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Olivia And Natalia Go A'biking
By Doubleyoo


The rumbling engine vibrated between her legs, and Olivia grinned as she leaned into the curve. The hands around her waist tightened, two full breasts pressing further into her back at the movement. She'd thought Sam had been kidding when he'd offered to let her borrow his Harley to take Natalia on a picnic, and so hadn't even thought about the logistics of it when she'd mentioned his offer to her dark-skinned lover. The look Natalia had gotten in her eyes when she'd brought it up, though…

"You can ride a motorcycle?" Olivia felt her mouth grow dry as Natalia's eyes, usually such a warm, golden chocolate, darkened to a deep, obsidian hue.

"Um, yeah? I grew up riding motorbikes all over the island- we couldn't afford cars, and they were the most efficient way to get around…" Her voice trailed off.

"And Sam offered to you to let us borrow his Harley, and you told him no, why, exactly?" Natalia's voice was icy; her expression was anything but.

"Well, I don't think he really meant it. Besides, have you ever even ridden on a bike before, much less a Harley? It's not the kind of thing good girls do, y'know." Point.

"Really?" The icy voice was silken now, and that meant more trouble than a pissed off cobra in a tiny bathroom with a hyperactive monkey. Olivia shivered in anticipation.

"I didn't think you'd be into that sort of thing, Natalia. You've never struck me as the assless chaps wearing type of girl." Set. Olivia smirked, but the triumph was soon wiped off of her face at Natalia's next words.

The Latina walked over to Olivia, pressing her body's full length flush against the older woman's, and leaned in to husk into her ear, "I imagine I've also never struck you as the type of girl who'd scream your name while sitting on your face on the couch in your office, but we both know better than that, now don't we?" Match. The win had been stolen right out from under the hotelier.

Now, with Natalia pressed behind her as she navigated the country roads, cool wind ruffling the shirt she wore beneath her leather jacket, and a hot, nubile body pressed up against her back, feeding the raging inferno inside her that never quite seemed to go out, Olivia Spencer could not think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

She spotted the clearing just ahead, and slowed the bike, easing up on the throttle, and feeling the engine vibration increase as the revolutions slowed. She eased the bike into the small gravel parking lot, stretching her legs out to balance as they came to a stop. The arms around her waist tightened, and a low, liquid voice spoke from behind. "That, love," and a hot, wet kiss landed just below her ear, "was amazing. I love feeling you drive this thing."

"You don't drive a Harley," Olivia just barely managed to choke out. "You ride one."

The low voice chuckled, and a warm pair of lips enveloped Olivia's earlobe, suckling gently, while the hands at her waist began to wander, one sliding up to cup a breast, the other sliding lower to cup the heat trapped between her legs. "Speaking of riding…" the ratcheting clicks of the zipper being lowered on her jeans only served to further inflame the process that had begun two hours ago, when Natalia had slid onto the seat behind her, pressing chest, belly and legs full length against Olivia's backside, and whispering in Olivia's ear to punch it. The button popped loose next, and Olivia's fingers tightened around the leather grips of the handlebars.

"Baby, let me put the kickstand down-"

"No." A hand slipped inside Olivia's pants, tanned fingers dipping beneath the flimsy underwear and sliding ecstatically into copious amounts of warm, liquid silk, coating the digits instantly as the fragrance drifted up to Natalia's flaring nostrils. "No, sweetheart, you've been waiting long enough. Just keep those feet planted wide, and hold us up, and I'll take care of you. I'll give you," sharp teeth nipped down a flushed neck, "exactly what you need."

Clever fingers pinched and manipulated her nipples, alternating breasts, and Olivia's head fell back to rest on the shoulders behind her. "Oh, good Gooood," she moaned, and, with her last coherent thought, dug her boots firmly into the gravel on either side of the bike. It was just in time, too, because no sooner had she done this that three fingers curled up and into her, stretching and filling her all at once.

"Oh, Jesus, oh fuck, yessss!" Olivia knew that Natalia's movements were limited by their position, so she aided the younger woman as best she could, gently rolling her hips to bring Natalia's fingers in and out of her, sliding against her inner walls with the most delicate friction imaginable. In, out, in, out, oh, it was so good, so good, but she needed more, she needed-

"Oh, sweet Jesus, yes!" Natalia's other hand had abandoned her breasts, and was now with its sister, buried deep between her legs, dexterous fingers working around and over the pearl that sat at the center of her pleasure, pinching then stroking, flicking, pressing, teasing, pulling.

"Olivia," the voice was back in her ear. "Do you like it when I fuck you like this? Do you like it when I'm in complete control of your pleasure, Baby?" More wet kisses beneath her ear, and Olivia had to fight to find the words she knew were expected of her.

"Yes. Yes! Please! Please, let me- oh- please!" Olivia was begging. This didn't bother her; it wasn't the first time she'd begged Natalia, and wouldn't be the last.

"Please what, Olivia?" Fingers pushing in and out, wet, sliding sounds, her own smell drifting to her nose, wet kisses on her neck, sultry voice in her ear… Olivia was almost overwhelmed.

"Please let me come, Natalia. Please!" Olivia's movements were jerky now, desperate, her breath hitching in the back of her throat.

"Come for me, Olivia. Come, now," and Olivia's world shattered, falling apart and coming back together in one seamless motion, Natalia's fingers inside of her, Natalia's voice in her ear, and Natalia herself in Olivia's secondhand heart, the one that beat like new just for the beautiful Latina. "Natalia!"

Olivia had always been a screamer; being with Natalia had not changed that. What had changed were the words she screamed. Formerly, she'd always cried out to God, or spewed obscenities. She never yelled out names; names had the annoying tendency to be wrong. Natalia had never failed to hear her name come tumbling form the older woman's lips when she came, though. Natalia. Natalia was better than God, Jesus, or any other deity. Natalia was better than the most arousing filthy statement. Natalia said it all, and Olivia planned on screaming it for the rest of her life.

Slowly, she came back to earth, and Natalia gently slipped her fingers from Olivia's still grasping center. "I have wanted to do that with you ever since the first time you and I made love." Olivia blinked at the revelation, quickly putting down the kickstand and twisting to look her younger lover in the eyes.

"Really? Well, why didn't you say something?" She was genuinely puzzled. Natalia surely knew that there was nothing she wasn't willing to try at least twice, inside or outside of the bedroom.

"Well, frankly," Natalia's eyes twinkled merrily, "while I knew first hand what a good rider you are, I didn't know that extended to motorcycles." Olivia's jaw dropped, and Natalia took advantage of her momentary speechlessness, hopping off the bike and tugging the backpack with their picnic inside it higher on her shoulders. She walked into the grassy field ahead, giggling and calling back over her shoulder as she went, "Hurry up, and I'll let you have a ride on my bike after we eat."

Olivia's jaw snapped shut, and she hopped off the bike, tugging the closures back shut as she jogged after her one true love. She didn't have to be told twice…

The End

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