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Love did the weirdest things to Olivia
By still_nina


Love did the weirdest things to Olivia. There was a permanent smile on her face and a bounce in her step. Nobody would believe that not too long ago she had almost died. Or that shortly after her life had been saved she had wished for death. Those memories seemed so far away from the sunny day at this magical place away from the world.

With a grin she waved at the car that took the rest of her family back home. Emma had been ecstatic to go back to the farm house and Natalia had been glowing with the same nervous energy that Olivia was feeling. Ever since they'd woken up wrapped around Emma they'd been smiling. And even though Olivia felt like everything she was feeling was pulling her into all directions all the time, she could only feel positive about all of it.

She grabbed her cell phone and quickly typed a text message. With another grin she hit the 'send' button. It only took a few seconds until her phone beeped. She actually giggled as she opened the message and almost squealed at the words. Love did the weirdest things to them both.

Miss you too.

The End

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