice 18 Olivia/Natalia This was meant to be a first line prompt but while I was thinking about it, it sort of ran away from me... probably not what you wanted xejanfan but hey I used your quote... points for trying? Complete

For Real...? 18 Blake/Doris Blake gets dared to kiss Doris & smutty goodness ensues. Complete

TBC...? 15 Olivia/Natalia   Blake/Doris No synopsis given. Complete

Messages 18 Blake/Doris   Olivia/Natalia Whappens if it's Blake and Doris chatting online and not Frank? Complete

Wandering Hands 18 Blake/Doris   Olivia/Natalia Naughtiness ensues when Blake and Doris get left alone. Complete

Liz M

Happiness is... you shaped PG-13 Olivia/Natalia What will it take for Natalia and Olivia to see what is right in front of them? When Olivia's heart gives them a scare, it forces them both to confront what life would be like without each other. Complete

You're My Everything PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Following Olivia's and Natalia's declarations of love on Natalia's wedding day, this is my take on what might happen next. Complete


Kissing Josh Lewis PG Olivia/Natalia Natalia confronts Olivia over her kiss with Josh. Complete


Frightful Foe PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Natalia's reaction to her pregnancy and why she leaves. Complete


Shower of Affection 15 Olivia/Natalia Olivia has to fix the shower for Natalia. However, Natalia really has other things more important on her mind... Complete

ocean gazer

Poured Out Like Water 15 Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete


How Could I Not? G Olivia/Natalia An Otalia poem. Complete

Patricia L.Givens

If She Said Yes PG Olivia/Natalia An alternate take on what might have happened at the wedding. Written prior to the actual events. Complete

The Courtship of Emma's Mother 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 18 Olivia/Natalia My take one what should have happened after the WOD. On-Going


And So It Goes 1-10 11-19 20-25 15 Olivia/Natalia Can Natalia win back Olivia's trust? Complete

Some Enchanted Evening PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Sometimes fairy tales do come true. Complete


Question and Answer 18 Olivia/Natalia One possible answer to Olivia's "what does this mean for us?" Complete

Stay PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia helps Natalia to deal with Rafe's reaction to their relationship. Complete

Spiders and Snuggles PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia comes to the rescue when Natalia gets a shock in the night. Complete

Champagne PG Olivia/Natalia One possible first kiss scenario. Complete

Killing You Softly PG Olivia/Natalia A pre-wedding drabble from Olivia's point of view. Complete

T-shirt 18 Blake/Doris Blake waits for Doris to come home. Complete

The Real Thing PG Blake/Doris Blake catches Doris trying to make a subtle purchase. Complete

Ladies Night 18 Olivia/Doris An encounter with Doris Wolfe at Ladies Night help Olivia to explore her attraction to Natalia. Complete

Bridges PG Doris Doris finally works up the courage to tell Ashlee she's gay. Complete

The Seduction 15 Blake/Dinah/Doris Blake and Dinah seek Doris's help. Complete

Pride 15 Blake/Doris Blake bumps into someone unexpected when she decides to check out a Pride parade. Complete

Present Tense PG-13 Doris/Olivia Doris and Olivia lean on each other for support. Complete

Moving On 15 Doris/Olivia Apparently their daughters aren't quite all Doris and Olivia need. Complete

A Certain Time and Place PG Doris/Natalia Doris and Natalia find a shared connection. Complete

You've Got Mail PG Blake/Doris Ashlee persuades Doris to try internet dating. Complete


Ruminations and Revelations PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia Spencer liked sex... Complete

Gray PG Olivia/Natalia She feels like she's been lying on the couch for days, weeks even... Complete


Dawn PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Natalia comes to a realization. Complete

Reciprocity PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia admits the truth. Complete


Nighttime Recollections G Olivia/Natalia Short fic about what our girls remember about nights past. Complete


If Reva Shayne shows up... PG Olivia/Natalia   Blake/Doris Olivia isn't overjoyed at the newest additions to the Femslash Advocacy Group. Complete

Olivia Vs the PTA PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia hated the PTA. Complete

Welcome to the FLPD 1 15 Multi-fandom crossover - two new deputies join the Femslash-Land Police Department and find that nothing is quite what it seems. On-Going


Welcome to the World Baby Francesca PG Olivia/Natalia As the title implies, a short story about little Francesca's birth. Complete

The Sci-Fi Bard

A Little Drop Of Water 15 Olivia/Natalia After a crappy day, Olivia let's her control slip when she gets home. Complete


Have You Heard of Galileo? PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Natalia's back - can she repair the damage she's done? Complete


A Love Song 15 Olivia/Natalia No synopsis given. Complete


Reflections PG Olivia/Natalia This is my take on the scene of Natalia trying on wedding dresses with Olivia. It's based on what I've seen on youtube and recaps I've read. Complete

Echoes 15 Olivia/Natalia In my opinion the writers are taking too long to give these women a proper kiss if not a bit more. So, I wrote this little story of how I'd make that first real kiss happen. Complete

Love is a Battlefield 1-3 4-8 9-13 14-18 18 Olivia/Natalia In my opinion there was no way that Olivia would have taken Rafe's crap for as long as she did. After reading a spoiler that the two would have words at Bill and Lizzie's wedding, I imagined a scene where they finally have it out. From there it took on a life of its own, including what would happen when Natalia came back. Complete

Family Ties G Olivia/Natalia Missing scene between Rafe and Olivia. Pre move into the farmhouse. Complete


Whatever It Takes 18 Olivia/Natalia This takes place after Natalia, newly returned to Springfield, barges in on Matt and Olivia at Towers. Just my take on what the fallout might be from her leaving, and how (if?!) they can stroll off into the sunset together. Complete

The Lost 18 Olivia/Natalia This takes place in AU created by my first fic, "Whatever It Takes." It deals with some disturbing content that may not be suitable for all readers. While there is no graphic or gratuitous violence, do consider this before reading. Thanks. Complete

The Thing with Feathers 18 Olivia/Natalia This takes place in the AU created in my previous fics, after "Whatever It Takes" and "The Lost." It is the third and final volume in this series, and has concluded. However, there will be a two-part epilogue posted in the near future. Thanks! :) Complete


Sleep 15 Olivia/Natalia Darkest nights. Complete

Don't Ask, Don't Tell PG Olivia/Natalia Natalia is ready for a fight. Complete

Promises PG Olivia/Natalia Frank was having a good day... and then he wasn't. Complete

Progress 15 Olivia/Natalia "The first time it happened, Olivia didn't even realize it until hours later." Complete

Conversation PG Olivia/Natalia You only trust one person when it comes to your daughter. Complete

Leave it to Jeffrey PG Olivia/Natalia Natalia and Jeffrey talk. Complete

Fair PG Olivia/Natalia Christmas presents at the farm house. Complete

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back PG Olivia/Natalia Natalia overhears. Complete

Intervention PG Olivia/Natalia Sometimes you need some help to come to a decision. Complete

This is where I stand PG Olivia/Natalia You don't want to cry anymore. Complete

Losing PG Olivia/Natalia Natalia doesn't want to lose. Complete

Update PG Olivia/Natalia Natalia and Olivia have something to talk about before Natalia can say goodnight. Complete

No Room in the Sea for Water PG Olivia/Natalia Just a moment. Complete

Five Moments Olivia Spencer Will Never Forget PG Olivia/Natalia What the title says. Complete

Mend. Bend. Broken? PG Olivia/Natalia What the title says. Complete

Welcome PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia comes home from San Francisco. Complete

Do The Math PG Olivia/Natalia You can count on numbers. Takes place shortly before and shortly after The Wedding of Doom. Complete

Loopholes and Peanut Butter PG Olivia/Natalia Cookies are magic! Takes place directly after the events of 9th June '09. Complete

Special Occasion PG Olivia/Natalia It's a special occasion. Complete

Love did the weirdest things to Olivia PG Olivia/Natalia What the title says. Complete

Lemon Grass Love 15 Olivia/Natalia AU after episode 6th May '08 - When Rafe asked what they were still doing there, Natalia didn't find a good enough reason to stay in Springfield. So they left. Complete

Good PG Olivia/Natalia AU (another one, I know...) Different from 13 April '09. Complete

Being Good PG Olivia/Natalia The right thing to do. Complete


Emma's in Bed 18 Olivia/Natalia It's the first night back at the farmhouse for Olivia and Emma, and the first night really *together*for Olivia and Natalia. Complete

Susan L. Carr

A Simple Affair 18 Olivia/Natalia You never forget the first time. Complete

Endless Love PG-13 Olivia/Natalia The obsessive love between two women leads to complete and utter happiness. Complete

Tell Your God to Ready for Blood 1 18 Olivia/Natalia Deadwood crossover - When opposites attract, worlds collide and there will be blood. On-Going

Susan P.

Uncomfortable Truths PG-13 Olivia/Natalia The title says it all, really. Olivia and Natalia have a difficult and very uncomfortable conversation. Complete

Steps on the Road to Us PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Sequel to Uncomfortable Truths - Olivia and Natalia move a little closer to one another. Complete

Anima v. Persona PG Olivia/Natalia A conversation between Natalia and Doris that I imagine might have happened after the scene between them that aired on May 12, 2009. Complete

Something, Not This PG-13 Olivia/Natalia   Olivia/Doris Set the day after the Bauer barbecue, after Olivia began searching around Springfield for Natalia, without success. This would follow after Olivia's last visit to the Farmhouse that day. Complete

Where You Belong PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Set the night of the almost-wedding. My take on what might have happened after 'There is no us.' Complete

Tinna Karen

Filling in the Gaps PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia moves back into the Farmhouse, without telling Natalia. Complete

Drowning Out the Noise 15 Olivia/Natalia Takes place a few weeks after 'Filling in the gaps'. Rafe and Emma go to extreme lengths to drown out the noise their moms are making. Complete

Fade to Black 18 Olivia/Natalia Olivia and Emma get settled in at the Farmhouse after moving in. Complete


Turn Series

Turn To Me 1 2 3 4 15 Olivia/Natalia Natalia is forced to come to terms with her feelings alone when Olivia is injured. Complete

Pet Names PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia and Natalia negotiate nomenclature. Complete

Verisimilitude in Fiction 18 Blake/Doris Doris helps Blake with a little research. Complete

Not Dating PG-13 Blake/Doris   Olivia/Natalia Sequel to Verisimilitude in Fiction - Doris and Blake are definitely not dating. That is not what they're doing. At all. Complete

The Sick Rose PG Blake/Doris An argument, and a reconciliation. Complete

Five People Who Found Out Blake and Doris Are a Couple PG Blake/Doris How Doris and Blake came out to four people that matter and one that doesn't, in one afternoon. Complete

Once PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Once is all Olivia dares to ask for. Complete

NPS - A Mystery Solved PG-13 Olivia/Natalia Olivia finds out exactly how a certain person always seems to be able to track Natalia down. Complete

Honest Women PG Olivia/Natalia Olivia's been waiting for the right time to ask. Complete

Cunning Plan 15 Blake/Doris Doris is sick of hiding, but her plan doesn't quite work. Complete

All Bets Are Off G Olivia/Natalia   Blake/Doris Olivia and Natalia gather their friends for a game of late night poker, and the sky's the limit. Complete

Confidantes PG-13 Olivia/Natalia   Blake/Doris Olivia turns to Doris and Natalia turns to Blake. Blake and Doris turn to each other. Complete

Out In The Woods 18 Blake/Doris Sequel to 'Confidantes' - What happened when Blake took Doris to the woods. Complete

Slow Burn series

The Babysitters' Club G Blake/Doris Doris cuts out of Shayne and Dinah's wedding to have a word with Blake about a certain disappearing assistant. Along the way, the two of them begin to come to an understanding. Complete

Blake Marler, Keeper of Secrets G Blake/Doris After Olivia informs Blake that her loyalty to Natalia has cost her Olivia's friendship, Blake begins to understand that being a better person has its consequences. However, it can also open up surprising new possibilities. Complete

Doris Wolfe, Winner/Loser G Blake/Doris After Natalia's return, Blake and Doris meet for a light lunch and a light conversation. Complete

Mothers and Daughters G Blake/Doris A night with Blake and Clarissa convinces Doris that she needs to take the plunge. Complete

Ode to Joy G Blake/Doris After unknowingly talking to Frank online, Blake decides she needs a bit of an adventure. Complete

Whatever Comes Next G Blake/Doris Olivia and Natalia have not cornered the market on intense graveside conversations. Complete

Currents G Blake/Doris Doris comes to a realization, with the help of Olivia. Complete

Risks G Blake/Doris Blake gives some advice that she could stand to take herself. Complete

Débutante G Blake/Doris In which many things come out. Complete

A New Beginning G Blake/Doris Blake goes to confront Ashlee about her reaction to Doris's revelation. Complete

Stepping Up To Bat G Blake/Doris Blake and Doris come to an understanding at first base. Complete

Stargazing G Blake/Doris Blake and Doris have their first date. Complete

Out At The Wedding G Blake/Doris Blake has to deal with Ashlee's disapproval when she attends Billy and Vanessa's wedding as Doris's date. Complete

Touchable Dream PG-13 Blake/Doris Life is short. No more waiting. Complete

Crossroads 1 2 3 4 5 6 18 Olivia/Natalia After the spa trip, Natalia gets a call that forces her to leave town for a while and confront some issues from her past. Eventually she discovers that dealing with her past is the only thing that will allow her to have the future she wants. Complete

Frank Cooper - God's Gift to Lesbians Everywhere PG-13 Olivia/Natalia   Blake/Doris   Eleni/OFC   Mindy/OFC Using his amazing detective skills, Frank starts to notice a pattern. Complete

The Next Best Thing PG-13 Olivia/Doris I've decided it's not your strength that I love. It's your weakness. Complete

The Rivals PG Olivia/Natalia Emma is forced to defend her mothers' honour. Complete

Best Laid Schemes... G Olivia/Natalia Philip seeks Natalia out to ask her some questions and share some news. Complete

The First Miracle G Olivia/Natalia On their first Christmas as a couple, Olivia and Natalia experience the first, best miracle. Complete

The Party G Olivia/Natalia It's New Year's Eve, and Olivia is hosting a party. Complete

Striking it Lucky PG Olivia/Natalia   Blake/Doris A double date, wherein one of the couples is not actually dating. At least, Doris doesn't think they are... Complete