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By still_nina


For a split second, Olivia was disappointed. She'd imagined this moment during the long cab ride to the airport, during the long wait at the gate, during the long plane ride east, during the short but annoying message from the Beacon, during every second she'd spent in Springfield, away from this house. She'd imagined seeing Natalia again, hearing her voice without a phone between them. And she'd imagined a kiss. She'd hoped for a kiss, she'd wanted a kiss. She didn't get one.

What she got was a squeal and a hug and for a split second, Olivia was disappointed. And then she felt herself melt into Natalia's body, felt her heartbeat against her own chest and the soft skin of her cheek against her own…. Suddenly she was scared.

In that moment, coming home after the first time they'd been separated in months, Olivia Spencer realized that a hug was enough to make her feel complete. She wanted kisses. And more. But if hugs were all she got for the rest of her life…it would be enough. Natalia was holding her close. Her whole body telling her that she wanted them to be there, together – whatever that meant – and it was enough.

"I love you." She didn't say it out loud, but it was there, between them. In the room. It was there when they laughed and talked and hugged again. It filled her completely as she let herself melt once more into Natalia's embrace. It was all that was needed between them.

The End

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