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The Price of Doing Business
By Geekgrrllurking


The bartender placed the martini in front of Olivia Spencer with a flick of her long curly hair and a seductive smile.

"Here you go Olivia."

"Thanks April." Olivia smiled back and leveled a sultry glance back at the very attractive woman behind the bar. They had dabbled in this harmless game before, on other Ladies Nights. Olivia may be spoken for but it was still fun to play a little, stretch her flirting muscles with the fairer sex in this safe place.

"Will you stop it already?" Doris Wolfe spun on her barstool to face her friend and just shook her head. It wasn't fair. She was here cruising for Miss Right Now and Olivia was effortlessly having all these pretty young women fall at her feet. It just wasn't right.

"What? I'm just being friendly." Olivia sipped innocently at her martini, mixed perfectly. Mind you, it did please her immensely that she could affect both men and women now. Why had she been so worried about losing her prowess? All it had done was to expand her options, now that she knew what to look for.

"Right. And I'm the queen of England." Doris glared at her over the rim of her margarita. "You're here as my wingman Spencer. Quit muddying the waters."

Two cute women walked by, the brunette smiling at Olivia as she passed. Smirking, she took a drink of her martini and sighed happily. Doris just rolled her eyes and lit a cigarette.

"What? That was not my fault." Olivia defended herself to no avail.

Doris perked up as she noticed a certain beautiful brunette enter the bar. Their eyes locked from across the room and the younger woman put a finger to her lips, the international signal for don't say anything. Doris smiled softly and nodded slightly. There was no way she'd spoil this surprise.

Natalia Rivera had been out of town on business for almost two weeks. Franchising the Beacon was exciting and a lot of hard work, but Natalia and Olivia were a force to be reckoned with and everything was on track. Their latest location was just opening up in Boston and Natalia had gone to oversee the preparations. Olivia was to fly out for the gala opening next Thursday and meet up with her lover to complete any final details.

Doris had known that Olivia would most likely need a break, a night out to relax and forget about work and missing her partner. And Ladies Night was the perfect opportunity for both of them to have some fun.

Nodding absently at Olivia's rant about some idiot employee at her hotel, Doris watched as Natalia moved away from the door, to claim small table to the side of the packed dance floor and order a drink from the attentive server.

The bartender looked over at the familiar brunette and smiled when the waitress placed the special order. Mixing up the two drinks, she sent the Long Island Iced Tea back to the table and deposited the martini with extra olives in front of Olivia.

"Um, I didn't order this…" Olivia started to protest although her drink was starting to get a bit low.

"Compliments from the lady at that table." April smirked before sharing a knowing look with Doris, both looking forward to the surprise.

"I can't accept this…" Olivia turned to see who her bold admirer was and stopped in her tracks.

"I think you might want to explain that to the lady yourself."

Nodding silently, Olivia grabbed her fresh drink and wandered towards the dark beauty waiting for her.

Doris just crushed out her smoke and shook her head, happy for her friend. Sipping her drink, she was pleasantly surprised by the cute blonde who slipped onto the newly vacated barstool beside her.

"I hope this seat isn't taken?" The blonde smiled winningly at the Mayor. Yes, the evening was definitely looking up…

"Hi." Olivia breathed as she stopped beside the small table and just looked at the brunette sitting there in disbelief.

"Hi there." Chocolate eyes danced with mischief and she raised her glass in welcome.

"Do you always make a habit of picking up strange women at the bar?" Olivia's heart nearly burst as Natalia smiled and her dimples came out to play. God she had missed the woman.

"No, but you're obviously an exception to the rules." Natalia smirked, and then raked her eyes down Olivia's body, stopping here and there to reacquaint herself with some of her favourite features.

"I'm only in town briefly before I have to fly out again. I needed to see my… boss, about some urgent business, something that needs my personal attention." Natalia wanted to touch her lover so badly, but she waited, anticipating the moment when skin would meet skin. Flushed slightly, Olivia simply raised an eyebrow and sank into the empty chair across from her.

"Lucky her. Anything I can help you with?" Olivia bit into an olive and slowly slid it off of the small stick and into her mouth. She smiled as Natalia moistened her lips and stared at her mouth. Mission accomplished.

Natalia dragged her eyes away from her lover's mouth and stared into hooded green eyes, silently daring her to make a move, needing her touch. She almost forgot to breathe.

"Dance with me?" Natalia watched as Olivia seemed to consider her request. Her body throbbed needing contact of some sort, this game becoming too much.

"I thought you'd never ask." Olivia finally slid her hand into Natalia's and followed as the petite woman rose and drew her towards the pulsating crowd. Slipping onto the busy dance floor, they were naturally drawn closer to each other, moving as one to the beat.

"God, I'm so glad to see you." Olivia nuzzled the delicate ear, not sure she could be heard over the music, but Natalia nodded in understanding and seemed to press against her even closer.

"Oh baby, I missed you so much. You know I can't sleep right without you."

"The t-shirt I sent along didn't help?" Olivia's eyes twinkled, knowing the simple item would have soothed the younger woman in her arms while she was away. Natalia smiled remembering finding the shirt tucked in with her pajamas, the scent of Olivia clinging to the soft material.

"It helped but nothing compares to having the real thing wrapped around me." Natalia whispered into the closest ear, taking a small nip of the earlobe while she was there. She felt more than heard Olivia's small gasp, the sensation sending a shiver down her spine. "Where's Emma?"

"Sleep over at Michelle's and then Rafe said he could pick her up tomorrow."

"Good, so I can have my way with you tonight then." Natalia watched fascinated as green eyes grew dark with desire. Grinding her body a little closer she decided to torture her partner a little bit more on the dance floor before making their escape.

Glancing to her left Natalia noticed a small group of women watching them, not looking very happy. Olivia dipped her head and started to nuzzle along her neck. Natalia ran a hand up into the thick dark hair and flashed her dimples by grinning at the disappointed girls. That's right, she's mine and don't you forget it.

"Have you been stealing all the cute girls from Doris again?" Natalia teased.

Olivia's head snapped up, concerned that she had somehow hurt her feelings. Seeing the twinkle of mischief lurking in the dark eyes, she relaxed a little and hugged her tighter.

"That is not my fault. I'm just…"

"…being your usual hot self." Natalia interrupted and kissed the tempting lips. "I know. It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it."

"Ha. Ha." Olivia smirked at the teasing, enjoying her lover's possessive hand that had found its way to her toned denim covered bottom, long fingers tucking into the back jeans pocket.

The tempo changed, to something faster and more seductive, if that was even possible, and Natalia completely escaped into the music and movement. Pressing and undulating against Olivia, her hips swayed and rocked to the beat, driving the older woman half insane.

"I want you." Natalia murmured against the soft lips. Enough teasing, she had waited long enough for Olivia's touch.

"Let's get out of here."

The small motel saw its fair share of business from the bar across the road. The night clerks never looked too closely at the signatures, simply taking cash or credit cards and handing out the room keys. Natalia was grateful for small mercies as she exited the small office, and slid her fingers down Olivia's arm to capture her hand.

"Come on." Natalia smiled shyly, dimples forming an irresistible invitation as she led Olivia to their room.

"I don't know if your boss will allow you to submit this expense…" Olivia teased as Natalia turned the key in the lock and opened the door with a shove.

"Let me worry about my boss. You focus your attention on me…"

The door clicked quietly shut and Olivia suddenly found herself pushed back, pressed between the worn wood and the hot curves of her lover. She moaned softly as her lips were captured and claimed.

"I'm so glad you're here." Stroking her fingers down through the long dark tresses, Olivia hugged her closer.

"Me too." Natalia pulled back slightly before brushing along Olivia's lips, pressing nearer for a tender kiss, before quickly melting into the moist heat of her mouth.

Pulling away to catch her breath, Olivia caressed her lover's softly flushed cheek. She trailed long fingers down slipping her thumbs under the lapels Natalia's short jacket sliding in from her shoulders, before dropping it to the floor.

"You are so beautiful..." Olivia moved to peel Natalia's black t-shirt off next.

Natalia tried to focus. Olivia slowly undressing her was extremely distracting, almost as much as the thought pulsing through her mind, of seeing her lover's toned body wet and ready for her touch.

"And you are wearing far too much clothing." Natalia all but growled, the desire to lose herself in Olivia becoming almost too much.

"So impatient!" Olivia laughed as the younger woman tugged the offending blouse out of her tight jeans. Natalia couldn't stand it any more and moved in for a deeper kiss, tongues sliding together.

Olivia moaned as she felt the wall suddenly behind her again, the wood rough on her back as Natalia lifted her up. She locked her legs around Natalia's waist, grinding her center slowly against the taut stomach, strong hands supporting her, easily holding her weight.

"As much fun as this is," Olivia gasped and arched her back as Natalia started moving down her throat, twisting buttons open with her left hand as she went. "Don't you think we should move this to that nice big bed over there?"

Olivia simply smiled as Natalia ignored her and worked at quickly opening her blouse and spreading the material, taking in the sight of her. Natalia squeezed her breast, running her thumb along the black lacy bra material teasing the ready nipple growing harder underneath. Olivia groaned and rolled her hips sliding slick against toned abs, wanting more.

Natalia tore her eyes away from the flushed skin and met Olivia's gaze, her own body's demands becoming achingly clear. Panting, needing her touch, Natalia couldn't seem to form words but Olivia understood her implicitly.

Sliding down Natalia's body to stand, Olivia took her lover's hands and leaned in for a smoldering kiss. Caught off guard and off balance, Natalia was surprised to find herself spun and pushed back roughly against the wall. Olivia pressed tightly against her body, trapping narrow wrists against the wall, while nipping and kissing her way to a sensitive earlobe. Soon roving hands reacquainted themselves with Natalia's body, as Olivia caressed and teased overheated flesh.

"Please..." Natalia gasped into Olivia's ear, unable to take much more, her body on fire. Dropping her head weakly on Olivia's shoulder, she could hear a soft chuckle as the older woman took pity and sank to her knees. Strong hands traced along narrow hips, zipping open Natalia's pants and smoothly sliding underwear and black denim over her thighs, down her legs and off.

Olivia kissed a return trail up the inside of a smooth thigh, stopping as she reached damp dark curls. Natalia thrust forward, her body silently asking to be touched. Guiding a powerful leg over her shoulder, opening Natalia further, Olivia slipped her tongue into wet folds, lazily circling the stiff clit she found there.

Gasping, rocking against Olivia's insistent mouth, Natalia was quickly losing control. She couldn't seem to get close enough, her hand tangled in Olivia's hair pulling her nearer. Olivia teased her with quick faint flicks of her tongue, before starting to build a steady rhythm. Natalia felt Olivia's arm wrapping around her waist, as finger tips tickled along her most sensitive flesh, parting her and then suddenly filling completely.

Natalia cried out and bucked against the strong hand. Olivia built the tempo steadily, pulling out slightly before thrusting into her again and again, taking her closer to the edge with each stroke. Natalia moaned, her body desperate for release as she felt every nerve jumping and twitching, clenching in anticipation as she raced to her approaching orgasm. So close, she knew and then it overwhelmed her and Natalia felt herself explode.

Slowly Natalia returned to herself, riding waves of pleasure flowing over her, calming her overloaded senses. Sliding back up her body, Olivia caught and held her, Natalia needing the strength and safety of her arms as she gathered her wits. Natalia leaned forward, tasting herself on Olivia's lips as they kissed softly.

"Missed me, huh?" Pulling back slightly, Olivia thrilled at Natalia's freshly fucked look. Her own body tensed and throbbed almost painfully, demanding attention for a while now almost coming herself listening to Natalia, but she had held back, wanting to welcome Natalia home properly. Olivia smiled at the weak nod, pleased with herself.

"Good, because I'm no where near done with you yet." Olivia tugged Natalia's hand and pulled her slowly towards the bed.

Natalia smiled as she followed her lover, as they crawled onto the soft sheets and got lost in each other's eyes once more. Snuggling closer, she burrowed against Olivia's long neck, as strong arms wrapped around her holding her close. She inhaled, as if trying to breathe Olivia in. Tickling fingers traced along her naked back and she sighed happily.

This is what Natalia had missed, this basic physical connection with her lover. The taste, sound and smell of the woman she loved surrounding her. A bubble of happiness filled her. God she loved Olivia. Her energy returning, Natalia started to plot her attack on the curvaceous body lying beneath her, obviously in need of her attention.

Nuzzling along Olivia's forehead, Natalia slowly moved across her face, placing tiny butterfly kisses along the way until once again claiming the full lips, sinking deeper into her mouth, their tongues dueling and playing together. Shifting Natalia settled her weight and slid a strong thigh between long graceful legs pressing against sensitive flesh. She rolled her hips, dragging her thigh against Olivia's center, the needy moan hitting her hard, suddenly frantic to explore her lover's sweet body.

Breaking apart for a much needed breath, Olivia could only stare up at her lover, so petite yet a force to be reckoned with. Natalia continued to kiss along her jaw, roaming fingers exploring her skin, soft tickling trails down her sides. Nipping down her throat, she licked across Olivia's collarbone, dipping between full breasts to find her taut abs. Olivia giggled quietly, her tummy twitching, and Natalia paused in her attack, looking up over the swell of her lover's belly to lift a saucy eyebrow. Giving her a half smirk, she turned my attention back to tracing the hollows of Olivia's stomach with her tongue.

Natalia nuzzled along the ticklish belly button and then moved back up claim first one breast and then the other. Her fingertips skimmed the length of Olivia's tense body, the feathery caresses barely there as her mouth teased and rolled stiff nipples.

Natalia's hand finally wandered down to where she knew Olivia needed her, finding her lover swollen and slick spreading herself a little wider for her, silently asking for her touch. Teasing her clit, Natalia waited for Olivia, watching as she arched up to meet her, gasping, trying to catch a deep breath, squirming for more contact.

"Natalia…" Olivia whispered on an exhale, slow and steady. Natalia's heart beat faster at the words, her name tumbling from those soft lips, knowing Olivia felt everything so intensely, responding so subtly to her sure touch, her body inviting every caress. Both women moaned with pleasure as Natalia finally pressed into Olivia, bodies once again dancing back and forth together.

Olivia's arms snaked around Natalia's neck, needing to feel her as close as possible. Picking up the tempo of their thrusts, angling deeper, they moved as one, panting and rocking harder. Natalia started to feel muscles tighten, clenching around her fingers as Olivia's back arched, finally coming hard, releasing a deep guttural cry as she shuddered against her.

Tangled together in a heap, exhausted and spent, Natalia softly kissed her, both thundering heart beats slowing. Staying close Natalia shifted her small frame off to one side, as Olivia quieted in her arms. Long moments passed, holding each other, curling together in the sheets, touching softly as they lay breathing for a bit, gathering strength and comfort from each other.

Olivia finally rubbed the pad of her thumb across Natalia's full plump lips and kissed her once more. She never wanted to let her go but knew morning would come soon enough.

"When is your flight back?" Olivia moved lower, placing small kisses along Natalia's shoulder, dreading the answer.

"Seven a.m." Natalia sighed, running her hands through the thick hair, encouraging her lover's touch. "We have a few hours yet, love."

"Sleep is over rated anyway…" Olivia murmured against soft skin, before diving under the covers once again.

Natalia just laughed. It really was a small price to pay…

The End

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