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By shesheinhouston


Zip up her dress? It was all she could do not to take her in her arms and kiss her seeing her look heavenly in that wedding gown.  Now, she was supposed to close the dress over light brown unblemished skin without wanting to taste … to touch?

"Uh… Liv? Are you going to help me?" Natalia's sweet voice broke through her thoughts.  Gazing at the woman she loved Olivia answered, "Of course."

As she slowly zipped the dress she thought about telling her soon to be former housemate how she felt about her. She had wanted to for a while. Olivia Spencer did not think that she would ever fall in love again; however, somewhere along the last year it had happened.

When had she first realized that her feelings were more than friendship or even gratitude for Natalia agreeing to give her Gus' heart? Was it when she had found herself flying to Chicago to bring back a piece of Natalia's former life in the form of the doorframe that had been used to mark off her son Rafe's passage from a boy to near manhood? Or, was it the first time the dark-haired woman had really smiled at her, dimples showing, hand lightly touching her arm? Maybe it was the brief kiss that they had shared when as a last resort to make Natalia understand what people thought about them Olivia had taken Natalia's face in her hands and slowly slid her lips across lips too soft to be real. All she knew for sure was that she did not want Natalia out of her life or their home. How easy the thought of their came to her. With this woman shared a home and the raising of her daughter and she did not want that to end.

"You're so beautiful. You take my breath away." The caressing words caused a light blush to the younger woman's cheeks making her seem more stunning if that was possible.  Long flowing dark hair spilled out over narrow shoulders.  And her eyes were shining with what? Love? If only she would tell me so that I could know for sure. So that I could let my heart truly open again.

"Thank you." Natalia said hesitantly looking at Olivia's reflection in the mirror.  You're the one who's truly beautiful, she thought as she took in the full lips and what some would call bedroom eyes of the other woman. Nat only knew that often she caught herself looking at her, thinking about her, in ways that she had never thought about anyone, man or woman, before. And her body, it reacted in ways to her friend that it never had to Gus, who she thought had been the love of her life. Like now as she gazed into Olivia's mirrored eyes her stomach rolled and pitched, her knees felt weak, and she knew that if she just turned and said her name that strong arms would be around her in a second. 

That last thought both thrilled her and scared her in the same breath.  For her faith taught that what she felt was wrong, but how could that be when for the first time with someone she felt free and truly joyous? 

"Ladies, are you alright?" Brown eyes locked with green once again in the mirror before each turned away with a slightly murmured, "Yes, we're fine."

And just like that, as the reflection had ended so had the time for each to say what was in their hearts. Or had it?

The End

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