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Moving In
By itsalovestory


After all the guests were gone, all the dishes were done, all that was left was them.

Emma had fallen fast asleep, the day's excitement catching up to her. She was cuddled up with her favorite stuffed animal, her light blanket tucked up around her. A sweet smile spread across her face as she drifted to slumber, dreaming of feeding the ducks with her two mommies.

Olivia softly made her way from her daughter's room down the hallway to her old room. But, before she could slip her way inside, Natalia met her halfway. Natalia was there.

Like always.

"Come with me, " Natalia firmly commanded.

So, Olivia followed.

Natalia pulled Olivia into her room. Candles flickered around the room, giving everything a soft glow. Music softly played from a small radio. "Sit and relax please, " Natalia asked, her brown eyes full of love.

So, Olivia did.

As Natalia left to the bathroom, she pointed to the pillow beside Olivia. A small, folded piece of paper was perched on top of the fabric. Opening the paper, Olivia read the note.

My Dearest Olivia,

I love you. You are my best friend, my children's other mother, my soul-mate. God created me to love you in every way. Thank you for believing in me, for bettering me. I know our journey has not been easy, but Olivia, it has so been worth it. I will spend the rest of our lives showing you how much I love you, how much I can't live without you. I know we cannot get married legally, but today was ours, and tonight is our honeymoon. So, pop open the cider my dear and get ready for my 'I love Olivia' dance.

Love now and forever,


Overwhelmed with emotion and suddenly nervous, Olivia stood and walked over to the bucket of ice on the nightstand. She took out the cold bottle, droplets of water slipping down the glass. It wasn't fancy by any means, yet it's simplicity was decadent. After a few attempts, Olivia finally stilled her shaking hands enough to pop the cork. She poured two glasses of the apple cider, being careful not to let the foam overflow the flutes.


Hearing her name called, Olivia spun her head up to the doorway. What Natalia wore wasn't sexy in the traditional sense, yet Olivia's breath was surely taken. Natalia stood there in a pair of baby blue boy shorts and a white tank top, the fabric hugging her body. Not that she wasn't beautiful before, but pregnancy had just enhanced every delicious curve on Natalia. Her breasts. Her thighs. Her lips. Soft and full. Lush and tantalizing. Awe-inspiring.

"Natalia...my God, you're beautiful."

Natalia blushed and ducked her head in that utterly adorable way that made Olivia's second-handed heart flutter. She strode to Olivia, her hips and hair and smile swaying.

Olivia was hypnotized.

Without breaking eye contact, Olivia handed Natalia a flute. She drank quickly, the cool liquid soothing Olivia's dry throat. Natalia laughed at the look on Olivia's face.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" Olivia asked concerned as she placed her glass down on the nightstand.

Natalia shook her head, placing her own flute down. She grabbed Olivia's face in her hands. Speaking in a whisper, Natalia said, "You're the beautiful one. I love you so much, Olivia."

Olivia smiled. "I love you, too, Natalia."

"Then, show me."

"You sure?" Olivia asked suddenly shy and scared.

Natalia pulled her face gently and kissed her slowly, tenderly. Plump lips met. Hearts mixed and mingled. Souls moved in. Breaking apart, Olivia opened her eyes and searched into Natalia's. Natalia spoke softly yet firmly, "I'm sure. Make love with me, Olivia."

A huge grin broke out across Olivia's face. She pulled Natalia into her arms once again, kissing her deeply. Their lips pulled and pushed against each other. Natalia moaned as Olivia sucked on her bottom lip. Olivia groaned as Natalia brushed her wet and warm tongue against her own. Soft and deep turned to hard and frantic as their passion grew.

Natalia pulled Olivia over to the bed, lifting off her brown shirt. Quickly, she removed her pants and bra as well, leaving Olivia only clad in her jade panties. Olivia leaned back upon the bed, her hair spilling over the sheets like maple syrup flowing against bark. Without breaking eye contact, Olivia slipped her panties off, throwing them to the side. Open and vulnerable, Olivia laid there. Natalia had never seen anything more beautiful. Tears came to her eyes.

Olivia sat up concerned. "Honey, are you okay?"

Natalia just laughed. "Oh, I am more than just okay." She gave Olivia a small smile reassuring her. "Now lie back. Here's your dance."

Olivia laughter stopped as Natalia lifted her tank top off her body. Full breasts and a round stomach. Natalia slowly slid her shorts off her hips and down her lean legs. She stood there utterly bare, entirely naked. She gave Olivia a little half smile and shrugged her shoulders.

Olivia sat up and leaned forward. "You're the gorgeous one." She looked over every inch of Natalia. Her eyes traversed from her long, raven hair over her beautiful face, down her full breasts, over the slight swell of her stomach, between her strong thighs to her soft patch of curls, and finally down her legs.

Every inch of olive skin called to her. She wanted to touch. She wanted to taste. She wanted.

Olivia grabbed Natalia around her waist, pulling her closer. She closed her eyes and kissed the soft skin of Natalia's stomach. Running her fingers over it, she whispered, "Thank you."

Natalia ran her hands through Olivia's hair. Olivia looked up at her and smiled. Natalia leaned down and kissed Olivia, their lips meeting once again. Olivia laid back on the bed, pulling Natalia next to her. They lay there, kissing softly, touching tenderly. Exploration of each other's bodies. Exploration of each other's hearts.

Olivia cupped one of Natalia's breasts, feeling the fullness, the softness, the rightness. Natalia's head flew back as Olivia brought her perfect lips to her hard nipple, suckling at it, taking her flesh into her mouth. Olivia pinched the other nipple in time to her sucking. The pleasure coursed through Natalia's body. It felt so good.

"Fuck, " she called out into the room.

Olivia moaned against Natalia's breasts. She began to alternate between them, lavishing them each with her talented hands and mouth.

Natalia pulled her up into a hard kiss. Then, half rolling on top of Olivia, she began to kiss down her neck and across her chest. She began her own exploration of Olivia's flesh, licking and sucking and biting every bit of deliciousness. Her hands traced a path down Olivia's body, setting off wildfires across her skin. The heat was too much; Olivia was smoldering, burning from the inside out.

Just when she though she would die from the ache of needing Natalia's touch, Olivia felt her slip into her wet warmth. Silken and swollen. Waiting and wanting. Natalia's touch turned from tentative to tender. Finally, she slid up into Olivia, using her hips to push firmer, deeper into her lover.

"Oh God, Natalia, " she cried out into the room.

Harder. Faster. Natalia's fingers moved, and she could barely breathe. It felt so good. Pleasure twisted tighter and tighter in her belly before finally exploding behind her eyes and between her thighs.

Long moments gave way.

Natalia had gathered her into her arms, holding her body, her heart close. She kissed her forehead softly. Olivia opened her eyes, joy radiating from the jade depths, love and lust washing over her in waves.

Leaning up, Olivia kissed Natalia. After a few minutes, she whispered hotly against her ear, her breath tickling the little hairs on Natalia's neck. "Please get up on your knees."

So, Natalia did.

Olivia sat on her knees as well, pulling Natalia into her arms and kissing her. She positioned Natalia by the headboard, getting her to hold on tight to it. Moving behind Natalia, Olivia kissed the expanse of her back and ass, every inch of skin adored. She kissed and nibbled her way up her legs to the back of her thighs to the small of her back and up her shoulder.

Sucking on Natalia's neck, Olivia's hand left hand reached around and cupped Natalia's breast again. She massaged it, pinching and twisting her nipple. Natalia's hips began moving in time to Olivia's hand. Olivia's right hand made it's way down Natalia's back and ass, her nails scrapping over the sensitive skin.


Until she reached the very center of Natalia. The most intimate place of her that was filled with warmth and wetness. So beautiful it made her want to weep. So special as it was all for her, only her. She slid her fingers inside, moving in a slow but steady rhythm. Natalia's hips ground down, taking her fingers, her heart deeper within.

It felt so good. It felt so right.

Natalia's moans got louder as she got closer to sweet release. Olivia's groans got longer as her lover began clenching tighter and tighter. Natalia pulled Olivia into a deep, passionate kiss as she came, her tongue, her heart plunging in time to Olivia's fingers, her heart. Natalia collapsed into Olivia's arms.

Gently, Olivia lay them down, holding Natalia close, threading her fingers through her damp hair. Natalia was everything to her, the love of her life. In that instant, she knew she had never had sex like that, had never made love like that, had never felt a love like that. Their journey was long and hard. Their destiny was never-ending and fated. Their love was deep and ever-flowing.

Their love.

It was pain. It was pleasure. It was passion. It was Heaven and Hell and happiness. It was all-consuming, all-powerful. It was nothing like her past. It was everything like her future. It was breathtaking. It was life giving. Nothing had prepared her. Everything else was a facsimile. She was nothing but an empty shell until Natalia had breathed life into her heart, her soul. Until Natalia had mixed and molded and made her, she was just a statue, stuck in place, waiting and wondering. Natalia broke her down, just to build her back up. Soft hands and an even softer heart sculpted her, chiseling away the hard edges, hard memories. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. It was...

"Perfect..." Soulful, smoky eyes looked up at her. A lazy, loving grin meandered its way across her lover's face, dimples adorning the soft skin of her tinged cheeks.

Her lover.

Olivia smiled, a grateful grin delightfully dancing from deep within. She leaned down, kissing Natalia once again, slowly, tenderly. Lips met, hearts mixed, and souls moved in.

Natalia had once told her that "moving in meant moving in." And, and now she understood just what that meant.

She was home.


The End

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