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Whither Thou Goest
By Geekgrrllurking


Part 10

The sun was just starting to peek through the bedroom window when Natalia's eyes slowly fluttered open and she shifted and stretched, unconsciously snuggling closer to the warm body next to her.

"Hey there, sleepyhead." A very familiar voice whispered into her hair, clearly amused. A little confused, Natalia nuzzled along tender skin, not wanting to wake up. She froze as she realized just who she was all but mauling in her sleep.

"You're awake?" Natalia mumbled, her words soft and slow as her mind started to shake off its slumber. She cracked an eyelid open and stared at the smiling woman next to her. "Am I still dreaming?"

"That's what I thought at first too," Olivia murmured, her voice low and sleepy as she reached out to gently tuck a dark strand of hair behind Natalia's ear.

Natalia smiled and decided she liked her like this. Relaxed, hair sleep tousled and with no makeup. Natural and affectionate, the way Olivia always was with her. Just herself.

"What time is it?" Natalia went to roll over and check the time only to discover that she was trapped under Olivia's sweet curves. A long leg lay tangled with her own and a strong arm held tight around her waist. They were so comfortable together, cuddling like long time lovers in the early morning light and Natalia sent up a silent prayer of thanks as her heart filled with joy.

"We've got about ten minutes before that alarm clock will go off," Olivia snuffled along Natalia's hairline, breathing her in as dropped butterfly kisses there. "What ever should we do until then?"

"I'm open to suggestions." Natalia sighed, her eyes drooping shut as she relaxed into Olivia's embrace. She was definitely enjoying this new morning ritual, so much more fun than her usual run.

"I'll need coffee if I'm going to have to think too hard." Olivia smirked against her temple, her one hand sliding down her spine, holding her closer.

"Can't have that, now can we?" Natalia teased, as she tipped her head back to capture soft lips. She heard Olivia's sharp inhalation of pleasant surprise before swiping her tongue along her bottom lip, wanting to explore and play. Their kiss deepened, moving quickly from a sensual and tentative 'good morning' to a full blown 'Hello, I'm awake now'.

Olivia shifted and rolled to her back, taking Natalia with her, more than enjoying the feel of the brunette on top of her. Natalia settled naturally between Olivia's legs, both women moaning softly at this new intimacy. Olivia's hands ran down sweet curves, coming to rest on the soft boy shorts covering Natalia's toned ass. She squeezed as Natalia arched against her, clearly wanting more.

The beep-beep-beep of Natalia's alarm clock was followed moments later by Olivia's clock radio blaring out the latest hit song. Reluctantly they pulled apart, groaning as they rolled away from temptation to stop the racket. Both heads hit their respective pillows with a frustrated sigh.

"When will you be home?" Natalia asked, catching her breath, trying to get herself under control.

"Not soon enough," Olivia grinned up to the ceiling before turning to see Natalia smirk at the answer. They both started giggling then, relieving some of the tension between them. "Our timing continues to suck," Olivia murmured as she rolled to her side, still thrilled at being able to simply look at Natalia this way.

"Definitely," Natalia smiled at the understatement, and then got lost in Olivia's intense stare once more. If they didn't get up soon though, Olivia would miss her flight. She couldn't help the small yawn that came over her and Olivia's eyes softened.

"Why don't you stay home and get some sleep. I'll pop in to see Bean before I go and then head out to the airport."

"I could take you and still get Emma to school a little later…" Natalia said, not really wanting to let Olivia out of her sight just yet. Olivia just smiled and shook her head.

"I know sweetheart, but I'll never want to get on that plane with you two standing there, waving me off." Olivia leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on those tantalizing lips. "As it is, I don't want to leave this bed…"

Natalia giggled and then growing serious again, ran her hand into honey blonde hair, tugging Olivia down for another searing kiss. Long moments passed, as tongues danced and played and then slowly parted again.

"Just a little reminder of what will be waiting for you when you get home." Natalia panted into the crook of Olivia's neck, memorizing the scent of her skin in the morning. "Now get going, before I change my mind and drag you back here with me."

Olivia grinned and dropped another quick kiss to Natalia's full lips before reluctantly sliding out of bed and heading for the shower.

It was going to be a very long trip to San Francisco.

The morning crowd at Company was just starting to trickle in, with Blake at the counter pouring coffee and Buzz yelling in the kitchen. Olivia wandered in, smiling at a few familiar faces and placed her order for a muffin and coffee to go. She glanced at her watch, and wondered if Natalia had been able to get back to sleep. A soft smile crossed her lips as she remembered leaving Natalia sleepy and tangled in their bed sheets, wanting her.

So wrapped up in her thoughts, she just caught a glimpse of Frank as he seemed to approach her from out of nowhere.

"Frank, I – " Olivia didn't see the slap coming as her head snapped to the right, the sting of the man's hand burning on her left cheek.

"Save it, you conniving bitch." Frank spat, furious.

Olivia worked her jaw and brought a hand up to rub at her face, staring with disbelief at him as she tried to focus.

"If you were a man I'd have punched you." Frank hissed, his eyes glittering with anger and betrayal.

"If you were a man," Olivia growled, her eyes narrowing dangerously. "I'd have knocked you on your sorry ass!"

"Why you little…" Frank took a step forward, trying to intimidate her with his sheer bulk. It wasn't working. Olivia stretched to her full height, assisted by her heels and glared him down.

"Frank!" Buzz yelled from the counter, shocked by his son's actions.

Seeing Frank momentarily distracted as he glanced irritated with Buzz, Olivia swung, connecting with his cheek with a satisfying smack and watched as his head turned from the force of her own slap back.

"Don't you fucking ever hit me again, Frank Cooper." Olivia snarled, her intense green eyes never leaving his as she took a step closer to the seething man, her voice low and serious. "I know how to take care of myself and those I love. Don't cross that line with me, or my family, because you will lose." Their eyes locked, each knowing she meant every word.

"Hey, okay you two. Break it up," Buzz suddenly appeared beside them, pulling at Olivia's shoulder and shoving his son away from the livid woman.

"This isn't done," Frank stared a moment longer at Olivia before looking at Buzz, blinking slowly as if coming out of a daze and registering where he was.

"Yes, it is," Olivia took a step back, crossed her arms and smiled. "Natalia chose me, Frank. Get over yourself."

Buzz's head snapped up and he stared hard at Olivia with that statement. He had suspected as much the day of the wedding, but to hear it actually confirmed was still a shock. He turned to look at his son, Frank standing there bewildered and furious, his eyes wild. No wonder he was so upset.

"I've been there and done you as well, remember?" Frank's words hitting hard as he raked down her curves and back up again, his lip curled in disgust. "It didn't take long for you to show your true spots then either. You can't help yourself, can you? You're like some bitch in heat. Or is it all just a big mind game to you? Want, take, have, that's your motto in life isn't it? Well, Natalia's not stupid, she'll figure out what kind of woman you are and she'll leave you too. Everyone leaves you, once they see past the façade and see who you really are inside." Frank took a step backwards. He shook his head, needing something stronger than coffee to drink and to get away from Olivia, to lick his wounds in peace.

"And when Natalia does come to her senses," Frank paused and sighed quietly. "Because, she will, I'll be right there waiting." With a last sad shake of his head, he turned and stalked out of the restaurant.

Buzz glanced back to Olivia and let his hand drop from her shoulder, very aware of the last time Olivia had ripped Frank's heart out and his own participation in hurting his son.

"Olivia, I think it would be best if you go, too." Buzz said quietly. He needed time to process this all and how to help his son through this yet again. It was the least he could do after the last time.

"Buzz …"Olivia started, not wanting to lose another friend.

"Just go," Buzz ran a hand through his short hair. What a mess this all was. "I need some time and to be there for my son right now.

Olivia stared at him a moment longer and then glanced down, nodding. It was a lot to take in all at once, she should know.

Olivia glanced at her watch, knowing she had a flight to catch and the sooner she was out of Springfield the happier she would be. She grabbed her take-out order and cup of coffee sitting on the counter and left without another word.


Part 11

It didn't take Olivia long to make her way out of security and into the waiting area of the airport, her eyes widening with pleasure as she saw her daughter's willowy form standing in the line of people waiting to pick up loved ones.

"Mom!" Ava smiled and waved as she drew nearer. Olivia nodded and smiled as the girl following her along the barrier until finally she was out in the general public. Long arms wrapped around her neck and Olivia finally felt like she could relax.

"Hi sweetheart," Olivia held on to Ava a little longer, a little concerned at how thin she was. "God, I'm so glad I'm finally here."

"Me too!" Ava pulled away and smiled as she snagged Olivia's carry on handle from her mother's hands and started pulling it along behind them as they headed out. "Any other luggage?"

"Nope, that's it." Olivia laughed at Ava's raised eyebrow of disbelief and shook her head. Natalia had helped to pack everything she'd need into the one bag almost effortlessly. Anything else she'd need, Olivia would just buy here or borrow from Ava.

Olivia couldn't help the smile that formed at the thought of Natalia, completely oblivious to the thoughtful look that came into Ava's eyes. As they laughed and caught up on the way to her car, Ava was sure something was up with Olivia.

Tossing the bag into the back seat, she watched as Olivia checked her phone inbox, another soft smile gracing her face as she quickly typed out a reply to one of the messages. Ava's eyes narrowed and she slid into the driver's seat of her Matrix waiting as Olivia finally settled into her seat and pulled on her seatbelt.

"Ok, how about brunch and you can tell me all about the new man in your life that's texting you?" Ava smiled knowingly as she made her way through the maze of the parking lot.

"How did…?" Olivia started, and then frowned, snapping her mouth closed. A moment of smug silence passed and then Olivia sighed knowing she had wanted to tell her daughter about it all anyway. She just thought that maybe they could ease into it. "You're too smart for your own good, y'know."

Ava just smirked and turned out of the parking lot into the quickly moving traffic.

Natalia walked into the Mini Mart knowing that she needed to pick up some flour and eggs if she was going to get those cookies made in time for Emma's return home. Making her way along the aisles she glanced down as her cell phone chimed. It had been about four hours since Olivia's flight had left and she smiled as she saw the id on her phone come up.

OSpencer 1:35 p.m.

Just arrived safe and sound and found Ava no problem. Leaving airport now, I'll call later. Missing you already.

XO – Love O

The message left warm tingles fluttering in her stomach and a smile plastered across her lips. Slipping the phone back into her pocket, Natalia moved up to the counter of the mini mart and spoke with the cashier.

"Excuse me? Did you move the flour?" Natalia asked biting her lower lip as the young woman behind the counter tugged her earbuds out and blinked at her a moment before answering.

"Yeah, it's in aisle two now." The cashier nodded and pointed to the right. Natalia smiled brightly and turned, suddenly noticing Buzz standing by the doorway, grabbing a grocery basket himself and looking slightly uncomfortable.

Natalia sighed, knowing this was going to be inevitable. Reluctantly she walked towards him, figuring the best course was to just face this head on and get it over and done with.

"Hi." Natalia said a little cautiously, noticing as Buzz fidgeted and then looked back at her.

"Hi," Buzz said, scratching the back of his neck self consciously. "You're shopping." Natalia looked down into her own basket and then back up at him.

"Yeah, just some little things, baking supplies." She smiled, wanting to just escape from this conversation but knowing it needed to happen. "You?"

"Just picking some things up." Buzz shrugged, not sure what to say after everything that had come to light over the last few hours, not the least of which his son's poor behavior this morning.. This was awkward on so many levels. Natalia sensed it as well, her eyes growing concerned and sad.

"I'm sorry Buzz," Natalia blurted, wanting to just get it all out in the open. "I'm sorry for everything. You know I never wanted to hurt Frank. I never wanted to hurt anyone in your family."

Buzz looked down at his feet and shifted his weight, nodding at her words. He knew she meant them, but it was still too fresh. She was going to be part of his family after all.

"Frank's a good person." Buzz said looking up and meeting her eyes. Natalia nodded and smiled weakly, not sure what else to do.

"I'm hoping we can still be friends." Natalia said softly, not really sure if that was possible. Frank had been pretty upset with her at dinner, she can only imagine what he told Buzz and the rest of the Coopers.

Buzz exhaled suddenly, all but rolling his eyes at her innocent words, and looked away from her. Taking a calming breath, he knew it would never happen, Frank was too upset with Natalia, let alone the incident with Olivia that morning. He lifted his hand, as if grasping for the right words

" Well, uh, maybe someday. I don't know." Buzz muttered, staring hard at Natalia's earnest face. How could she have let his son make such a fool of himself if she didn't feel the same way about Frank. He felt betrayed and angry, sure for Frank but also for his family in general. "Frank deserved better."

Natalia nodded, her eyes starting to well with tears. "I know." Her voice cracked slightly as she began to choke up. "I feel awful."

"Well, maybe you can make it up," Buzz murmured sadly, not really expecting Natalia to go for it, but it was worth a shot. "By giving it another chance."

Natalia just stared at him a moment, giving herself time to let the wave of disappointment dissipate. Even Buzz was against them. Why would she have thought he'd understand? Her dark eyes narrowed and she shook her head, finally sure of what she wanted for a change.

"That's not going to happen, Buzz."


Part 12

The Mini Mart seemed suddenly silent, Natalia's sure words cutting directly to the heart of the matter. Buzz paused a moment and then nodded curtly, message received loud and clear. He had expected no less really, and Lillian had said as much when he had told her about everything that had happened that morning. And yet, he couldn't help himself.

Natalia was the best thing that had happened to Frank in years, and it had been worth a shot, just in case the girl was unsure. Buzz couldn't help but be happy for Olivia though, to have found someone finally standing up and claiming her. It would take a little getting used to, mind you.

Buzz bit his lower lip and looked away from Natalia as thoughts of Olivia reminded him of Frank's outburst that morning. While his son was justified in being angry about the situation, he couldn't condone hitting Olivia, or any woman for that matter. Maybe he would suggest Frank look into some anger management or counseling. Unable to look Natalia in the eye, Buzz shuffled away embarrassed and not sure what to say, and started to browse down an aisle.

Natalia however was just finding her words. She moved now, anger swelling deep in her guts, as she started down her own aisle, following him. How dare he judge her? This was not over.

"What was I supposed to do, Buzz?" Natalia hissed over the top of a row of stacked cans, trying to catch his attention again. "Just marry him anyway, even though it didn't feel right? Live a lie and be miserable all my life? I tried to swallow down these feelings for Olivia, for so, so long…" Natalia paused and closed her eyes.

She had fought so hard to deny the feelings, and Olivia had just blown it all away with her graveyard confession. How could she continue to lie to herself and to everyone else, in the face of such honesty and love? Natalia couldn't, she wouldn't and she refused to back down now too. Natalia's eyes blinked open with dark determination flashing in her eyes.

"God knows, I tried Buzz. And it didn't work, they just became stronger. I love her, Buzz. I do." Natalia's eyes softened at the thought before she continued. "Don't you see, eventually it would have just ended badly anyway? How could you want that for Frank? For any of us?"

Buzz sighed and ducked his head. She had a very valid point. He didn't want that for any of them.

"I'm just…" Buzz turned away from the shelf of toilet paper rolls and sighed once more as he gathered his thoughts, before looking back at her. "I'm just a little surprised, y'know. I thought about you as family." He paused to find the words. "I thought I knew you."

"You do know me." Natalia's eyes widened, a little hurt by his words. Just because she loved Olivia didn't mean that she was any different. Buzz just stared at her, before waking away down his aisle again. She swallowed hard and followed him again.

"You know I'm all for following your heart," Buzz said, waving his arms around as he moved. "But if you follow your heart almost to the altar and then you run away from it all and pretend like your relationship with Frank didn't even happen…"

"I-I-I'm not pretending anything any more, Buzz," Natalia stammered, anger flashing deep inside again. He had no idea what she had been through the last few months. The confusion and the fear, pretending to not love one person while being all but shoved into the arms of another. It was all messed up and in the end she had hurt so many people. Her basket suddenly slipped from her fingers, crashing to the floor at her feet. With a muttered curse beneath her breath, Natalia knelt and began picking up her few spilt items. Silently Buzz bent down beside her, lending a hand. Tears welled in her eyes as the emotions overwhelmed her again. This was so hard, where was Olivia when she needed her strength? Natalia wiped at a falling tear and quietly tried to explain one more time. "I don't want to hurt anybody; I don't want to hurt any of you."

Buzz merely stared back at her and shook his head before looking away once again.

"I don't know what to say. I mean…" Buzz paused looking for the right. "When you commit to Frank, when you commit to the family, when you commit to me…" He moved his hand to his chest, hand over his breaking heart, as he shook his head sadly. He watched as Natalia's eyes filled with tears, knowing her heart was aching as much as his. Reaching his hand out, he cupped her flushed cheek and then placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Next time, think of that before you jump in."

Buzz sighed sadly and stood. This was a mess on so many levels, but now it was time for him to tend to his family, and to make sure Frank got himself under control before he did anything more stupid than what had happened that morning. Natalia has Olivia now, and Frank has his family. Buzz would make sure he was there for him this time.

"Buzz…I'm sorry," Natalia said looking up as he straightened his shoulders and stepped around her, heading for the cashier. She sighed, shook her head and kept gathering her stuff. Her cell phone beeped and she pulled it out of her pocket, desperately hoping it was Olivia again.

BMarler 1:45 pm

Have you eaten? I just got off shift at Company. Late lunch, or drinks, my treat?

Natalia smiled and quickly sent a text back, agreeing to meet. Standing she made her way toward the cashier to pay. Maybe a little gossip and some laughter was just what she needed.

Olivia looked out over the busy street as Ava finished ordering her lunch from the waiter. The little patio bistro was packed but Ava knew the owner and they had quickly been ushered to a nice table outside. Her daughter's new apartment was only a few blocks from here, they would head there next so Olivia would have a chance to see what they had to work with. There was a small interior design firm out in Venice Beach that a friend had hired to do his hotels that she was interested in talking to. She just had to get Ava on board with the idea.

Handing over the menu and picking up her glass of white wine, Ava leaned forward to toast her mother.

"To new beginnings!" Ava smiled as Olivia's eyes lit up and they touched glasses. It was a very appropriate toast, considering all the new changes going on in both of their lives. Olivia had just taken a sip as she continued. "Now spill. Who's the new man?"

Olivia coughed a little on her swallow of wine, and laughed.

"Oh, come on. I can tell by the twinkle in your eye," Ava teased, laughing even more as Olivia blushed slightly and smiled softly. Oh, she had it bad all right.

Olivia glanced out to her right watching the wandering pedestrians, enjoying the warm sunshine on her face as her thoughts turned to Natalia. Across the street, two women held hands as they window shopped. She wanted that so badly with Natalia, something so simple and yet seemed almost impossible in Springfield. Something that was just normal here.

"Oh, my God, Mom!" Ava frowned as she noticed what looked like bruising on her mother's face. "What happened? It looks like…" Ava's stomach dropped. It looked like someone had hit her. Just who in the hell was she involved with that would dare do that to her? "Did he hit you?"

Olivia's hand automatically went to her cheek, still a little tender from Frank's slap. Apparently her application of foundation wasn't covering as much as she thought it would.

"Whoa, settle down," Olivia tried to calm her seething daughter down, smiling at her protectiveness. It was touching really. "It's fine, it wasn't the person I'm seeing. And besides," her lip twitched up in a saucy smirk. "You should see the other guy."

Ava's eyes widened and then they both started to laugh. Olivia looked down into her wine and swirled the amber liquid thoughtfully. No time like the present to come out apparently. She glanced back at the couple shopping together, relaxed and happy. Well, when in Rome...

"I-I don't know how to say this, or where to start." Olivia fidgeted and took a quick sip of wine. She watched as Ava leaned across the table, long fingers wrapping around her arm, giving a warm squeeze of support.

Concerned but wanting to know more, Ava nodded and smiled softly.

"You already have…"


Part 13

Olivia took a deep breath to try to settle her nerves and smiled back at her daughter, the touch of her hand reassuring. This was ridiculous. After all, since when did Olivia Spencer worry about what anyone thought of her?

But Ava wasn't just anyone, was she?

Olivia sighed and glanced back out at the bustling San Francisco street, a cool breeze starting to blow across her skin soothing her for a moment. This was hard. Harder than she expected it would be. What if Ava turned away from her or cut her off from her life completely? It seemed like they had only just found each other and figured out some sort of decent relationship. Olivia didn't want to think about losing Ava from her life now. And yet the girl had just moved into the edge of the gay district here in San Francisco, so clearly she wouldn't be shocked by the idea of two women being together.

But maybe it would be different if it's her mother…

Ava watched her mother chew her bottom lip suddenly, and could tell something was bothering her. Olivia was a formidable woman, for her to actually show that she was a little rattled, well, it peaked her curiosity to no end.

"Mom, just tell me what's going on?" Ava tried again to reassure her, smiling softly as Olivia looked back at her, their eyes locking and holding. She'd seen that same guarded look in those green eyes in various boardrooms and uneasy situations back in the day. Olivia was preparing herself for the worst but would refuse to back down. It was something she admired in the older woman. Olivia had balls.

Ava's eyes narrowed in thought. There was no battle going on now though, so what the hell was going through her mother's mind?

"It's been a hard year, last year for all of us," Olivia started cautiously, her eyes never wavering from Ava's dark soulful ones. "What with losing the baby, and then my health issues and now Jeffrey is gone missing out there somewhere."

Ava frowned, not wanting to dwell on any of that, all of it out of her control which she hated. She took a sip of her wine and nodded, waiting for her to continue.

"And I don't know how we all got through it, with Gus and the baby." Olivia sighed again. There had been so much pain, so much death. It was almost…

"It's been overwhelming." Ava agreed, looking down to fiddle with the napkin beside her plate. Olivia watched her daughter squirm a little, neither of them wanted to go there again.

"I know," Olivia leaned forward, needing to comfort the girl, and reached out to her. Ava smiled and looked back up, patiently waiting for her to continue. The time had come and Olivia knew it. She took a deep breath and plowed on. "And I don't think I could have done it without a really special person in my life. Natalia. She saved me."

"I know." Ava's smile widened. She truly liked her mom's friend. It was good that they could lean on each other. She wished she had a close friend like that in her own life. "She gave you Gus' heart." She watched as Olivia swallowed hard and nodded.

"She gave me much more than that." Olivia continued. "She nursed me back to health and she stood by me," She glanced down, looking at her fingers entwined with her daughter's long narrow ones, taking comfort in the simple touch. "Even when I probably didn't deserve it. And…um…" Olivia shifted and looked back up into Ava's eyes. "She made me realize how precious life is."

Ava noted the soft tone her mother's voice took, and her eyes widened slightly as the wheels started to turn.

"And she taught me how to love." Olivia leaned forward a little as she started to find her words. She wouldn't hide this any longer, she couldn't. It was too big, too important. Natalia was everything and it was time to start telling her family just how important she was to her.

"She's a very special woman." Ava said quietly, more bits and pieces starting to fall into place. Things her mom had said during their usual Sunday phone calls to each other, Olivia's constant inclusion of Natalia in all the family things, her unwavering need to see her friend happy. A hundred other little things, when put together in the right light, suddenly seemed to be making a very different sort of sense.

Olivia moistened her lips, and smiled, her heart thundering as she took the final leap.

"Ava, we fell in love."

There it was, out it the open. All Olivia could do now was hold her breath and wait.

"You…" Ava stared hard at her mother, trying to comprehend the words. It was one thing to sort of wonder, but to actually hear it from her mother's mouth, was another thing entirely. "You love…" Ava looked down at their joined hands and paused, before looking back up at her mother, needing to make sure she understood her correctly. "You love Natalia?"

The most amazing smile crossed Olivia's face and her green eyes seemed to dance with happiness. Ava knew it was the truth before she heard the words fall from her lips. Her mom was in love with another woman.

"I love her more than I've ever loved anyone in my entire life." Olivia said simply, truth resonating in every single word.

Ava blinked and looked away, out over the city street, traffic going by like any other day. Like the world hadn't suddenly taken a tilt to the left and then righted itself again. She blinked again, digesting the words.

Maybe this explained the five failed marriages...

Ava straightened her shoulders. Life was too damn short to worry about the semantics, the last year or so had more than proven that. Olivia was obviously happy and in love with a really good person. What more could she want for her mother? She turned back and met Olivia's guarded gaze.

"I think that's… wonderful."

Ava's words washed over Olivia like a blessing from above and she looked down as a wave of relief crashed through her, tears starting to well. She glanced back up as her daughter squeezed her hand and smiled at her. She couldn't wait to tell Natalia.

To Be Continued

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