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A Study in Curiosity and Satisfaction
By Juri


Part 1

Blake Marler was not, by any means, inexperienced in the ways of sex. Truly, to read and produce the texts that she did, one couldn't afford to be naive to the ways of the flesh, even some of the more… unconventional practices. That being so, she had never even considered the possibility of two women together; not in her writing, not in her extensive – for research purposes of course – reading, and certainly not in her personal life. Not to say that she was, in any way, disgusted or put out by the thought of two consenting adult women enjoying each others' company… it just hadn't entered her sphere of consciousness. That is, until she had realized her new assistant was a member of the Sapphic Sisterhood; Blake had Googled 'lesbians' and 'lesbian culture' as soon as she had a moment alone.

Blake, being Blake, had quickly grown bored with the political and pride information, and had, like a true professional woman, started searching for the kink. Anything and everything she could gander, Blake Marler was nothing if not thorough. Websites full of pictures, stories, and videos galore, even a few sites with something called 'femslash'; Blake would have to go back to those, intrigued at the pairings, particularly in the 'Facts of Life,' fandom… And if she didn't know any better, she would think some of those crazy, right-wingers were on point: it was like a disease. Now that she had seen it, seen exactly what they did with each other, she had been wondering, and she couldn't turn it off.

In the past, every woman Blake had happened upon was looked over and assessed as either enemy or ally, friend or foe, hindrance or asset. But now, the adjectives had changed with her awakened perspective. Hellcat and firecracker had replaced foe and asset, as had sensual and tender. Every woman that passed the strawberry blonde was a new opportunity to wonder, to imagine, and she found herself tilting her head often, eyes following shapely hips and legs as they walked on by. What color underwear was she wearing? Did she like to be on top, bottom, or lying adjacent? Screamer, moaner, or silent climax? Fingers, tongue, or…

"Gah!" Blake exclaimed, blinking rapidly as her thoughts got away from her again. It had been three days since she had tried to satisfy her cat-like curiosity in the lavender lifestyle (God, she was constantly thinking in lesbian-isms now), and she had found herself drifting at the most random moments. To make it worse, her Writer's Hand was beginning to tingle…

Blake crankily took a sip of her piping hot coffee, scalding her mouth. With an almost Zen calmness, she put down the ceramic mug and cradled her face in her warm hands. "Ow…" Since when where women so… everywhere?! Tall ones, short ones, thin, curvy, dark, light, curly and straight haired... And wearing such enticing clothing? Honestly! And, damn it if she didn't want to know what all the fuss was about, first hand; she was tired of this second-hand research! Blake Marler wanted to be a primary source of information on the subject. She wanted to taste, and touch, and smell, and experience… and if she didn't scratch that particular itch soon, she was sure that she would die. That's what really killed the cat, she decided, wanting and not having.

"Are you all right?" a soft, female, voice asked, snapping Blake back to reality. Dear Lord, they were everywhere! Looking up, she was greeted by the sight of concerned if bemused blue eyes.

"Don't worry, I don't think I'll be needing my taste buds to cast a vote," the smaller woman quipped, eyes widening when she realized the multiple possible meanings for her words. But, this was Doris Wolfe, for crying out loud. She was as straight as an arrow, there was no danger of a mistaken come on. The brunette in question merely quirked an eyebrow and took a seat across the table from the frazzled publisher, an expectant look on her face. "I'm fine, I'm fine, I just…" she trailed off, knowing she was about three seconds from spilling her guts to the Mayor of her fair town. The same Mayor who had, just months earlier, made it very clear what she thought on the subject of woman on woman loving.

"I couldn't help but notice," Doris said conversationally, deceptively casually, "that you were staring, quite intently, at my ass." A bomb could have dropped, Blake wouldn't have perceived it at all.

They stared at each other for long moments, neither speaking, one smirking; the other, panicking. Blake was aware that, around them, the other unsuspecting patrons of Company were eating, laughing, talking, and carrying on with their lives. She, however, was frozen, like a kid with her hand caught in the cookie jar. So when her mouth began to talk honestly, she wasn't cognizant enough to censor it. "Actually, I wasn't staring at your ass, I was staring at your cleavage." Shiiiit. The eyebrow climbed higher, and the Mayor smiled, white teeth flashing briefly. "I mean!" Crap, crap, crap! "Ugh, look, something came up recently, someone, I can't say who, came out to me. And, and you know me, I like to be up on the information, so I looked up some things, and… I mean, come on, don't you ever wonder? Aren't you the least bit curious?"

Suddenly, crystal blue eyes darkened, and Doris' mouth turned down, ever so slightly. As chatty as Blake was, she was just as adept at observing people, and she knew pain when she saw it, no matter how well concealed. Reaching across the table, she took the other woman's hand in her own, squeezing it gently. "No, Blake; I've never been curious." Was the reply, but the smaller woman wasn't listening to the words, she was hearing the tone they rode on. Then it was gone, and Blake's hand was empty and strangely cold.

"Doris, I… do you want to get out of here?" The smaller woman blurted, eyes widening as she said the words. The Mayor looked startled, but recovered quickly and smiled her wolf's smile.

"Why Blake Marler, are you coming onto me?" she purred, and the blonde gulped. "You know what they say curiosity did to the cat…"

"What? No, wait a second, that's not-I mean, I think it's, I mean, we…" Growling in frustration, Blake rolled her eyes at herself and stopped trying to speak. And then, Doris Wolfe did something Blake wouldn't have expected: she laughed. Not a cruel, mocking snigger, or an empty politician's chuckle, but a full on, eyes shut, head tilted back belly laugh. It lasted just a few seconds before the other woman reined herself in, small chortles escaping her lips.

It was maybe the most genuine sound the publisher could remember coming from the other woman, and it roused butterflies in her stomach. Careful Blake, she warned herself, forcing herself to breathe evenly. It's just curiosity… "I'm done with my coffee, and in need of some company," she tried again, smiling her most winning smile, making sure to bat her eyelashes and tilt her head and look up shyly through them. She saw the brunette gulp, and she mentally patted herself on the back. Yup, she still had it. And, this could kill two birds – or cats, as it were – with one stone. Get the scoop on the Mayor, and scratch that itch…


Part 2

The first link on Google, when one searched the term 'lesbian' was a porn site that advertised "hottest young lesbian porn online, Only the very best lesbian teen sex and lesbian gangbang threesome orgies." Faced with blatant and unrefined lewdness, Blake had almost balked, staring at the stark whiteness of the monitor for long moments. Tempting as it was, the publisher was still hours – all right, an hour – away from becoming bored or daring enough to click on such a link. And she wasn't exactly thrilled about observing girls half her age engage in acts that she herself hadn't even thought possible a mere half day prior. She knew she was attractive and energetic, but there was no need to test the strength of her ego…

The second link was to the Wikipedia article on Lesbians. As a professional in the field of the printed word, Blake was both wary and impressed with the concept and execution of a massive online, interactive, mutable encyclopedia. It reminded her of one of her favorite Asimov novels, another piece of fiction come to life in ways the conceivers couldn't have anticipated. That being true, it was disconcerting to think that anyone, knowledgeable or ignorant, well meaning or maleficent, could change the content to reflect their ideas. She was almost more hesitant to click on this site than the first, but in the end she promised herself that she would double check the footnotes and sources, and engaged the link.

And, like anyone else who had ever used the Wikipedia, she soon discovered that it was similar in kind to the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. One thing led to another, led to another, then another, and soon Blake was perhaps the up-most expert on the dry and intricate details of lesbian culture. But that wasn't what she was looking for; for lack of better terms, Blake was here to get her – err – feet wet, to immerse herself in the waters of the down and dirty ways of lady loving ladies… So she went back to Google and searched 'lesbian sex.'

After an hour of wading through the squillions of links that promised must-see depictions of girl-on-girl action, Blake was beginning to lose hope. Yes, there were some gems amongst the steaming piles. But she was impatient as she was curious, and the intrigue that had led her to search such things in the middle of the day had begun to morph into a pressing need that had to be fulfilled. So, completely and utterly frustrated, she had shut off the laptop in disgust, grabbed her car keys and gone out into the world…

Three days later, after 72 hours of bad porno looping in her head at the sight of every skirt that fluttered by, the blonde was happened upon by the Mayor of Springfield, whom, before Blake's foray into uncovering the secrets of the Sisterhood, was a figure to be graciously avoided or cautiously interacted with. Now, of course, with her mind even further in the gutter than usual, polluted by her libido's discovery of a whole other section of the population, the dark haired beauty had become someone to… play with, or play with, depending on how she took the 'subtle' advances.

And Blake Marler really, really, wanted to play. But as soon as they had exited Company, she had brazenly linked arms with the other woman, and it had turned the butterflies in her stomach into coked up bunnies hell bent on running the Indy 500. And, amazingly, suddenly, sex was the furthest thing from her mind. So scrapping her original plan of dragging the Mayor home and plying her with wine, she ushered the woman into her car and drove to the closest greasy spoon diner outside of town. Somewhere where no one knew them, but close enough so that if there was some sort of emergency they could get back quickly; something always seemed to be going wrong in Springfield, and Blake would be damned if she missed out on good dirt.

There they had sat, awkwardly at first, but after about a minute, the smaller woman's talkative nature had broken loose, and she had neatly updated Doris Wolfe on all of the goings on in her city. Except for the little/giant piece of gossip that had begun Blake's descent into lesbian near-frenzy, of course. It sat, heavy and thick, at the back of the blonde's tongue, but she had promised, and she really wanted Natalia to trust her, so… It didn't matter though, because Doris laughed at all the right stories, and nodded sympathetically when appropriate, seeming to genuinely care about the people being spoken of, and for a while, the smaller woman forgot that she had a secret burning a hole in her metaphorical pocket.

And Blake found herself smiling, grudgingly charmed as the dark haired woman, in turn, began to talk about herself. Little things like, how hearing about Henry reminded her of when Ashlee was a toddler, and always wanted to follow her around, mimicking her every move. Or Bill and Lizzie's wedding plans reminding her, sadly if her wistful sigh was anything to go by, of own attempts at romance and marriage. And how Natalia's quitting the Beacon was a fantastic move, because it meant that she and Olivia, who Blake was surprised to know was Doris's friend (honestly, it was surprising to hear that the Mayor had any friends, let alone that the feisty hotelier was counted among them), could finally move forward in their relationship. Blake choked on her water at hearing that.

"You… you knew?" she sputtered, snatching up a napkin and wiping herself off.

"Of course I knew," Doris chuckled, reaching over and gently shutting Blake's open mouth. "Surely you don't think that I am so out of touch with my voters?"

"But, you didn't say! And here I was, busting at the seams trying not to let on!" the publisher complained, mock glaring.

"It was fun to watch you squirm. I know how very hard it is for you to keep a secret." She was teasing her, Blake knew it. Normally she would be insulted at being called a gossip, no matter how playfully, but now she was only relieved, and maybe a bit embarrassed. At least, that's what she was telling herself to explain the blush on her face and fluttering feeling in her chest. "I do want to commend you for not saying anything however. I'm sure it means a lot to Olivia – to both of them – that their private life is kept that way by their friends."

"Well, thank God you know! Now I can finally talk to someone about this, it is driving me crazy!" And, relieved, Blake Marler unloaded everything about the last three days.

And somewhere along the way, she realized that none of this seems to be surprising Doris. There aren't any curious questions, only clarifying ones which Blake suspected were supposed to be for her benefit. After half an hour of talking, of explaining everything, from finding out about Natalia, to Google and Wikipedia, to the sudden explosion of awareness of all things female and how that made her feel, physically and mentally, the blonde sat back, exhausted but much lighter. And Doris smiled that bemused smile from she had at Company, when she had caught the blonde staring at her. They sat, in silence again, but this one comfortable. And then Blake suddenly got it, knew, and she began to laugh.

"Of course, of course you are! How could I not see this before!" she exclaimed, and Doris looked nervous, but oddly a bit hopeful. "And here I thought you were just curious, like me."

"Nope, not curious. At all. I hope I can trust you not to saying anything?"

"Of course you can trust me! Hey, I am a good friend to have, okay? It's the people on my bad side that should be worrying about what I know about them…" Blake smiled, coyly looking up at the brunette through her lashes; hell, it had worked before, why not now? "You do want to be my friend, don't you? You don't want to get on my bad side?" Doris mock shuddered before leaning closer over the table.

"Perish the thought." She extended a hand, palm up. "Friends then?" Taking the offered appendage, the smaller woman was surprised when the Mayor ran her thumb softly along her knuckles. "Hello, friend." And, okay, maybe Blake had melted, just a little. But, it was still curiosity, still to scratch the itch that had been niggling her for days now.

Somewhere between the third cup of coffee and the realization that, after more than twenty minutes Doris hadn't released her hand, the thought crossed her mind that maybe this wasn't a curiosity for either of them; this could count as a date. It would certainly be better than many of the dates that Blake had been on in a while. Actually, it would be the only… Doris walking her back to her car confirmed it; it was a date, which she herself had initiated. She mentally patted herself on the back; she was pretty good at this lesbian stuff. As long as they didn't U-haul, the smaller woman could hold out until her inquisitiveness was satisfied on the subject…

Blake could feel the heat of the taller woman against her back, only a little surprised that she had offered to walk her to her door after they had returned to town. It sent tiny thrills and shivers up her spine, but she had decided on the drive back that, this time, there would be no… her mind provided many terms to describe what could happen between two women. None of that; next time, she promised herself, sliding key into lock and opening the door. There would definitely be a next time. She felt Doris' hand on her arm, and found herself being spun around and pressed bodily against the entryway. The bunnies that had been plaguing her morphed into pterodactyls and began flapping angrily about her stomach, even as her chest and points decidedly south tightened almost painfully. "Are you still curious?" the taller woman whispered against her lips, and Blake's eyes snapped shut as she tried to hold back a gasp.


But she didn't need to say anything, because the Mayor was suddenly kissing her, devouring and consuming her with her mouth, and it was all the blonde could do to hold onto surprisingly strong shoulders. A hot, moist tongue teased her lips and her knees buckled, her grip - and the fact that Doris had her pinned - all that kept her from crumpling to the floor. Moaning, she greedily took the other woman into her mouth, hands moving to bury themselves in silky brown hair. She felt arms circle her waist, pulling her forward into the taller woman, until there wasn't enough space to slide a piece of paper between them. Holy SHIT!

When Doris pulled back, Blake wasn't ready to let her go. She surged forward, one hand moving from its position to grab and hold the lapel of Doris' blazer – God it was hideous – not letting her move. It was the blue eyed woman's turn to moan as she got the full Blake Marler, hot and heavy treatment. After a minute, she pulled back, smirking at the Mayor's stunned expression. Softly, almost tenderly, she reached up and ran the pad of her thumb over the dazed woman's lips. "Yeah, still curious. See you later, friend." With a triumphant swagger and completely unsatisfied flock of pterodactyls still raging in her stomach, Blake turned and entered her home.


Part 3

They weren't really dating. Blake had made that clear on the second of their 'not-really-a-date' dates, and Doris was quick to agree. A little too quick perhaps, which left the strawberry blonde wondering what was wrong with her date-ability, before she would remind herself it was her idea in the first place. Still, her willingness to acquiesce so quickly irked the smaller woman, and so in silent spite she planned to make her new friend endure a little curiosity of her own. That was a week ago, and since then, they had been out every night.

Drinks at Towers, where they pretended to be discussing copyright issues and other legal matters pertaining to publishing; Blake had unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and spent the evening leaned forward over the table, giggling and batting her eyelashes winsomely. For dinner, once at the diner again, and once at Company, where they pretended to run into each other and Blake spent the evening teasing the Mayor under the table with her foot; first her ankles, then her calves, and finally her inner thighs, so that the taller woman choked on her water and croaked 'put it on my tab' to a stunned Buzz, dragging her companion out the door. A heated kiss shared at the smaller woman's front door only served to frustrate them both, but she was determined to make Doris work for it.

Blake's favorite outings where when, on consecutive days, they went to the movies – The Proposal when she got to pick, and, surprisingly, Terminator when Doris got to pick. "It's escapism, that's the point. How can I escape into a universe that looks exactly like the one I live in?" the Mayor had reasoned, and Blake tried hard not to find it adorable. She failed miserably and spent the movie with her head tucked against the other woman's shoulder to hide her smile.

Now they reached the week-a-versary of their non-relationship relationship, and Blake had finally pestered the taller woman into taking her out dancing, while managing not to put out. Doris had been very, very, reluctant to take her to the local lesbian watering hole, but the publisher had persisted, and so they found themselves dressed to the nines at Springfield's Ladies Night. She had even talked the Mayor out of wearing a hat.

"Ladies, what can I get you?" the bar tender greeted, a pretty blonde with large breasts that strained against the material of her itty-bitty top.

"A martini, please, dry." Doris replied, leaning against the bar and surveying the crowd anxiously. The bar tender gave the brunette the once over, nodding to herself before turning to fill her order, completely ignoring the smaller woman.

"I'll have a Jack and Coke, thank you." Blake added, resisting the urge to roll her eyes.

Drinks firmly in hand, the blonde grabbed her not-date by the arm and dragged her to the dance floor, temporarily abandoning her to move over to the DJ. "Hi there. Would it be possible for you to play something that gives me an excuse to make her squirm?" she asked, smiling impishly and slipped a twenty onto the turn tables, pointing at the clearly antsy Mayor. The woman in the booth chuckled and nodded, winking conspiratorially.

"She's the one that got away for a lot of the ladies here; go get 'er, tiger."

"Oh I intend to," the blonde replied, winking back before practically skipping onto the dance floor.

And make her squirm she did. Apparently twenty dollars at a lesbian club bought you a friend, because song after song, the music throbbed with sensual beats driven by deep bass. And Blake insinuated herself in the Mayor's arms, taking every opportunity to grind and sway against her body, until she could feel her trembling and pulling her closer. Victory. By the fifth song, Doris was politely, if insistently, herding Blake towards the door. "Where are we going?"

"To satisfy this curiosity of yours, once and for all." The small blonde tried not too look too smug as they passed the obviously disappointed bar tender on the way out.

The trip back to the mayoral mansion was silent, but Blake didn't mind; she used the time to observe woman driving. She was flushed, fine tremors running through her hands where they gripped the steering wheel mercilessly, but the smirk on her lips told Blake that maybe all her teasing, all her little torments of the past week were going to be paid back ten-fold. She almost regretted it all, except that if there was one thing Blake was good at, it was being a tease, and surely that small wicked, almost wolfish smile Doris was wearing could only mean the best of payback.

The car screeched to a halt in the garage, and before she could blink, Doris was out of the car, and Blake found that she was the one being dragged around. Dazed, it took her until the top of the stairs to react. Stopping short, she had to bite her lip to keep from laughing at the incredulous look on her soon-to-be lover's face. "Wait, whoa, hold on! I know I am new at this and all, but, what, no drink?" Doris snorted, rolling her eyes and turning to face her.

"You had drinks at the bar," she replied, impatience clear. Apparently it had been a long time for the Mayor…

"What, you think I'm that easy?" Impatience turned to amusement for a moment. "Hey!"

The taller woman moved forward, forcing Blake to move back until she felt wall behind her. "After all the money and time I spent in the last week on your little curiosity, I am expecting some satisfaction in return." Warm hands snaked around her waist, and she found herself deliciously pinned to the hard surface at her back. Well, this was familiar.

"Did-did you just tell me to put out?" she whispered, unable to concentrate as soft lips found her throat and began softly laying kisses there. The only response was a sharp nip at her pulse point, which caused her stomach to clench and her breath to catch. "'Cause, you know, oh god, I'm not that kinda, god yes, girl..."

"Blake, shut up."

The world turned on its axis, and Blake squealed as she felt herself being lifted and carried into the Mayor's bedroom. "Christ!" She felt rather than heard Doris' rumbling chuckle, her ear pressed against the taller woman's chest.

"God's not here right now, but I can take a message." She was gently deposited on the bed, and pinned their by a blue, laser like stare. "I've had just about enough of your teasing, my dear. This either happens or it doesn't, but you need to make that choice now." Blake swallowed nervously, eyes flitting around the room.

She was still curious, more now than ever; just the limited contact they had shared in the last week had stirred a lust in her that she hadn't felt in… a very long time. Hell, just spending time with the other woman was enjoyable, made her feel warm and less empty. She hadn't thought about Ross more than once a day since this… thing, had started, something that she didn't think was possible, because no matter how much time passed, Blake still turned to comment to him when she found something funny, or something upsetting. But in the past week, the brunette had been the one who she thought of to tell amusing anecdotes, the person she texted when she had a bit of juicy gossip. That was a good feeling, and the blonde was all about good feelings. Analyzing what it meant could wait, she felt entitled to a little hedonism…

But, by the same token, it didn't matter how many trashy romance novels or instruction books she had read – and there had been at least half dozen of each in the past week – Blake had no idea what she was doing. And that, more than anything else, bothered her. She was no Olivia Spencer, but Blake Marler was definitely no slouch in the sex department; she talked the talk and had the skill to back up her mouth, so to speak. She had asked Natalia, who had come into work on Wednesday with a huge hickey and the biggest just-got-laid-and-damn-it-was-good expression, if it was easier to be with women because the genitalia was the same. Her assistant, in a moment of bold honesty, had confided that, any genitalia that wasn't ones own was different, and so, no, it wasn't easier, but definitely had a shorter learning curve. Then, of course, the woman had blushed and stuttered something about getting to work. Blake didn't like that she might not be good out of the gate.

Doris was kneeling in front of her now, looking into her eyes with sympathy. "It's okay, all right? You don't have to do this," she whispered, voice subdued but understanding as she cupped the publisher's cheek. "I can drive you home, and we can go back to… Whatever we were before this past week." Blake blinked back to reality, frowning.

"Is-is that what you want?" she asked, confused.

"No! I mean, no, of course not. Are you kidding? You just had this look…" The blonde smiled, liking the insecurity the other woman was openly displaying.

"Oh, that? I was just agonizing over the title of my next book. What do you think: Swing Vote, or, A Hat For All Seasons?" Startled, Doris blinked at her owlishly for long moments, before noticing the teasing smile and rolling her eyes.

"Just to be clear, if I ever get wind of you even writing down the outline for one of those… those lonely housewife yarns based on us, I will make sure that the only things you will be publishing are fast food menus!"


"I swear to God, the, wait, what?"

"You said us…"

"I, what, huh?" Doris Wolfe looking like a deer caught in headlights was maybe the cutest thing Blake had ever seen. Choosing the high road, she smiled and pulled the other woman to her by her shirt.

"Message received. Lets work on giving me material that I will never be able to use," she growled, claiming the taller woman's mouth in a bruising kiss.

They ended up wrestling for control on the bed, buttons and cloth causalities in their struggle for dominance, and vaguely Blake wondered if she would have enough of her outfit left to get home. Teeth found her collarbone, and all rational thought was driven from her head. Gasping as a hot tongue blazed a trail down her chest to her rock hard nipple, she was surprised to find that Doris had managed to remove her bra along with her blouse. "Sweet Jesus," she moaned, arching into the other woman, trembling finely as a determined hand yanked at the zipper of her jeans. Deft fingers slid in-between her body and barely there lace – she had had a feeling when she chose her lingerie earlier that someone would be seeing them. Lips kissed their way up her neck.

"You can call me Doris, though worship is certainly acceptable," the Mayor husked in her ear, biting the delicate shell softly. She yelped.

"You have a choice, Blake," the taller woman purred, trailing nipping kisses along the underside of her jaw. The blonde was panting now, stomach spasming as her lover's fingers slipped through her wet warmth, circling everything, but not really applying significant pressure.

"Oh God, what?" she groaned, shifting her hips, trying, unsuccessfully to force the contact she so desperately needed. Doris pulled back, bracing herself on her free arm, occupied hand cupping the squirming woman's mound firmly, ceasing all movement. She brought her face down, so that they were staring into each other's eyes.

"This can be slow, and tender, and like all that trite romantic nonsense you distribute to the public, or…"

"Or what?"

"Or I can fuck you, hard and rough, like you so obviously want. Take your time in thinking it over…" Fingertips teased her opening. Tender could wait, there was nothing to think about.

"Sweet Lord, fuck me, please, fuck me now!"

There was no further coddling, no more tender touches and slow motions. Doris slammed into her, filling her with two fingers and grinding her thumb against her clit. "Holy FUCK!" she yelped, curling up into the body hovering above her and burying her face into the crook of her lover's shoulder. Her hand clamped onto strong shoulders of their own accord and she held on for dear life. "Yes, yes, yes, please, please, please…" she chanted, voice catching with each almost brutal thrust. Grunting, Doris used her free hand to pry the smaller woman off her body and hold her to the bed with a palm to her chest, just below her throat. "Oh God, yes, please, don't stop, please!" The hand at her chest pressed down harder once, silent instruction for her to stay put, before moving to bury itself in her hair.

"Wasn't planning on it."

The fingers inside her began to twist, corkscrewing as they pumped in and out, seeming to touch every place inside that made her want to scream. "Be as loud as you want, no one is here but us." Doris whispered against her breast, blunt teeth scraping across her nipple.

"Shit! Gah-d, please don't stop, please, more, please!" The taller woman pulled out for a moment, and Blake whimpered. A second later, three fingers speared her, stretching her almost painfully, and she did scream, head slamming back into the pillow, torso arching almost off the bed. Doris lay fully on top of her, and it grounded her, kept her from flying apart like she felt she might, overwhelmed by pleasure and the newness of the experience. "Please, oh God, please, talk to me."

"What… what would you… like me to say, hmm?" the Mayor panted in her ear.

"Anything, oh Christ, please! I need, I need- oh FUCK!"

She felt it building, like a giant wave, flashes of burning pleasure licking at her outer most nerves. "Please, please, please," she begged, wrapping her arms around Doris and holding on for dear life, tears squeezing out from the corners of her eyes.

"What baby, what do you want me to say? That you're beautiful? That I enjoy fucking you?" Blake's breath hitched, body beginning to quiver. "That I like feeling my fingers pound into you, surrounded by your wetness?"

"Ugh, fuck, yes! Please! So close."

"That I'm going to be inside you, feeling your body contracting around me, as you come? Is that what you want to hear?" And then Blake was gone, stars exploding behind closed eyelids, every muscle in her body coiling, tensing, clenching, lungs squeezing. The only sound that escaped her was a tiny whimper. Then she went slack.

Doris rolled off of her, gently pulling the still shuddering woman into her arms, stroking her back as she came back to herself. "Sshh, it's okay, you're all right," she soothed, and Blake was horrified to realize that she was crying. This wasn't right, she wasn't upset, at all.

"Not, not upset," she assured, and she felt the Mayor chuckle.

"I know. Just relax and let it go, don't try and stop it." She could only nod, clinging, embarrassed, to the brunette.

Long minutes later, Blake sighed and pulled back, smiling. "That was… um, yeah… thank you?" Doris laughed, covering her eyes with the arm not currently wedged underneath the blonde.

"You're welcome."

"My turn!" the publisher exclaimed, moving so she straddled the larger woman's hips, completely unashamed in her nudity and post-coital appearance.

"Huh? Oh, you don't have to, you know. I mean, I don't need you to, I mean-" Suddenly, the reclined woman was nervous, shyly averting her eyes. Blake was immediately charmed by the insecurity.

"Are you kidding?! I have been researching for the past week. There is a ton of stuff I just have to try!" The gleam in her eye was almost evil…

"Um, yippee?"

"You know, we're still not dating," Blake commented conversationally as Doris handed her a cup of coffee and the morning paper. Dark smudges beneath blue eyes only accented the incredulity.

"Darling, we've been satisfying your 'curiosities' for weeks now. Ashlee asks about you when you're not around. Hell, I've taken enough shit from Olivia to clog even the biggest of toilets." Blake smirked, enjoying the thought of her lover's best friend making her life difficult. Natalia was ecstatic for her, and they spent time gossiping and griping like two yentas. "Not to mention I haven't had a decent night's sleep in… a long time."

"Yes, but dear, you still haven't asked me. Officially." Doris mouth dropped open, and she gaped, like a fish on land. "So, when you decide to make an honest woman of me, I'll consider upping your status." The blonde teased. "Til then, I have bigger fish to fry. And a newspaper to read."

Blake Marler found herself tossed in a fireman's carry over her lover's shoulder. "Hey!" she squealed, squirming.

"Uh huh, bigger fish to fry my ass," Doris muttered, marching towards the bedroom. "Lets see whose name you are screaming in five minutes, then we'll see who's not dating!"

"Oh no, you beast! Please, don't take advantage of little ol' me!" the blonde mocked, secretly congratulating herself. Doris had begged off a third round of love making earlier that morning, claiming to be too tired… And she was wrong, Blake was thoroughly satisfied, but like any good writer, she could always do with a bit more research.

She was deposited on the bed with a gentleness that betrayed her lover's mock anger. Laying back, she crooked her finger and grinned. "Come 'ere." Doris rolled her eyes but complied, crawling on top of the smaller woman and moving a hand down her body. To her surprise, her wrist was caught and brought up to Blake's mouth, where it was kissed. "Ask me," she commanded softly. The Mayor froze for a moment, before sighing and closing her eyes, forehead coming to rest against the blonde's.

"Be my girl?"

"If by girl, you mean woman and equal, then yes, I'll be your girl."

"Blake, shut up." And they kissed, and the feeling in her chest was light and happy. Ah, bliss…

The End

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