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By Kayleigh


The sound of the alarm startled Natalia out of the most peaceful slumber she'd ever experienced. She slapped the offending object and took in her surroundings. A slow grin spread on her face as the morning's activities slowly came back to her. She felt aches in muscles she was unaware she possessed but that didn't bother her at all. As she thought about what had taken place a few hours before, she felt her body begin to warm. As if sensing that Natalia was awake, Olivia began to stir. Natalia had to bite back a moan as Olivia sleepily rubbed her hand in slow circles. Her hand that was presently lying on Natalia's smooth stomach. Natalia gave a quick glance at the clock. It read 11:55. Plenty of time. Natalia thought. The morning had been amazing. She'd never felt so loved or so wanted in her whole life. She knew that Olivia had enjoyed it too. She'd heard it, and she'd felt it. But she couldn't shake the feeling that she'd taken more than she'd given. The more she thought about it, Olivia was always giving lately. Her time, her energy, her love……… and now her body. Natalia hoped that Olivia knew that she never took anything lightly, and that she was more than willing to give it all back and more.

Natalia was so busy thinking that she hadn't noticed that Olivia was now fully awake and watching her silently. Olivia couldn't believe that Natalia was lying next to her. Once was a fluke and twice was the beginning of a pattern, here's to hoping. Olivia could feel the warmth radiating from where her hand lay on Natalia's bare skin. Olivia was still naked and Natalia only wore the robe from earlier. Not wanting to break the peaceful silence but knowing that they had to move soon she decided to speak.

"Morning beautiful. Whatcha thinking about?"

Any small doubt that Natalia regretted anything was quickly wiped away by the force of the full blown smile that Natalia sent her way. Olivia loved that smile. It was the one that made Natalia's eyes shine and showed off the tiny dimples that reduced Olivia to a puddle.

"I was thinking that I feel amazing, and I was hoping that last night- well this morning made you feel that way too." Olivia sensed the air of insecurity so she sat up and looked down on Natalia.

"Natalia, no-one and I repeat NO-ONE has ever made me feel that good in my entire life." Olivia reached her hand over and placed it over Natalia's mouth as it looked like the woman was going to start talking.

"Please let me get this out ok?" At Natalia's nod she removed her hand, settling it on Natalia's stomach as she tried to find the words for the woman beneath her.

"I think we're well aware that I've had my share of lovers. Some I've enjoyed, some not, some I just want to forget and a few that meant absolutely nothing to me. But you Natalia, are in a league of your own. You've done what no-one else has ever done. You made me feel loved and wanted whilst at the same time making me feel like you needed me. That is amazing." Natalia felt the butterflies in her stomach grow bigger and fly faster at Olivia's words. Just as she thought she couldn't feel anything else, anything more, Olivia slowly lay down and settled her head below Natalia's ear.

"And you want to know something else? I've never come so hard in my life."

Olivia had been unsure of Natalia's reaction, but it was in her nature to push the envelope. She'd had a few scenarios in her mind of how this was going to play out. The first was Natalia going scarlet and hiding. The second was Natalia being offended and Olivia having to apologise. Others basically varied among these two themes. What scenario she was not prepared for was a growling Natalia throwing the duvet off the bed and straddling her. This was unprecedented… but not unwelcome. Natalia was breathing heavily. Olivia had told her exactly what she needed to know, possibly in a cruder way then was strictly necessary but Olivia had made her point. Natalia couldn't believe what she was doing; this feeling was completely foreign to her. All she knew was that she had wanted confirmation that Olivia had felt like she had, but knowing that she had made Olivia feel like that had a rather un-christian-like effect on Natalia. She found a competitive streak in her that seemed to have remained dormant for her entire life. She was also startled to realise that Olivia's confession really turned her on. She gazed down at the naked woman beneath her and felt her mouth go dry. The newly naughty part of her brain supplied that this was because moisture was pooling in another area of her anatomy. After a few moments of silence Olivia raised her hand to cup Natalia's face. Before it could meet its destination Natalia pushed it back down and held it above Olivia's head. Olivia felt wetter than she'd ever felt before, the woman above her was still surprising her in the most delicious ways. Natalia squeezed her eyes shut in an attempt to slow her breathing enough to allow her to sleep. When she opened them she spoke softly but firm at the same time.

"I need you to say it again. What you said about me making you-" As Natalia faltered Olivia completed the sentence.

"-come?" Natalia just nodded, but it wasn't enough for Olivia. The slightly devilish part of her brain wanted nothing more than the good catholic girl above her say the word. She refused to think of scenarios, they didn't seem to work out anyway. At Olivia's challenging look, Natalia took a deep shaky breath and looked Olivia dead in the eyes.

"I want- no I need you to say it again. I need you to tell me how I made you feel, how I made you come so hard."

There was no way on this planet that Olivia could not react to that. The way Natalia met her challenge and almost moaned the word at her. She felt herself get impossibly wetter and she shifted around trying to gain some contact before she exploded. If she had kept hold of her faculties she would probably be annoyed at the whimper she emitted, a sound of pure weakness. All that mattered at this moment was Natalia and her, or more importantly getting Natalia to touch her.

Natalia lowered the hand that wasn't holding Olivia's wrist to her face. She stroked it gently and told Olivia in the calmest voice she was able:

"Ask me. Ask me to do it again." She was very unaware of where this side of her was coming from, having never encountered it before. But there was something so empowering about watching the so confident woman almost disintegrate beneath her. And knowing that she was the cause. The hand on Olivia's face slowly began a path down Olivia's body, between her breasts and pausing near her navel.

"Oh god Natalia please! Touch me. Make me come." The words had barely been uttered before Natalia was kissing her. This kiss lacked all the grace and softness that the ones before had possessed. Teeth clashed, tongues battled and breath was stolen. When breathing became an issue Natalia ripped her mouth away. Olivia was about to complain but stopped when she felt Natalia attach her lips to her throat, biting down slightly before beginning a hurried path down Olivia's body. Stopping to pay attention to both breasts with lips, teeth and tongue Natalia didn't leave anywhere untouched. When Natalia released her wrist Olivia tried desperately to cling on to anything to try and stay grounded. After she only managed to throw the forgotten glass of water half-way across the room with her flailing arm she felt it was safer to just grip the sheets and enjoy the ride. When she felt a tongue swirl around her navel she couldn't help but look down. Natalia chose that exact moment to look up at Olivia. Both shared similar thoughts on the beauty of the other. Olivia was slightly sweaty with her hair sticking to her face as she tried to remember how to breathe and Natalia wore an expression that Olivia had never seen before. Only one word could describe it. Wicked.

Without breaking eye contact Natalia continued her descent, only pausing to ease herself between Olivia's legs. When she was comfortable she looked up again, finding Olivia still watching her intently. Natalia was relieved to find that she wasn't scared. She'd expected to feel a little out of her depths but she was confident that Olivia would let her know what she wanted.

As she slowly ran her tongue up the length of Olivia's folds she was rewarded with several things. Firstly the sight of Olivia slamming her eyes shut and throwing her head back and also she was rewarded with some of the most delicious sounds she'd ever heard. After the first exploratory stroke, she repeated the motion but this time with a much firmer touch. When her tongue reached the bundle of nerves at the top she felt Olivia jolt beneath her. Using both hands to keep Olivia in place on the bed she carried on her exploration. Natalia let her tongue slide up and down, varying the speed and pressure. Between gasps of pleasure and moans she heard as Olivia ground out the word "more". Not stopping her tongue she slowly pushed a finger into Olivia, not being able to stop a moan of her own as she felt Olivia clench her body around it. She picked up the pace, moving her tongue and hand in time, needing to hear Olivia climax. She felt Olivia's hips moving getting faster and with one last push she suckled on the bud of nerves she'd been neglecting. She felt Olivia lose control as her body arched like a bow off the mattress. As Olivia slumped back down onto the bed, Natalia crawled up the boneless body beneath her and wiped Olivia's damp hair out of her eyes. When Olivia opened her eyes she caught the smug smirk pulling at the corners of Natalia's mouth and decided to wipe the look off her face the only way she knew how. She reached up and kissed Natalia deeply, briefing realising that she actually liked the fact she could taste herself on Natalia. When she released Natalia she spoke quickly wanting to address the moment.

"Thank you. That was amazing. But don't ever think you need to prove yourself to me. I'll tell you until we're both blue in the face how much I love you, how much I need you and how much I want you. Believe me there'll be times I'll need to say and hear it, but don't ever feel like you're lacking. I love you Natalia Rivera, because you're you. I'm not expecting you to know all the answers already because I sure as hell don't. We'll figure things out together. We'll get things wrong, either one or both of us, we'll argue, I'll get angry and push you away or sometimes or you'll run. But I will always find my way back to you, for as long as you want me with you."

Natalia kissed her before replying sincerely.

"I'll always want you, I'll always want you with me. But right now we need to shower and change, Emma will be home soon and I think we may need to talk to her. I don't want to lie to her and she'll know things have changed. She's a smart little girl, just like her Mom."

After another long kiss she got up and made to leave the room before Olivia called her back, as she turned she caught the smirk on Olivia's face.

"Oh and Nat? We're going to be doing a lot of this. Just so you know." Natalia rolled her eyes and pointed to the floor.

"You should clean that up, Miss confident before you hurt yourself." As an afterthought, and just because she could she added.

"And just so YOU know. I didn't learn THAT from google!" Olivia couldn't stop her bark of laughter even if she wanted to.

Twenty minutes later saw both women clean and changed. Natalia was humming in the kitchen when Olivia came in with a dustpan full of broken glass.

"All cleared up, so no accidents."

After emptying the glass into the bin and putting the dustpan back in its rightful place she kissed Natalia's cheek completely without thought. Grinning, she sat down at the table to await the arrival of her little girl. Well, our little girl Olivia mentally corrected. As if she was conjured by thought, Emma opened the back door and rushed inside. Letting it slam behind her she rushed to her mom and threw her arms around her.

"Hey Mom. I missed you!"

"I missed you too Em. Did you have a good time?" Emma nodded as she turned her head already searching for the other woman that shared her life. Bounding over to Natalia she repeated the process.

"I missed you Natalia. Whatcha making?" Olivia only now paid attention to what Natalia was doing. Remnants of strawberries, milk and ice cream littered the kitchen side as Natalia turned.

"I thought I'd make up something special while we wait for lunch. I've made milkshakes. That ok?"

At Emma's enthusiastic nod she set one down on the table and watched as Emma mumbled a thank you before hurriedly digging in. She set an identical one in front of Olivia before sitting down with one herself. As she began to drink the sickly sweet drink she used to make to cheer Rafe up she slowly felt the realness of the situation begin to sink in. She was in love. With a woman. Who had a child. Who she lived with. As soon as the dark thoughts began to gather they were swept aside as she felt Olivia entwine their fingers on the table. As Natalia glanced to the side she noticed that Olivia was occupied with her drink and the gesture had been well-timed, but completely subconscious. Natalia squeezed the larger hand with a slight pressure and smiled as Olivia turned to her. In a move reminiscent of a similar scene in Towers a few weeks before Natalia reached over and wiped a smudge of ice cream from Olivia's face. As the intimacy of the scene occurred to both women, they looked over at Emma. The little girl was watching them both intently with a large knowing grin on her face. Olivia held Natalia's hand confidently.

"Emma, after lunch Natalia and I wanna talk to you about something important ok?"

Olivia and Natalia had expected questions. Neither woman expected Emma's giggles. They started out small but got louder and more pronounced as she tried to hold them in. Olivia couldn't help but join in and she heard Natalia laugh beside her.

"Emma honey, what's so funny?"

Emma finally quieted down and said in the sweetest sing-song voice she could manage.

"Mommy and Na-tal-ia sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" As she finished her sentence she got up from the table and ran into the living room making kissy noises, both women hot on her tail. As the sound of laughing and giggling filled the house as two very relieved women tickled and hugged their little girl, three milkshakes were left forgotten on the kitchen table.

The End

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