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Being Good
By still_nina


They'd both been so good for so many months. Neither could believe the way they'd once more changed for, with and despite the other. Natalia had been married for almost eight months. Rafe was happy, living in a real home with both his mother and Frank. Emma visited the farmhouse regularly and Olivia sometimes stayed for dinner when she picked her up.

They'd adjusted. Each day, they saw each other at The Beacon. They smiled and talked and worked. And at night they went their separate ways. Natalia went home to Frank and her son. Olivia returned to her new luxurious apartment with Emma. If they lingered slightly longer than necessary after their last meeting of the day, their friendship was an easy explanation. Sometimes they didn't even talk. They would just be in Olivia's office, finishing things that were already done or checking things that were already checked.

They'd both been really good.

Until one night, after dinner at the farm house, Frank kept filling both their glasses with wine, which hit them quickly since they'd skipped lunch. Rafe was telling Emma stories and the girl was laughing so hard she had to hold her stomach. Across the table, Natalia had leaned over and rested her head on Olivia shoulder. Frank was the only one who realized that their hands were also intertwined under the table. He looked at his wife and she looked at him briefly, with a sweet smile that told him that she wasn't even aware of how her body had melted into Olivia's side. He poured another glass for each of them.

The End

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