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Moving On
By Purplepapillon


Doris sighed into the now empty room, lifting two fingers to her cheek and slowly tracing the imprint of the lips which had so recently grazed her skin.

Olivia's lips.

Berating herself for the strange fluttering in her stomach, she frowned, raising another spoonful of ice cream to her mouth in an effort at distraction.

Olivia's ice cream. Olivia's spoon.

Her tongue involuntarily caressed the warm metal as the thought filtered slowly through her mind. Setting the tub down quickly and pushing it away from her in a futile attempt to banish the idea, she reached for the nearest object, a pencil, twirling it between the fingers of her left hand as she puzzled over the sudden new sensations. A slow smile spread across her face as the image of those bare feet playing with that very pencil drifted before her eyes.

"I've got Ashlee. You've got Ava and Emma... Do you really need any more?"

Apparently not, it seemed, if Olivia's speedy exit was anything to go by. Evidently she didn't need more. But Doris did. Doris needed a whole lot more. A whole lot more of something she'd never even realised she wanted, until now.

"Damn you Olivia Spencer," she cursed quietly at the ice cream tub now sitting in front of her on the desk, biting down on her lip and clenching her legs tightly together to diffuse the current of sexual frustration coursing around her body. "Damn you with your cheek kisses and your ice cream spoons and your pencil-twirling feet."

"Hey, what's wrong with my feet?!"

Doris turned at the sound of the indignant voice from the doorway, flushing red as she took in the hotel owner, casually leaning against the wooden frame. "What are you doing here?" she managed to stammer through her embarrassment.

"Last time I checked this was my hotel," Olivia declared, striding forward confidently, kicking the door shut with her still bare feet.

Doris coughed and pushed herself back into the chair, desperately trying to cover the whimper rising in her throat.

"I forgot something," Olivia explained, taking pity on the mayor as she grabbed the ice cream tub from the desk and held it up for Doris's inspection.

"Oh." The mayor couldn't cover her disappointment as her eyes travelled the length of Olivia's body, inevitably settling on her feet.

Olivia grinned, making a great show of slowly licking the spoon clean, glad that her instinct to return to the room had not been misguided. "So when you said our daughters were all we needed..." she trailed off, laughing as, in front of her, Doris gulped and crossed her legs.

"Ok, maybe not everything," the mayor breathed, closing her eyes to block out the other woman's teasing smile. When she opened them again, Olivia was closer than ever, her lips a hairsbreadth from her cheek.

"So if I did this again...?" Olivia whispered, her mouth settling all too briefly on the soft skin.

Doris bit down on her bottom lip, desperately fighting the urge to turn her head and allow the hotelier to devour her completely. "Natalia?" she questioned in a murmur, wincing even as the word passed her lips, wondering just when she'd become so damn sensible.

"She's gone. I'm moving on," Olivia responded quietly, without hesitation. She nudged Doris's cheek with her nose, gently turning the flushed face towards her. Doris put up no resistance, leaning into the contact as Olivia's lips closed on hers, her tongue reaching forwards as she deepened the kiss and drew the hotelier down onto her lap.

"Moving on?" Doris repeated softly as her hands crept inside the other woman's blazer and Olivia shifted slightly across her legs, the mayor's arousal growing as the short grey skirt rode a little higher, exposing toned thighs and an all-too-brief glimpse of black underwear.

"Mmmm," Olivia murmured into Doris's mouth, reluctant to break the contact, her hands tangling in brunette waves and pulling the other woman closer. "Moving on."

The End

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