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The Real Thing
By Purplepapillon


Blake Marler was quickly beginning to realise that the best way to learn about the inhabitants of a town was to hang out at the local 'lingerie' store, an activity which had become somewhat of a hobby for her of late. Partly secluded behind a rack of lacy, overpriced bras, she watched intrigued as Mayor Doris Wolfe considered her options, weighing up the toys in exactly the same way Olivia Spencer had done, a few weeks previously. And what was more, she was making exactly the same mistakes.

"You know they've got a much better selection out the back," Blake purred, deciding that it was high time she emerged from her hiding place to offer a little expert advice.

Doris spun round, her face flushing red at the realization that she was no longer alone. It had taken her several personal pep talks to drag herself into the shop, and now she was instantly regretting her boldness. But Olivia Spencer and her newfound happiness were just bringing it home to Doris that there were certain... urges that needed to be satisfied, and so she had resolved to resort to the only means available. Bumping into Blake Marler , gossip queen extraordinaire, during such a sensitive operation had not, however, been part of her plan.

"I... uh... I don't... I mean... it's... it's for a friend..." Doris finally spluttered, her words lacking in conviction, her brain working overtime in an attempt to concoct a feasible excuse.

Blake smiled sweetly. "In that case I think your friend definitely deserves the best," she quipped, punctuating her words with a less than subtle wink. She placed a hand on Doris's arm and patted it reassuringly. "Trust me. Out the back."

The noise of the door closing as Blake left the shop was matched only by Doris's sigh of relief.

Blake frowned as she considered the situation. A woman in Doris's position could have any man she wanted, yet here she was, looking to get her kicks from a piece of plastic. It didn't make sense. Her mind flitted back to the last woman she'd met in this particular shop, another woman who could have had any man she wanted, and what she now knew about that particular woman's interests, her eyes growing wider as it all fell into place. Doris Wolfe could have any man she wanted, but perhaps she didn't want a man... Blake grinned to herself, a plan hatching in her mind. Olivia might be taken care of in that department, but if the Mayor was feeling a little deprived, it was Blake's duty, as an honourable citizen of Springfield, to do what she could to help. And if, in the process, she managed to fill a void in her own life, then it was all well and good.

She gave it a full three minutes before she turned and walked back inside. Sure enough, Doris was nowhere to be seen. Nowhere, that was, until she silently descended the three stairs which led to the back portion of the store and caught sight of a familiar blazer, poring over the displays.

"You know what's even better than the one you've got there?"

Doris had not heard Blake's approach, and consequently jumped out of her skin at the the voice in her ear. She turned sharply, her irritation written plainly across her face.

"For God's sake," she spluttered, before curiosity got the better of her and she eyed Blake, intrigued. "What?"

Blake paused for a long moment, allowing her eyes to travel languorously up and down Doris's besuited body. "The real thing," she eventually murmured, her eyes settling obviously on the other woman's breasts.

Doris raised her eyebrows as Blake moved forward and trailed a hand across her shoulder. "Come on Mayor Wolfe. We both know the real thing would beat that any day," she slurred seductively, casting a pointed glance at the toy Doris still gripped in her hand, before turning her gaze back to the woman herself.

Doris's mouth hung open, her power of speech temporarily suspended by the unexpected advance. Her body had broken into goose pimples at Blake's sensuous touch, but her mind was several steps behind in processing what was happening, and in telling her how to react.

"What are you suggesting?" she eventually asked, eyeing the other woman carefully, her brow furrowed in confusion.

"I'm suggesting," Blake began, her speech tantalizingly slow as she spelled her intentions out. "That you put that thing back on the shelf." She reached forward to take the toy from Doris's hands, which offered little resistance. "And spend the money on taking me out to dinner instead."

"I'll make it worth your while," she finished with a wink, as she took the dumbfounded Mayor's hand and led her from the shop.

Several hours later, Doris lay naked and sated, tangled in the satin sheets of Blake's luxurious bed, her body pleasantly tired and aching from the other woman's ministrations, her mind significantly more relaxed than it had been that morning.

Sleeping with Blake had been a risk, but a risk she had been willing to take. It had been so long since she had been touched, so long since she had been cared for in that department and Blake's fingers and tongue had worked miracles far beyond the potential of any inanimate object.

Depressing as it was, she was forced to agree. There really was nothing better than the real thing.

The End

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