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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Originally written as two seperate drabbles for the 2009 Femslash Today porn battle.
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Cunning Plan
By Wonko


Part 1 – Gossip

Doris isn't sure what Blake's motivations are. All she knows is that she spotted her over the rim of her fourth martini and she looked good. And she was obviously trying to get picked up.

Well, she got what she wanted and now they're naked and sweating. Doris feels a little thrill of power, knowing she's the first woman to kiss her, the first woman to leave a little nipping mark on her collarbone, the first woman to bury her fingers to the hilt inside her.

"Oh my god," Blake whispers, over and over, like she's forgotten how to say anything else. "Oh my god, I'm fucking the Mayor."

And that really is the point. Doris is sick of hiding, sick of lies, sick of deceit and pitiful disguises. She's always been so careful about her conquests, choosing them for their blackmailability and discretion as much as for their looks. But Blake Marler? She's the queen of gossip. Her secret will be all around town something like twenty minutes after she makes Blake come.

"Not quite," Doris growls against her throat, punctuating her words with a quick flex of her fingers. "I think you'll find I'm fucking you."

Blake is surprisingly silent when she comes - Doris had expected her to be a screamer, considering how much noise she made at all other times.

"Oh wow..." she whispers, her body still humming. Doris smiles and kisses her, feeling a little rush of genuine affection. But she's happy. Because she doesn't have to figure out how to come out anymore.

Blake 'gossip queen' Marler is going to do it for her.


Part 2 – Blabbermouth

Doris waited for the other shoe to drop for a week before seeking Blake out again. Every day, every moment she had expected to start hearing the whispers, the speculation, the rumours. Nothing had materialised.

"Hell-lo," Blake says seductively when she shows up at her door. "I was beginning to think you were avoiding me."

With that Blake grabs the lapels of her jacket - the red one, the colour of danger, because this is definitely dangerous.

"Now why would I do that?" Doris mumbles against Blake's lips. Her jacket is pushed off her shoulders, tangling behind her back and trapping her arms.

"You tell me," Blake replies as she sets her teeth to Doris's collarbone and nips lightly.

"I...uhm...what was the question?" she mumbles, and Blake laughs.

"I'm pretty good at this, aren't I?" she says, sliding her hands under Doris's skirt.

Doris gulps. Yes, she wants to say. You are really fucking good at this. But she can't. The thoughts have gone from her brain just as surely as the air has gone from her lungs.

Blake doesn't seem to mind that she's not getting an answer. She merely grins as she drops to her knees. "I've been doing a little reading," she says. "And I've been dying to try this..."

Doris's heart thunders in her chest. She had counted on Blake being a blabbermouth. That was the whole point of doing this, wasn't it? To start a few rumours that she could - at some point - gracefully confirm.

Blabbermouth Blake was missing in action, though. And the one settling down between her thighs had much better things to do with her mouth than gossip.

The End

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