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AUTHOR'S NOTE: So, it's really over. Guiding Light, and therefore, the story of Olivia and Natalia ended. I'm sad that we didn't even see a kiss. More than that, though, I'm sad that we won't get to see the rest of their lives together. Life is too short to hold onto anger. Here is my way of dealing with the death of a love of a lifetime. Otalia you will always burn bright in my heart! Story takes place the night that Olivia and Emma move back to the farmhouse. It's what happened, but we didn't see.
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By itsalovestory


Friends and a moving truck gone. The dishes of a delicious meal done. And, a happy daughter tucked in bed, fast asleep.

Olivia and Natalia stand in the middle of what was once Natalia's room, but now was their room.

Their room.

Their eyes met for the millionth time since the beginning of their dance. Once filled with anger and hate and guilt over the death a man that they both loved, those same eyes gradually changed from gray to a rainbow of understanding, to friendship, to family, to love...and now...to passion.


Olivia was shocked and scared. She was so out of her element. And, she was Olivia freakin' Spencer, queen of sensual seduction, of sinful sex. Yet, she was blubbering like a fifteen year-old virgin. "I wanted everything to be perfect for you, Natalia. I wanted to have candles. And, flowers. And, romance. I want..." Olivia rambled.

"Shhh," Natalia placed a finger against Olivia's lips, silencing her, calming her. "Olivia, I just...I just want you, all of you...I need you."

An wordless agreement.

Nervous yet excited, Olivia and Natalia drew closer to each other. Moths to a flame. Magnetic energy. Unbelievable and undeniable. Olivia tenderly placed a strand of Natalia's long, lush hair behind her ear. Her fingers traced the strong cheekbones and brushed across the plump lips that were calling to her.

Natalia leaned into the simple touches, moaning slightly.

Olivia's heart fluttered.

Natalia leaned forward and captured Olivia's lips, her long alluded prey, with her own.

Olivia's heart stopped.

Natalia's tongue darted out, dueling with Olivia's. Temperatures rose, clothes came off. Breathes quickened, bodies met.

Kisses. Deep. Wet. Loving.

Touching. Tentative. Pleasurable. Loving.

Natalia was beautiful. Breathless. Awe-inspiring. And all hers.


Loving each other. Loving Natalia was at the same time, both the easiest and hardest thing Olivia had ever done. Most frightening and most freeing. Loving Natalia.


Like the constellations mapped out the secrets of the stars, the freckles on Natalia's smooth olive skin revealed the mysteries of her body, laying out a path just waiting to be explored. Olivia uncovered every shudder, every moan and gasp, every single beautiful part of Natalia. Her eager lips kissed the hungry lips beneath her hard and deeply. Olivia kissed, licked, and bit from Natalia's warm mouth down her graceful neck to her soft shoulder across and down the curves of her now heaving breasts. Her fingers joined in the quest to discover her new lover, delicately tracing the territory that Olivia was committing to memory.

A memory that she would cherish for a lifetime.

Fingers and lips came to rest upon the swell of Natalia's stomach, where a precious child, a life grew inside her. Olivia thought back to how close they both had come to throwing a future together away. But, now because of the love they shared, they were going to be not only lovers, but partners, and a family. Softly, Olivia spoke against the smooth belly, "I don't even know you yet, but I already love you. I just know that you're gonna be beautiful inside and out...just like your Mama. I can't wait to meet you, baby girl."

A whisper came, "Olivia."

Watery emerald eyes meet brown above. "It's true. You are so beautiful, Natalia. I love you so much."

"I love you, too," a dimpled smile appeared.

Breathless kisses and whispering fingers danced their way down through the soft curls into the wet warmth between quivering thighs.

Desire. Love. Home.

It was all Natalia, and it was all for Olivia.

Quicker. Harder. Deeper.

Olivia moved in and around Natalia, consuming Natalia's body, Natalia's heart, Natalia's very soul into her passionate inferno. Suddenly, Natalia clenched and quaked. Her body and breath hung still silently. Then, a rush flowed forth from her lungs and her sex, like a never-ending fountain of the sweetest honey that Olivia had ever tasted, ever felt.

A few seconds passed.

Olivia drank at the table of the gods that night.

A few moments passed.

She pulled her body up and gathered Natalia into her arms.

A lifetime passed.

Natalia turned to face Olivia finally. "Oh. That was beautiful. That was wonderful. That was...Heaven."

Now Olivia wasn't a religious woman by any means, but at that moment, she wanted to feel what Natalia felt. She would do anything to be as close to Natalia as she could. She wanted to be intertwined in the best way possible. So, surprising both of them, she asked simply, "Show me Heaven."

And, Natalia did.

Olivia saw that night, and for the rest of her life, what Heaven could be like. A taste. A sound. A glimpse of eternity, of forever. Wherever Natalia would go, Olivia would follow. Because of the faith Natalia gave her, the hope, and most importantly the love.

Their love.

Their love was true and deep and strong. A love too strong to be wished, or prayed, or yelled, or hidden away. Not anymore. Natalia could no more sleep with Frank to will away her feelings any more so than Olivia could drink her way into oblivion to forget the love of her life. Their relationship would ebb and flow, to and fro over the years, but it would never go away, never recede. It would just grow stronger.

Olivia never realized truly how much she could love someone until the ice around her heart, from years of pain and regret, melted from a smile and by grace, optimism, and faith. She never knew how much she needed a home until she found Natalia. And, now that she had found everything that she ever wanted, something that she never thought she entirely deserved until then, Olivia would never let it go.

The End

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