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A Taste of Things to Come
By Geekgrrllurking


Doris Wolfe, Mayor of Springfield, former District Attorney and high powered lawyer, was so screwed. Surely someone in her position could figure a way out of this situation with tact and diplomacy, maybe even grace? After all she was a political beast, she could think quickly on her feet and when all else failed, extremely capable of knowing exactly what palms should be greased to get what she wanted. Today she had met her match.

"I want ice cream." Clarissa Marler's bottom lip started to quiver.

The ten year old stared up at her from the booth with the same bright blue eyes that her mother Blake had. Doris sighed, her finely honed debating prowess already telling her that this battle was lost so why even fight it.

"What flavour?" Doris smiled at the look of delight on the girl's face.


"Of course." Doris simply nodded, as if the Barbie pink shirt and pants didn't give Clarissa's choice away. It reminded Doris of her own daughter's obsession with that colour, God how many years ago was that now? As if her thoughts had conjured her, Ashlee sank down into the other side of the booth and stared.

"Mother what are you doing?" Not that finding her mother eating at Company was the issue. It was the looking after the girl that was different. Ashlee glanced around the room, looking to see if this was some staged photo op for the papers or something.

"Ordering ice cream." Doris blinked at her daughter's sudden appearance, wondering how she was going to explain this. Avoidance techniques didn't usually work, but always worth a try. "Want some?"

"I'm getting strawberry." Clarissa added helpfully. The girl was very out going and chattered non-stop most times. It was kind of endearing, and Doris could easily picture Blake at the same age doing the exact same thing. It made her smile and something inside melted a little.

"I'm allergic to strawberries." Ashlee smiled at the girl. She was a little cutie.

"Chocolate is always a good choice." Blake Marler appeared from no where it seemed. Her eyes locked with Doris' and they exchanged a smoldering stare. The last time they had shared some chocolate had been in the heat of the night, and she had licked the sweet sauce from Doris' twitching abs before moving further south on the delectable body.

"Definitely…" Doris flushed a little from the memory and squirmed slightly but didn't look away. Blake had been a quick learner and certainly open minded about trying new things. Doris had even unexpectedly benefitted from the woman's penchant for research and an extensive knowledge of sex toys.

"I didn't know you knew each other." Ashlee glanced up at the older woman. Then again Blake and her mom both seemed to know everyone.

"Are you kidding?" Blake turned to smile at the young woman. "She's one of my best customers. Cobb salad and mineral water with a twist of lemon. And if she's having a particularly bad day, a Buzz burger with cheese, onion rings and a Coke."

"Oh my God, I had a heart attack just hearing that." Ashlee took the opportunity to tease her mom, it wasn't often she had the chance. Ashlee and Blake chuckled together as Doris simply crossed her arms and stared at them, arching her eyebrow menacingly.

"It's ok, I like onion rings too." Clarissa's hand patted her arm and Doris realized that this little one could easily steal her heart away if she wasn't careful. Like mother like daughter a little voice chimed in happily. Stop it Doris.

"Your mom volunteered to keep an eye on Clarissa for me. I'm done my shift in about ten minutes." Blake checked her watch and then locked eyes again with Doris. She did look good dressed casually and out of those damn blazers and power heels. She looked even better undressed mind you…

"That gives us just enough time for…" Doris smiled expectantly up at Blake, breaking into the other woman's pleasant thoughts.

"Ice cream!" Clarissa and Ashlee chimed in together.

It had been fun. Ice cream had arrived and been devoured. Ashlee and Clarissa chatted up a storm and eventually Blake joined the table when her shift was done, fending off Doris' attempts to steal some of her vanilla ice cream.

Eventually Ashlee headed off to work, grinning at her mom. She seemed so relaxed and happy, it was a nice change. She watched as the two older woman went with Clarissa into the washroom to wash ice cream from their hands before they all headed out themselves. Ashlee sighed softly as she left the restaurant, thinking it was nice that her mom finally seemed to have a friend.

Fingers finally clean Clarissa grabbed a hand full of towels and quickly dried them before tugging at Blake's sleeve.

"I saw my friend Courtney with her mom by the counter, can I go say hi?" Clarissa asked as she already headed for the door.

"Ok sweetie, I'll be out in a second." Blake pulled some paper towel and started drying her own hands as well.

"Ok mom. Bye Doris. Thanks for the ice cream." With a quick wave Clarissa bounded out of the restroom. Doris and Blake watched the bundle of energy go and then their eyes met, reflected back in the mirror.

"See! And that was just a taste of what we can have if we give it some time." Blake ran her hand along Doris' arm and squeezed, the need to touch her, even so briefly, was overwhelming.

Doris' eyes seemed to darken and Blake knew it was going to happen before the other woman even moved. Suddenly, she felt herself pushed back against the bathroom wall, Doris checking to make sure the door was completely closed before she dipped her head and softly tasted the tender lips before her. Blake's soft moan was swallowed as Doris sank deeper, tongues dancing and tangling together, losing track of everything but each other. Finally pulling apart they touched foreheads, resting as they caught their breaths.

"That's just a taste of things to come." Doris ran her thumb along the full lower lip, tempted to kiss Blake again but instead merely smiled at the still breathless woman. "See you later tonight?"

With Blake's nod and sexy smirk, Doris stepped back, slipped her sunglasses on and wandered out of Company, the lingering taste of vanilla and her girlfriend still on her lips.

Her girlfriend.

Damn, Doris liked the sound of that. A big part of her really, really, wanted this with Blake. Maybe it was time to listen to that little voice inside after all. Now that she'd had a taste of what their family could be like, she wanted more. Hell, she wanted it all. And somehow they would figure out how to get it.

Whistling to herself, Doris headed down the street, suddenly looking forward to whatever things may come.

The End

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